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    Using AutoHotkey, entering two short characters (either qq or qv) gives me the desired search (after first copying the search string) . This is is the code I use: :*:qq::intitle:^v :*:qv::intitle:"^v"
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    [Updated with more details on the "situations" I get issues] Hello, I am having some a rather "undesirable behavior" on my Evernote (on Android devices), namely: I open a note (go to "edit mode)) Edit note Click on save it, which (should) bring it to a "non-editing-mode" (i.e.: I get the go to list sign "<-", or even sometimes go directly to the list of notes) GET (randomly) THE PROBLEM: I see some "flashing lines" on top of the app, looks like Evernote is saving the note... and then the note goes back to Edit mode, without any explicit action on my side to do that, i.e.: I do not touch anything on the note, which I expect to be required to go back to edit mode this behavior can go back and forth without me touching the "save" or "go back to list of notes" button... When does this happen? This seems to happen when I have notes with "Evernote handwritten entries" or add Attachment (e.g.: photo)... these are the two situations I tested (maybe there are a few other situations). When I have a note with only text, I am not seeing this behavior... actually I did a test where I updated the note by removing a photo and make it "pure text" note, which resulted on the note stopping to "misbehaving". This is causing some problems, e.g.: sometimes after I click save I move to another application, or just lock my Android device (while the note stays doing this "misbehavior" on background...). Then I use/change the same note on another device (I use three devices on a regular fashion), which means I end up having "conflicting notes" once I come back to my Android device... which is really annoying. The device where I see this happens the most is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (Android 8.0.0, Latest Evernote version - 8.7.0), but it also happens on my Mobile phone, and I would assume this is probably happening on any Android mobile device... Is this a known issue? If so, is there anything happening to address it, or maybe already a solution/setting I can adjust to stop having this... @Evernote Support: if this is a Bug (and not some misconfiguration I have), shall I open a bug somewhere else with this info, or is this enough for you to take action? Thank you in advance! Cheers, Eduardo
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    But I would like to be able to delete the top line and start the note with the table. Not the biggest issue in the world, but if I had my druthers.
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    Are you trusting a chinese company to take good care of your data? Good luck!
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    First, I AM NOT EMPLOYED by Evernote. Just a fellow user letting you know what I think. Evernote requests this in order to allow you to use all the features. I can't tell you exactly what items it enabled as I didn't think twice about it when I installed it so I really didn't look. I do know that it is legitimate though. Here's an article that explains why this pops up and what it means. I didn't read the whole thing and I don't think that it mentioned Evernote specifically but might help shed some light on it. https://www.howtogeek.com/297083/why-do-some-mac-apps-need-to-control-this-computer-using-accessibility-features/ I agree that for Evernote specific questions on this a support ticket or Twitter would be your best option.
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    Hi @Help_me Below you can read the official reply from Mozilla addressing exactly this question [ I sometimes wonder how the Mozilla guys always make some time to answer the important questions] https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2018/02/01/understanding-extension-permission-requests/ If you ask me, I tend to install very few add-ons [mostly those that qualify for 'Editor's choice] . Secondly I use Keepass [Mother of all password managers] for managing passwords.. and for very sensitive passwords i still prefer my brain or pen and paper. Heard good things about Bitwarden ... still i prefer my passwords to be offline.
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    Hey Jefito, only takes a second to drag-n-drop the text (or even to cut-n-paste it)...she's not perfect but removing the line-break uses less real estate, less scrolling, and views better on Android... so I'm happy to spend the short 1-sec time to do it 😉 No doubt this is a legacy from my OCD keeping neat notes at school thingy. so far this small workaround has worked over past 5 updates... or past year approx, but yeah hopefully EN can fix it one day, small thing though Appreciate the compliment 😃 from the Master 😉 Please don't! I/we need you xoxoxoxo 1st, I learned it's not what you know; it's who you know... then I realised it's actually both! But full disclosure I use to be Country manager for a Business intelligence App on top of SAP...me biased slightly towards presentation... crikey I find myself align to Trump...yikes Be really great if EN fixed these things...especially 1st and last points I just move the whole MS Word Doc to EN (I don't have much need these days to paste sections of a Word Doc), then delete it from my PC... then just open and edit the Doc from EN. If I don't delete the original on the PC, that Doc wont get edited, when editing the doc attached in EN, so get a mismatch of doc versions. Small issues flow from this approach though e.g. Word Doc Attachment in EN date/time of edit/update is NOT shown!... it just always just shows the date/time you 1st attached the Doc to EN. And the Ms Word Doc you attach should have been created using a latest version of MS-Word, else you may experience issues if editing it from other devices/platforms other than EN-for-Windows. But at least you get all the goodies of MS Word (navigation pane/formatting etc) and all held in EN... these again are just my own experiences thus far. And I too recall having similar issues with copy/paste Sections-of-a-MS-Word doc to EN. Do NOT Delete the top line! Just place cursor on that top-line position and type. doesn't matter if table is on first line of a new notes body, an existing note, or whatever. There has been the rare occasion where neither of my 2 workarounds work... in which case what I do is, still remove the line break, copy the whole line of text+table, then re-paste into a position a few lines above or below on the same note, and that has worked... in any case I have ALWAYS been able to remove that line-break, and have it retained through various EN updates etc Love you guys.... P.S. Even had to remove spaces from the text lines and quote boxes....hahahah
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    Dave-in-Decatur ; Thanks for your response. That is exactly the way I use to print out multiple notes from a notebook. However, the difference is "on a new paper sheet". I normally print double-sided, in order to save paper. So imagine that - page 1 is the front of paper sheet 1 - page 2 is the back of paper sheet 1 - page 3 is the front of paper sheet 1 and so on. I would like each note to be on it's own sheet of paper, since over time I will likely edit each note, and then reprint. However, if the note extends over 2 (or more) pages, I would like to print double sided. In this scenario, what I really want is for each note to start on an odd number page (e.g., Page 1, Page 3, etc) so that it is always starting on a new sheet. Since I have 179 notes to print, I'd prefer not to print each individually. My only current brainstorm is to print to a PDF file, than manually insert blank pages where appropriate to insure that each note begins on a new "paper sheet". However, that is only marginally less burdensome than printing each note individually. If I didn't care are reprinting updates, than the current process you outlined (and I have been using) works great. However, as I mentioned these notes are in fact part of my GTD project management system, and I would expect (and fully hope) that as I continue to edit, complete, and identify new projects, I will be reprinting individual notes incrementally. Any other ideas are welcomed. In the interim, thanks for your efforts to describe a provisional solution! Ed
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    Because we haven't fixed it yet. We're actively working on it, but there's many moving parts and things we thought for sure would work caused havoc in other areas.
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    Gotcha. I use Outlook for Exchange only and work with Gmail using the Web UI exclusively. Hence why I hedged on what might or might not match your workflow. 😁
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    Agreed, 100%. Tables have become special as the current incarnation didn't pay as much attention as it might have to overall note formatting. the fixed UI as opposed to floating the indentation of the note body in all notes the extra line between/above tables the drop down arrow that hides text in a cell I, as you, say "Whatever, I can make it work". But am stumped as to why a company that continues to make minor visual tweaks to its UI let's this stuff be. And I can't use PhraseExpress to fix it.
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    Let's see, would this count as heresy or just blasphemy in the contemporary business/marketing/political world? Remember, any content however flawed can succeed as long as the presentation is right. I live in the U.S. We have a president....
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    Hrrmm, just what I need -- to spend a long time hacking Evernote to get my note looking just exactly perfect via some specific sequence which may be repeatable but will likely need to change in the next release. Good luck, great detective work and all that, but no thanks. I'll just stick to the basics and spend my dwindling brain cells elsewhere. Content is king, presentation only secondary.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Yes, I only use the web login. I don't use the Windows software. I only use to make text notes for my own personal use. Is there a solution to my huge critical problem? 🙂 I'll live with it if I have to. LOL. Thanks.
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    I have been a Basic user of Evernote for about 3 years. I was wondering if there is a way to download my data into a useable file or format just in case, say Evernote went out of business, or, I wanted to input into another application? I did not see anyway to do it in the "pay" service.
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    Or highlight the search and right click select add to shortcuts.
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    I immediately noticed this on the latest update... true for me as well -- in the regular note window, the text is not smooth. If I double click and open in a separate window, it's fine...
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    Hi @MartianMambo. You can export each notebook as a separate .enex from the old .exb using these steps: 1. Rename your old Database (.exb) file to "OLDDB.exb" (to differentiate it) 2. Sign out of Evernote: File > Sign out 3. Select: Evernote > Options> Open Database folder 4. Drag and drop the OLDDB.exb file into the database folder. 5. Close database folder window 6. Select: Ctrl+Shift+E while viewing the login screen. 7. Select "OLDDB" This will create a new folder on your Desktop that contains a separate .enex file for each notebook (that has notes) within the account. After you log in you have two import options: Double click the .enex. This will import the notes into your account's default notebook. Select: File > Import > Evernote Export Files, and select the .enex file. The notes will import into a new notebook.
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