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    Hi , I think it is would be cool and useful if the Table in evernote could do some basic Calculation like excel , no need so complex like what excel do , but some calculation between cell. This can Help a lot when someone want to sum the value of ingredient for example or many things that need some basic calculation . Well , that is what tables usually used for , isn't it . It would be much help rather than manually calculate the value one by one in the table . Hope you would reconsider this Idea , Thank you .
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    I found the problem – Notebooks containing "/" crash the script. If someone else has problems: log the notebook that is currently processed:
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    Thanks. I don't recall ever having run into this before. The article is: https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/russian-federation/2017-03-10/russia-trump-and-new-d-tente In the 'simplified' clip it ends at "threaten the postwar liberal order." (end of 4th paragraph from the end) The 'full' clip preserved the entire article (but of course also all the graphics, etc. I didn't want). I'm not familiar with Nimbus Capture but thanks for the tip, I'll check it out. I'll note the issue via Twitter also.
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    You've posted in the Evernote for Web forum. Are you actually using the web client, or the native Windows application?
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    Thank you very much. That solved it for me. I had not thought there would be that much left over after uninstalling evernote. Now everything syncs just fine.
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    @Nick A It would be appreciated if you could continue with the Fixed, Not Fixed sections in your release post For example, Spotlight Indexing in OS Mojave
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    @IanSmall: In general I like what you say. I have been asking for your three main points for years: The only one that gives me some concern, is #2. I agree with the main statement, but the reason why is concerning. IMO, you need to revise your process of developing and delivering the software -- not to ship faster -- but to (1) make each release with fewer bugs (no material bugs). I would much rather wait longer between releases to get higher quality software. And to (2) not to change the UI without a compelling reason to do so. There seems to be a key design strategy amongst many UI designers (not just Evernote) that they need to keep making changes to the UI so it will be "fresh", and the users won't get "bored" and go elsewhere. This is a highly flawed strategy. IMO, application software (whether desktop, web, or mobile) should never change the UI unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Every time you change the UI you interrupt the productivity of the user. You cause him/her pain because his/her "muscle memory" must now be unlearned, and then learn something new. Do a really great job of designing the UI the first time. Do lots of end-user and beta testing. Do lots of QA testing, trying to break the software, or get unintended results. Fix every issue you find from this. Then deploy the UI design and leave it alone for a really long time. Yes, you can, and should, make tweaks after deployment, but these should be minor, mostly to fix edge cases. If you find major UI issues after deployment, then you didn't do a proper design and test to begin with. And one more thing about UI design: Please consider that many, perhaps most, of your users do not have the perfect eyesight of a 20-year-old. Please make sure the text is always very readable, using a reasonable font size, and avoiding low-contrast between text and background. Good luck. I think you are about the 3rd CEO of Evernote, so I really hope third-time's-a-charm.
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    I added https://evernote.com/ per the suggestion of Mettarefuge. That did not work. I would rather not, for security reason, allow a blanket rule to allow third party cookies. Evernote has 5 cookies set on my PC already. I would prefer not to allow a blanket rules for allowing third party cookies as that presents obvious security issues. I hope Evernote can come up with a less drastic solution.
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    I agree with Heinz57. This change to using third party cookies for the web clipper is a step backwards. Looking forward to a quick fix as this makes it unusable.
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    Like Heinz57, I find that adding https://evernote.com/ and evernote.com in the Chrome allowed sites doesn't help. I suspect that Chrome has changed things in the "Third Party Cookies" department, since I am finding I have to keep logging in to LastPass as well. (Or is it becaue LastPass and Evernote are related?) Either way, unfortunately Evernote is going to drop FAR in usefulness (like being phased out) if I have to allow third party cookies generally in order to use the clipper.
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    Upvoting this here. Reasoning: I want to be able to start as much as I can in Evernote and then eventually move some of thoses I started into a more robust environment for taking it it all the way home, as it where. E.g.: Writing articles: 1. Tee it up with some loose thoughts before I lose them, in EN 2. File it away for a while 3. Come back to it and massage it some more 4. Notice it's taking shape and could be publishable 5. Move into Google doc I'd like to be able to do the same with spreadsheets. EN would just be a staging area that way. Plenty of ideas would die in EN for lack of attention, but some of it would see the light of day through something like Google Sheets.
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    Being a 20 year business user of IT I do second this request. I would never want to do complex calculations in Evernote as there are better tools. There is no great need for anything more than + - / * for cells in row or column with a sum to make the tables feature more useful in Evernote. As a corporate person I would further more not expect my customers to assess feasibility or the risk of my operations but to give me their opinion on features. I do understand Evernote is a progressive company with options. As a customer I would therefore like simple calculations like I can do them for long even in spotlight on Mac or in the google search engine to help my workflow. It shouldn´t be hard and it is logical for a table feature. Please bring basic calculations to tables. Your customer :)
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    Just found this is Evernote's help: Can I insert formulas or other spreadsheet functions into my table? No. Tables in Evernote are optimized for the display, presentation, and visualization of information. Tables in Evernote are not optimized for manipulating data. If you use a spreadsheet program outside of Evernote, you can attach the file to your note to keep it in context with the rest of your notes.
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    I try to keep my daily hours worked per project in a table in Evernote. I would like this function so I can have the table tally each day and project for me.
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    I'd love to see too, I really need that features
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    Sure slippery slope. But I want to use Evernote as a scratch pad to refer back to things and use as I speaking to clients. I need to SUM quickly and refer back to without creating a spreadsheet just for a quick calculation.
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    Please give this feature higher priority - turning two dashes into em-dash (or en-dash) has caused many bugs already...
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    Upvoted. I'd love to see basic calculation capability - addition, multiplication, exponents.
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    Well , that doesn't matter as long it not too weight the program . If it is useful people will likely chose to use it or subscribe for it . For complex calculation I think people would still prefer using Excel with all their feature , but evernote as a personal note it would just need some simple calculation , rather than using calculator manually and write the value manually. That would help saving time and effort .
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    There should be a feature in evernote where you can select autoscroll so it auto scrolls down the note at a speed you pre-set. This way, if you are reading long notes on your phone you don't need to keep using your finger to scroll down.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Please please please Evernote, add a 'jump to bottom of note' keyboard shortcut...
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    I just want to second Hami's request here. Yesterday, I received a notification that Pocket, a straightup competitor to Evernote, will now read aloud the Notes you've saved. Given that the very impulse of saving an article to Evernote is a statement of worth or value, and given that the main impulse at work here is wanting to revisit the article, either to re-read or, more likely, to get to it in the first place, I would think the ability to have the Note read back to you is a highly attractive feature. This applies to the Long Commute crowd, or the Want to Be Reading All the Time crowd. I check both those boxes. And I would think that both are major subsets of the overall Evernote community. If I am missing something here, like the feature already exists, or 'here is a handy 3rd-party app that interacts with Evernote and will do the trick,' then I'd be thrilled to be enlightened. But the overarching spirit of this post is from someone who definitely wants to protect the Evernote franchise and who felt the announcement yesterday from Pocket was a reason to reconsider the fealty.
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    REQUEST – It would be amazing to have a feature where an image can be selected, and when you right-click (ie, the same way you rotate it, etc.) there could also be an option to override the "largest smallest-dimension" algorithm and set that image as the note's thumbnail. A little background –– One thing I use EN for very heavily is as an artist database for my job. I really like having both a photo of the artist and an example of their artwork at the top of their card. However, when I'm scrolling through snippet or card view, it would be really helpful to have the image of their artwork always be the one to show up. This usually happens but there are a few times where the photo of the artist is used instead. I've read up on the algorithm that chooses the image with the "largest smallest-dimension" (PS, see what I did there with the hyphen? Way clearer that way.) and I am actually OCD enough to try to amend the file sizes to have the algorithm pick the right one. However, even this doesn't seem to work – it's probably me because I guess an algorithm can't lie, but even when I resize the images, it's still not choosing the right one. So my question is – why would that be happening? Could it be that once EN's algorithm chooses an image, it always chooses that filename even when the size changes? But what would be SO MUCH EASIER is my *request* – could there be an override option to the largest smallest-dimension algorithm (which I agree does work at least half of the time for me) to choose a thumbnail? I'm not talking some fancy thing in the settings where you tell EN how to pick your thumbnails – that sounds like way more work than it's worth. I just imagine, like I've said above, having the image you want to be the thumbnail highlighted/selected, then right click (in the same way that you can rotate an image, etc.) and have something like "set as note thumbnail." Please?? Thank you!
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    +1 for this feature. I paste a lot of code and need the ability to quickly change such blocks to fixed width. The current process is a bit cumbersome so any keyboard shortcut or even a shortcut menu with recently used fonts would save a lot of pain. BONUS: support for Wiki markdown syntax so I can do something like: {code} my code {code} and have it just work... but now I'm getting ahead of myself Love Evernote. Would appreciate quicker access to recent fonts. Cheers!
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    I wanted to give everybody here some information, rather than leave you all in the dark. The new web client does not support Firefox due to the note editor code utilizing WebKit, the rendering code used in most major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera,...). Firefox continues to use Gecko. The result is that a lot of the functionality built into our updated editor, which is used by the new web client and all our other clients, does not work well on Firefox. We're testing internally on Firefox, but the user experience is not up-to-par and we would not feel comfortable releasing it to our customers. I can't provide any specific timeline on when we might have a version that would be compatible with Firefox. Our team that works on the shared editor is evaluating and prioritizing Firefox support, but that's as much as I can confirm.
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    Over the years I have seen this happen with similar requests to Evernote. Starts out with a simple "Please provide a simple photo editor", but eventually blossoms to requests for multi-layer PhotoShop capabilities. And I remember one post (8 years ago) that explained it better than I could. It was the "I want a pony" reply... jefito on July 15, 2010 "It's more often a case of "Users may know what they want, but don't necessarily understand the implications of what they're asking for". BTW, this often means not only external customers, but internal ones as well, including your own dear company executives and other valued colleagues. From the age of 2 on, nobody likes to hear "no you can't have that." As in: "I want a pony." "You can't have a pony." "But I want a pony." "We live in a 1-bedroom 4th floor walkup in Brooklyn. No you can't have a pony." <pause> "I want a pony." (OK, I'm just making light, the passcode request is not an unreasonable one)." "Anyway, it's pretty clear the Evernote folks are aware of the request, and they're not ignoring their customers. There's a difference between ignoring and not doing what they want. Dave E engages the forum visitors here, and I really believe that when he says "thanks for the suggestion", he really means it, as formulaic as is may seem (since he says it so often). But the fact of the matter is that feature prioritization is their business -- they know their resources, they know their technologies, they know their plans, they know their markets, and yes, they do have some idea of what their customers want (and what percentage of those customers are really affected by the request). That's a lot of stuff to balance, and ultimately, it's their business that's at risk."
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