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    Fine, but If search isn't considered a core function in a note-taking app then I give up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Nick A, let me strongly second that request. It is a show-stopper for me if Evernote does not support Spotlight Searches. I use Spotlight many times a day, and it is essential to my daily workflows.
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    @Nick A It would be appreciated if you could continue with the Fixed, Not Fixed sections in your release post For example, Spotlight Indexing in OS Mojave
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    That was a really good feedback and we were able to implement in time for GA release. It went live yesterday.
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    Dave-in-Decatur, thanks so much! I checked out that link to the other forum. Thanks again!
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    @RavBoy Mac screenshot best I can tell....
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    One-sided rants like this always confuse me, to be honest. If using Evernote is so frustrating, then why are you using it? I suppose this would be the response to that question: But... aren't you sort of signaling that Evernote is the best-of-breed, then? If no one else has as good of a cross platform note taking app, then Evernote must be the best. If nobody else can come up with a better cross platform note taking app, then why do you so (angrily, it seems) expect Evernote to? I agree that there are definitely bugs in Evernote, and certainly areas they can improve. I also find the delay in typing in the iPhone app maddening, and have a list of things I would have addressed if I got to decide how their development team spent their time. But, like you said, no one else has as good of a cross platform note taking app. Different software options might address some of my wish list items, but that would mean I would have to sacrifice Evernote features. If I did that, then I'd just have a whole other wish list for the new app. The reason I called this rant one-sided is because you're evidently very upset that Evernote doesn't look or work the way you want it to, but these are your preferences... not mine. I personally can't stand Google Docs (which, by the way, is why I don't use it...). The worst part of most Google apps, in my personal opinion, is the user interface. I can't stand it, and I would be really disappointed if Evernote tried to make their app match the Google experience. Google Docs is not the best there is for sharing documents in my personal technology ecospace/workflow. But that's just me... that's my opinion. The great thing about having all of this technology available to us is that we can choose what works best for us. If Google Docs works best for you, super! Feel free to express that opinion, but it seems incredibly unfair to join the Evernote community so you can essentially declare that Google Docs is so much better than Evernote when that isn't the case for everyone.
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    @IanSmall: In general I like what you say. I have been asking for your three main points for years: The only one that gives me some concern, is #2. I agree with the main statement, but the reason why is concerning. IMO, you need to revise your process of developing and delivering the software -- not to ship faster -- but to (1) make each release with fewer bugs (no material bugs). I would much rather wait longer between releases to get higher quality software. And to (2) not to change the UI without a compelling reason to do so. There seems to be a key design strategy amongst many UI designers (not just Evernote) that they need to keep making changes to the UI so it will be "fresh", and the users won't get "bored" and go elsewhere. This is a highly flawed strategy. IMO, application software (whether desktop, web, or mobile) should never change the UI unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Every time you change the UI you interrupt the productivity of the user. You cause him/her pain because his/her "muscle memory" must now be unlearned, and then learn something new. Do a really great job of designing the UI the first time. Do lots of end-user and beta testing. Do lots of QA testing, trying to break the software, or get unintended results. Fix every issue you find from this. Then deploy the UI design and leave it alone for a really long time. Yes, you can, and should, make tweaks after deployment, but these should be minor, mostly to fix edge cases. If you find major UI issues after deployment, then you didn't do a proper design and test to begin with. And one more thing about UI design: Please consider that many, perhaps most, of your users do not have the perfect eyesight of a 20-year-old. Please make sure the text is always very readable, using a reasonable font size, and avoiding low-contrast between text and background. Good luck. I think you are about the 3rd CEO of Evernote, so I really hope third-time's-a-charm.
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    I didn't realize this idea had been hanging around for so long. It seems the EN developers have never actually worked real jobs. For most of us, sorting info is not a nice-to-have, it's a must-have. And i agree with a comment above: Adding new products needs to be a lower priority to improving current products. I pay for EN (gladly), but some features are essential, and missing. Please add sorting of lists within notes. Their must be a snippet available online. Thanks.
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    Thank you Dave and gazumped for your help! I'm using the desktop app and I think my version is out of date. But I was able to follow the screenshot and get the notes reordered. Much appreciated!
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    @Dave-in-Decatur Thanks! I just got back from vacation, but I will take a look. Just heard from our support that we're seeing an uptick in template save issues.
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    Do you really want to go there? @DTLow has helped -- at a guess -- thousands of Evernote users to use Evernote better. And your comment about him denying that problems exist is just plain wrong; there's nothing of the sort there. Not sure where you're getting the stuff you're claiming, but it's not from anything written here. Please stop.
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    Evernote team, It's been years of a single simple request. Please add sorting in tables. Regards, J
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    Thanks Rich. I have blocked the cookie. I don't even have a facebook account, and am bothered by how much Facebook still tracks me. I don't want Facebook OR ANY social network to know what I am doing on Evernote. It is one thing to have it on the general evernote.com site for likes or whatever, but quite another IMHO when I am logged into my account. That should be bare bones to allow Evernote's service to function, not to retarget users on social media sites, or provide Facebook any data for EN users that don't have Facebook accounts.
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    Actually, I would suggest that the Evernote Team just implemented a solution so one could right-click on the notebook and then select "exclude content from search". See, that would be great!
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    Yes, exclude notebooks by using "-notebook:" search would be great. I wonder why "-tag:" is possible, while "-notebook:" isn't.
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    Hi all, I like to use my notepads like websites and usually have one note that acts like the homepage of a website which is used to navigate to other notes in the notebook. It would be nice if I could have this "homepage" note pinned permanently to the top of the notebook browser. Cheers
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