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    If in Side or Top List view, you can click in the list, Ctrl+A. Ctrl+C, and paste the result into Excel. Use Text to Columns to expand the tags and you should be in the neighborhood. Requires a bit of Excel skill and be sure the columns displayed in the List view are the ones you want in the model.
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    “If you open the HTML file with a browser the PDFs are inline so to speak. Don't know if it helps much...” yes, “content” is there. Not what I want but okay if no other option.
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    I love EN 😍 (got to get that T-shirt made). It's absolutely central to everything I do online. It's rolled the once many apps I used in to one, in a similar way my smartphone has rolled the once many separate hardware devices I used in to one. And having it be accessible from anywhere, means I no longer worry (as much) about backing up my local PC based files, flexibility, etc, and for the most part EN has worked great for me. I was really thrilled by Ian Small blog post, especially the part about making EN consistent across platforms, so I entirely agree with what Gazumped said. I mean it's great their transparent about their Big Picture Plans for 2019 "The Talk"... but at some point that must translate into action... into a list of "Inconsistencies" (as per CalS below) across devices that they've identified, leading to a prioritised-list of what will get done first and by when... When their also transparent about that list, the 2019 action plan, perhaps the cynic in me and others I've read in this post ("heard it before"), will start to have more faith, now that we can see rubber actually hitting the road "The Walk" Show us the detailed NEXT STEPS, the EN 2019 Prioritised-List of Tasks Action Plan Mr Small
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    Just a couple thoughts from my perspective. I'm an independent consultant and have used Evernote for several years in my business. It helps me organize information in projects, create some documents (although I do that mainly in other tools), and importantly collect things from the web like articles, pdfs, images, etc. that are relevant content. Importantly is the ability to search (which I wish was much more powerful than it is) and access content at any time (even years later for some projects) as well as the automation that associates the original web address with the content, in case I need to verify it is the same, as well as provide references (many reports I write require referencing all external content--clients want that). So, it's important to me and deeply integrated into my work and therefore my livelihood. Having framed it that way: 1) If I had it to do over I would have a more robust way to independently access the content, in the event of issues, closure of EN, etc. Unfortunately, I have a very high % of PDFs in my data, and the export to HTML does not address that. Going back and matching PDFs with content is a pain I hope I don't have to face. The reality is then that I could go to another platform but probably would NOT migrate legacy projects. Therefore, under almost any scenario I see myself continuing to use the Windows client for a long time. 2) Considering what using it ongoing might mean in the scenarios some of you have painted, I have convinced myself of the following: absent a complete shutdown of Evernote and therefore their servers, I expect I could freeze my setup at the version I use now and I could use that for years at least. My reasoning is that any company is very unlikely, even if they decide to roll out completely new clients to all platforms, to cut off the existing users very fast. However, that day could come, but it would give me a lot of time to figure out what's next. I'm "relatively" happy with Windows 6.16.4 and have stopped updating for now as it seems stable enough and the pathologies (bugs or "features") I don't like are things I can live with. It's better than it was last summer, so my trend has been positive. 3) Some of you may recall that EN DID roll out a Windows client that looked and worked almost the same as the Web, and the user community revolted and they relented. That version was never to be seen again, as far as I can tell. I would be astonished if they did that again. I take the blog comments to mean harmonizing feature sets, not necessarily code, but I could be very wrong. However, if they really try to go with one version, for me, if it WORKS, is reasonably "not slow", and doesn't crash or lose data, I'll probably be OK. Some years ago I was firmly in the camp of "no web-only apps for me", as I wanted "control" of having local data etc. However, over time I've become converted. Examples include Wunderlist (although Microsoft may yet ruin that!), Toggl, reddit, Linkedin, Slack, and Twitter. Although some of these have Windows clients or "Windows apps", I stopped using them as, for instance, the Windows Slack app is a memory hog, and it runs fine in my browser. I have the reddit app on my iOS devices but use it in-browser otherwise. Toggl and Wunderlist have never had Windows native clients. At any rate, I'll keep hoping for the best. I do appreciate the points of view here as I would not have interpreted things in the ways that some of you have, and it has given me some good insights. Nonetheless, if I don't work I don't get paid (at all!) so I'll stop rambling and go back to work, including with Evernote.
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    For example if I want move up a note towards the top of the notebook stack manually. Is this possible?
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    @Manolson Hi, Happy new year 2019, thanks for your post and welcome to the Forums! Its a right-out shame that this is STILL not implemented!! There have been about 200 updates since, most of them regarding ***** no one needs... @everyone : lets make some noise on this thread again... this is basic and necessary! DONT FORGET TO UP-VOTE THE REQUEST!...
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    For structure, Folders can be equated with either Notebooks or Tags The sub-folder analogy works better with the tag hierarchy. I also like the option to have <none, singe, multiple> "structures" for a note.
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    Yeah, well... :shrug: Edit: Huh. If you want something done...😎
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    You've been around the forums long enough to know it may be fairly pointless to point this out.
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    I'd say it's a bug You added the "long distance" with the indent selection This was carried over in the bulleted list
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    People just want the features Evernote’s editor has to work properly. Nothing more. Tables. Copy and paste. Basic stuff. @jefito
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    I can come up with more: Wear and tear on my laptop's fans, and an increased volume of air taken into my laptop's innards means quicker accumulation of dust inside, which will necessitate more frequent cleaning, if these parts can be accessed at all. Evernote has said that they prefer to be notified of problems here, on the forum, yet Evernote often ignores threads, like this one, that seem to communicate a genuine issue. Weeks ago I tried to bring this up with Evernote "support," but they responded as if this issue was unique to me. I got nowhere.
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    Short form: The company is financially healthy Improving reliability/stability/consistency/performance should be prioritized over new features I can get behind that. But read it anyways. Good luck, Evernote -- we're counting on you!!
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    Hi. I don't know how the third-party app Sticky Notes connects to Evernote, but you should be able to log into your account via a browser here - https://www.evernote.com/AuthorizedServices.action and use either the Applications or the Connected Services links to block further posts.
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    Can we please get some dev time spent on PERFORMANCE? The lag when navigating around EN, doing basic searches, hitting ⌘N to create a new note...waiting 10 seconds (not exaggerating) for the note to appear... on a 2018 Mac Mini 6-core i7 with 1TB NVMe SSD and 32GB RAM. Yes I've rebuilt and reindexed my database. No I don't have Context enabled. It's totally unbearable. refer to https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/114767-performance-for-evernote-72-for-mac-slow/ for more stories.
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    I have the same problem since the latest update (with only one monitor, at 100% scale set to recommended resolution) For a mostly text-based app this is completely unacceptable and no other app I use has a similar problem. Please fix this! I'm running: Evernote (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387) Windows 10 Home, Version 1709, OS Build 16299.248 thanks, leo
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    I've had these monitors for years - two at 1920x1080 and one at 2560x1440, all set to 100% scaling. It never used to do this, Evernote was pin sharp on all of them - something has changed, either in Windows, or in Evernote.
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    I don't know how long we have been waiting for this feature to happen. I don't understand why this has still not been implemented, it has been asked for multiple times by several users in this forum, like we can see in this old thread: It cannot be that hard Evernote? It appears that the layout is already in place on the HTML for implementing this, so why have you not given us this very useful function? It is a pain to administer a long note used for investigative purposes in Evernote because we don't have the ability to create an internal TOC inside a note. This is one of the main reasons I use Evernote, to gather information about a specific topic and register it in one note. You cannot expect that we use a notebook for every topic we investigate so that we can use the TOC function that is available today and only works for indexing separate notes? I do not want to use cumbersome third party services like the ones described in that old forum thread for creating TOCs within a note, this services never integrate seamlessly with Evernote and require that you give them access to your Evernote credentials, something that I don't feel comfortable with as I also have sensitive information on some of my notes. What do we have to do to get this implemented? I have been a premium user for more than 3 years and really hope that Evernote could listen to their customers.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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