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    Evernote, please fix this. it's 2019!
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    WORKAROUND FOUND!!! 😀 Dabbled with this before, but couldn't get across the line, so i tried it again just now and yeah you're right it works great, now adopted, cheers. Shame I can't drag a Tag from the picker box straight to the note as I can with normal Tags displayed in Left Panel YOU CAN DRAG THE TAG FROM THE TAG PICKER/SEARCH BOX THINGY (OR TAG LIST IN LEFT PANEL)! AND YES THE LEFT-PANEL SEARCH FEATURE DOES LOOK FOR THE CHARACTERS ANYWHERE IN THE TAG-LABEL - UNLIKE THE PREFIX ONLY SEARCH IN THE TAG FIELD ABOVE THE NOTE-BODY You just have to drag the Tag to the Notes Tag-Field - NOT - the Note-Body, yippee. So solution is: IF - LEFT PANEL EXPANDED ALT+F2 -or- Click Magnifying Glass icon next to 'Tags' menu option - to open search box Find Tag (search using a few characters, or can scroll through list) Left Click the Tag, while holding down left-mouse button drag to the Note Tag-Field IF - LEFT PANEL COLLAPSED (EASIEST IMHO) ALT+F2 -or- just click Tag icon Find Tag (search using a few characters, or can scroll through list) Left Click the Tag, while holding down left-mouse button drag to the Note Tag-Field -OR- even simpler Just do a CTRL+Q from anywhere/anytime and presto... thanks @gustavgi
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    Just passing on information, and opening up the topic for discussion. I'm thinking the discussion should have been started by Evernote but I'm ok with filling the gap. imho I'm not that interested in the words; I'm watching the actions >>Not once can I recollect you being irratated or downright infuriated I don't get emotional about software; it's just one of the tools I use. I'm Canadian; it's out of character for us to get "downright infuriated" 😊 >>nor did you seem to accept the frequently made requests I add my vote to requests that impact my use. I've posted some of those requests I participate in beta testing and provide feedback.
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    I'm experiencing this same problem with High Sierra, 10.13.6, after upgrading to 7.7, and it's bothering me a lot.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Evernote is a real disaster today. The latest update, Version 7.6 (457299 App Store) Editor: 59.0.7031 (d523909), has converted all my text to ragged resolution. And then, when I tried to email Evernote, the online version actually logged me out 6 times each time I tried to log in. This is really affecting my work. Evernote needs to say something about this most recent update, and in addition, what is up with the multiple logouts?
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    Pretty simple, why wouldn't there be a Find & Replace feature? For example when you change your nomenclature for something. Apologies if that's already been posted somewhere - haven't seen it. Also I've gotta be honest, Evernote's got a great mission but their product development teams need to be closer to the customer - coming from OneNote (because Microsoft is scrapping OneNote 2016 in favor of a much-watered-down version) there are just a lot of very simple things I can't do in Evernote that go a long way in making notes more readable and comfortable e.g., adjusting margins, adjusting line spacing I do Consumer Insights research for a living, understanding customer use cases, their journeys with a product, and designing products to align with those, and maybe I'm just not in Evernote's target customer profile/persona, but this product feels very poorly optimized, particularly given how long it's been on the marketplace Reducing feature sets to keep an experience simple makes sense when your product has a single, narrow use - that makes it simpler and more natural to use - but in a case like note-taking software where you're dealing with a large number of diverse use cases and customer personas, features and customizability create a more positive customer experience, allowing them to 'see themselves' in the product. If you improve the product, I suspect you'd be reaching a much larger customer base - I know a lot of team leaders and project managers *not* using Evernote to organize their files/still jerry-rigging MS Word and XLS, in fact I have yet to encounter Evernote being used by anyone I know personally or anyone at the companies I work for... Sorry for the diatribe, I just want a better product **and I'm more than happy to pay money for it** Tell your Head of Product. Hope that helps
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    Would love to be able to have a hyperlink to tags that are in my notes. So that way, I could have a Table of Content Notes that linked to my favorite tags or saved searches. I think this idea has been mentioned in other threads for many years.
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    I'm running Evernote 7.6 on a Mac running Mojave. I've noticed that Evernote functionality has begun to slow down while the app syncs. I'm a pretty speedy typist, and, while I'm typing a note, Evernote will frequently try to sync the note as I'm editing (I'm not sure that there's a formal answer to the question of how often the Mac client will try to sync, but my experience says it's somewhere around every 3-5 seconds when it detects that editing is happening). This used to be no problem, but now it will cause a delay in the entered text being rendered on the screen, which makes it annoying to type--you have to pause and wait a second to get visual feedback that you've typed everything correctly. Doing this dozens of times in a notetaking session is...annoying. It's grown annoying enough that I'm beginning to consider workarounds (like turning off the wi-fi when I'm doing a lot of editing, or creating a local notebook to work in and then batch-copying everything to my regular notebook). But... entering non-formatted text in a simple, small note should be probably the most lightweight, everyday task for a robust notetaking app, and if Evernote can no longer handle it without little moments of choking, that's... really a problem. I believe Windows users have a feature where they can set Evernote to sync only after a certain number of minutes has gone by--does the Mac version have the ability to mimic this functionality? Alternately, have other people noticed this lag problem? I'm rather hopeful that it's a problem specific to my current setup, and that it could be fixed with some troubleshooting? Would love to compare notes on this against other folks...
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    I'm running High Sierra and just updated Evernote. Font rendering is now much worse. Don´t know if it's quite visible in the screen attached, but... Anyone noticed this?
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    Support feedback: this is a known problem in dark theme. Workaround: switch the app back to normal theme Good enough for me as a temp workaround. HTH
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    Yeah, we use Evernote as an in-house knowledge base, and have a lot of articles on user settings, which are often on individual hard drives, and it would be nice to provide a link to them rather than have users typing and editing non-intuitive paths. Thanks for the help though!
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    I would track meetings using tags, and possibly title information.
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    Note in Notebook in Stack is the three level hierarchy in EN. Numerous requests across the years for something beyond Stacks.
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    Thank you Dave and gazumped for your help! I'm using the desktop app and I think my version is out of date. But I was able to follow the screenshot and get the notes reordered. Much appreciated!
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    https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313558-How-to-add-content-in-Evernote-for-Mac Search is your friend.
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    My understanding is emoji are now supported in Evernote/Windows (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112693-evernote-for-windows-611-ga/ A windows user will have to provide specific details; @EdH is our resident emoji enthusiast.)
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    Hi All, I received several reports from the community regarding personal arguments within this thread that add nothing to the conversation. That being said, I've deleted the comments that were flagged by other community members. In short, please be civil and avoid personal conversations/arguments that derail the topic at hand. If you have a specific issue/grievance please reach out to me directly and we can work together to find a solution. Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas here regarding Ian's blog post. Just make sure that you're keeping the conversation civil. I appreciate your consideration, feedback, and engagement. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions!
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    My actionable notes are flagged with tag !Actionable This ensures a task is never forgotten I also include a project id tag if appropriate; useful for reviewing tasks at the project level. >>choose to procrastinate I don't flag the note as completed (list gets longer) or I assign a future date to the note's reminder date/time. It's not always procrastination. Sometimes there's just too many tasks in the list. It has to be reviewed and adjusted. >>Tasks I "don't want to do" I have tasks on the backburner; no schedule, someday list; not next-action,, ... They are retrieved during reviews when required There is no reminder set, so they don't appear on my Current Task List. >>How do you best work within Evernote's constraints and still use it as a task tracker/to-do list successfully? My Current Task List is generated by search reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* (all reminders, exclude future dated, exclude completed) This screenshot is a section from my daily journal note. Each morning, I prepare the days Activity List by reviewing the - Current Task List - Calendars/Reminders The template includes checkboxes for daily tasks. I also do periodic review of tasks by project. .
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    Hi Gazumed...I know in advance the Tag I want to add, and in the case of my multi-word Evernote Tags, (I have 60)...I normally just type 'eve' in to the tag field then use the scroll bar to find the tag to add... Think this just comes down to what you know v what you don't, and past decisions made based on this. But I do want a clean/organised Tag-View Screen... again I'm a very visual, OCD, hierarchical person. But always willing to change. e.g an image you shared on a post the other day re using List-View (with date clums 1st) ...well I now went from snippet view to List view...with 'Title' being the only column visible, I was like "why do i need thumbnails", BIG improvement. Great Tip... and added to my source info repository on EN Tags, cheers Dabbled with this before, but couldn't get across the line, so i tried it again just now and yeah you're right it works great, now adopted, cheers. Shame I can't drag a Tag from the picker box straight to the note as I can with normal Tags displayed in Left Panel Another nugget, cheers... yeah Alt F2 worked...awesome Hey Jefito, yes please do mate, cheers So maybe the 'Priorities for 2019' message from the new CEO, on the EN Blog, re making all things "more coherent, more consistent across platforms" will result in this tiny thing added to the list. Thank you all
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    Per @jefito. no way to do this of which I am aware. Funny thing is the the option does exist for tag filtering but not for tag assigning.
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    I know of no workarounds for what you are seeking. Sounds like a feature request to me. If you want me to move this topic to a feature request forum, I can do that.
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    Hi. I can imagine entering long tags is a pain, and I'm sure that it's not that efficient - having an 'iPad' tag separate from a 'Hardware' tag would make for simpler and possibly more accurate searches. I do use multiple tags, but I also use a property of the tag field (including the Clipper tag field) where a string entered as "Evernote,Tags,iPad" - with the tags delimited by commas - will split into those three individual tags when I hit return. I was keeping my multiple tags in a note, so I could find, copy and paste any series' that I used a lot, but then I found that a text expander like Phrase Express can expand a simple code - like +T1 - into a longer selection like Evernote,Tags,iPad. If you prefer to continue with your system, you might try collapsing the left panel and using the drop-down menus from the icons. The search feature there seems partly to do what you require in that if I have a two separate word tag like "Evernote Tags" it will correctly find the search term as a separate word - where the note-based search will not - but if you close the space with another character (Evernote/Tags) it will not. There's a hotkey option to open a tag search window too, but I can't test that - it doesn't currently seem to be working for me... Hmnn. Might be another app hijacking that combo. Caveat: my Evernote version is the current beta.
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    Conceivably related to this other current issue??:
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    I created a support ticket for this issue.
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    I met the same problem when I use a non high resolution display. I can't accept the problem, so I downgrade to older version, but unfortunately, downgrade from 7.7 to 7.6/7.5 is block.
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    Hmmn. Mine's still working fine, but this is a (mainly) user-driven forum during a (major) holiday period, so traffic has been a little quieter than usual... (I use Windows and Firefox).
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    You've tacked on to a discussion in the Mac forum. Should we also forget the other platforms? >>Tags are a very poor way to structure information for many people (I hate it).  I have no need to structure information. Structure is a failure of the folder filing methodology. Tags are an excellent way to organize information for retrieval Why do you consider tags a poor way to structure information? I see support for a hierarchy tree. Notebooks seem a poor way to structure information (no hierarchy)
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    Basically, ENML is quite close to HTML, so the embedded browser is the display engine for Evernote notes. I don't know the details, but I'd also guess that CEF is also used to mediate interaction with notes while editing.
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, you posted the exact link for getting online help and creating a ticket that will not let me in. Let me explain: when I go to that link, and I am already signed in to my account, Evernote opens up a page that says "you have been logged out." When I try to log in again, it sends me to the same page, "you have been logged out." I just tried it again from the link you posted. Same result. Here is the screen shot, meanwhile, of how my text looks after today's update. This is how the text looks in the app, when running the app on a Mac. At the moment, I am of course in the web version to respond to you. Thanks for your help. I have never had this much trouble with Evernote, and have been a user since 2012, if not earlier. First, here is how the text looks on one Mac, where I took the latest update Now let's look at the text on my other Mac, which has not taken the latest evernote update.
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    The Evernote Windows client has Find & Replace option for individual notes (Ctrl+H)
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    First, I'd say that tags should probably be single-concept, not single-word, and I think that that's what S. J. Scott is really referring to, or ought to be. Single concept tags allow a lot of flexibility in describing your notes with fewer tags. This is a lot like human languages; We (in English anyways) tend to use separate words: "big red ball" to describe something, rather than one packed word: "bigredcircle"; it's a lot easier to extend to other types of shapes by adding individual words (e.g., "small", "blue", "square" than adding new words for each combination of type+color+shape (e.g. "smallorangerectangle", etc.). This also allows you to categorize in other ways: to find all small shapes, maybe a search on "small" would suffice. or all blue squares, regardless of size. And so on. Second, since users are all different, there's no such thing as one rule that would allow every user to "get tags done right". It purely does depend on the user, what they have in Evernote, and how they want to organize their data. And even so, maybe one hard and fast rules may not cover all of a user's situations. But in any case, it helps to have a strategy up front, and an understanding of why single concept (not single word) tags may be useful. So yes, I tend agree with S. J. Scott in that type of situation. On the other hand, if "Plenty River" is a single concept for you (you're not cataloguing geographic entities like rivers, mountains, hills, hollows, eskers, etc), then go ahead and just use it. Note that some people don't like to use spaces in their tag names and would use "PlentyRiver". Again, that's up to the user.
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    My concern with the reminders isn't when I'm in the notebook, its when I'm actually trying to look at my reminders and 36 of them are useless. I'm a very organized person, as I assume many are who use Evernote! I keep my notebooks pretty clean and declutter often. Definitely not elegant, I would rather do without the feature than use that work-around. But the method you described does have some benefits, too! Seeing the all of the TOC notes when looking at all notes does seem helpful! I imagine if the pinned notes feature existed, seeing all of the pinned notes in the all-notes view might be distracting as well. Then your page would consist of reminders, pinned notes, and finally your notes list. And somehow we arrive back at clutter!
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    I love the "create table of contents note" option - I think it is the best way to understand the content of a notebook and navigate that notebook efficiently. I would like to be able to pin a note to the top of the notebook, no matter how the notebook is organized. I would mostly use this to pin "table of contents" notes, but I would use it on other occasions as well. And yes, reminders would technically do it but I think that is a little ugly. For me, that would mean having 36 perpetual reminders, one for each notebook. Way too much clutter for me. I think the "shortcuts" feature could address this as well, but again, there would be 36 shortcuts that I would have to visually sort through. It would be much easier to see just the note I want as I navigate to the appropriate notebook. This seems to be a hot topic, here are other posts requesting this feature, starting with this post: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50972-feature-request-pin-notes-to-the-top-of-the-notebook-browser/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41293-feature-request-pin-notes/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/49215-feature-request-pin-note-to-top/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34064-request-pin-notes-and-notebooks-to-start/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23092-request-pin-one-note-on-the-top-always/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42968-pin-note-to-top/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33642-sticky-notes-the-ability-to-pin-notes-to-the-top-of-a-list/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40833-is-it-possible-to-pin-a-note-to-the-top/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18324-feature-request-pin-notes-favorites/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30585-feature-request-for-android-client-pin-note-to-notification-bar/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24278-feature-request-pinned-notes/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24796-map-view-of-notes/
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