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    Would be great to be able to merge notes within the app. I merge notes all the time on desktop, which is good for consolidating related content. Would love to be able to do this on mobile.
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    The new update for iOS looks really great with significant improvements in the interface. However, losing presentation mode is a big deal for me. As a someone who teaches and speaks regularly I LOVED presentation mode. I was able to design a speaking outline and then use presentation mode live to just scroll through my notes as I speak. The way it stripped out all other buttons and such made it something I used multiple times a week for the last 2 years. Is there any chance it might come back or something else like it? If there was a way to freeze the keyboard and/or other options/buttons it would get me close enough to where it was before. Let me know what you think.
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    Hi, While Evernote is great and I can't live without it, I find that missing these two features negatively impacts my Evernote experience: 1) Ability to multi-select non-consecutive note content by hitting ctrl+select, etc..., as one can do in Word and most other windows apps 2) Some form of format copy, or format painter. Without this, it is painstakingly hard to format notes after a class for better organization. I have gotten over this shortcoming by pasting into word, reformatting there, and pasting back into Evernote, but one should not have to do this.
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    Did an uninstall/reinstall, and that seems to have fixed it. Thank you.
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    Hi, Michael, and welcome to the Evernote forums! We're user-to-user here, for the most part, so we're not Evernote's tech support as such. With that understood.... The way Evernote works is that the notes you take on your phone sync to Evernote's servers ("in the cloud"). Then they are available to you not only on the phone but on other devices as well. So on your new phone, you simply need to install the Evernote app, log on to your account using the same credentials you used before, and give your note data a few minutes (depending on your connection and how many notes you have) to download to the phone. What actually downloads is not the full content of your notes, but an index (for the sake of speed and storage usage). When you tap on a note in the list, its content is then downloaded to the phone. Hope this is helpful. They key is to log on using the same account credentials (username/email and password). Otherwise, you may accidentally create a new, empty account. But the notes created on your now-fried device should all be safe on Evernote's servers, assuming that the notes were all able to sync before the frying happened. Let us know how it works out!
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    Conceivably related to this other current issue??:
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    You really have to be a bot. There’s no other sane explanation.
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    Evernote has a note history backup. However previous revisions are accessed via the note. This is impossible if you've deleted the note. Information at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313858-How-to-use-note-history-to-view-older-versions-of-a-note I maintain personal backups using a daily incremental export. I have this automated using scripting on a Mac. These backups are in html format, and are easy to access to recover missing or corrupted data
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    I think I'm experiencing the same problem. It seems to be connected to the new templates feature. If I try to use the direct-to-camera note feature it never saves the images. If I open a text note, enter a line break, then trigger the camera feature, it has worked consistently.
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    Mobile Iphone. Thank You. Who says money won't solve all your problems?
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    I had been planning to write an "open letter" to Ian Small in the forum thread about him, but I think this blog post renders anything I'd say redundant. Small is acknowledging everything that's been bothering me about Evernote. I've increasingly betrayed my frustration with Evernote in these forums over the past year, but I used to evangelize Evernote to anyone who would listen, and repeatedly defended the company in these forums during the backlash over the price increase and changes to subscription tiers. That's because I believed (and still believe) in the idea of a service that doesn't mine my data for sale to others, that treats me and not advertisers as the customer, and that has the feature sets that Evernote offers (or at least tries to). I've talked about giving up on Evernote and leaving for another solution. I've said the main reason I don't is that it would be a huge PITA to migrate away. That's partly true. But the more important reason is that I keep hoping Evernote will finally fulfill the promise that made me embrace the service years ago. When Evernote's features work, I find the user experience to be superior to that of other solutions I've tried such as OneNote. I like Evernote's organization better. I like the UI better. The web clipper -- even as bug-ridden as it usually is these days -- is superior to anything I've seen anyone else offer. I can organize, search for and sort my notes in Evernote in ways that I really like. If any Evernote employees are reading this, please tell Mr. Small that I want to love Evernote again. And he's saying all the right things to give me hope. But we've heard this stuff before. Phili Libin put on a hair shirt years ago but nothing changed. Actually, in some ways things got worse in my view. But if Evernote can begin at least making some appreciable progress towards better quality, feature parity between platforms, and all that other good stuff I promise to stick around and try to be positive about the solution again. The company doesn't need to be perfect. It doesn't need to meet every one of my personal preferences. It just needs to start doing showing some tangible improvement. That's all I ask. If it does, I'd be happy to fully embrace the solution once again -- and tell others about why I like it so much.
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    In the version I'm using (, the search field in three Tags View and the search control on the Tags header in the left panel both do infix matching on tag names -- they match tags that have those characters anywhere in tag name. In other words, if I type "od", both will return a list containing my "Todo" tag. This is handy for finding tags in your tag collection. This is that same as the tag search filter that you get when you click on the tag icon in the search area of the note list, or use the Alt+Shift+T hotkey. But if you're referring to the difference between that and Evernote tag searches (i.e. tag:MyTag" , Evernote tag searches are supposed to match the documented Evernote search language documented here: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php. For tags, that means it's an exact match, or a strict prefix search if you use a trailing '*' wildcard (matches tags that have those charcters at the start of the tag name). Those are searches that are used on the Evernote servers, so they need to be consistent across all Evernote platforms. So two different contexts, and so two different search implementations. That being said, it would of course be nice to have a more flexible search language, including infox searching for tags, etc. etc. Suggestions like these have been around for years. Edit: btw, the infix matching that goes on in the tag picker is configurable: Tools / Options / Navigation / "Match tags by word prefix in the Tag Picker"
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    ...Someone say my name? 😏 Interestingly (?) I'm kinda in the middle here. I do have nested tags, but when I search for <insurance> only that part of the tag tree pops out if I have the left window open. If I wanted to collapse that segment I can hover over the parent and click the '📐' arrow, or go up to Tabs and collapse the lot. The view does jump down to tags, which I find distracting - though since other users might want to refine searches or edit tags from there, I guess it's a logical step. Ctrl+Home however jumps me to the top of the list again - I tend to live and die by searches and shortcuts, so that's my 'home' spot. I don't care whether the tags list is expanded - I try not to look at it much! I spend a fair amount of time with the left panel closed - most of the time the little drop-down options from the icons work better for me...
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    This is a "must have." Only thing I can think of is lazy programmers. I just subscribed to EN and this is one thing I wanted. And others who say use another editor and paste it in...time wasters.
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    Mea culpa time. i didn’t follow the instructions, which I only found in the video. Brina, the templates do save, but they aren’t nested in any folder on the left. You can see them when you create a note, where you’ll be given an option to pick one of the saved templates. My fault for not following directions, although it would be great to view all the templates in a folder (and if you can do that, my apologies again). Hopefully this follow up can help someone else who made the mistake I did. Thanks, tom,
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    Not sure who named you the spam cop...but no....I originally posted on the Android forum due to the frustrations all users are having with the android clip function which has been inoperative for over a month. Since Nimbus Note seems to have much of the functionality that people are looking for, I recommended that people take a look at it. I am a paid EV premium customer and have been for years. I have had my share of issues with the product and have had to deal with a mostly unresponsive support team, I also posted on this forum because it is an fyi to anybody using the evernote suite of products.
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    I'm a speaker and I use my iPad almost every time I speak in public or present. I used to use Presentation Mode all the time and it was super helpful to just scroll through my notes in a seamless way, especially without worrying about accidentally clicking the screen and bringing up the keyboard. Please bring back Presentation Mode!!
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    This is how I clear all checkboxes: Select all Turn off checkbox formatting Turn on checkbox formatting My list is now all unchecked It it wasn't a pure list, e.g. if there were paragraphs in between checkboxes, then I suspect the paragraphs would end up with checkboxes.
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    Use(d) presentation feature weekly. Need it back. Thanks.
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    I subscribed for Evernote Premium on 1st of January and I think I might use the 30 day refund policy and ask my money back because of this. This is the most useful feature for me as I am working with large masses of text and wan't to read text in a pleasant way with my iPhone. I reading mode is very, very important for many of us working with text! Please! (This is a basic account - I created a new one when I subscribed for Premium.)
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    H. Evernote seemed pretty definite - " Presentation mode is no longer available in Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can use AirPlay to mirror your screen, or you can use presentation mode in Evernote for Mac or Windows." It's not (usually) their way to explain decisions like that, so maybe they found it impractical on mobile devices or it gave the app too big a footprint. If a lot of folks click the counter on this topic they might revisit the idea, but it's unlikely to be soon...
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    Presentation Mode is an awesome feature (check out EN's YouTube video from 2014 to see it in action on iOS, which starts at 53 seconds in ). It has been available for iOS for at least 2.5 years, and I've used it most of that time. It's my favorite feature of Evernote. In Evernote 8.0 for iOS, the feature was removed. Which sucks, as I wouldn't have updated had I known that (it's not mentioned in the iOS App Store release notes). There are many reasons to pay for Premium, but Presentation Mode on iOS was the only reason I personally chose to pay for Premium. One of my personal favorite use cases for Presentation Mode on iOS was the ability to write a poem for my wife, and let her read it on the iPad in Presentation Mode. Why? Because the way Presentation Mode presents content is the most beautiful formatting I've seen in any note app on iOS. I've always wished that such care and attention to detail was given to the regular Evernote note-taking area, where we spend most of our time. There's no reason it needs to be any less beautiful, and right now it is - even with the update to 8.0. I recently started defaulting to Bear over Evernote simply because they actually care about giving you a beautiful note-taking environment. Their primary heading on the homepage is 'Write beautifully on iPhone, iPad, and Mac'. Evernote's primary heading? 'Collect it all in Evernote'. All this to say, Evernote has become my database for digitizing physical paper, so I can throw the hard copy away, and Bear has become my note-taking app. Do I like having separate services to search through and pay for? No - I wish I were only using Evernote. However, with all Evernote's resources, they've yet to provide a solution for the actual act of note-taking as beautiful as Bear's. Which tells me it's not Evernote's priority. Presentation Mode was the stopgap that made it at least worth dealing with the less-than-beautiful note-taking UI, because you could at least present the notes in a beautiful way. Now that Presentation Mode is gone on iOS, so will be much of my investment in the platform. Though, if I'm honest, I pulled away from Evernote for notes as soon as Bear came out, because there was finally something beautiful to take notes in. However, in cases where the presentation of the material was important, I still defaulted to Evernote, as Presentation Mode is prettier than Bear, in my eye. The beauty of a product's user interface is not everything, but for me, it's a lot.
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