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    Yes it does. Thanks. Wasn't aware of that. As someone who grew up with DarkMode, I've yet to find a reason to jump onto this recent fad.
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    Sorry to jump in here so late; I only just now updated to 6.16. What exactly did they do to the spell checker? Bring back the spell-check dialog, at last? No. Make it so the red line disappeared when words were added to the dictionary? That was already working in 6.15. Make the user dictionary editable? No, C:\Users\{username}\Evernote\LocalStorage\Custom Dictionary.txt still has a checksum at the end that makes it impossible to edit. Seriously, what, if anything, did they actually do to "fix" the spell checker?
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    Dear All, I really would love to see a solution for archiving notes. I've been using for 4 years and now I have some notes that I want to keep in the system, but want to remove from my search. As time goes, my search are getting more difficult to separate valid information and archived information. Like we have Notes, Notebook, Tags, Atlas, Market and Premium button on the Mac version, I dream with an Archive button. Every note I move to this icon will make it not searchable, unless I'm searching inside the Archive View. You could even move a completely Notebook. I have many scenarios where this is valid, some of them here: You finished a graduation course full of notes and you want these notes in a place that you may need but normally it will not be part of your search or have a distract visual in All Notes ViewYou closed a company and want all the notes in a special placeYou may not want to have this Archive notes in your local hard disk, unless you click "Download"You prepare for a vacation and suddenly canceled. You want to have this hide in some place but not displaying all the time. I think it would be a great feature. Thank you, Patrick Santana
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    Ah-hah! Suddenly all is clear! 😉 🙂 Thank you! Gary Barton
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    Your screen shot is from the browser version of EN, not the Windows client 6.16. You can't export notes from the browser version. Do you have the desktop version installed?
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    Open the left panel (F10) if not already open, then right click on the notebook and select Export Notes. Click on options to make sure everything is checked and then click Export.
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    Hi, If you're using the Windows version, click the View menu and select "Status Bar". This will show the word count at the bottom of every note.
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    Right, because pasting isn't done by simulating keyboard input, or at least, the automatic conversion of strings like '"[]" is handled in a different way. You don't need to reverse engineer it; it's documented. See "en-todo" in the Evernote ENML document here: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php
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    Ha-ha -- yes, my early computer experiences were with PC (or rather, Compaq Portable) Dark Mode (if you discount the PDP-8 paper tape, IBM punch cards and teletype; that was just college). We used Wordstar as our first programming editor for awhile, I wrote a Lotus 123 spreadsheet reader (hacked the Lotus 123 executable in debug.exe so that I didn't have to have the floppy disk inserted on launch). *sigh* Those were the days, I miss them so... like a hangnail...
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    Correct. The tags in a shared notebook are owned by the Notebook's owner. Only the owner can create new tags. There are other requests posted; to date Evernote has not indicated an interest in changing this.
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    It does. It's in the latest update.
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    There is a new version of the web client available for beta testing. It demonstrates new UI features, but is without the full featureset. I'd recomend you avoid this version if you're concerned.
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    I would love to be able to copy a ❏ checkbox from outside of Evernote into Evernote. For example: Our team works on a shared Google doc for meeting notes. When we’re done with the meeting, I archive the contents of the shared doc into Evernote as a meeting archive. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to create a checkbox in Google Docs or Word that appears as a "to do" checkbox in Evernote. I have to manually add them if I want to retain their functionality in EN. Maybe there’s a way to do this, but I haven’t found it. Would be nice if the checkbox played well with the clipboard (I’m on a Windows 64-bit machine, using Evernote (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387). Edit, 02/20/2018: I see that I can create an unchecked checkbox by typing [] and a checked checkbox by typing [x]. It would be fantastic if EN would recognize that in the clipboard (with an optional setting, of course) and automatically convert [] and [x] text strings to their respective checkboxes. — Rich
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    I moved across country and have a new job in a different field. I do not need to see the dozens of notebooks of old notes and projects from my old job, unless I go looking for them specifically (as a favor to a former coworker). Web Clipper is constantly recommending that I place clips in these old notebooks - if I don't catch it (on mobile, for instance) I don't even know when the notes end up. WHY is this thread so many years old? Every year that passes means that more people have a use-case scenario for this and, quite frankly, will look for other note-taking options. I'd be lying if I said that this lacking feature hasn't made me want to just start using OneNote so I could have a clean slate for my new job.
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    After pasting, you can select the pasted text and press Ctrl+Space (or select Format -> Simplify Formatting from the menubar). This removes all style attributes and font tags from the underlying HTML, which means that it should eliminate line-height properties as well. We don't provide a finer-grained way to adjust only the line spacing at the moment, but thanks for the suggestion. Emerick
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    So, my issue definitely seems to be similar. I type a note, I make a typing error, I go back to the word and select the suggested word Evernote offers. It adds the new complete word and leaves the original error. If I am halfway through the word, I get the new word in the middle of the wrong word. Alternatively, I half type a word, and it suggests what I could be typing, click the suggestion and it puts the word in twice. Two complete versions of the same word. I downloaded the google keyboard to see if that solves it. Not sure why, as I am not using the swype function of the keyboard, I am individual letter typing (fat thumbs, hence the mistakes!). I'd say this issue started around the summer update for me. I am using a Galaxy S8 edge. It says Evernote is up to date. Kinda need you to sort it or I won't be the first person to complete a Novel via Evernote... no pressure... 🤣🤣
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    SophiaSopia123 sounds like what I'm experiencing. When I try to edit or use my phone's word suggestion evernote goes crazy. Attached screenshots.
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    I think I may have solve this problem. At least on my phone. On the suggestion of my nephew, who's a tech wizard, I downloaded the Google keyboard from the play store. I switched over to that as defalt instead of the Samsung keyboard. I have NOT been able to duplicate any of the errors I was getting before. Problem solved. At least on my phone, and my wife's. Bonus being, I find I like Google's keyboard way better than Samsung's. Give it a try. See if it works for you. Below is my previous post when I first start experiencing these problems: I've been getting an error when typing in evernote. Say I type a word, and miss a letter. If I put the cursor in the middle of that word to try to add or correct it. It adds extra letters. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote. I even have a new phone now, and It still does it. I just recently tried it on my wife's phone. Her's does the same thing. is anyone else getting this? My current evernote version is 8.6.1 This happens on my Samsung note 9, my old Samsung S9 edge, and my wife's Samsung S9 Examples: Tist (say I mistyped test) TTest ( If I place the curser after the i, backspace then added an e, it adds an extra T) Tech (say I mistyped teach) TeTeach ( If I place curser after the e to add an a. It added Te...) Wandiring (say I mistyped wandering) WandWandering ( I placed the curser after the i to add an e. It added Wand... )
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