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    I added https://evernote.com/ per the suggestion of Mettarefuge. That did not work. I would rather not, for security reason, allow a blanket rule to allow third party cookies. Evernote has 5 cookies set on my PC already. I would prefer not to allow a blanket rules for allowing third party cookies as that presents obvious security issues. I hope Evernote can come up with a less drastic solution.
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    I have submitted a ticket for this problem, since it is really annoying that I can only use the scanner via USB connection, which is the only solution that works out of the two provided by Fujitsu. The other workaround was to connect the scanner to the WiFi using the ScanSnap Wireless setup tool, which in fact does connect the scanner to the WiFi, but still doesn’t solve the issue that the ScanSnap Evernote application fails to detect that my computer is connected to a wireless network; hence, keep getting the message “to enable wi-fi scanning, connect your computer to a wireless network”. It seems like Evernote completely forgot they have this product, it is frustrating that scanners that cost half the price of this expensive unit have been updated to work with the latest Mac OS update.
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    Checkbox items are now double spaced. This is really annoying as some of my notes are entirely lines of checkboxes and are now twice as long to scroll through and difficult to see.
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    The bug is still present for months now. What's worse the behavior may lead to a broken note as Evernote know no limits as far as placing dropped attachments. It may even nest it in the middle of a URL, making the operation of removing it from there rather risky. Sometimes when I drop two images one is placed randomly somewhere in the note, while the other is not placed anywhere in the note. As usual, it used to work flawlesly! Here's my previous post on the issue. Possibly related:
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    I'm running High Sierra and just updated Evernote. Font rendering is now much worse. Don´t know if it's quite visible in the screen attached, but... Anyone noticed this?
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    That might be true, but still, eight years? There must be something much deeper being critically wrong than just some overall UX vamp priorities blocking development. (I'm not totally sure, but suspiciously funny thing if it is true: I think to remember that this very comment editor had line spacing control before, and now it doesn't...) I've subscribed to the topic many years ago and every couple of weeks it brings me another incredulous sigh of amusement.
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    CalS, I was inspired to do more searching in the App store and I found an app called Shortcut by Yannick Rave for $0.99 that solves my problem better than Phrase Express would. I got the app, and it's keyboard only does one-tap shortcuts; it is not a normal full-featured keyboard like Phrase Express's. However, those shortcuts can be plain text or dates formatted any way you like. There is no doc, but you can see the date format in the example picture. I use {{Date: yy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss}} for Date and time. Works like a charm and easy to pull up. appadvice.com/app/shortcut-abbreviation-keyboard/1173982216
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    No. If it is under 100 pages (I think that limit still exists) EN Premium will OCR and index the terms in the PDF file so you can search words in the file, but it does not turn it into an editable document. You'd need a dedicated PDF editor as @jefito. Depending on what you want to do, Word 2016/Office 365 may work for you, but I've had mixed results with that. The more graphics/tables/images in the file, the worse Word does. Does pretty well for a pure text document though.
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    You can close this topic... the latest update from yesterday corrected this problem! Thanks!
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    Evernote doesn't have any capabilities for editing PDF text, but you should be able to open a PDF attachment with a PDF editor using right-click / Open With...
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    You might be right; maybe I'm not sure quite what's being asked for. But the navigation history seems to answer the following request, so maybe I'm missing something else
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    Yeah, my attempted point was that the arrows cycle notes whatever the context, not tag view or notebook view or the like, which is the OP desire.
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    Hi there, just wanted to submit a quick feature request. Sometimes when I'm working using bullet points, they can get messy and less organized if I start using too many indents. It would be really awesome to be able to "collapse" the bullets so that you can look at the primary level. It would be a bit like the way mind-maps work. I attached a couple of pictures for examples. Thank you! Michael
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    Actually, I've found that you can go forward/back though searches, including notebook filters, tags, shortcuts, single note selections etc. It's pretty handy for that, though I haven't used it extensively enough to know where it doesn't work. And as far as I can tell, it will even back up through the tag and notebook panels.
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    It's called running a company, which entails balancing priorities among: your vision for the product you're making, your resources, and the potential market. There are many features that some subset of customers want, and not enough resources to do them all. Sorry that you feel ignored and irritated, but that's the way that it works sometimes. Fortunately for you, as a consumer, you have the power to choose among competing products, of which there are many. Oh, and remember that "ignored" is not synonymous with "implemented"; the request is mostl likely not being ignored, but is noted as a -- tada! -- feature request.
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    I copy and paste a lot of email addresses and have notes whose content is largely email addresses. They are maintained as plain text so that I can copy them to other places (without the blue formatting) but - most important - so that l can click on the note to make it active without triggering an new email. I used to be able to put a semicolon after each address and it would not recognize it as such. I could then copy/paste the addresses around and they stay plaintext. The new version broke this. Now, copying/pasting these triggers the hyperlink formatting. I then have to laboriously select each one - making sure NOT to click, as that triggers an email - and being sure to include exactly all characters in the address, not missing any and not having extras, then remove the link that I never wanted in the first place. I would be happy with any of: 1) restoring the previous behavior 2) being able to select a region of text which includes links and non-links, then removing all links in the region 3) having a preference setting to disable automatic link creation
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    Go to Google Search app settings (click on the G and proceed from there) - Search section: Personal Disable the apps content from which you do not want to see in Search.
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    Add [*.]evernote.com. That will allow all .evernote.com sites and works for me (https://evernote.com also did not work for me).
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    The forward and backward arrows only work on notes, none of the other views. Would need to submit an enhancement request for backing up though the other screens, I think. Otherwise, just have to click on tag list again.
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    Hah -- missed it -- sorry about that. You should be able to change the sig in your forum account settings. Go to the top right hand of any forum page, and look for your name, with your avatar just to the left of it. Click on your name, and that should open up a popup menu. Click on "Account settings", and you'll go to a web page where you can change your signature: you can edit/format it like any post in the forum. Sorry, but you're stuck with the "guru" badge, as that's based on post count. I thought that was a way to change the "Guru" text (that's your "Rank, evidently), and I changed mine to "Grue" a while back, but somehow I can't seem to find it now. It's the left and right arrows just left of the blue box. Hover your mouse over them, and like other toolbar buttons, they'll have some text to tell you their function. If they're not showing up for you, then you'll need to add them ( right click on an icon in the toolbar and select "Customize toolbar", then drag/drop the icon that you want onto the toolbar). For example, the left arrow hover text says "Click to go back, hold to see history (Alt+Left"). These are "note history" (my bad) but rather "navigation history", similar to the back/forward buttons in your browser. Give them a try!
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    Unfortunately Adobe Reader will run scripts and it seems that is what happened. Could have been a script embedded in the pdf you opened. Unless you need that specific app, consider uninstalling and using edge or chrome as your pdf handler.
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    Really sucks to be 2nd class citizens, no? The way Evernote closed the 5-year old thread even though Windows users are still waiting (you wouldn't close the thread if dark mode was only released on iOS, no?) and how ambiguous the help article regarding Dark Mode on Windows is (not even a promise that it's coming or that they're working on it, it just says "got better things to do") implies Evernote thinks their work is done here. We're probably gonna get it too but we can probably expect in the same 5 year time frame I guess. We're just not that much of a priority. Mac people though, ah, they gotta get those Bear and Omnifocus users. Windows users aren't going anywhere anyway, no?
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    I also agree. This would greatly enhance usability. I just assumed the feature didn't exist at all in iOS. Ability to indent or outdent should be visible at top level.
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    I agree with Heinz57. This change to using third party cookies for the web clipper is a step backwards. Looking forward to a quick fix as this makes it unusable.
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    Like Heinz57, I find that adding https://evernote.com/ and evernote.com in the Chrome allowed sites doesn't help. I suspect that Chrome has changed things in the "Third Party Cookies" department, since I am finding I have to keep logging in to LastPass as well. (Or is it becaue LastPass and Evernote are related?) Either way, unfortunately Evernote is going to drop FAR in usefulness (like being phased out) if I have to allow third party cookies generally in order to use the clipper.
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    @Shane D. Since a couple of days and like after a Chrome update, I also experience this problem. Would be great if the Clipper plugin for Chrome could be fixed shortly. The suggestion to turn off "block third-party cookies" is not an option as @Heinz57 already noted. Would be great if you could forward to the Clipper plugin maintainers and release a fix soon.
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    Hi. This is the last post I have noted on the EESS - - don't know whether that's in any way relevant. Have you tried Fujitsu support? Tweeted @EvernoteHelps ?
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    As has been observed already, a different keyboard doesn't resolve the problem. And turning off predictive text across all apps on the entire device actually creates a bigger problem than the one I've got. Why can't evernote fix the 2 year old problem? They either cannot, or just don't care? I'm trying out OneNote. I hate MS, but you can type notes into Onenote without the app destroying them.
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    It happened: I let a labmate look at a circuit diagram in one of my notes, and he accidentally deleted the diagram and closed out before the change could be reverted. Please implement this feature, Evernote! The current system makes our data terribly fragile, and it's extremely stressful!
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    Having been a very heavy Evernote user years ago, I just purchased an IPad and have been trying to figure out the conversion from Android. The other day I was completely taken by surprise when working with a client I had to ask them to hold-on for a minute so I could figure out how to get to a new sub-menu tab. Couldn't find it in the moment so I moved on and came back to research it now. I couldn't agree with Cody (from above) any more. And he posted his comment 6 months ago?! Maybe I'm missing something but this seems like a bigger issue than it should be... Hopefully someone can clue me into this problem already being resolved. John
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    Past few days, just typing one letter of the alphabet, copying & pasting, etc. freezes & takes anywhere from 3-10 seconds. Have to move on to other software, Evernote is now useless like this. Don't know if the latest Windows update has anything to do with it or what, but dealing with this is just unacceptable. I can't be the only one going through this right now, is there a fix coming soon?
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    I just updated to 6.11.2 (I think that's it), and the whole interface reverted to how it looked a year or two ago. And the typing speed has slowed. Anyone else have this problem? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn't fix it.
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    Hello, all I am having this issue with the Evernote desktop app for Windows: It is extremely slow. When I type something the screen delays tens of seconds to refresh showing an hourglass. Notebook Dell Inspiron 13 5378 new processor i5 7200 with 8GB of memory and HD SSD 250GB with plenty of free space Windows 10 home fresh re-installed. The computer looks to be working regularly with the other apps. Thanks for any help.
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    I SOOO need this feature. I would like to use Evernote as my Read-it-later like service. But with accidental edits, it is discoursing me from using it. just have a button or something that converts a note into a read only mode so we can customize what becomes read only and what can be edited.
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    Dear Evernote, please move the tab key onto the keyboard header. Indentation is a constant function for note taking. It may not seem like a long way to go, it having to open a menu every time I want to indent or outdent, slows down the ability to take notes and keep up with fast talking colleagues (or I may have trouble with that for other reasons) The text editor I’m using to write this comment even has the indent/outdent keys readily available. Please, please, please, can you bring this out of the sub menu and add it to the header. Would be extremely grateful. Thank you, Cody
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    Yeah, an easy way to get the file name to paste into the link is to go to the security tab in the properties dialog for the file. Just copy from the object name at the top and paste into the hyperlink address. The file:.... stuff just gets added, magic.
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