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    It currently isn't possible and it'll make our use of Evernote a lot more efficient.
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    The notification quick note uses grey text on a grey background making it hard to read. This only happens with dark mode enabled. Evernote 8.6.1 Pixel 3 XL Android 9
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    There was this post a few months ago: According to that, they were dropping support for everything prior to Android 5 on Evernote 8 and later. It does seem surprising that people are reporting (on several threads here) that a factory reset restoring Android 5.1.1 makes current versions of Evernote incompatible. @Kruger2147's explanation seems plausible, though it doesn't offer much comfort. (However, his expectation that the purpose of these forums is "not to throw shade at Evernote" is ... well ... good luck with that!) @MaratR, I understand your frustration, especially if Evernote is the only app that no longer runs after the reset. Is it possible to upgrade the OS beyond Android 5.1.1? Is it possible to access the Evernote Web interface in a browser on the tablet? It may be possible to find an older version of Evernote that will install and run. Others on this forum know more about that than I do. It may also be that a new release of Evernote will address the problem, as @jefito apparently reports:
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    Yes, I am selecting from the left-hand menu. I highlight the folder I want to export. I use the Evernote Export as Enex option and then the Evernote Import option. I don't export tags as I don't use them. You did trigger my little brain. I just tried the export again but highlighted all the notes rather than just the folder and that solved the problem. I have not seen that the specific notes you want to be exported must be highlighted. I had assumed(I know!) that if I highlighted the folder that was all that was needed. In a roundabout way, you solved you solved the problem. Thanks
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    Lack of Markdown was one of the key reasons why I migrated away from Evernote.
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    The new dark theme does make this visual defect better, but it should also be solved for the light theme as well. On the new iPad pros and iOS 12, the left corner also has the date, which makes this look even worse. Please fix this Evernote.
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    You can hold the Shift key and drag the file into EN.
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    Ugh, right click manually add attachment is even worse. No indication of the original file name. Makes 'Add an Attachment' kind of a misnomer. You really just auto create a new note with pre-populated text, with no legacy of the original file. I know there's workarounds, just really defeats the import folder benefit.
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    One point of reference: https://onenote.uservoice.com/forums/245490-onenote-developer-apis/suggestions/16289065-markdown-support-for-onenote-desktop-and-web
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    A note application that does not support markdown does not make sense for me..
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    Not sure if everyone knows, Evernote Chinese version (Yinxiang) has markdown support now. Here is the official guide on markdown support: https://list.yinxiang.com/markdown/eef42447-db3f-48ee-827b-1bb34c03eb83.php
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    Yes, please! By the way, did anyone notice that even the comment box has more text formatting options than
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    Just want to add a +1 Evernote is great but I am checking every here and then for an alternative with markdown. For me the core features in evernote are webclipper, tags and reminders. As soon as someone else, e.g. simplenote catches up (there only the webclipper is missing) I am going to leave Evernote alone.
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    Yes! It would be a welcome feature.
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    I have been a Premium user for over 6 years (or maybe 7) , I feel MarkDwon support is the most important feature to support in the future. The Chinese version Evernote is already support MarkDwon, I don't understand why the progress of International Evernote is so slow?
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    TL;DR, I'm curious, after two years, this feature still hasn't been supported. Is there anybody explained why?!
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    Why not download and try it: https://www.yinxiang.com/download/ It supports regular Evernote account, so that you don't need to create a new account. I don't see why the American team hasn't ported this feature to the official Evernote app. Besides, 印象笔记(the Chinese version) also fits well with OSX Mojave's dark mode, which is extremely useful for me. When you switch to dark mode, color inside 印象笔记 automatically changes with it.
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    Is this supposed to look like that? I might be the only one bothered but it can't be very hard to fix when so many other apps display date and time where it best fits. It looks incredibly non-premium...
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    I have been a Premium user for over 5 years, my entire life is in Evernote, and am on the verge of leaving the service because of the lack of this feature. It's becoming a deal-breaker for me. Markdown is the standard for most newer note taking apps. At the moment, I'm running three note taking apps concurrently: increasingly, I'm just using Evernote as a file and web clippings storage dump area, Google Keep (with a Markdown extension) for notes, lists and thoughts, and Ulysses (a Markdown writing tool) to develop notes into actual articles and books. This is SO irritating because I am constantly switching between three apps. With Markdown support, I would be able to move entirely back to Evernote for all my note taking AND writing needs. Once again, it would become the most important app in my life. Writing in Markdown lets me: Create proper structure to long and complex notes Move from a rough thought, to research, to a full article, and even to a book, without worrying about formatting (I can focus on content) Simply export and publish my writing to almost any publishing outlet (blogs, my actual print publisher... they all want Markdown!) More and more, I'm asking myself why I'm paying so much money every year for Evernote when I could just use Google Drive for storage. You're already failing me for the actual notes-taking and writing parts. I know I'm not the only one who's thinking this. Please guys: I love Evernote and I don't want to move my entire workflow over to a new system, but you are leaving me no choice.
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    Definitely would love to see support for MarkDown...especially for my team and communication purposes.
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    Am I? It lets you gather many disparate forms of information from a variety of sources so they can be organized, annotated, and searched in a unified manner. It provides the same capabilities across multiple different platforms. Users perform many different tasks in Evernote. I believe versatility is one of Evernote's goals. I believe another is efficiency. I think Markdown addresses both of those goals, and would be an extremely effective input and formatting method for a certain class of users.
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    One of the attractive qualities of Evernote is its one-stop-shopping, everything-under-one-roof nature. Invoking external apps to accomplish specialized tasks is a sensible and necessary division of labor, but one of Evernote's primary tasks is formatting text. Markdown is a highly efficient way to format text. Including it as an intrinsic editing mode would allow many users to better maintain their productive flow state when capturing information in Evernote. I think that's a good justification for its inclusion.
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    I also would love to have markdown here, but it seems that's not going to happen, so I won't stop using it until I found something more suitable but I will stop paying for the premium membership. Anyone know any similar software that allow to keep notes in the cloud, share tools and accept markdown?
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    I'm very unhappy with Evernote team. This key feature has been requested for years, you've been heard enough, you don't need more votes to start coding. After years of being Evernote user, I've just cancelled my subscription and moved to Bear Pro. I vote with my money.
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    I'm a paid user, I need markdown feature. If you're not Evernote employee, no need to follow-up, your answers are ignorant and give negative feeling about Evernote.
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    Please support Markdown. and I am switching to "Bear" just for the markdown
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    Markdown support would be great. I find myself using markdown more and more. I am now using Bear.app on Mac, iPhone and iPad and love the ease of Markdown editing. Bear's Markdown support and hashtag based filing has resulted in me turning to Bear to work on documents more often than Evernote.
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    You are right, perhaps for most other users Markdown isn't important and Evernote is just not designed to cater to our niche (Markdown, syntax highlighting, formatting) and for us, it is time to stop hoping and waiting but to leave for good. I have been with Evernote since the beginning, the very first beta, bought tons of stuff from the old lifestyle store. Got their stickers everywhere on my desk, laptop, fridge.... I would say having to leave Evernote is an emotional one because it is truely a great product.
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    I'd say I moved the baby to a fresh new bath and the baby is really enjoying it now :) Also I've tried already two other editors working on Evernote's API - no luck with features I was looking for. Activity on this thread proves that MD support is something that users would certainly appreciate and for me is strange Evernote doesn't want to please us with it. Though I'm software developer myself and I can understand they may have some reasons for it since otherwise they wouldn't ignore it this way. On the other hand if they do ignore us perhaps in it there's a hidden message for us saying "Guys, don't expect it anytime soon if ever". They won't tell us this just because they don't wanna see users leaving their ship. I've seen this pattern already for several other products. A great example is OpenVPN over UDP protocol support in Mikrotik's RouterOS which was promised to be there like eight years ago! Related forum threads are nearly flooded with "+1" posts and what?... nothing! So my decision (as DTLow also suggested) is not to wait for it anymore and leave (is also my advice for you guys). There are good enough alternatives to try. Some support import/export from/to Evernote's ENEX files. Let's vote for this feature in Evernote with "-1" instead of "+1" ;) Kind Regards, Krzysztof Kubanek - A PREMIUM USER -
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    I’ve recently switched to Bear just because off missing markdown in Evernote. And guess what... it works really well Bear doesn’t have multiple notebooks which I considered to be a big issue. But it happens to be less of a problem than missing markdown in Evernote! So I told Evernote „goodbye” after over 6 years! You guys wait and I use markdown already
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    To evernote: it is 2018, are you still not doing something about native markdown?
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    I would also love to have this Markdown Support in the Evernote.
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    So, what's it going to take for the Evernote decision-making committee to realize this is a serious request? I've stopped using Evernote entirely because of the lack of this ONE incredibly easy to implement feature. At minimum give us a plain text editor where I can avoid the frustration of having my markdown formatting ruined. Having the most highly requested (and easy to implement) feature go this long without being addressed is a continual message saying, "We're not listening, and we don't care."
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    we do it, but despite the numbers, no one apparently cares. and has not cared for years! (e.g. line spacing)
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    The majority of people asking for this feature aren’t saying Evernote is bad. They like Evernote and would like it even more if it supported this feature. That’s the point of feature requests.
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    Well i am paying, and they are constantly limiting free features, and maybe they should. but please also keep in mind that zoho notebook's is TOTALLY free. it takes 30 min to export, but where are you going to import them? are they going to be kept with the same format with the attachments? what about annotations? don't act coy please. people are trying to suggest improvements, not just badmouthing, but you are replying to a feature request as if they are guilty of suggesting something new and evernote is perfect as is. the reason bear notes exploded and notion is on the verge of exploding is this. people are even using ulysses instead of evernote.
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    why are you always defending this out-of-date mediocre product in every feature request? are you getting paid to do this? the reason people are still paying is probably because they have 1000+ notes like myself and it is a pain to migrate. it is certainly not the cool product it once was. ios and mac platforms are not even in sync in terms of formatting features. people ARE giving feedback and voting it up, but no one cares. if they keep it up, soon they'll be in trouble I am telling you
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    **Please priority to put Markdown feature into Evernote** **I subscribe it annually for a long time, please don't force us change to others.**
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    Chiming in to say that the only way I'll keep using Evernote, and keep paying for Pro, is if they add Markdown support. I'm currently using both EN and Bear, and the fact that I can't even import Markdown notes into Evernote without some complicated third party hack is just madness. So Evernote, if you are listening, don't let yourselves slip into obsolescence because you don't like Markdown, or it's too much work to integrate. If you want to stamp apps like Bear in their tracks, Markdown is your answer.
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    Markdown support would be amazing. This makes Evernote a perfect companion to our development / coding environment.
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    Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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    Yes, please!! I would love a way to add well-styled mathematics into notes. A markdown language like 'Latex" would be perfect!!
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