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    I think Evernote is a fantastic product, especially with the iPhone integration. I currently use a program called UltraRecall because of it's heavy use of subfolders. This makes organizing my data very logical. I was wondering if Evernotes has a way to create subnotebooks under existing notebooks to help group numerious notebooks together? Example Notebooks: Work Clients Customer1 Customer2 Customer3 Customer4 Personal Electronics Web Clips
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    All other 3 platforms received the update Why not Windows Users? is it a bit too unfair to windows users? No timeline for windows Is there no plan at all?
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    I am a paid user and have many Notebooks. I have notebooks that relate to my hobbies as well as my career. On laptops that I bring to work, I only want my business-related notebooks to replicate. After installing Evernote on a new computer, is there a way to tell it what notebooks I would want on that computer? Thanks!
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    If you could add this feature, it would make my life complete!!!! So it would be a reminder/alarm at a regular period ie. every Monday at 10am, the last day of each month, every day at midday etc. etc.
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    Hi all, I like to use my notepads like websites and usually have one note that acts like the homepage of a website which is used to navigate to other notes in the notebook. It would be nice if I could have this "homepage" note pinned permanently to the top of the notebook browser. Cheers
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    Hey Folks, Evernote 7.7 Beta 1 is now available for download. Get it here! Fixed and Improved: Fixed an issue where notes and resources with long titles would fail HTML export Fixed an issue where using macOS's share extension to create a note would create a duplicate note Fixed an issue where business notebooks would remain in the Evernote account after leaving a business Improved performance for larger accounts Fixed an issue exporting local notes Miscellaneous crash fixes including crashes during annotation Miscellaneous UI fixes and improvements. Known issues: Spotlight search is not working for Mojave users. Search highlight doesn't scroll with the note. Text appears fuzzy for non retina displays. Please know we're working on fixing these issues above. Thanks again for your help reporting bugs.
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    Please give it to us too. We are a part of the community too and we feel left out.
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    Interesting. I'm a little curious as to why you picked Evernote for this purpose. 90% of the threads on this forum come under the heading of "Evernote is great at doing a lot of things, but its editor really reeks." Which it kinda does, though things have improved a good deal lately. Using it to pretty up documents seems counterintuitive to me.
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    I'm not a Hazel user, but I understand Hazel Scripts are AppleScript. Sample code is assign tag theDate to theNote and you would assign theDate to whatever value you chose Evernote Applescript is documented at https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/applescript.php
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    That does work as advertised, but it would be far, far better if that behavior were supported in the search language, which I'm guessing is the intent of the user you replied to, who wants a "search expression". The Windows version is well-nigh unusable, because you need to go to Options to enable/disable the behavior if you want a different search type.
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    Thanks for your feedback. The issue with the search highlight and Spotlight are currently with engineering and being addressed. Thanks!
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    I moved the discussion from the Evernote/Web forum to the General Request forum. Public note links do not launch the Evernote/Web app "So, I have to put two links, public and local, in place of every note link in my publicly shared notes" Since it's a public note, I just include the public link. It's not a good idea to allow your in-app links to be accessible by the public. >>Public links are only useful in a browser because they open a new browser window, even if when clicked in the client. Confirmed (the public link opens in a browser) - view access but no editing. I get a button to open the note in Evernote/Web (if I need edit mode) >>Local links are only useful in the client ... I use classic internal/in-app links on my Mac and iPad. They are functional inside the app, and externally; i.e browser, other apps, ...
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    Hi All, I’m very excited to announce the launch of the FAQ & Best Practices section within the Evernote Discussion forums! The FAQ & Best Practices section will contain posts and articles that were either directly created by Evernote Staff, or were created by other users and approved by Evernote Staff. Public posting within the FAQ or Best Practices will be restricted to ensure that the content posted stays on topic, and posts/replies will only be visible when approved by a staff moderator. The purpose of the FAQ section is to provide in-depth articles that answer frequently asked questions we receive from our users, as well as to provide resources to better enable them to troubleshoot or fix the issue themselves. The Best Practices section is to feature workflows and best practices from our staff, and the community, that may help a user maximize their forum and Evernote experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what topics you’d like to see covered, or just general questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out to Shane D. via DM. I appreciate your consideration, and thank you for using Evernote!
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    I doubt Evernote will implement "custom" metadata, just the general set; title, notebook, tags, dates, ... My work-around is an integrated spreadsheet In my processing, I copy receipt notes to a spreadsheet for number crunching (expense reports, budgeting, ...) In this example - Details is the note title and a link to the Evernote note. - I have columns like Date, Amount etc; parsed from the note title, tags, and other metadata
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    "All-around" actually seems pretty apt, in my eyes. It doesn't imply that Evernote is best-in-breed in all categories, just that taken as a whole, it's easily "one of the best", as @Gear64 put it. For me, who doesn't need presentation or even much in the way of fancy formatting, it's great. It can capture information, articles, screen caps, research notes etc easily and pretty well, and allows me to organize in flexible, useful ways. Reminders fill the bill for me in terms of project management, and cross-platform help to ensure that I have what I need wherever I am. It just seems best suited for what I need, without necessarily being the best at everything.
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    The two most troublesome issues on the iPad app for me are the notes that fail to render despite being downloaded for offline and being (usually) unable to search notes offline. Both problems defeat the purpose of having offline notes in the first place, so I hope this is solved soon.
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    Please, please, please allow us to set a note as plain text only--so that it stays plain text no matter what. Currently, all my notes that I format as plain text are constantly getting various formatting when edited from different platforms and from pasting content on a platform that does not have paste as plain text. I am suggesting a setting for a note that makes it plain text only (could even be a whole notebook). Thus if a note is set to plain text, you would not have to use "Paste As Plain Text" for that note and editing the note from any platform would not add formatting. Think: Windows Notepad--pasting content into it removes all formatting.
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    If you go to the header area in the note panel you can customize the toolbar there to include the reminder icon. Right click on the info icon, select customize toolbar, and then drag the reminder icon to that toolbar. Looks like this afterwards.
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    Each app that connects to Evernote reduces the security of the system. This is one of those essential things that should be built in. Hope sooner rather than later...
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    Since a few months ago, articles on Medium.com cannot be properly parsed by Web Clipper in "Simplified article" mode. Only part of the content is parsed. Separators usually stop the clipper from continuing to parse the rest of the content. Images will only show up if they have been loaded, i.e. if I don't scroll to the image, it would not be loaded from Medium's servers. The tiny thumbnail images, shown before an image fully loads, are included in the Simplified article content. A good example is this Medium post: https://medium.com/humane-tech/i-thought-we-re-the-good-guys-852ff9ebd246
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    @alber In the text entry area inside EverNote, right-click and select "Substitutions". You an enable or disable smart Dashes and Smart Quotes among other options.) This fixed the double dash issue for me. My "--" stays as "--".
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    I love the "create table of contents note" option - I think it is the best way to understand the content of a notebook and navigate that notebook efficiently. I would like to be able to pin a note to the top of the notebook, no matter how the notebook is organized. I would mostly use this to pin "table of contents" notes, but I would use it on other occasions as well. And yes, reminders would technically do it but I think that is a little ugly. For me, that would mean having 36 perpetual reminders, one for each notebook. Way too much clutter for me. I think the "shortcuts" feature could address this as well, but again, there would be 36 shortcuts that I would have to visually sort through. It would be much easier to see just the note I want as I navigate to the appropriate notebook. This seems to be a hot topic, here are other posts requesting this feature, starting with this post: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50972-feature-request-pin-notes-to-the-top-of-the-notebook-browser/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41293-feature-request-pin-notes/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/49215-feature-request-pin-note-to-top/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34064-request-pin-notes-and-notebooks-to-start/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23092-request-pin-one-note-on-the-top-always/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42968-pin-note-to-top/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33642-sticky-notes-the-ability-to-pin-notes-to-the-top-of-a-list/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40833-is-it-possible-to-pin-a-note-to-the-top/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18324-feature-request-pin-notes-favorites/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30585-feature-request-for-android-client-pin-note-to-notification-bar/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24278-feature-request-pinned-notes/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24796-map-view-of-notes/
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    Obvious workarounds - use a reminder, change the created date to 1/1/2020, or put a'home page' bookmark into the menu bar. Not sure I'd use this feature if it existed - it would get confused with reminders...
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