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    Hi All, I’m very excited to announce the launch of the FAQ & Best Practices section within the Evernote Discussion forums! The FAQ & Best Practices section will contain posts and articles that were either directly created by Evernote Staff, or were created by other users and approved by Evernote Staff. Public posting within the FAQ or Best Practices will be restricted to ensure that the content posted stays on topic, and posts/replies will only be visible when approved by a staff moderator. The purpose of the FAQ section is to provide in-depth articles that answer frequently asked questions we receive from our users, as well as to provide resources to better enable them to troubleshoot or fix the issue themselves. The Best Practices section is to feature workflows and best practices from our staff, and the community, that may help a user maximize their forum and Evernote experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what topics you’d like to see covered, or just general questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out to Shane D. via DM. I appreciate your consideration, and thank you for using Evernote!
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    Can confirm that the workaround 'right-click and save attachments works' so the file are actually OK, but not easy to find and contiue working on. This issue was observed about 3 weeks ago, but hadn't time to follow up. I doubt it's about file size, or at least not only big files. today I faced the problem with a small pdf of 136 KB aka 2 A4-pages.
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    Dear Evernote iOS development team, Please include nested tags / hierarchy into the iOS version! I finally made the move to become a premium user after discovering the the usefulness of tag nesting / hierarchy in organising notes on the Mac Evernote. Just about to port all my notes into evernote, then I realised the iOS version can't see the nested / heirarchy structure !! aagh and I've just paid for a whole year subscription ...bummer~ I understand there are tonnes of requests out there, but this seems to be a crucial notes organisation feature to be considered for inclusion? Please add this feature in line with the desktop apps please? My setup: Mac Evernote (on iMac) - for work at home iOS 8 Evernote (on iPad + keyboard) - for taking notes during work and conferences.
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    I use Evernote extensively on my Mac, iPad Pro, and iPhone. We use shared notebooks in my office and I have a ScanSnap Evernote Edition sitting on my desk. (I even have Evernote desk accessories sitting next to the scanner.) I'm pretty well immersed in the world of Evernote. However, I've found myself turning to other tools, most recently OneNote, with greater frequency. The main issue, and it is a big one for me, is the fragmented and inferior support for note taking and PDF editing in Evernote. I use my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil extensively. There are some great Pencil-compatible apps for iOS, including Notability, PDF Expert, and OneNote. Evernote, on the other hand, is stuck with a strange and fragmented approach: PDFs can by opened using the "Annotate" tool in Evernote, which I think is built around the remnants of Skitch. It's fine for adding arrows and icons, but terrible (unusable) for handwritten notes on PDFs. It really can't be used for anything more than simple highlighting -- certainly not detailed annotation or note taking. Drawings and notes can be added to an Evernote Note directly through the handwriting tool, but this simply inserts an image into the note. There's no way to use this tool to take notes over multiple pages, or to use it for annotation as far as I can tell. I've also found it to the buggy, with full pages of notes lost if you switch away from Evernote to another app before saving the image and returning to the normal notes view. I will say that that, though the tool is very limited, with very few options, the Pencil support works well and writing is fluid. This tool seems to have the most potential for future development. Finally, there is Penultimate -- a separate app I want to love but is just too buggy, too limited, and too walled off from the rest of Evernote to be truly useful. Again, no support for importing PDFs/annotation, yet another approach to handwriting, and, though the Penultimate notes live in Evernote, nothing can be done with them in the main app. Why, at this stage, would Evernote have three separate, incompatible and incongruous approaches to annotation/note taking, none of which begin to match the functionality of some of the other apps named? Attached PDFs can certainly be opened in other apps, such as PDF Expert, but there is no way to get the annotated PDFs back into an Evernote note without deleting the original attachment and reattaching the PDF. That's cumbersome, and annotation seems like pretty basic functionality that Evernote should offer. Evernote certainly has some broader advantages over OneNote, but really needs to explore something like the "canvas" style approach used by OneNote. The ability to "print" PDFs to a OneNote page and then markup the document itself and take notes/add text/etc. all on one page is invaluable. I've pretty much switched all note taking/PDF annotation to OneNote, with Evernote still used for project management and other organizational needs, which leaves me with my own fragmentation. Maybe I'm missing something in Evernote's approach, but I'm a longtime user that's completely frustrated with Evernote's inferior support for annotation and handwritten notes.
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    the dark strip (left) hides the clock (top-left corner of screen). )-: this is a pity 'cause I'd like to be able to keep track of time while working with Evernote. Tried getting support for this, but got no real feedback... who should I address this issue to?
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    I copy and paste a lot of email addresses and have notes whose content is largely email addresses. They are maintained as plain text so that I can copy them to other places (without the blue formatting) but - most important - so that l can click on the note to make it active without triggering an new email. I used to be able to put a semicolon after each address and it would not recognize it as such. I could then copy/paste the addresses around and they stay plaintext. The new version broke this. Now, copying/pasting these triggers the hyperlink formatting. I then have to laboriously select each one - making sure NOT to click, as that triggers an email - and being sure to include exactly all characters in the address, not missing any and not having extras, then remove the link that I never wanted in the first place. I would be happy with any of: 1) restoring the previous behavior 2) being able to select a region of text which includes links and non-links, then removing all links in the region 3) having a preference setting to disable automatic link creation
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    We know about that - I believe the fix made it into Beta1, if not, it'll be in the next beta.
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    I agree, Evernote should NOT be replacing plain quotes with smart quotes in a Code Block. In fact, Evernote should paste/type exactly what the user enters in all Code Blocks. Having said that, @daeda, the problem may be caused by your settings in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > Use smart quotes and dashes checkbox. Make sure this is UNCHECKED.
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    @jefito You're right, sorry I missed that. It seems the bigger request, at least for me, is to have the web client be in parity with the desktop clients. This would be super useful for me, as my main computer is a Chromebook.
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    After installing this version & seeing more useless & disruptive changes, I'm finally frustrated enough to come here & say something. More often than not after installing an upgraded version I'm DISAPPOINTED by the changes introduced by Evernote! I've seen other topics that clearly show I'm not the only one who feels this way. Take for example the new "Shared With Me" heading in the left panel introduced in this version. Since I don't share notes, why would I want this cluttering up my screen? I see that there appears to be a way to 'check/uncheck' it in the View menu, but that doesn't do anything. As a long-term paying customer & heavy user, I keep wondering why people at Evernote keep making a good program worse with these ill-thought changes?
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    I have been an EN user since Beta, and became a Premium user as soon as it was offered. I do not understand why EN is lagging with simple security options, such as easy encryption of notes and notebooks. This really should be as easy as a Right-Click or selection in properties for a Note or Notebook. The existing method of selecting text in a note and then using a Right-Click option to encrypt it is cumbersome at best. Yes, it is a nice feature if one wants to encrypt only a portion of a note. That's fine. But there should be an easy way to (1) encrypt an entire note without selecting text and (2) encrypt an entire notebook. I would be willing to pay a few bucks extra a year for this additional encryption ability. Seems this should be a no-brainier for EN, both as a tech matter and as a business/profit matter.
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    If I am not mistaken, I believe I said "They do work by right clicking", no? ☕ But just in case, I added the word "main", for clarity.
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    It's right here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/117798-evernote-for-windows-617-beta-1/. Don't forget to sort the forum by "recently updated"; have to do it every time...
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    A compromise to accomplish something similar is to merge cells on one side, so you can have say 4 rows on one side and one row on the other side, it's what I currently do for that type of thing.
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    I don't understand how there are only 10 people voting for this feature, this should be at the top of the list. This is a very important feature in today's state of affairs with respect to privacy and security.
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    Was unaware of this option. Very helpful for now. Thanks!
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    A few possibilities: You are a Basic user and you are only allowed 2 devices, plus the web. If you have had a 3rd device syncing, you need to go to the web version of Evernote, your account, then devices. Delete the devices you don't want to use. If that was the issue, your Windows PC will start syncing as your 2nd device. You have inadvertently created a 2nd account and your Windows PC is syncing with that. You have an older version of Windows Evernote and it won't sync because there was a security issue a few months ago and Evernote disabled all but the most recent Windows and Mac clients. See if one of those gets you back up and running.
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    Login to the web platform at www.evernote.com Access the device list in your user settings Revoke access to the inactive devices
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    I agree. I want the automatic hyperlinking to be disabled. It should be an option. I've even taken the time to remove every link multiple times. Everytime I open Evernote back up, they are all back again.
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    I heartily agree with both suggestions in this string: 1) give us the option to disable autoformat in Android, and 2) don't make significant changes without giving us the ability to opt-out.
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    Very curious if this is an issue that EN is at least investigating. I don't need roadmap, but as I look at how my digital work is evolving, I would like to start using Apple Pencil with my iPad within the EN ecosystem. I truly think this is a direction EN should take more seriously to remain a leader.
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    This is infuriating! Glad to see the team working on it. Upvoting of course.
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    This is definitely a new problem that was introduced in the 8.3 update. I have started new lines with "- " (dash space) using earlier versions with no trouble. I tried the undo button as suggested in another post. It reverted ALL changes to the current note. Like other people in this thread, this is a huge problem for me! Android dev team, please DO NOT introduce new "features" without allowing the user to configure them.
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    Yes! When I need a line beginning with a dash followed by a space I can not do that. It's a common use case for me. In my workflow with Evernote I disable autoformat and I do special formatting explicitly when necessary. Thanks for your interest!
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    @gazumped Hi! I don't want autoformat. I need my text as I have typed it. I have disabled this feature when using Windows and iPad versions of Evernote but I cannot do it in Android.
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    Yeah, a lot of the notes I make are related to network and Internet technology. I very very often include dummy URLs/URIs that do not exist, just as examples of what the settings or contents of some network/Internet technology should look like. This means my notes are filled with links that look like they should be links, but are not links, and just lead nowhere. Get rid of them please!
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    Evernote Discussion Forum Code of Conduct Report any posts you feel contradict our policies by using the "Report post" feature and Evernote staff will review the reported content. Any violation of these rules are grounds for a warning and, depending on the violation, may result in a permanent ban at the discretion of Evernote staff. Do not post messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws. In addition, trolling, threats, personal insults, and name calling are not allowed. Do not post content that violates a copyright. This includes any content that might be in violation of Evernote's Trademark and Brand Guidelines. Do not use the forums to promote or sell your product, service, or business unless it is relevant to the forum thread, you are an Evernote Certified Consultant, or you have prior approval from Evernote staff. Do not provide instructions or advice that you know to be incorrect, intentionally misleading, or harmful. Do not attempt to create the impression that you are an Evernote employee, nor imply that you are providing Evernote support in an official capacity. Do not post content containing personal or private information, such as activity logs, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card information, etc. This is for your security and protection. Do not double post (post the same message twice in one thread) or cross post (place the same message across several forums). Do not interrupt someone else’s thread in an attempt to change the topic or request support for a different issue. If you have a different issue, find the appropriate thread or create a new one for the issue you’re encountering. Do not chastise new users/newbies for asking questions or posting comments that may already be answered elsewhere. We get new users in the forums every day. Do not post hollow or useless replies, such as simply 'lol', ‘cool', 'first post', etc. Only post responses when you have something to contribute; otherwise use the ‘like’ button.
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    I completely agree with @SashaS and many of the rest of you. My thoughts exactly. Such a useful and obvious feature, as to almost be assumed: Right click image in note "Set image as Snippet" Right click note in list "Remove Snippet" EN -- this is the kind of thing that drives users crazy. Let's make this happen.
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    Evernote as of late struggles to simply turn out a stable version of the Windows client. Every time they update new features, like tables, some other basic function of text editing breaks. It seems to me that the unicorn has died and we are dealing with the ashes. Innovation has left the building. Evernote is struggling to get basic features like tables and text editing working. While other products support Markdown, dark themes, code block formatting, etc. Evernote struggles to deliver the basics. New products like Paper, Keep, Notion and Index are innovating and catching up. The moment there is feature parity with another solution I'm moving. Even Microsoft has a dark theme for Office now.
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    Please for the love of god add this. It's been a request of many users for so long! This is a real necessity, especially considering that tags are the only option we have to create hierarchies that are deeper than one level.
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    I want the ability to turn on or off automatic hyperlinking. Not after the fact as an edit but the presumption. If you've already fixed this fatal flaw, please let me know where in the settings I can set Evernote to "never automatically hyperlink". In addition, there should be an option to highlight a word and right-click restore or add the hyper link to the selection if desired. So, the exception is in the end-users control. Pretty simple, really. I am long time paid subscriber, this is beginning to annoy the _______ out of me.
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    . My two cents on this thread... Again. I'm using Evernote and Onenote on both my Surface and my Galaxy Note. What I can say about both is that Onenote is wonderful when it comes to annotating any kind of document, while it literally sucks at anything else and especially at syncing to/from the cloud, since it does it through Onedrive which is an incredible bottleneck. Evernote on the contrary is light-years away with its smooth and blazing fast sync mode and its overall much more solid storage, search and retrieval routines. In my humble opinion EN should really do all that it can to get the most out of this situation since, there are lots of users which, like me, really want to love EN but are drawn towards ON given its indubitably superior annotation capabilities. If EN wants to keep being the de facto leader of the note taking software segment, it must integrate its rivals core functionality and improve them instead of lagging behind with some half-baked solution.
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    Hi @MartianMambo. You can export each notebook as a separate .enex from the old .exb using these steps: 1. Rename your old Database (.exb) file to "OLDDB.exb" (to differentiate it) 2. Sign out of Evernote: File > Sign out 3. Select: Evernote > Options> Open Database folder 4. Drag and drop the OLDDB.exb file into the database folder. 5. Close database folder window 6. Select: Ctrl+Shift+E while viewing the login screen. 7. Select "OLDDB" This will create a new folder on your Desktop that contains a separate .enex file for each notebook (that has notes) within the account. After you log in you have two import options: Double click the .enex. This will import the notes into your account's default notebook. Select: File > Import > Evernote Export Files, and select the .enex file. The notes will import into a new notebook.
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    I have relied on EN for many years now and I can see that the company has several platforms to take account of, of which iPad Pro is just one. However, it is a very big one. There is no doubt that post Steve, Apple is moving more seriously into the digital pen and paper space and iPad Pro introduces the potential for the Apple community to adopt the tablet for all things. I loaded up OneNote and was very impressed with it. However, I really just want to use EN for note taking and the pen and annotation shortcomings are actually holding back my own productivity at this point. This will have just one consequence and I believe that if EN does not rapidly move towards the functionality offered by iPad Pro pretty fast then they will suffer just as a host of IOS app makers have been caught out by the Apple Pen. And so I echo previous contributors and urge Evernote to get to grips with this pretty fast please.
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    Evernote team. Any update on this? Please see notability for how pdf makeup is supposed to behave. I will be forced to abandon Evernote and my premium subscription if this is not addressed soon on the iPad Pro.
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    Hi Frank - thanks for that, even though it is bit whacko - through no fault of thine though RP
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    https://9to5mac.com/2018/09/04/evernote-premium-membership-death-spiral/#more-549908 This 'death spiral' would be a shame but in my opinion not unexpected. I personally do not have any problem with the former premium rates but the product is still too buggy after all these years and I do not see any sensible software development (except for strange new buttons, logo color changes, removed functionality etc.). The company does not seem to listen to it's customers. It's is not strange that people are moving away from this product. ?
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    Hi All, We've recently announced Dark Mode! This thread will now be closed. If you have further suggestions/feature requests regarding Dark Mode, please create a new thread or feel free to reach out to Shane D. directly!
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