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    After upgrading to OSX Mojave, it's no longer possible to attach an image from Skitch to Mail. I always used to be able to drag and drop an image from Skitch in an email I was composing. Now I have to drag an drop the image onto my Desktop, and then into my mail. Is this something being worked on?
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    Evernoteのカレンダーをいつも便利に使わせてもらっています。ありがとうございます。 私からの要望は、 もう少し早く来年のカレンダーを作って欲しい 1ヶ月ごとに分けてほしい この2点です。 よろしくお願いいたします。
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    Could you be inadvertently holding down SHIFT also? Ctrl+Shift+Q is Exit (the same Exit as in the File menu)
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    Sir that was so helpful of you. It worked. Thank you!
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    Not sure I can help you with that, I don't use Google to log in. But, a thought, you could go to Evernote.com and try to log in, but click Forgot password to see if you can reset it. Assuming your gmail account and your EN account are the same name.
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    You're asking this in an Android forum. The original announcement for all is here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/117474-introducing-dark-mode-for-evernote/, which links to a page that discusses the Windows and Web cases: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002061928?utm_campaign=dm&utm_medium=url+link&utm_source=discussion+forums. Also discussed in the forums here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/117390-prevision-for-dark-mode/
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    When will it be fixed? It was not in previous version. This is core function; how do I find notes if the search does not work? In addition, in-document search also exhibits same issue. In-document search also has additional bug that after the search if I escape (done searching), the text editor re-load the page so I just lost my location (often in a very long notes for me). This is is also another serious issue that impact really basic editor use case.
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    Fair point. I guess I must only notice your "defence" posts. Which leads me to another gripe with Evernote and this is that the forums are not particularly user friendly to me. In particular, the feature request forum (s?) appear to lack much engagement from Evernote management. Some analysis of what feature requests have been implemented over time, which are in the road map (with some indication of timing for implementation) and which are not being considered at all would be very helpful. BTW, I am also an avid user of Evernote and have been since about 2005. Over 19,000 notes and nearly 1,000 tags. It is clearly the best note app available - nothing is close - but it could be improved enormously. Finally, I am also a keen user of Dropbox for traditional file storage and the Dropbox experience is always impressive and incrementally gets better. Now, if we could get the Dropbox management team to run the Evernote product ... then I suspect Evernote could move from 200+ million users to perhaps twice that! Let's hope the new CEO can make some tangible change to the organisation.
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    I have been a Premium user for over 5 years, my entire life is in Evernote, and am on the verge of leaving the service because of the lack of this feature. It's becoming a deal-breaker for me. Markdown is the standard for most newer note taking apps. At the moment, I'm running three note taking apps concurrently: increasingly, I'm just using Evernote as a file and web clippings storage dump area, Google Keep (with a Markdown extension) for notes, lists and thoughts, and Ulysses (a Markdown writing tool) to develop notes into actual articles and books. This is SO irritating because I am constantly switching between three apps. With Markdown support, I would be able to move entirely back to Evernote for all my note taking AND writing needs. Once again, it would become the most important app in my life. Writing in Markdown lets me: Create proper structure to long and complex notes Move from a rough thought, to research, to a full article, and even to a book, without worrying about formatting (I can focus on content) Simply export and publish my writing to almost any publishing outlet (blogs, my actual print publisher... they all want Markdown!) More and more, I'm asking myself why I'm paying so much money every year for Evernote when I could just use Google Drive for storage. You're already failing me for the actual notes-taking and writing parts. I know I'm not the only one who's thinking this. Please guys: I love Evernote and I don't want to move my entire workflow over to a new system, but you are leaving me no choice.
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    I'm a big, big fan of Evernote, and as a student I recommend it highly to my colleagues and professors. However, the one thing that I never have a good answer for is: "What about highlighting papers on my iPad?" When they ask this, they are referring to Preview/Adobe Reader/GoodReader/Readdle-style highlighting, wherein you're dealing with an OCRed document and highlighting actual text, as opposed to drawing a translucent line on top of document text. This, as far as I know, is impossible in Evernote - please correct me if I'm wrong. Dropbox allows this sort of highlighting from third parties in two ways: 1. Their API lets people download and upload files 2. I can use the official Dropbox app to open a PDF in one of the aforementioned apps, and when I open it back into Dropbox it asks if I want to replace the existing file. It seems that #1 is not possible with Evernote's current API (PDFPen kind of does it, but very poorly), and I suspect this isn't a priority for Evernote seeing as it how it isn't an actual file manager. But why not #2? Is there a reason I can't use "Open in..." to do a roundtrip of a PDF embedded in a note so that I can highlight in a third party app and replace the original file in the note? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, particularly if there's currently a way to do this on iOS that I'm not aware of. Teddy
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    It doesn't exist and it's a major flaw.
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    I, too, would like to thank Jazzerbobby for the clear instructions. I have Evernote Premium (and have been for several years) and use my account at work with Windows desktop, on my iPad Air, and my Android phone. I had no idea where to look within the iPad app (this is my first Apple device, so I am a total newby). I even went online and reviewed the "Getting Started" for iOS, but there was no mention there regarding working offline. I would respectfully suggest that the moderator not make the assumption that a user would know to go into the settings while in the iPad app to designate which notebooks to download for use offline. Power users may have been able to figure it out, but an old dog like myself needs to be lead step by step. I am happy to report that I was able to download the notebooks I need, so you can teach an old dog a new trick! Many thanks, Grandma Cindy
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    Hey, I would like to make a feature request for evernote to implement a text collapse, as seen in coding software such as Dreamweaver. The idea is to make it a little bit easier to organise long lists. Simply mark the desired text, collapse it and then you're able to toggle on and off and eventually remove the collapse when you don't need it anymore. Here's a picture I found: http://www.creativepro.com/files/story_images/20050926_expand.jpg It's a really simple feature, but it would make my Evernote life easier! Philip A
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    I want to use Evernote to collect and organize a large amount of technical documentation and not having this feature is pretty much a deal breaker for me. Oh well, I guess I'll check back occasionally and see if they've added it.
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    +1, it'll be good to have this feature. Instapaper does this and although EN is not "in that business", I cant imagine this would take months of effort for EN to implement this! (of course depending on where it falls in the prioritisation).
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    I'd love to be able to bookmark sections of a note / pdf, and save that bookmark in the sidebar for future reference. I find myself constantly referencing certain parts of a several page pdf.
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    i'd like to request this also. searching on google i see this as being requested many times over the course of a few years. considering how much time myself and probably lots of others spend in evernote on a daily basis, and how much time i spend scrolling back to where i was reading before, this would be a huge improvement in the usability of the software and also the quality of our lives. this feature should especially be added to the embedded apps also, since in those you can't open separate windows. please please please add this feature. thanks in advance!
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    The relocation of settings such as these from the standard Apple "gear" icon was very confusing to new users. Thanks for clarifying how to setup offline notbooks in the Evernote 5.x.
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    To settle the spat here & transform this thread into a useful page on the interweb I thought I'd mention what I've found: I too have had trouble accessing certain notes on my iPhone & iPad when offline. On iOS Apps you can change which notebooks you want to actually download to the device (not just store in the cache) by tapping your username or shield icon in the top left corner. The resulting page gives Premium users a set of options to either download all notebooks or just selected ones. One thing I've spotted is that my settings can sometimes reset to the default (don't download ANY notebooks) when updating the app, which is somewhat annoying... Hope that helps anyone else who sees this thread
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    Hi all, You asked for Dark Mode in Evernote, and we’re thrilled to announce that it’s finally arrived! You can enable it today for iOS, Android, and Mac (Mojave) and see for yourself. Check out this Help & Learning article for all the details. Please feel free to start a separate discussion for feedback/suggestions, or reach out to Shane D. directly. Welcome to the dark side—lightsabers not included.
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    As a workaround, you could use a string like ##$$# or whatever that isn't going to be used anywhere else and just insert it when you have finished reading. Search for that string when you want to recover your position. Like BnF, I'd be really surprised if Evernote implemented anything to specifically address this requirement in the near future.
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    This doesn't seem to be the kind of thing Evernote is about. So it's doubtful it will be implemented any time soon, if ever.
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