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    I have experienced this as well, and have the same version as you. When positioning the cursor on the start position, then holding down the Left-Mouse-Button, and scrolling highlighting/selecting the text, beyond just the visible page, that I want to copy or move, EN gets very jerky as you say, and continues to get worse the larger the quantity of text I try to highlight...but eventually mine gets there, though I never bother using this method! The simplest/easiest and most effective method I use when wanting to select large blocks of text, or any type of content for that matter...is to: Simply Click the Starting Place/Position of the content to be copied - so the cursor will be blinking in that location Use the Page/Note's Vertical Scroll Bar -or- your Mouse Wheel to navigate to the End Position of the content you want selected/copied/moved Once you've identified he End Position > Hold down your SHIFT Key 1st (then while holding it down) Click your Left Mouse Button...all should now be highlighted in an instant
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    In the Mac app, it seems PDFs have "Automatically Resize" as the default view option. Is there any way to make "Actual Size" the default view option for all PDFs, instead? It's a bit tiring to have to adjust this one by one for each note.
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    I've been using Dark Mode on my MBP since installing Mojave. It has worked well until Evernote introduced it because in Dark Mode it is nearly impossible to see highlighted text. I'd like to keep Dark Mode on in System Preferences, but not use it in Evernote.
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    +1 I've been a daily user of EN for 6+ years and I too have found this to be really clumsy ever since the beginning. Please make "Actual Size" the default, full PDF is useless, you can only see a portion of it. (or at least the option to set it as the default)
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    Thanks a lot. Actually Note Panel was not open. I'm still newbie in Evernote and still have much to discover. Your help is very much appreciated.
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    Thanks. It's faster and easier than editing HTML code of the note.
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    I'm sorry @Nick L, but I really don't buy this. You're really telling me that more people will click that hideous Share button than used to press these (dangerously-confusing-to-new users!) icons: Delete Note ("Trash Can icon, I'm so confused, what is that thing?") Add Reminder ("Alarm Clock icon, now we really are taking abstraction to new levels") or Note Info (A lowercase italic letter i - literally an internationally-recognised symbol for information) Sure, Presentation Mode and Annotate were not intuitive (or particularly useful, to me at least) - why don't you just remove those two? This is a horrible design decision in a vain attempt to push Evernote to users as a collaboration tool. The choice to promote this as one of the only two parts of the UI in 'Evernote Green' proves that. That direction is your choice as a company (and our choice as paying customers to decide to take our business elsewhere), but please don't try to tell us in the community that this is a user- and data-led change. That just doesn't wash for me. It's Thanksgiving weekend, so thank you Evernote for being a critical part of my digital life for the last nine years. I hope we will be together for another 9 to come, but every release makes me less confident of that outcome. Please forgive if this comes across as ranty, it's only because I care.
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    I don't buy that that a trashcan, reminder clock and "I" icon are confusing, especially when they have a tool tip. If that is confusing to them, than the registration process to set up an account, download the app, and install it would be so far beyond their ability they wouldn't ever see an overflow menu or anything else. Just let them use an etch-a-sketch. And aren't frequently used in what context? I have 22,000 notes. Do I use the DELETE icon 22,000 times? No, of course not. Do I have 22,000 reminders? No, of course not. But I use it enough that it should be on the regular menu. Know what I ALMOST NEVER EVER USE? The big fat share icon. Put that on the little menu with a big neon green pulsating light if you want, and put the other stuff back on the tool bar.
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    You're welcome! I've also added holidays and some nice new colors! Old one was so boring!! Hope you enjoy! 2019 CALENDAR.enex.zip
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    Hi, For those interested, here is a post and screencast about how to start using Evernote on Windows and Android : (Pour ceux que ça intéresse, voici un article et vidéo expliquant comment prendre en main l'application Windows et Android d'Evernote) : Prise en main d’Evernote : un bloc-notes numérique pour s’organiser et se souvenir de tout Bye
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    This is actually a pretty good idea for an article (or articles) so I'm going to look into getting it created and added to the help center! Feel free to post suggestions and possible FAQ questions in this thread and I will take them into consideration when drafting it. to kick things off here a few things to try: 1. disable context: Select Tools > Options > Note Scroll down and select Show Advanced Options Uncheck Show Context 2. rebuild the database: To rebuild your Evernote for Windows database, follow these steps: If you don't have any unsynchronized notes, and you do not have Local notebooks, please skip to "Move your existing Evernote database." If you do have unsynchronized notes or local notebooks, follow these steps to export that content: Select all unsynced notes, or each local notebook, then right-click and select Export Notes… Choose 'Export as a file in ENEX format (.enex)', then click Export Detailed instructions here Move your existing Evernote database: Open Evernote for Windows Select File > Sign out… from the menu bar Select Evernote > Options > General > Open Database folder Move the [username].exb file to your desktop You can now open Evernote and log in to your Evernote account, at which point Evernote will download all of your synced notes from the servers and create a new database on your computer. You can then import any exported notes by selecting File > Import from the menu bar and choosing the .enex file you exported earlier. if searching your notes is slow: Recreate the Full Text Search Index: Press and hold Ctrl and click on Help at the top of the screen. Select Recreate Full Text Search Index > Reindex To recreate Type Ahead Search Index, please take the steps above, but select Type Ahead Search Index instead. This process should start automatically. Since you are a premium subscriber you also can contact support anytime to receive help via live chat or email: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new
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    Hello - it drives me crazy that as a paying customer (for many years), I have to go to the Evernote web address and then click "Sign in" because the landing page login is for new users. It seems like the emphasis is on new users, not paying customers. Maybe consider changing the Evernote.com landing page to accommodate those users that are already giving you money, instead of users who may or may not ever pay for your service.
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    Would love to have "Actual Size" the default. "Automatically resize" is showing me a fraction of the PDF's content and is of no use. Have to change it to "Actual Size" every single time I view a note with a PDF.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    How can i get a daily random note on email? I would like it as a way to read & reflect on notes i like. Even better to have a way to filter by tags to get specific notes i want on the daily email. Reflectapp.io is good, but i prefer to read the note in the email itself...more convenient (rather than visiting a website or another app to read the note)
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    No. Evernote cannot sort. You’ll need to copy your data to another app, sort, and copy back.
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