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    Oh, pshaw. We all know that the Feature Requests forum has been utterly ignored in the past (night mode being the most egregious case-in-point). The new CEO asked for our feedback but gave us no way to send it directly to him, as Emmgee pointed out -- but if there's ONE thread that he's likely to read on this entire forum, it's the one ostensibly about him.
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    Hi, hope someone can help with this. I'm using Android 7 on a Galaxy S6. Evernote 8.5.1. I can no longer annotate an image in Evernote. I press the image; the menu comes up; I click annotate. The menu then vanishes, and the image is back but without the annotation options. They seem to have just vanished. I've restarted the device and deleted/reinstalled Evernote. No effect. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone have a solution? Thanks for your help!
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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    Annotation in as stopped working, am unable to annotate pictures
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    I have (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897). (I always update as soon as an update is released.) Hopefully this is solved.
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    I've accidentally added a misspelling to my Evernote for Mac spelling dictionary. There is any way to remove it? It's not in my Mac OS custom dictionary. Is there a file on my hard drive I could edit?
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    Hi. Containers for notebooks are "Stacks", not folders as such - although I know exactly what you mean. I tend to regard the Stack 'style' as being white text, since notebook names can be styled with any colour or accent so you can find them easily. Stacks are more placeholders for groups of files - Home vs Work, or a specific client name if there are lots of child projects. I'll vote for this though as a "nice to have" - the more options we have in Styles, the better!
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    From what I understand, this is a bug that the team is aware of and they are working on a fix. In the meantime, try turning off Context in the settings. This seems to have worked to fix it if you are dealing with the issue. I also recommend a complete close out of the app after turning off the feature and then going back into the app.
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    Thanks for your report. This issue is currently being investigated.
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    You need to contact Support if you cannot get the web to revoke the device. I've never seen that fail, and if it does, I don't know there is anything a user can do themselves but contact support.
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    Delete and reinstall. The app AppCleaner is recommended to completely remove Evernot from your device. You are in control of the version you install.
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    If that is your purpose, that's fine. But, IMO, it is not the best tool for that. Some would argue that mind-mapping, diagramming, and outline tools are better for that. I use Evernote to quickly capture thoughts and ideas, and some follow-up actions. But when I comes time to use that info, I generally use another tool. For me, it is best used as a Personal Information Manager (PIM), as I mentioned above. Before I found Evernote, I had been searching for years for a good PIM, found none, and was using my PC's file system. That was Windows. Even the the great Mac file system with tags and great Spotlight search, I find Evernote to be better in general. (However, I do use the Mac file system for some things, like scripts, some legal and financial documents. Mac Spotlight is an awesome tool (which, BTW, does provide the auto-complete of Tags.)
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    A small amount more information... https://techcrunch.com/2018/10/29/ian-small-former-head-of-tokbox-takes-over-as-evernote-ceo-from-chris-oneill/
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    You know how Ian Small could really make a difference: Get involved with your users and let us hear your voice (personally)! ??
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    I read Ian's introductory blog this morning. He said he wanted to hear from customers. I couldn't find an easy way to pass along my feedback. Ian, I hope you'll read this. I think I'm one of your earliest users. My first note is dated 1/3/09. I was using a Mac at that time but switched to Windows, back to Mac, and back to Windows. For a while I used a Windows touchscreen laptop. I have Evernote installed on my iPhone and iPad. I've tried OneNote. Bleh... As I think about the apps that make the use of a computer worthwhile, there are just a few: a web browser, Microsoft Office, an email client, photo editing software, an autocorrect utility, a screen grab utility – and Evernote. Rumors of Evernote's demise greatly concerned me. I am hooked on using Evernote as sort of a Swiss Army knife to use to write down my thoughts, keep notes on various things, capture snippets of information, etc. I use the Web Clipper all the time. It is very handy to capture a note on one device and look it up on another device. It's been hugely important to be able to load Evernote on a new computer and have almost 10 years of notes, thoughts, and information magically appear on it. But I've had my share of frustrations too. Only recently the dictionary function on Windows seemed to get fixed. Really? The UI is all over the place. Honestly, I never seem to remember how to use the iOS apps, both of which are oddly different. Touch on my Dell laptop didn't work because Evernote stopped supporting touch (maybe you do now; I don't have a touchscreen laptop now). I have lived through the Evernote Moleskine days and all of that distraction. In 10 years I've never really felt like Evernote truly knew what its center of gravity was. I hope that will change. Here are some thoughts... Make Evernote nice to look at and easier to use: It's been a while, but I recall that the Mac UI was really nice. The Windows UI is utilitarian. Hire some designers and UI experts and spruce it up. Create some consistency between the iPhone and iPad apps and allow users like me to easily move between them. But don't dumb Evernote down: If I want a dumb note app, I can use Google Keep. OneNote used to be overly complicated and now they have made it overly dumb. Easy to use should mean easy to use, not dumbed-down to the lowest common denominator. You probably should support Markdown: It's not my cup of tea, but why not offer it to customers who love it? I think there are a lot of folks out there would would prefer to write notes in Markdown. This is my cup of tea: I would like the choice of a more sophisticated editor. I don't want a Word clone, but some more formatting tools would be nice. One thing I would love is the ability to set my own paragraph spacing. I would love to have Styles. A table function that really works would be nice. How about offering three editor UIs: Document creation, standard (i.e., the one that is used today), and Markdown. Leverage your cloud: I've always wondered why Evernote didn't go in the direction of Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Evernote was the "100 year company" – I would have trusted my photos (30,000 of them) to Evernote. Now I pay Microsoft. That might be too far from your center of gravity but it makes more sense to me than Moleskines. Fire your brand consultants: Recently I read Chris O'Neill's blog article titled "CEO Notebook: Say Hello to a Refreshed Evernote". It read like a long-form Dilbert comic. "Engage with what matters!" "Extend impact!" "Explore What's Possible!" Evernote is a software product. It does stuff. It will not solve world hunger or achieve peace in the Middle East. For my photo editing I recently switched from Adobe Lightroom to Capture One because its features are better. I use Snagit instead of free screen grab utilities because its features are better. I could go through the list of the software I've selected and I suspect in every case I make a choice because of a combination of features, ease of use, visual attractiveness, and price. Microsoft office is the only thing I use because my company requires it. Stick to making the product better. Fire your brand consultants and hire some UI experts. Software quality has to be rock solid: The dictionary thing really got to me. How could a company in business as long as Evernote have such a flaky dictionary? There are other software issues I've encountered over the years. This is table stakes. In conclusion: Please don't let Evernote die. It is a pioneering product that is still very relevant. It has competitors but I think Evernote is still the best. You need to keep it there. You need to keep a clear eye on what you do well and avoid things that are peripheral. I think Adobe's strategy is a good one to watch. They are creating a cloud-centric model with a solid focus on the workflow of creative people and leveraging the power of tablets. Although I personally prefer a competing product, I think from a strategy point of view they are making some excellent moves. What Microsoft is to office apps, Adobe will be to creative apps. Maybe Evernote won't ever be a Microsoft or Adobe, but I think you should aspire to being identified as the King of the Hill in a core area of application usage. Good luck!
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    I started having this problem after an update in August or September. I have not changed the keyboard for Samsung S9. While turning off Predictive text may solve the Evernote problem it creates extra work typing in other Android apps like texts and emails by not showing misspellings and possible corrections. THIS IS AN EVERNOTE PROBLEM! I am not willing to sacrifice my productivity due to bad quality control by EN! Premium acct. Android latest version
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    I use tables a lot in Evernote and am finding that when I insert a To Do checkbox in a table, predictive text stops working. However, once I have typed out the first word after the checkbox then predictive text starts working again. This only appears to be a problem after inserting a checkbox - predictive text works fine in the rest of the table and inserting a numbered list doesn't cause any problems either. Currently using the latest beta (8.5_beta2) but have noticed this problem for the last few versions. Running Android Pie and using GBoard. Have also experimented using SwiftKey - if I insert a checkbox Swiftkey will offer some word options, but if I start typing a different word what I type is preceded by a OBJ symbol and SwiftKey doesn't predict any text. Once again, after typing in the first word, predictive text works normally. Anyone else come across this issue?
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    I have been a premium Evernote user for five years. Loved this app. Web Clipper is not working anymore, particularly, the picture copy tool is what I use a lot. I contacted support a couple days ago, after months of not working correctly. they said, oh yeah, that is an issue. Staff is working on it. I mentioned to Geoff that it has not been working for months. I understand when google updates chrome, then Evernote has to update and this may be the issue. Yet, every other App I use manages to deal with updates. Evernote is now 10 different apps in one, perhaps that is five too many. After a few texts back and forth with tech support, I asked if he had any solution or was their another App that clips photos I could use until Evernote Web Clipper was working again. He said no, and I said asked nicely, Why am I paying Premium when I have got no cost Basic service for the last 6 months. His response was he could send the link to cancel my subscription. I thought that response cold. I said goodbye to Geoff. If that is Evernote's solution to a long time customer, it means I am trusting over 3000 notes, files to a company who could care less about me or my money. Please post if anyone knows a way transition my data out of Evernote? Or better yet, Evernote CEO, COO, CFO, please get back to the basics of what was a great tool for me to use. I will be glad to spend the money you charge. Greg
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    I'd have to go back a dozen versions because it has just gotten worse with every release. Your interface/UI team should be fired and replaced. Do some user testing, or something. It's horrible. We're all on Macs and increasingly everyone we work with is complaining about it. You guys should figure it out before it's too late. Your software has gone from a business essential to absolute garbage on all platforms. The mobile apps should be dragged out and shot too. Sorry, to be harsh, but it's reality. I have hundreds of notes, and dumping to html isn't exactly easy to manage and import into another system.
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    Just wanted to add my voice to the list of users wanting better tables. I wouldn't want to see Evernote become feature bloated like MS Word. It's simplicity is a plus. So I pretty much don't have a problem with most things in Evernote except for tables, I use tables for everything. Tables have come a long way in the years I've been using Evernote. However they are still very primitive compared to everything else and they're very buggy (Copy Paste gives unpredictable results, etc.). I'd like you to dedicate more resources to updating tables. I'd like to see each new version add a feature regarding tables. The only reason I can continue using Evernote is because I can go into the content.enml file and edit the code for the tables directly. If it wasn't for this I'd have to find another product. We should be able to merge cells, set properties to cells in bulk by selecting groups of them, change border styles, cell backgrounds, set rows as header and footer, etc. You get the idea, things that most other software can do. Thanks for listening to my Rant.
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    +1 - just a lock to prevent accidental editing would be a start.
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    Well the post title says it all I guess. I'd like to have a method to add or edit reminders without having to mouse to the "reminder" button of the note, for ergonomic reasons. A dedicated keyboard shortcut would be great, but adding more reminder actions to the context menu would already help. I noticed "clear reminder" and "mark as done" are already there.
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    In the top right of the sidebar is the button which allows selecting the view (card, snippet, etc) and further down the list are options for sorting which currently includes Title, Date Updated, Date Created and others. I would like to request that one of the options when viewing notes be to sort by Tag. I have two uses for this: It would enable finding untagged items or items tagged with misspelled tags, and when creating a Table of Contents based on selected notes, it would often be helpful for those notes to be sorted in order by Tag. John
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    +1 - would really like this feature after accidentally deleting important information whilst looking at it for reference. It's the reason i keep more important information in an alternative app that has a read-only feature, but i would much rather keep everything in Evernote.
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    +1 I really need this functionality. It's very easy to accidentally make changes and not realize it.
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    While I also wish for this dedicated feature, I've been using the 'Code block' feature as a quick workaround (Ctrl+Shift+L). The borders, background color and alternate font/size makes it stand out in a text.
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    Evernote does this every time you update it. It's really annoying having to keep putting back the icon. They really should find a solution to this, as no other software I use does this.
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    And if you want the reminder to be at 9 AM the next day, you can set myRemind like this.
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    +1 I process all my bills in Evernote and it's a pretty robust process, and I've gotten really good at using those shortcuts to get around. Shift+Cmd+| - To get to the note list Shift+Cmd+I - To edit the note info. Change the created and updated dates. Assign tags here if I want. Cmd+' - If I want to handle notes from the note list. Ctrl+Cmd+M - To assign to notebooks I feel like I've mastered these and it's nice being able to use over 90% of the app via keyboard.....and then there's reminders.
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    Or go to the programs folder and find Evernote.exe. Right click and "send to desktop" creates a new icon.
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    In the Windows client, select Tools / Options / General. Click on "Open Database folder". In the resultant Windows Explorer window (you should be in something like <blah>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases), go up one level, and look for a directory named "Dict". In that, you should find a file named "user.dic". That's a text file containing the words you've added. Don't know about Mac or iOS.
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    Hi all--sorry for the delay in responding to many of your PMs and messages. If you've PM'd me about the form, I'll be going through my forum inbox here today and will be sending out individual notes to everyone. I'm also making the link available to anyone who hits this post. Fill out the form here: https://docs.google.com/a/evernote.com/forms/d/1AYLz7IGA_JoResz-eUAxwgWQNOkXcJg5gGrFNsVDac8/viewform It'll stay online for as long as it doesn't become a spam target. We'll continue to accept new applications for the Ambassador Program and will regularly review them as they come through. Please note that due to the amount of interest in the program, we can't individually respond to each applicant. Should your application match our criteria and program needs, we will be in touch. Thanks to all who had previously submitted an application--even if a selection for Ambassadorship was not made this time around, we'll be keeping your info and bio on file should other opportunities arise across our community efforts. If you'd like to get more intimately involved in our development process, there's also the beta tester program. Link is here to apply: https://docs.google.com/a/evernote.com/forms/d/1V7ItW-rnQRy-AXgOb7EFN-AawRMNYQwpxQwMoZ-m-Lg/viewform Thanks again for the patience.
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    Hi gbarry - I've submitted an application before but it was some time ago and the Evernote content on my site has grown quite a bit since then so I'd like to throw my hat in the ring again if you wouldn't mind PM'ing me the link. I've got a few articles in my signature that will take you to my site if you need to see proof that I'm not a hack. Wait...maybe it's proof that I am a hack? Ha! I'm pretty sure I'm aware you're not a hack. Will send along. Same with Pete, and everyone above should have received from me at some point as well.
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    To JMichaelTX, If you want to see a beautiful implementation of tags, try Bear. Its use of tags is a little piece of genius. Then you'll see why going back and forth from your Notes to Tags to constantly organize your tags in nests in Evernote is a nightmare. Strong word, I admit. But it is no fun trying to find and maintain your notes with tags and search in Evernote. It makes it hard for me to think clearly. I'm sure it works better for you. But after giving this much thought (and rebuilding my Evernote collection of approximately 10,000 notes three times: First with tags, then folders + tags, and then links only ... plus switching to Bear and then back to Evernote), I've found that links are the best because links force you to write better notes - as our English teachers taught us, "writing is thinking". Notes with links are in large part more clear because you can have one note per topic - you should certainly strive for this. With all the relevant links built in. Bear can use links too, but Evernote has much better ancillary tools, including web clipping and PDF management. Ultimately, you want to use Evernote as a Note Taking System to help you think better, and not as a computer directory. You already have a hard drive for that, and it has the potential for incremental backup, mass storage of files, etc. And there are plenty of programs which allow you to add tags and metadata to the files in your computer directory.
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    This is not the place to post feedback and feature requests. Use the Feedback and Feature Requests forums. Also, separate posts for each request works better.
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