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    I use, exclusively, the Checkbox format for all my notes. We need to be able to sort contents of these notes -- should be options to do this: 1) alphabetical by items in the list 2) By Unchecked Vs Checked (and alphabetical as a secondary sort, within the unchecked/checked caterogries) 3) by date modified All sort criteria should have the option for direction of sort, for both secondary and primary sorts. (By "direction" I mean like A-Z or Z-A) In case you can only implement this in parts, please do the following as highest priority -- Sort Unchecked before Checked. PLEASE. But we really need alphabetical within that also. Thank you. Please understand that this is IMPORTANT for MANY users. We have been troubled and annoyed by this deficiency for many years. Frankly, it's surprising that a product as good as Evernote should be lacking in functionality for something so basic. I tried to post this issue on one of the Evernote Forums some years ago, but was dismayed to see rude responses to this very suggestion from other users. So, I have refrained from posting anything to the forums. Your forums should be monitored by people who treat all users with respect and dignity. Hopefully, someone will finally take this seriously. Thank you.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Just like Excel's paintbrush where font size, bold, italic, spacing above/below, colour, indent are copied by marking the source text and then marking the destination text.
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    Hi, Is there a way to quickly copy format (font in particular) in Evernote 4.x? If not, is this going to be added in the near future? I'd consider this basic functionality. Regards, Nefi M.
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    Greetings, I am having issues sharing a note to another user of Evernote. Do I need to have Premium to be able to share a note with someone so both have access to view and edit? I am attempting to do so from desktop not mobile
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    Hi. It's easier with a stylus, but if you can select one or more words, have a look at the blobs at the beginning and end of the selection. Drag one of those up or across to select more words and lines, and stretch the selection until you have all you need.
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    In Evernote, a note has to be assigned to a notebook; this is not optional Reassign the notes to a new or existing notebook Then delete the old notebook >>I am not able to move notes Which devce/platform; this is an easy process on the Windows/Mac platforms. .
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    I found a temporary workaround though it's not optimal. If I need to see the note quickly (as in I don't want to bother opening the web version) if you display the blank note in presentation mode the note content will display. This has certainly been the worst Evernote bug I've had to deal with but at least it's just a display issue. It's caused me to waste a lot of time. I made a "Not Blank" tag to remind myself that these notes actually have content.
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    I don't understand why after almost 10 years this has not been implemented yet. Also, I don't understand why workarounds such as tags are considered a good solution. Is it that complicated to add more hierarchy levels to the structure?
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    To all Guru's that keep saying the same thing about being able to do the same thing with tag. This maybe so but is not the point. Clearly for at least the last 9 Years people have been asking for the ability to nest stacks. We pay for this product and this is what we want so do it already.
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    We had to pull the form down due to some spam issues, and will be bringing it back up at some point. I'm presently collecting interested applicants on behalf of the program, and will PM you a link to a temporary alternative, with some general details about the program. Anyone else interested that swings by can always reply below or submit a support ticket. Ambassador related support requests get routed to yours truly.
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    Hi. Welcome to the forums. Good question! I have no idea. I think there is supposed to be a nomination form, but the link is wrong (http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/12/05/the-evernote-ambassador-program-goes-global-meet-26-new-ambassadors/). Hopefully, one of our ambassadors or staff will drop in and give some details.
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    This seems like an important omission. Especially as I began using Evernote as a way of writing on note cards and manually arranging them as a method of writing. Oh, well. Uninstall.
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