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    I read Ian's introductory blog this morning. He said he wanted to hear from customers. I couldn't find an easy way to pass along my feedback. Ian, I hope you'll read this. I think I'm one of your earliest users. My first note is dated 1/3/09. I was using a Mac at that time but switched to Windows, back to Mac, and back to Windows. For a while I used a Windows touchscreen laptop. I have Evernote installed on my iPhone and iPad. I've tried OneNote. Bleh... As I think about the apps that make the use of a computer worthwhile, there are just a few: a web browser, Microsoft Office, an email client, photo editing software, an autocorrect utility, a screen grab utility – and Evernote. Rumors of Evernote's demise greatly concerned me. I am hooked on using Evernote as sort of a Swiss Army knife to use to write down my thoughts, keep notes on various things, capture snippets of information, etc. I use the Web Clipper all the time. It is very handy to capture a note on one device and look it up on another device. It's been hugely important to be able to load Evernote on a new computer and have almost 10 years of notes, thoughts, and information magically appear on it. But I've had my share of frustrations too. Only recently the dictionary function on Windows seemed to get fixed. Really? The UI is all over the place. Honestly, I never seem to remember how to use the iOS apps, both of which are oddly different. Touch on my Dell laptop didn't work because Evernote stopped supporting touch (maybe you do now; I don't have a touchscreen laptop now). I have lived through the Evernote Moleskine days and all of that distraction. In 10 years I've never really felt like Evernote truly knew what its center of gravity was. I hope that will change. Here are some thoughts... Make Evernote nice to look at and easier to use: It's been a while, but I recall that the Mac UI was really nice. The Windows UI is utilitarian. Hire some designers and UI experts and spruce it up. Create some consistency between the iPhone and iPad apps and allow users like me to easily move between them. But don't dumb Evernote down: If I want a dumb note app, I can use Google Keep. OneNote used to be overly complicated and now they have made it overly dumb. Easy to use should mean easy to use, not dumbed-down to the lowest common denominator. You probably should support Markdown: It's not my cup of tea, but why not offer it to customers who love it? I think there are a lot of folks out there would would prefer to write notes in Markdown. This is my cup of tea: I would like the choice of a more sophisticated editor. I don't want a Word clone, but some more formatting tools would be nice. One thing I would love is the ability to set my own paragraph spacing. I would love to have Styles. A table function that really works would be nice. How about offering three editor UIs: Document creation, standard (i.e., the one that is used today), and Markdown. Leverage your cloud: I've always wondered why Evernote didn't go in the direction of Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Evernote was the "100 year company" – I would have trusted my photos (30,000 of them) to Evernote. Now I pay Microsoft. That might be too far from your center of gravity but it makes more sense to me than Moleskines. Fire your brand consultants: Recently I read Chris O'Neill's blog article titled "CEO Notebook: Say Hello to a Refreshed Evernote". It read like a long-form Dilbert comic. "Engage with what matters!" "Extend impact!" "Explore What's Possible!" Evernote is a software product. It does stuff. It will not solve world hunger or achieve peace in the Middle East. For my photo editing I recently switched from Adobe Lightroom to Capture One because its features are better. I use Snagit instead of free screen grab utilities because its features are better. I could go through the list of the software I've selected and I suspect in every case I make a choice because of a combination of features, ease of use, visual attractiveness, and price. Microsoft office is the only thing I use because my company requires it. Stick to making the product better. Fire your brand consultants and hire some UI experts. Software quality has to be rock solid: The dictionary thing really got to me. How could a company in business as long as Evernote have such a flaky dictionary? There are other software issues I've encountered over the years. This is table stakes. In conclusion: Please don't let Evernote die. It is a pioneering product that is still very relevant. It has competitors but I think Evernote is still the best. You need to keep it there. You need to keep a clear eye on what you do well and avoid things that are peripheral. I think Adobe's strategy is a good one to watch. They are creating a cloud-centric model with a solid focus on the workflow of creative people and leveraging the power of tablets. Although I personally prefer a competing product, I think from a strategy point of view they are making some excellent moves. What Microsoft is to office apps, Adobe will be to creative apps. Maybe Evernote won't ever be a Microsoft or Adobe, but I think you should aspire to being identified as the King of the Hill in a core area of application usage. Good luck!
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    Hello Beta testers, Evernote for Mac 7.6 Beta 2 is now available. You can download it here. This release is mainly focused on crashes and dark mode refinements. Please keep the feedback coming our way. Enjoy! 7.6 Beta 2 Improvements: Dark Mode refinement in many areas of the application Note canvas enables dark mode automatically based on System Preferences settings, but you still have the option to overwrite it in Evernote's preferences. Now you can export notes again by dragging them out of the note list. Known issues: Title field is showing a darker shade background color for Mojave users in light mode. Contextual menu shows "EnApplicationServiceMenuItemTitle" instead of "Add to Evernote" Quick switcher still needs some dark mode tweaks
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    When I joined Evernote customer club many years ago, it was unique and innovative. And during these years you managed to maintain highest level of user satisfaction. So what's wrong now? Why to remove the tool, actively used by many - smart and rational? Obviously, keeping Atlas doesn't involve too additional level of effort. Fellow Evernote users, I urge you to support this actively, as Evernote got big enough to listen to few users opinion.
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    I just downloaded Evernote 8.0.351713 for iPhone and discovered that I have lost the Atlas (or Map) feature. This was one of my favorite features of Evernote and now it's no longer available on any platform. It used to be available on both iOS and Windows and now neither.
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    With the latest update, I am no longer able to create a global shortcut (I used CMD o) to open note in a new window. Also the shortcut cmd+L used to bring you to the note title and highlight the current title, so you could just start typing. Now it brings you to the end of the current title, so you still end up using the mouse to highlight. Lastly, when I move one note to a new notebook, the next note inline needs to be clicked on before I can start using shortcut keys (this didn't need to happen in the last version). In general, I am very frustrated by this new version and wish I still had the last version of evernote.
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    What's the point of having a location field that is not easily searchable? I've read there was once a feature called Atlas. It seems Evernote was ahead of it's time, then jumped ship prematurely. In my industry tracking assets and performance data by map is all the rage. If not providing something as cool as what Atlas seemed to be, at least have a mechanism to search the location in plain text as it appears in note header.
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    Hmmph. Just found out that messing around with those clipped notes also crashed my Evernote! ? EDIT: <Sigh> but then I got the app back (after the obligatory crash form) and moving / sharing the notes works fine - see post above!
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    Hmmn. So here's my history and theory of clipping. TL:DR - sometimes you need to be flexible when clipping... Edit: but see your notes online vs in the desktop app to be sure! > I used to use Firefox clipper, which saved to my local database rather than the cloud. > I briefly switched to Chrome because the clipper had more options, but then went back to Firefox because Chrome couldn't save locally > (My preference for local saving being because some 'simplified' saves still include too much: I clipped part of a page, then copy/ pasted the rest) > Then Finagles Theory of Harmonisation* kicked in, and Firefox got the extra features that Chrome had - but also saved to the cloud only > And I got fed up with both Chrome and Firefox because they ate too much of my (unexpandable) 8MB of RAM and moved to Vivaldi** - a cut-down Chrome clone > Vivaldi has a built-in page grabber*** (great feature: see below*) which clips to PNG or JPG rather well, so on occasion I'll JPG a page rather than clip it > Here's my experience with your link * Actually, that's the Finagle-Gaz theory that I just created: briefly - anything working cross-platform will include the plain standard features of all platforms, but none of the really great features of any single one. ** Vivaldi does lots of nice things, but won't work with the formatting links in the Forum - hence the ">" rather than bullets... Irony, huh? ? *** Other page-grabbers are available. Nimbus do a nice one... This is what the Clipper looks like for Article clips... (the actual note is unusable - no images survived) https://www.evernote.com/l/AAIPbddwLAlBsJ4XbclWhOlKXQmsbZhDiiU/ EDIT: The note is unusable in the app, but readable in the web version! This is a Simplified clip... (note again unusable - no images and distorted text) https://www.evernote.com/l/AAKDscgffI9ChbbM0dFd-jRO7z4AghluJvQ/ EDIT: The note is unusable in the app, but readable in the web version! And this is a straight JPG from Vivaldi's Capture Page - the note works for me.
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    I am not a power user so I have no idea why this happened- but coincidently last night i tried to find a note I created a few month ago (to id fuses in my electric panel). Thought I must have been imagining doing the note, but daughter helped input the data into it and we had used the note a couple times after that. Now just gone. Not an important note, but a little worrisome.
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    Evernote has a audio recording feature but for Note Taking, I use the Notability app on my ipad. I turn on the recording when the event starts. Playback is sync'd to my notes. I store the notes in Evernote in pdf and native form. Whenever possible, I add photos to my notes. If there are notes on a whiteboard, I take a picture. If there are paper handouts, I take a picture (scan) >>On the other hand, would you mind advising me on the next two questions, one about 'percentage' and one about technical/mathematical input? Evernote's search feature has a restriction in that all special symbols like % are ignored. For my use, I'm using a Mac and do such searches ouside of Evernote. I use the Evernote editor for basic notes, but I use external editots for serious work. I mentioned Notability on my ipad. Also word processing and spreadsheet apps. Notes can contain files of any format.
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    Jumped or pushed? Time for our tin foil hats again!!!
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    You're welcome! I've also added holidays and some nice new colors! Old one was so boring!! Hope you enjoy! 2019 CALENDAR.enex.zip
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    I maintain personal data backups; html exports, daily incremental and weekly full. I haven't lost any data in Evernote, but I am prepared for recovery if necessary. >> note has completely disappeared, like if it never existed You can search the Activity Log to check for activity with the note. btw Was the note assigned to a Local Notebook?
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    and if you don't add the remark when you create the note you can always create a new note and merge it with the bookmark note.
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    Google Notebook, I think it was, that was abandoned. Now something called Notes has taken its place, but I rarely use it. In my experience, Google usually gives you a heads up before changing course on things. I've rarely had any issues with suddenly lost / gained / tweaked features. My point, though, was that it is generally a bad sign when you treat your customers that way, and customers rarely stick around in the long term if you do. It's not that Evernote isn't allowed to change. It's that they do it willy-nilly without telling us beforehand. I'd like them to stop doing that.
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    Hi, I noticed that the Reminders icon is gone from the note formatting bar on the 7.5 Mac Beta. Is this a bug or are you actually removing it? Those how use Evernote as a task/project management system use lots of Reminders. Please bring it back or let the user choose the items on the bar like we can do on the Tool Bar. Thanks, Vlad.
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    Removing the icon is a step backward. For those of us who use reminders often, it adds work. I hope Evernote will fix this mistake promptly.
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    Hi, DTLow, thank you. I noticed that, but that's not my point. I'm trying to make Evernote aware of a frequent need for a specific group of people. A persistent icon is a much quicker way to incude a Reminders to a note. And people that use Evernote as a task management system are constantly adding Reminders to notes. But if the icon is really gone for good they could at least provide a keyboard shortcut to add Reminders.
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    COMMAND + DELETE is also a problem as it is the default shortcut in Mac for deleting text up to the beginning of the line. If you are someone who uses this command while writing, you end up accidentally deleting the note you are currently editing. I think the best thing would be to allow us to customize shortcuts.
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    Most folks who use David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity system with Evernote have heard of The Secret Weapon by Braintoniq. David Allen and the good people over at GTD have their own setup guide (for $10) where they show you how to set up Evernote for use with GTD - GTD & Evernote For Windows. I have not purchased the GTD product, but I've seen many forum members here have. How does it work verses Braintoniq's The Secret Weapon? Is it worth the $10? I'd like to avoid redundancy here. I've set up Evernote using TSW technique with some tweaks of my own, but feel it could be better. Wondering if David Allen's guide is substantially different, offering a new or alternative approach, or if they're pretty much the same thing.
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    +1 (or 2) for me. I find it exceedingly frustrating that what I could previously accomplish very quickly using keyboard shortcuts only, now takes me a lot more time with the mouse. Exceedingly frustrating! Time waster!
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    I have the e-book you're talking about. And I read some time ago TSW manifesto. About the GTD Evernote e-book: It begin with a condensed version of the GTD workflow, with brief explanation of the weekly review, a workflow chart, etc... The book then explain how to setup Evernote and how to capture item in Evernote. I understand you know how to use Evernote since you use TSW, so there's nothing new here. The difference is: The GTD ebook structure is based entirely on notebooks, notebook stacks and reminders vs TSW that is based a lot on tags. You basically get a inbox notebook, a next actions stack with a notebook for each context: call notebook, agenda notebook, work notebook etc. this, and the project, support material and reference notebooks. SO, the real debate between these two system In my own opinion: tags or notebook for organization. The answer isn't clear, since it depends on how big and flexible your system need to be. I personally use ideas that came from both of these system.
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    ROFL . . . . . you were just talking to one of my personal GODS of Evernote. Gazump knows more about how to organize in Evernote than almost anyone else on here It might have been Gazump that pointed me to this website a few years back http://ruudhein.com/evernote-gtd It has been my bible, it was free and I *think* it was one of the sources that David Allen used before he wrote his booklet --Having said that. After 3 years of using Evernote for GTD I second Gazump said regarding methodologies. -- . .. . .. . . I know .. . .I know .. . . I didn't answer your question either. Let me save you the time to post . . .I will do it for you . . ."Next"
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    Hi - I've got nothing on a comparison of the various methods, but I will tell you one GTD secret that they both missed. If you find something is working for you, even if sub-optimally, don't spend time comparing notes or tweaking. You can waste far more time playing and comparing than you ever could working inefficiently. Unless there's something basically failing in the method you use, just get on and do the work...
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