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    Adding my voice to the request for reminders to return as a one-click visual option. 2018 seems to be the year that Evernote simply gave up on being a productivity app and now only seems concerned with colours, logos, and backward UI tweaks.
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    The docs say pdf search is a premium feature However my experience is that ocr'd pdfs are search-able for all account levels.
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    Hello. I'm a premium Evernote user. One of my main uses of Evernote is to make lists of websites or articles I find useful in a single note as multi level bulleted lists and linking them to their URL so it's easily clickable. This is very easy to do in the Desktop and Web app using the Ctrl+K shortcut or the Add Link button. But the Android app doesn't have an option to add hyperlink to a word or a sentence. This is a very basic function and should have been easy to implement even on Android. I'm posting this forum post from my phone and even this text box has a link option but the Evernote app doesn't! I would request the Android developer team to consider it. A simple button beside the Bold, Italic buttons at the bottom to add a hyperlink would be very useful. Thanks.
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    Hi, I'm usually very accepting of when applications update UI / UX. Things change and I get that not everyone will like it, however I'm hoping compromises and options can be made. I personally have issue with the redesigned tray icon. IMO, it's no longer easily identifiable given that most of the Windows native icons in the task bar are monochromatic as well. I'm constantly clicking on the icon throughout the day and now it just blends in with everything else making it much more difficult (for me anyway) to use. May we have different options for this icon? A green variant again? Maybe one with a green outline? Just something to provide additional options with more contrast that better stand out. Regards -
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    For comparison, look at how Quip or Nuclino do it—type an @ symbol, and you get an autocomplete that starts suggesting other notes to link to. That's great UX imo. In general, Evernote underutilizes linking between notes. It's really very powerful.
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    I have edited it to try to clarify, I am referring to "Always show" in sort options.
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    Wasn't a stack always handled as a search in this way? I have 6.14 on a second machine and it's a search there as well and I think it always has.. You have to save the search and then navigate to the saved search (and not the stack) to be able to save the view for that saved search (the stack). It's "Always use" under "Sort options" and "View options". A "view"(is a container: notebook, tag or saved search) can have it's view customized and saved, a search cannot have it's view customized and saved unless the search is first contained in a saved search(a "view").
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    Ha-ha -- those little emojis seem to get filtered out by my reading glasses somehow. Your sense of humor is fine...
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    When you export, you're ending up with folders, and an rtf/html file representing the note. My process is to just focus on the rtf/html files. I would move them to an import folder, or drag them to the Evernote icon.
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    I believe there are two categories of people: those who work on projects using Evernote, and those who don't. And the last ones sincerely don't understand why is the feature they don't need is needed for anybody. in my opinion, http://theguide.sourceforge.net/ had the best hierarchical structure view and the user experience for working on projects. When you write a note, at some point you might need a deeper structure, so you create a note inside a note, and each of them has a content. Differences compare to tags: notes don't change the order based on recency or name, only by user explicit actions. hence a user can leverage visual memory for better navigation only one parent, so I don't need to remove the old tag, assign the new one, and it's not possible to make a mistake during these actions I can see all the notes inside a parent in the same view, so again I can use my visual memory to the fullest extent any parent can have a content, so you can start with the main idea and detail it with child notes Evernote parent tags contain everything that children and children of children contain, therefore I have to click on all the tags lower on the hierarchy, remember all the notes and compare what I've remembered with what Evernote shows me to finally find out what are the actual children. Tags are really bad for this purpose. I use a note with structured references instead. Don't get me wrong, tags are good but not for that. The better solution for adding this type of view is to make it as a separate database or hidden note with information about references and structure. When you turn it on it's empty, regardless you already have notes. and then you can move notes in that view. So this feature won't affect you if you don't need it, and you can use it selectively. Differences compared to a note with internal links: it's always at the navigation panel you can use drag and drop a note in single hierarchical view can have only one parent and you can't accidentally duplicate references it has an ability to create or remove notes right from the view. I would definitely buy a Premium if Evernote had a good hierarchical structure view.
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    I cancelled my Evernote account partly due to this issue. Impossible to believe that an app whose sole purpose is to organize notes would drop the ball on such an obviously basic feature.
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    The old green and black icon had contrast and was easy and fast to pick out. Now the all white or maybe its slightly gray, icon, well its not so easy to find. Please see if you can add some constrasting color to it to make it more accessible for everyone.
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    Please bring back the "Move to trash" button. Having it as a menu item is a much worse user experience than it was before. I create and delete notes very often and this change made using Evernote less smooth. The initial instinct was to finally migrate to Apple notes, but hopefully Evernote is willing to listen to their users?
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    Notes taken with the Evernote Helper while the main application is closed will be "invisible", but they are saved somewhere, since the next time you create a note with Helper and the main application is OPEN, then the "invisible" notes will suddenly all appear in your main app. (And thankfully on sync'd devices, BTW). This sounds like some kind of a "buffer flush" kind of problem, which stopped early this year, and quite frankly it's pretty lame that Evernote hasn't released a bugfix for this yet - like many people, I used to use the Helper ALL THE TIME as it was super convenient. I've just signed up for Microsoft Office 365, which includes OneNote and 1TB of data storage, and I'm considering migrating - so Evernote, please get it together and release a fix for this so that you don't use me & all the other users like me who aren't posting to this forum ...
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    I wanted to give everybody here some information, rather than leave you all in the dark. The new web client does not support Firefox due to the note editor code utilizing WebKit, the rendering code used in most major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera,...). Firefox continues to use Gecko. The result is that a lot of the functionality built into our updated editor, which is used by the new web client and all our other clients, does not work well on Firefox. We're testing internally on Firefox, but the user experience is not up-to-par and we would not feel comfortable releasing it to our customers. I can't provide any specific timeline on when we might have a version that would be compatible with Firefox. Our team that works on the shared editor is evaluating and prioritizing Firefox support, but that's as much as I can confirm.
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    @Leo Gong It's been more than 9 months since the arrival of Spaces for Evernote Business. Therefore, two questions: 1) When will Spaces be added for Evernote Personal? I believe I'm not alone in saying that a specific timeframe for Spaces in Evernote Personal would be greatly appreciated. 2) When will Spaces support nesting (putting spaces in other spaces, so that there is a folder-like structure)? Thank you in advance for your response to the questions above.
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    I'm seeing a lot of pages that just won't clip from Chrome--the icon just spins and says Saving Your Clip forever. Tried clip selection; clip article, clip page. None work. This began after this update. Sometimes if I try again, it works, and can be very fast. Sometimes the only solution is to copy/paste manually. This will be difficult to repro but I can try to find some pages as examples. Anyone else seeing this?
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    I've also found that it's harder to include links to other notes. It's now not obvious where to find the equivalent of the "copy notelink" button that existed previously (it's under "Share", then "More share options"), and then when I paste this into another note, the full link gets displayed, rather than a link showing just the text of the note title. It would be very nice to have it working like it did before.
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    I can't seem to find a way to filter or sort search results in the new version. If I search by several tags, a list of notes is returned in seemingly random order with no option to sort. Also, I would stop hiding common functions under different icons and menus. Having to click several times within menus to make a note link is frustrating. I'd give up a "clean" interface for a "useful" interface any day.
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    + EDIT: Done! In the latest version of Mac app this function is available from menu Format->Simplify Formatting
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    We're working on it! Spaces are a pretty big architectural change (from both UX and technical perspectives), and work best for Teams - which is why we're launching for Business first. We're looking into bring Spaces to personal too - I'd love to have one for my family too.
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    I would have much preferred you fix the program that you have then coming out with another yet unasked for feature. 1. Dark themes 2. Better editing choices 3. Better control over formatting after merges 4. Better control over import folders - network drives. But this is just me a long time customer.
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    Please let us select the thumbnail picture shown in the note previews. I read the forum and I saw there is an annoying work around, but that's why I'm requesting this feature for real. Something like: • right click the image and select "Use this as Preview image" (I believe this should be the easiest to implement) • right click the note preview and select "Pick a thumbnail" that leads to a small selection of the images available inside that note • right click the image and set a priority that overrides the current priority These are just ideas, but any of those would be amazing so we have decent control over the thumbnail pic!
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    I think it's obvious, at this point, that Evernote users want the ability to select the default thumbnail for notes. I agree that it seems ridiculous that this conversation started in 2013 and 4 years later this hasn't been added to the application. As a visual person, the thumbnail helps me quickly find what I'm looking for. For example, when I'm looking for a recipe for pancakes, an image of the video (pertaining to the recipe) of two cooks doesn't help me find what I'm looking for. I need to be able to select the pic of the stack of pancakes. The whole purpose for using Evernote is to be able to organize things so that they are easily found/accessed. I'm confused why this isn't already an option. This seems so simple to implement. Can we get some love on this issue?!
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    Requesting the option to flag notes as read only My workaround is to convert the note to pdf edited; There’s also a contentClass field that I can update using a script on my Mac
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    Merging notes on iOS is indeed not yet available, but I definitely understand why it would be a useful addition, especially on iPad/iPad Pro. I'm moving this to the 'Feedback' section to enable the voting feature.
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    スキャンして、ファイル名に連続した番号を振ってある画像ファイル 60 枚程度を、同一のノートにまとめてドロップしたいのですが、大きい番号から小さい番号へと、望ましい順序と逆の順序にはりつけられてしまい、困っています。タイムスタンプやファイル名を操作することなく、番号順にノートに貼り付ける方法はありませんでしょうか。よろしくお願いいたします。
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    WOW!!!! I decided to try Evernote after having abandoned the idea several years ago. Within 15 minutes of starting to use it I began to wonder how I can change the thumbnail image represented on notes -- because web clippings are pulling in BANNER ADS to append to the note thumbnails. Then I started reading all these threads about how people have been requesting this feature for several years and being ignored. I'm done with Evernote now for good -- after a single hour of playing around with it. Just thought I'd throw that in there. It typically doesn't take me long to reject apps based on completely stupid UI decisions -- and this is just another example. I'm beyond shocked that the whole point of Evernote is to organize your notes -- and it doesn't even let you choose a thumbnail image??? I am a UI developer who maintains a very large web app. One of the features of this app is the ability to scrape content such as articles from sites and pull it into our system. We give our users a left / right arrow to CHOOSE which image represents their content instead of doing all this hogwash to have a ROBOT try and figure out what the user wants. How about just let the USER choose what the USER wants to do? It is much simpler from a development standpoint AND makes the users happy too. We even let them CROP the damn images before they are imported into our system. I mean, this is standard fare, considering that's also how FACEBOOK works. How the imbiciles who threw this app together can't figure THAT out just shows me this app will get on my nerves even more if I tried to use it for a week.
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    It's getting increasingly frustrating that this is not an option. I use images extensively for art projects and the thumbnails are the quickest way to visually identify notes - however, as reference photos are added the thumbnail changes and identification becomes confusing. Definitely a +1 from me!
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    REQUEST – It would be amazing to have a feature where an image can be selected, and when you right-click (ie, the same way you rotate it, etc.) there could also be an option to override the "largest smallest-dimension" algorithm and set that image as the note's thumbnail. A little background –– One thing I use EN for very heavily is as an artist database for my job. I really like having both a photo of the artist and an example of their artwork at the top of their card. However, when I'm scrolling through snippet or card view, it would be really helpful to have the image of their artwork always be the one to show up. This usually happens but there are a few times where the photo of the artist is used instead. I've read up on the algorithm that chooses the image with the "largest smallest-dimension" (PS, see what I did there with the hyphen? Way clearer that way.) and I am actually OCD enough to try to amend the file sizes to have the algorithm pick the right one. However, even this doesn't seem to work – it's probably me because I guess an algorithm can't lie, but even when I resize the images, it's still not choosing the right one. So my question is – why would that be happening? Could it be that once EN's algorithm chooses an image, it always chooses that filename even when the size changes? But what would be SO MUCH EASIER is my *request* – could there be an override option to the largest smallest-dimension algorithm (which I agree does work at least half of the time for me) to choose a thumbnail? I'm not talking some fancy thing in the settings where you tell EN how to pick your thumbnails – that sounds like way more work than it's worth. I just imagine, like I've said above, having the image you want to be the thumbnail highlighted/selected, then right click (in the same way that you can rotate an image, etc.) and have something like "set as note thumbnail." Please?? Thank you!
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