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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    It's been a little over a month for me and I did the same thing that @adorno's gray did. I moved everything to DevonThink Pro Office Edition (One time fee plus I had some coupon codes). It has a higher learning curve and I had to really separate "what I think it had to look due to EN influence", but I've practically replicated my EN experience. Are there some issues? Yes, but not as big as my complaints that I had with EN. Will EN be around, will it get better? I still have almost 5-6 months of my subscription remaining, I am keeping a parallel system, just in case as a precaution. If things get better with EN, then maybe, but with my new workflow. I am leaning more towards downgrading my Premium account to Free. Then using EN for the non-essentials, the filler stuff, while using DevonThink for the more private notes that need the encryption. This isn't a plug for anything, just sharing my experience. I am also a mac user only. I left Windows about 6 years ago after being an adamant Windows only user.
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    Like many of you, I have often strayed to search out other solutions that could compare to EN. I have never found anything that comes close. Only lesser, more buggy solutions, or overly-complicated web apps that claim to be simple but baffle expert users--like me. I switched to a Mac back in 2013 and never looked back. What I realized immediately is that the Evernote team at that time must definitely all work on Macs. The interface was much slicker (although less customizable), and the cursor and lag bugs of Windows were gone. In fact, just this past year, when I booted up my old PC with Windows 10, my Evernote experience was so bad that I literally had to delete the program to prevent that instance from ***** up my data. First off, the interface still looked clunky and out of date. The lag--oh the lag--was still there (which their tech people claimed is a problem with the Windows file system on a spinning drive, which I partially agree with). The jumping cursor was still there. But the thing that sent me running for Uninstall Programs is the fact that the program just couldn't sync correctly with the mothership and was creating duplicate notes and "note conflicts" which I didn't even spend time trying to resolve. The solutions on the net were laughable. Who wants to think about correcting all of that when my Mac version--and all its mobile apps--works seemlessly? So, I feel for those on PC's. Evernote has definitely dropped the ball on that platform and the program needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. People keep talking up Notion. The problem with Notion is that in their effort to make the app completely simple yet completely powerful, they made it ridiculously complicated. I could eventually 'get it.' But to try to get one of my clients on it so their team could share resources and centrally manage projects was like trying to explain how to build a rocket. Give people too much freedom and some just won't be able to see the vision and build something. They'll be lost with a blank slate. That's why programs like Evernote work, because they provide a basic structure that allows organization. Capture, organize (if you want), recall. That's where Evernote shines. To me, OneNote is like putting your info into a Playschool Speak n Spell. The interface is cartoonish and overbearing. The notebook motif is cumbersome and just not clean to me. Search is OK. My main problem: I don't need a full page of space when I'm typing in a client's birthday I want to remember and instantly recall later with a couple shortcut keys while I'm on the phone. I left the corporate world and started my own business in 2001. People always ask me how I do it. Aside from just "doing it," which is the most important reason, one of my secrets has been Evernote. The ability to store and recall information at any time has acted like an endless memory for me and has given me an "always-on" advantage that keeps me on top of my game. Whether it be passwords for websites--or even client email accounts when they forget them, or information about how and where I met a lead that decided to call me after 2 years, that instant information make me better. Not compared to anyone else--but a better me. That's the true gold of Evernote. Being able to scan and store other documents and data is just a bonus. I believe we're seeing the rebirth of Evernote and nobody should go anywhere. Definitely continue to ***** about the Windows client until they do something, but in the meantime, use the web interface if you can. They just made it similar to the Mac's, and I felt right at home with it. The new Templates feature instantly changed the game for me. I have already started using the meeting notes feature and have been able to have a great looking recap of the meetings I have to share with the clients. I know I could have built them on my own, but having that button and the ability to save my own really makes it convenient. I think there's more to come. Spaces for the people would be great. Like many of you, as a team of one, I'll welcome anything in addition to notebooks that can make organizing these random bits of information more visual...and enjoyable.
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    I cannot believe that something as basic as the info button got moved to a bloody submenu entry (along with like four or five other button actions). How on earth could anyone ever think that the way to make it "easier to find the actions you use most" involves REMOVING a half-dozen or so super convenient miniature shortcut buttons and moving their actions into entries under an incredibly awkward and inconvenient to use submenu? And why is the share button now an utterly obnoxious color that doesn't even begin to fit in with the rest of the color theme? Please at least give us an option to hide that share button if nothing else, it's extremely distracting, especially now that it's the only remaining actual button in that area...
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    This is a definition of 'easier' that I am unfamiliar with.
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    Hi, While Evernote is great and I can't live without it, I find that missing these two features negatively impacts my Evernote experience: 1) Ability to multi-select non-consecutive note content by hitting ctrl+select, etc..., as one can do in Word and most other windows apps 2) Some form of format copy, or format painter. Without this, it is painstakingly hard to format notes after a class for better organization. I have gotten over this shortcoming by pasting into word, reformatting there, and pasting back into Evernote, but one should not have to do this.
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    I just upgraded to (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641) Why are the fonts now bolded? Bold title fonts.pdf
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    For Mac users, there is always the option to use DevonThink. I've been using EN for 7 or so years and yesterday, I ported everything over to DevonThink Personal. Very easy, no hitches whatsoever with a rather large database. Only a one-time fee of $49. More secure; all notes sent to a cloud service of your choice are encrypted by DevonThink. I've yet to find any downsides whatsoever. The search function is far superior to Evernote's. The interface is more flexible, with no bugs. I cannot see any reason to stay with Evernote at this point.
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    I just reinstalled the extension and it still says tags not supported. I'll submit a support ticket. This only happens with shared notebooks so I'm pretty sure it's a bug or limitation and not an issue with my setup. Happens on all 3 of my computers.
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    This must be emphasized. I write about design and often feel users whine too much about changes that improve hardware and software. But this is nuts. Instead of tapping a single button, I'm now required to learn an awkward keyboard shortcut option+select + choose delete, or drag a note to the trash All of which require multiple steps that a single button should be able to take care of. If this were a UX improvement, I'd be all for it. But it makes an extraordinarily important function significantly more complicated. I very much appreciate good design and clean interfaces, but this is really going too far.
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    Dave, you are a genius! Although I do not understand how permissions changed (the application gave sound notifications all right), I checked and this fixed the issue. I still wonder why led notifications do not work despite me applying the same solution..,. Thank you very very much!!!
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    My experience is with Macs so I've not become jaded by the Windows experience. I don't see a "rebirth", just the continued service of processing my data. I think people look at Evernote as being their editor of choice, and they're disappointed. I don't have much expectation for the editor or the note format. I use it for basic notes, but I have an assortment of editors to chose from. You mentioned the new templates feature. Templates are a good idea and I've been using them for quite a while. My solution is a collection of notes flagged as templates for quick access. Evernote's duplicate note function works well. I use the export/import feature, automated with a script. My point is, I had a requirement and I took care of it. I wasn't spending the time wishing Evernote would update so I could use templates.
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    Not sure what's going on with your notebook name. I'm seeing space that expands to fit the notebook name
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    I would like to be able to add a hyperlink to text within a note in Evernote iOS.
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    In my use, Evernote is a service. This is working well for me; I'm not seeing any changes to my use for the foreseeable future. For over a decade, Evernote has been processing and organizing my data: currently 12k notes at 10GB The note content is mostly PDFs , Word/Pages documents, Excel/Numbers spreadsheets, ... There are other features; gravy to the main course The service includes a free editor providing basic features. I use it for simple notes, nothing complex. I'm using the Mac and IOS apps, and the web access as backup
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    I absolutely agree with this reaction. Of all the changes to the toolbar area, taking away the delete button is the most stupid and annoying of them all...
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    I agree with most comments here that the new Toolbar is a step back with regard to user-friendliness. Please give us back the delete and reminder buttons. Those are among the most used parts of the toolbar and have been taken away. Without even the possibility of dragging them back in from the options! As a long-term premium user I am really upset about this. Bad thinking. And also: please allow us to get rid of ugly green SHARE button in the right corner. Cheers, Joris
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    Seconded. How is this a good use of space? And really, what on earth is going on over there? I follow these threads closely—too closely—and upon every release a crop of new issues always arises. Time to really consider porting out my data, especially as Evernote increases in price, yet delivers more bugs with each release.
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    This is a "must have." Only thing I can think of is lazy programmers. I just subscribed to EN and this is one thing I wanted. And others who say use another editor and paste it in...time wasters.
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    Guys I have to tell you I'm working with OneNote for last 24 hours and so far I'm liking it a lot. A LOT. I think its got more robust features that I use (maybe not you) but definately worth a second look if you haven't considered it lately. I also like that there's a way to "close a notebook" to get rid of clutter on files that I'm not using in a particular week. I may wind up doing a full length review at some point for those that may want to consider.
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    HI DTLow. Easier said than done since as I said, I'm heavily invested in the notebook (and notebook stack) hierarchy. But you are right about using another method. I'm exploring migrating to OneNote.
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    Do you honestly think that anyone is using EN w/o using the editor? Whether for serious work or not, everyone uses the editor to some degree. To try and separate the editor from the service when discussing Evernote the product seems a bit dishonest to me. The point I was trying to make is that Premium (and Plus) users are paying for the editor development, so yes, for them it is a package deal. I was going to apologize for hijacking the thread but this is probably a better discussion than talking about EN going out of business ?.
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    You make this distinction often, but Evernote the product consists of the app and their service. Yes, there is a free version, and one could say we are paying for the enhanced service benefits but we do get both, it is a package deal. Those of us that pay "are" paying for the app development, the free users certainly are not. To try and separate out the editor from the service is a little disingenuous, and whether intended or not, comes across as a justification for their substandard editor.
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    ???? Funny thing is Evernote have been deducting my credit card for years and you are telling me that it is free. Let me check .. https://evernote.com/compare-plans. Nope, it certainly looks like they are still charging their customers. I'm not sure how they would have a business if they didn't. Seriously, @DTLow why write something like this that you know is just plain incorrect and won't fool anyone. I am genuinely curious. Lol. Really, that's your best!? ... I'll take that as an admission that you are out of any constructive contribution. TIP: Focus on the ball. You never win in life playing the man.
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    I honestly cannot understand what you are saying or how you can conclude that based on what I have said in this post, or other posts for that matter. What is clear is that you have conveniently ignored the points I have made. Anyway, good on you for doing all that free work for Evernote. I am glad you have the time. They would be really screwed if they couldn't get such free labour. I personally expect to get a product of a decent level of quality when I am paying for it, and if I am spending all my time working for a company then I prefer to be on the payroll. I certainly know I am worth more than $0/hr. Thanks for the contribution. It was fun.
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    @DTLow, thanks for your reply. Please allow me to hit the ball back over the net to you on some of those serves. How much information do you need? All the direct reports of the CEO have been booted out, 15% of the workforce is being laid off, they are indicating more capital raising (when the last capital raising was meant to be the last) and it's said to be down round (ie. the business is valued less than the last capital raising) and most of all, there is an undeniably large and increasing volume of negativity here, in the tech media, social media, YouTube etc reflecting the current user base's disappointment ... and if you can't keep the current users happy how on earth do you expect to make new users stick let alone pay. Also, I don't for one moment think the figures of 200+ million users mean anything. Active paying users are all that matters in terms of financial viability. One only need do a little math on their current paid subscription rates to realise that not many are paying and/or the business is seriously mismanaged. I suspect it is both. So you never give feedback or complain when a service you are paying for does not work for you? You just quietly tolerate it or quietly leave. OK. Good for you. It's a free world. I'm pretty certain Evernote are thankful their unhappy customers don't just leave or the business would be dead overnight. Personally, I think it more helpful to be honest and hope that the management, on balance, listens and takes action. After many years without improvement (to see how farcical the situation has become refer my post at Anyway, as I said, my personal preference is that Evernote gets acquired. I think Atlassian would be great suitor, and if that happens Chris O'Neill would be shown the door in a flash (he should have left now anyway given that he hired and managed all the high level execs that left recently) and I am pretty certain we would see the spin disappear, the product development ramp up, a real testing methodology introduced and most of all, the crappy code cleaned up that underlies the constant stream of inexcusable bugs ... and I wouldn't have to migrate to and learn a new system. Perfect.
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    @DTLow Try and understand the implications of the 15 % staff redundancy right now. If projects had to be postponed or simply given up then some high-ranking manager(s) had failed miserably. Because one needs to have a substantial amount of spare money in the piggy bank to balance out that sort of cash gone down the drain. One of those totally useless, money-wasting projects, was the logo redesign. Looking at the quick launch bar right now I cannot but say that the new Evernote icon is a graphic designer's disaster. You keep repeating cash flow and the number of user accounts. Net cash proceeds in excess of running costs including investments plus accruals as allowed by the Tax Office make a financially sound company. The number of payers count and their revenue. The next 12 - 15 months will decide on Evernote's financial viability because an awful lot of users are now tired of not seeing genuine advancements. Evernote may satisfy your personal workflow, but please do not expect other users to have the same degree of satisfaction . Just on example: on Android I had to upscale to 150 % view to be able to read. Trouble was however that 2/3 of the notes took an age to open. Deinstalled.
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    I have EN (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641). I upgraded to it on Win7. Now all my note titles are bold. It's distracting. Where can I turn them off? When I go in to Tools->Options I don't see anything under Note, or anywhere else, where I can make them unbold. Help! Should I just downgrade?
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    As many others have written, I'm also very unhappy with the reminders hidden behind another click. In never share notes and use reminders all the time. Also: As mentioned frequently in this forum: Why is there no keyboard shortcut for adding reminders? Another new interface issue in 7.5 is visible in the following screenshot. There is plenty of space right there. Why does the name of the Notebook need to be abbreviated after ONE Letter? For me 7.5. is another step backwards in usability.
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    Agree with most of the comments here. For me, Evernote is a *Personal* Information Management tool. I don't want sharing features more exposed in the interface. The new Share button is not useful for me personally. And now there is another click to perform a function like setting a Reminder.
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    Please return note's Reminder icon to the old place. I use reminders a lot. Because the most of my notes are tasks with deadlines. Now I should make more clicks and mouse movements to add reminder. No reasons to do this way.
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    I agree. @Evernote: May I suggest that you thoroughly test and get user feedback on changes to long-established UI BEFORE you publish a GA release? Just because some new kid on the Dev Team thinks it is a good idea because it follows some esoteric UI guidelines, does NOT make it so. IMO, you should NEVER change well-established UI without very good cause to do so, and without thorough end-user testing. SW development 101.
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    This new unmovable, unchangeable, "SHARE" button in the top right is just not right, to say lightly
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    You made simply deleting a note a two action process by hiding it under the (“…”)!! This is the worst idea ever... I obviously am deleting notes all the time to clean up... and now you are doubling my time for this most basic function??? I am soo annoyed right now.. and i've been a paid user for almost 10 years... seriously put the delete note icon back on the note! This is an unacceptable change!
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    Yeah, it is. Burying features to add more clicks to the workflow is a big deal.
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    Yes, but if creating a new reminder you have to go into the menu. One extra click so no big deal but I found it curious that the share feature was promoted. They did not do this in the latest Windows update. I'm hoping it will remain unchanged for the Windows client.
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    Share appears to have replaced reminders so I now have to dig to create reminders. I've created hundreds of reminders over the years ... I've shared two notes, so easier to find the actions you most use? ... not for me. FWIW.
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    From O'Neil's blog post I want to focus on this: "And what matters most to us is what you, our customers, need." Dear... Everybody, This month I decided to renew my premium and I am ok with it. I feel like I owe this to EN. But personally I do not feel the company is focusing on what matters to me, the customer. Spaces, the first biggest addition to EN is business only. Many multiple unstable releases in many platforms (although I have to admit EN on Android works way faster than iOS). No encryption. How is this possible in 2018 and 3 years after the new CEO tool over? It still feels a raw unpolished product. But what about you guys? Do you feel they listen to you? Are you happy from the progress so far? Because if that's their main goal, something is off.
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    Evernote doesn't do enough of what I want it to do, but does too much of what I don't
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    Totally agree. When I contemplate moving from Evernote (it has happened...) I factor in how much time the latest irritation-of-the-moment is adding to my day, and compare that to the hassle of installing new software, learning how to use it effectively, converting my existing notes into a new format (or running two databases side by side) and settling back into an effective routine - at about which time Evernote will have usually fixed the bug anyway and I could have stayed where I was. I'm already committed to this application - unless there's a major security issue, a massive bug, or they go out of business (none of which seem likely), it's a waste of time to consider it.
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    Agreed. But, I suspect some of the folks in this thread (judging by the title) aren't in the mood to go through bug reporting ritual in the hopes that the developers on high will hear their pleas of suffering and intervene to save them this time -- they appear to be going it on their own
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    That would be the best solution, wouldn't it? Make Evernote great again!
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    So I just played around with Notion for a little bit. It's easy to sign up with a Google account or create a new one. Holy cow, there is a lot of potential here. I'm not interested in moving my life over to another app right now, but if I was I would seriously consider Notion. I'm kind of overwhelmed by what it can do. If you just need a place to keep text, there are probably better options for that. But if you need text, next to tables, next to images, next to whatever, it seems like this might be the way to go. Seriously, spend a few minutes playing around with it. Here are some of my first impressions: Very visual. Lots of emojis. You can add covers to pages and grab beautiful images from NASA or Art Museums right within the app. Everything appears to be block-driven, so you create the kinds of blocks you need and move them around as needed. Indent blocks to make them child blocks of a parent. It's really well done. If you just need text, just type text. You can create code blocks and then choose a language. Not sure exactly what that does yet. Maybe it just highlights keywords. Heavy focus on keyboard shortcuts. Yay for that! Lots of ready-made templates to create calendars, kanban boards, and so on.
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    If Spaces are about collaboration and dropping whatever into any and many given Spaces, then logically it sounds like tags on steroids to me (many to many relationship versus a tree structure). Maybe the only way to present it physically is with an hierarchical display layer.
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    To understand the price increase, you have to have some empathy for the Evernote computer programmers who have to pay the monthly mortgage for 2,300 sq ft homes selling for more than $2 million in Evernote's hometown of Redwood City, California.
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    Not sure who named you the spam cop...but no....I originally posted on the Android forum due to the frustrations all users are having with the android clip function which has been inoperative for over a month. Since Nimbus Note seems to have much of the functionality that people are looking for, I recommended that people take a look at it. I am a paid EV premium customer and have been for years. I have had my share of issues with the product and have had to deal with a mostly unresponsive support team, I also posted on this forum because it is an fyi to anybody using the evernote suite of products.
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    We got it. You only want to read whiny boohoo posts and you see this as the purpose of the discussion forums, Some of us use the the discussions as a learning experience.
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    Currently no where if you want to use snippet view. There is no option to change it. List views do not have the bold if you want to try that. Your call. If it really bothers you that is your only option.
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    So... this doesn't seem to bode well... https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/18/evernote-just-slashed-54-jobs-or-15-percent-of-its-workforce/
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    Reported this and previous NimbusNote posts from this user as spam. If the off-topic discussion subforum was still around (or I could find it), I'd have moved it there. *shrug*
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