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    Hi All, Many of you have asked for templates and we’re thrilled to announce that they’re here! In the past, we’ve offered templates in the form of sample notes that you can copy to a notebook, then duplicate to reuse. While this has been a popular workaround for a long time, we feel templates deserve an easier solution and better home in our product. Now we offer a way to quickly find and apply a template when you create a new note. You can pull from our gallery of 30+ pre-designed templates and save them to your account. In addition, if you subscribe to Plus, Premium, or Business, you can turn any of your existing notes into templates. Your personal template gallery can be accessed from any new note by clicking the Templates button. From there you can find templates on our website, search your saved templates, edit template names, delete templates from your account, and apply templates to a note. You can find more information here: Blog post How-to Videos There’s more to come for templates, so stay tuned. As always, please feel free to start a separate discussion for feedback/suggestions, or feel free to reach out to me directly!
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    Re: Bells and whistles It would be of interest to know specifically which Evernote features are considered as "bells and whistles", and what are not (see the movie Amadeus' "Too many notes" scene). Moreover, Your bell or whistle might be my workflow must-have, and vice-versa. Modern day software, like Evernote, is often aimed for a general audience. The analogy to a physical hardware toolset doesn't really hold very well here. Tools are generally single-purpose, but you need a fair number of them to do something substantial, or be prepared for many eventualities. Software is rarely packaged that way; it can be a pain to make, market and ship individual, focused components that plug into a general framework, not to mention confusing and probably more costly for the user. So software developers often just bundle everything up into a single package, and sell that, and hope that it covers all of the specialized workflows of a sweet spot in the market, without being too confusing for users to use. I can't count the number of times that forum users have claimed "Evernote would be perfect if only feature A were added. Well, the features A, B, C, etc. are all different and they add up to a lot of functionality that would make Evernote perfect for some set of people. Are they all bells and whistles?
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    Yeah, it is. Burying features to add more clicks to the workflow is a big deal.
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    For Valentine's day, I'm offering up a simple Windows PowerShell script that you can use to backup your Evenote notes. It uses the Evernote auxiliary program, ENScript.exe, to export Evernote notebooks to respective Evenote format (.ENEX) files. The script is very dumb. You'll need to change the script to specify a backup directory location where the backups will land. You may need to change the script to specify the location of ENScript.exe. The script will create a new directory in that location with a name that's based on the current date, and write the .ENEX files in that directory. There will be a .ENEX file for each notebook (which is what you want, because notebook name is not stored in a .ENEX file, so if you need to restore you can get the source notebook from the .ENEX filename). Note: I am not a PowerShell expert, and while I've tested the script, it may not be particularly robust in the face of errors. In normal use it appears to work, but use it at your own risk. This script comes with a no-money-back guarantee. Oh, and feel free to modify it for your own use, or offer changes / suggestions / comments. I may or may not respond. You'll notice I have a list of Todos in the script. I may or may not deliver on those either. You may need to change your execution policy to let this script operate properly. The command I used was: "Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned". In addition, you may want to make a Windows shortcut for the script. You'll need to search the web for that, but it can be done. Take the following code and save it as a PowerShell script file Ii.e., with an extension ".PS1") somewhere that PowerShell can find it. I called mine "ENBackup.PS1". Creative, no? # Simple Evernote backup PowerShell Script # # Backs up all notebooks in your account as .enex files, located in a designated # directory. The backup directory name is generated by a base name with the # current date (mm-dd-yy) appended. # # Todo: # * Specify backup directory base via command-line # * Backup single notebook specified via command-line # * Restore notebook # You may need to modify this according to the location of ENScript.exe $ENscript = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" # Modify backup directory base as desired $BackupLocation = "J:\Backups\Evernote\" # Write out notebook names to a temporary file, one line at a time $tempfile = "notebooks.txt" & $ENscript listNotebooks >$tempfile $reader = [System.IO.File]::OpenText($tempfile) # Create a backup directory for this date # Get current date (mm-dd-yy) and append it to the backup directory base $date = get-date -uformat "%m-%d-%y" $BackupDir = $BackupLocation + "Backup " + $date # Make the actual backup directory if ( ! (Test-Path $BackupDir) ) { md $BackupDir } # Process notebook names try { for( ; ; ) { # fetch a notebook name $name = $reader.ReadLine() if ($name -eq $null) { break } # write out the backup file for this notebook: <notebook name>.enex "Backing up " + $name + "..." $BackupFileName = $BackupDir + "\" + $name + ".enex" & $ENscript exportNotes /q "notebook:$name" /f $BackupFileName } # Show your work dir $BackupDir } finally { $reader.Close() } # delete the temp file remove-item $tempfile Have fun & Happy Valentine's Day for all of the Evernoters!!! 2/24/14 - Edit: Fixed ENScript exportNotes query. It was missing the 'notebook:' specifier. Also fixed problems with notebooks containing spaced in their names. 7/30/19: Edit: Script changed on to reflect more realistic location of ENScript.exe
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    Hi, I'm usually very accepting of when applications update UI / UX. Things change and I get that not everyone will like it, however I'm hoping compromises and options can be made. I personally have issue with the redesigned tray icon. IMO, it's no longer easily identifiable given that most of the Windows native icons in the task bar are monochromatic as well. I'm constantly clicking on the icon throughout the day and now it just blends in with everything else making it much more difficult (for me anyway) to use. May we have different options for this icon? A green variant again? Maybe one with a green outline? Just something to provide additional options with more contrast that better stand out. Regards -
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    Hey y'all, 8.16 is now available in the App Store! New: We’ve added support for Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 to make Evernote even more flexible! You can now create custom voice commands to: view a note, notebook, space, or saved search; create a new camera note or audio note; copy a note link to the clipboard; or print the current note. Whew! Fixed: If you were using split view on iPad, dragging an image into a note would make it scroll to the top, which was super annoying. Now the cursor will stay right where you left it. Somewhere along the way, the app forgot how to save reminders that didn’t have a due date. But now everything is back the way it used to be. We had a security issue where you could see the note list or last note after you reloaded the app, even if the passcode lock was enabled. That was a big fail, but we fixed it. Adding images to a note in a joined notebook would sometimes cause a crash, but no more. Let us know of any issues and feedback you may have. Thanks!
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    In Evernote windows - (307671) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) - the new note via keyboard shortcut appears behind all other windows. I then have to Alt - Tab to that new blank note. Is it possible to make it always jump on top of other windows? I am on Win 10 64 bit.
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    Very true. I started with EN because I needed a tool to record meeting notes and what to do about them. Once I got a handle on the capabilities of EN my use case quickly expanded to encompass becoming paperless. Anything of merit for history, documentation or tasks makes its way into EN. I use EN least for note taking. ?
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    You need to download again and re-run that. That will do a Windows Installer repair. At that point, you should be able to upgrade (or uninstall). And never delete any file in \Windows\Installer\.
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    If I understand correctly your issue, try going to Options, Navigation, Shortcuts Related Options, Hide shortcuts.
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    I wasn't getting into such deep thought. I created processes to produce my Current Task list, but this leaves me with a list of 20+ items. I need prioritization to identify what to do first.
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    Hi. Within certain limits, Evernote will OCR notes; but the OCR is saved externally to the file. If you export or download the attachment it will not be OCR'd
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    I've told you this problem before. When you write a note in the iOS application, the font characters in the windows application are freaking out. Onenote has developed a perfect and simple solution for this. You can also select the default font and size in the mobile app (same as PC app). In this way, you do not experience any font mismatch in your notes in windows and ios. You can add this setting to the main settings section. I'm sending you a example in the attachment.
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    When I want a full page screen shot I use Awesome Screenshot. It's an extension for Chrome and Firefox. If not a full page screen shot I typically use the Capture Screen feature of the desktop app, not Clipper. FWIW.
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    Yay Mac; I converted in 2010 and dropped Windows when I retired. For me, aside from bugs and minor UI changes, the primary difference is Macs offfer robust built-in scripting (AppleScript) in Evernote and other apps.
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    Try intitle:pizza with no space after the : Theres search documentation at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828
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    Thanks for the positive post. It is still a great product despite some issues (which every app will have one way or the other). These are good features to add for sure. I am not going anywhere either however I really would need the Windows app to get more stable and improve before any new features. I am still on 6.7 and would like to catch up to a great release for sure.
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    No unfortunately i don't have that option - thanks for trying
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    Thanks Gazumped - I will take a look and let you know if this works!
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    @macfixer, you are too funny! Yes, I would agree with MacFixer, avoid Pinterest. ? I believe the 'Make Use Of' link posted by @AlanNotes is a good resource. Also, there are many videos for a variety of features and more on EN's YouTube channel.
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    Nice examples, @gazumped, @DTLow and @TK0047. I hope you find these examples to be useful, @dmdw50! I know I have ?Thanks, gentlemen! Happy Retirement!
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    @DTLow I would say that if you were a pilot, the debrief (end of flight checklist) would be what you are doing on a daily basis. Again, it has inspired me to rethink my process. And, @Dave-in-Decatur thanks for your comment on the Ignatian Examen. So much to learn in the EN Forum!
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    I'm here to support others who are underwhelmed by the sore thumb that is the big, green, non-essential, and utterly unmoveable SHARE button that now occupies my brain every time I simply wish to write an idea. Our notes do not need call to action buttons. More is not more. At the very least please provide those who prefer a simpler look the option to keep it so. ? ??
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    That's the Eisenhower matrix for task prioritization. I'm retired too; my tasks tend to be Not Important and Not Urgent >>In some ways a kind of secular Ignatian Examen. I read somewhere that reflection on the day is important. I can't say I always give it the proper attention. I make a point of doing the checkboxes and note any exceptions. Thanks for the reference, I'll check it out.
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    Nice -and positive- thought, @pirate727 and great insight into the Surface environment, @dagbo. I am locked in with Evernote for so many reasons and do not see a departure from the platform in my future. My profession is to help people buy and sell houses and when working with my clients I often remind them that there is no perfect house, simply the one you choose to make your home. Evernote is my home ??
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    Miss the Green Evernote icon in the Icon Tray for Win 10 - white doesn't cut it. :)
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    ? Nice to read something positive. I've used Evernote for a looong time to. Loved it, hated it, abandoned it and come back to it. I found the differences between working on a Mac and then using it on iPhone AND an Ipad was confusing, there were endless sync problems (esp with Shortcuts disappearing on one device, or being overwritten by old shortcuts). Ever since I moved to a Microsoft Surface and only use it on the surface (I got rid of my iPad) things got much much better. Everything was on my Surface and I now use it for pretty much everything - GTD, file storage, project management. I tried to use WorkChat and signed up for a business account for a while but unfortunately we use Slack at work and it is just so much better for sharing notes and files between everyone, so at work that's all we used. That said, the Slack integration with Evernote is AMAZING. It is the single best new feature of Evernote that I have used in years. I can throw Slacks into Evernote and turn it into a task, and I can put files directly in Evernote from Slack. Then, just to complete the picture, the Evernote plug in for Outlook is equally awesome. Evernote is simple (that's a plus after trying OneNote and just getting confused by its interface which is messy, overly complex) and in fact the only thing I can think I would like added is mark up and the ability to highlight text in multiple colours (yes, I know that's been asked for for ages) ... other than that, it's somewhere I'll stay for a long time.
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    Hi, @bseidl, and welcome to the forums! Truthfully, these forums are not always friendly to promotional attempts, which sometimes look spammy. However, checking the Google Play page, this does look like a legit app and a potentially useful tool. Let me suggest two things: post this in the dedicated Evernote for Android forum instead of the General Discussions; and say a little more about how this is better than the built-in Evernote for Android sharing/clipping service. If you're the app's developer, there's nothing wrong in being transparent about that too. I think most of us here like to support people who get creative with ways to make Evernote work better.
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    May be simplest to go to https://evernote.com/products/webclipper/. It should show an Install button for the browser you're using.
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    I'm not seeing this, but I'm still using 6.7. Using the red X or Alt+F4 closes the interface window, and thus removes EN from the toolbar; but it should still leave the tray icon in place. It sounds like, under Win7 only, EN 6.15 is closing the latter as well. Definitely worth making a bug report directly to EN, which I think as a Plus member you should be able to do.
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    Thanks for your insight, @gazumped. My guess was it had something to do with signing in when zi saw API in the code. I will continue to ask my account rep until this is resolved. The integration will help tremendously and I am hopeful that RingCentral will be able to resolve it soon.
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    ALERT: Old guys drifting the thread here! Totally with you, @klxdrt. A couple of years ago we had a Sears freezer finally fail--it was about 40 years old, and had been amazingly reliable. Do I expect the replacement we got to still be working so our kids can sell it at our estate sale? I do not.
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    Icing on the cake is to save the view with the saved search. That way if you only want to see the sorted reminder date column with the search(s), you can. Also the columns can be reordered to have reminder time first if you like. Method I use, FWIW.
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    Ummm, the sum of the sizes of my ENEX's is greater than the size of my DB, 22 GB vs 19 GB. So opposite to what you are seeing. Just checked most recent backup set. You using On Demand Sync? It's been noted that ENEX exports with ODS may not contain the contents of notes which haven't been recently downloaded.
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    For posterity, I had the same issue, and Boblemarin's simple solution worked. Possibly a bug in OS X.
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    Hello, I've updated EN to the most recent version for Mac and have a question, possibly a suggestion. I am not one to SHARE my notes with anyone, so is there a way to get rid of the big green SHARE button at the top right of my notes? It seems like this might be better for some if it's a choice of something to display rather than have it front and right for everyone. Just a though. If there is a way to remove it and I missed it, please let me know. Thank you, Annette
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    I'm a contractor, and don't wan't old customers information residing on current customers network, in fact - that would be illegal. By being able to include "archives" a'la outlook does it, I could access archives as needed. While tagging may work for some, the point is missed by the Evernote team. Since an integral part and selling point of Evernote is to integrate PDF, and pictures with notes and highlights, the DATABASE IS GROWING OUT OF HAND. I would rather loose one out of 10 databases of 1 gigabyte than one database of 10 gigabytes.
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    This link was recommended a while ago - I don;t know whether it still works... http://getgui.com/blog/windows/evernote-sticky-notes-error-411-length-required-on-request-activation-link-to-re-authorize-user-account-sync-notes/
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    I have to mention this, because not everyone knows it, but exporting all notes at the same time will lose data, since notebook names are not exported, at least for exports to Evernote format. Once upon a time I wrote a PowerShell script that exported all of my notes, notebook by notebook, and it was something I could schedule / automate. That might be a bit more reliable. See No guarantees, and you need to change the script to make it work. I'll try to get around to re-testing it later on tonight. Edit: I did do a test on this just now. Had to change around the folder names, as I'm on a different machine than when it was written. It did appear to work fine. Didn't take too long, either.
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    @Inndie Thank you for reaching out! First, my apologies as there was a thread that existed previously that addressed this topic but it was archived as a part of our ongoing plan to improve the discussion forums. That being said, I double checked with our security specialists to confirm that the information there is still accurate. In this case, Sticky Notes is a third party app managed by Edo-Soft, and it is initiating/handling that connection to ’http://hosting.edo-soft.com/'. As we have no control over Sticky Notes, it's proprietors, or their site, there isn't anything on our end that we can do. In this case, the best way to proceed would be to try and reach out to Edo-Soft directly. I was unable to find any contact information, but was able to locate their LinkedIn profile, so that may be the best way to connect with them. I hope this helps point you in the right direction, and feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!
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    Maybe to some but not to me. I do agree it is a step in the wrong direction and prefer they change it back to how it was.
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    One of these days I’m going to learn the super simple scripting you do. LOL. For those like me that don’t have time or don’t want to learn it they do need an edit feature though :)
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    This is an "Unofficial Manual" that covers a variety of things you can do in Evernote and you can download it as a PDF for reference. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-use-evernote-the-missing-manual-full-text/ I also google my way through a lot of what I need to find. This forum has great detail on some subjects, but I usually hit this forum through a google search.
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    Had the exact same issue with Chrome on my Mac. It was set as the default browser and correctly opened when using hyperlinks in all my apps, except Evernote. It was correctly set in the system preferences as "Google Chrome.app" was the selected choice. In order to fix it I had to do the following: Set the "Default web browser" to "Safari.app" Open a link from within Evernote (it opened Safari) Change the "Default web browser" to "Google Chrome.app" Open a link from Evernote (it opened Chrome)
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    There are 14 votes so far. If enough votes mount up Evernote may consider adding this back, but at the moment AFAIK this is not on anyone's to do list. If only 14 users are affected it's not cost effective to spend any time developing an interface for the new voice-sensitive OS's.
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    Welcome to Evernote Lifestyles! This forum is designed for you to share how you use Evernote on a daily basis. Below are some brief descriptions of these lifestyles. Blogging: Engage with fellow bloggers about ways you can use Evernote to capture inspiration for your blog posts, draft posts, organize photos and other blog-related content. If you are a blogger, come engage with fellow bloggers about how to use Evernote for writing and publishing online. Craft: Are you an enthusiast crafter looking for ideas for how to keep your patterns, needles, paints, and various projects organized? Join the conversation to see how Evernote can be a great place to keep track of your various crafty projects. Design: Are you a designer (print or online)? See how you can use Evernote to keep track of inspiration, create mood boards, organize your projects, capture fonts, logos, and wireframes, and collaborate with others on a project from start to finish. This is a space for creative individuals. Fitness: Trying to stay in shape? See how Evernote can aid you in your journey to stay fit. Food: Do you love to cook? Are you always craving new restaurants? Learn how to use Evernote to better keep track of your favorite meals to prepare and enjoy! Holidays: Using Evernote for the holiday season? Share and learn tips on how to use Evernote to organize your holidays. Organization: Do you wish you could get a little more organized (in life and work)? See how you can revamp your organization system (or create one) in Evernote. We’ll talk about creating Notebook Stacks, tagging, power tips, and more to help you get on the road to an organized life. Outdoor Travel: Do you enjoy hiking, camping, biking, water sports or rock-climbing? Then you’ve come to the right place. Find out how to maximize your outdoor travel trips, remember the highlights, and become the person all of your friends come to for ‘best of’ tips. Paperless: Beyond the fact that it’s better for the environment, going paperless will declutter your closet in a BIG way. See how you can use Evernote to stop using so much paper and eliminate the piles you’ve accumulated. Parenting: If you're a parent, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll be able to discuss how you can use Evernote to keep track of class rosters, your kids' artwork, gift ideas, schoolwork, and more. Productivity: There are only so many hours in a day - how can you be more productive in the time that you have? Discuss how Evernote can help you get more out of your life, and your life’s work. Public Speaking: Are you a public speaker, or someone who does a lot of speaking as part of your job? See how Evernote can help you organize and write your speeches, keep track of inspiration, and plan your events and trips. If you are a frequent (or infrequent) public speaker, see how Evernote can help you. Real Estate: Whether you're a buyer or seller-side agent, you can use Evernote to capture customer interviews, MLS sheets, and streamline the home buying and selling process on the go. Share your tips and discoveries with other users! Small Business: Connect with fellow small business owners to discuss how you can use Evernote to manage your business, work with teammates in different locations, and more. Teaching: Talk about how to use Evernote in the classroom, the lab, the library, and beyond. We’ll be talking about how to organize paperwork, lesson plans, labwork, research and more. We’ll also cover sharing in Evernote. If you are a teacher, this space is made for you! Other: Some of you have noted there's a limited number of Lifestyle categories to discuss on the forum. We're working on expanding, but we want to do so organically and with maximum support from our Ambassadors program. Ambassadors help us anchor discussion and further develop individual topics. For now , if you have anything you'd like to discuss that doesn't fit in an existing Lifestyle, feel free to post them here.
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    It was not my intention, I apologize if it came out that way.
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