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    This new unmovable, unchangeable, "SHARE" button in the top right is just not right, to say lightly
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    Highlight the notes and click Merge from the pop up. Be sure to go to Tools - Options - Note to set the note merge options. FYI when you merge notes you end up with all the notes combined in one note and the original notes in the trash. So don't empty the trash until you have the merge note as you like.
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    Great suggestions, these may just get me to being comfortable with a new level of sensitivity in what I choose to store.
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    I use the top right-hand corner a lot to annotate various files... now it is a two-step process and the share button is huge. This is just making the workflow worse and I absolutely do not like this. I also don't understand the logic behind this. On the other hand, there should be a button that allows to share the note via email... right now, it is hidden and is a two step process...
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    This is a definition of 'easier' that I am unfamiliar with.
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    Thanks for the input folks. I can reproduce this exactly as you all describe and have filed a report with the development team.
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    They're turned off in the GA in preparation for our official launch coming next week. They're still enabled in the 6.15 Beta 2 build.
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    Users are actually a little more comfortable with how this works now - the trick on a desktop is to create your note in a local app - notebook or notes - and copy/ paste into a note and encrypt immediately (before sync) in a Local (unsynced) Notebook, encrypt and move across, or with neutral content placeholders, encrypt, then place your confidential content between the placeholders so it starts out encrypted On a mobile device you do have some advantages - notes are not held in long-term storage, so once synced, there's no local unencrypted footprint to worry about; plus while you can't encrypt a new note, you can download a pre-prepared encrypted template to add content...
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    Thanks for the callout posting your script! I need to give it a try! In addition to the script, you can export the notebooks using these steps: Sign out: ( File > Sign out) Press the Ctrl+Shift+E keys while viewing the login screen Select the account username This will create a new folder on your Desktop that contains a separate .enex file for each notebook. When you need to import an .enex, select File > Import > Evernote Export Files. Each .enex will import as a separate notebook
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    Thanks for the reports. We have this issue documented; we're working on prioritizing the fix.
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    Another FUD post Evernote does have in introductory offer for new accounts and Basic accounts
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    So, the only solution is to use something other than Evernote? Well, then, goodbye Evernote. ?
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    Yes please fix it asap...it makes me crazy Thanks
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    Hi. If you receive the error "MSI missing", when uninstalling or updating, check the folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate for a copy of the original installation file for your current version of Evernote*. Re-run that executable to fix the MSI file. Then retry the update, or download the new version manually from Evernote.com, and install. * If you are missing the installation file, try reinstalling from a downloaded copy of the older version. There's a comprehensive listing from a third-party site here - http://filehippo.com/download_evernote/history
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