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    A few reasons that they'd be out raising money...they are looking to make acquisitions and require the capital, they see the need for investment to drive the product to where they believe it needs to be, they are running out of cash... One and two are fine, good even. Three, not so much. By the way, any journalist (or forum punter) that knows for "definite" that the company is in a "death spiral" but can't point to financial records is probably having a bit of a guess.....
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    After reading headlines, of Evernote’s recent woes, I started to shake my head ... again. This isn’t the first time reading controversy headlines about Evernote. In the past few years there been more negative press than positive. Rising membership prices, privacy concerns, downsizing and now the Death spiral (higher ups leaving). It doesn’t appear to look good for Evernote but for all we know it could just be fine. In a moment I’m going to share my insights and how Evernote can make a “shift” in a better direction. But before I do, it’s without suggesting that a lot of people have a grim outlook (within and external of this community) despite recent changes at Evernote. Avid and passionate users such as myself have a ill feeling for what may happen to our beloved green elephant. Maybe it’s the note industry, maybe it’s just the people running Evernote, maybe it’s just there’s too much competition that only the innovative ones stay profitable. I don’t think Evernote in a dire situation but I feel this is a pattern that keep repeating itself. In yoga there’s this saying, “you repeat what you don’t repair.” At this point it seems, whether or not Evernote is doing fine or steering for the worse, I feel they are loosing the confidence of the passionate loyal user base. And I feel it’s becuase Evernote may be making the same mistakes again and again. But, here are some of my insights and suggestions as to what is missing. Evernote has focused on team development, then focused on eliminating the noise and getting clarity on core functionality, then focused on focused on business enterprise with spaces, then focused on social media, then not to recently Evernote then did a rebrand /refresh. But at what point do they realize they must get back to their user base??? The loyal user base the ones who just take notes. The student, the small business owner, the creative, the busy mom and anyone who wants to “remember everythig.” Improving note taking experience seems to be the most important yet forgotten “ingredient” Evernote has fallen out of touch with. Being in sales all of my life there are acouple fundimental flaws Evernote is repeatedly missing each year. 1- People buy the benefit of the benefit. Example is spaces people don’t use Spaces to use the “what’s new” feature or even to keep on top of their teams correspondence. The benefit of the benefit might be as a business owner “I don’t want to have the stress of things falling through and having team forget things” 2- in the sale conversation I ALWAYS listen more than I talk. The more you tell the less you sell. Listening to your customer, they tell you what they want, what they don’t want, etc. And this type of dialing builds a deep level of trust because when a person feels heard and understood they will buy from you and only you, even though you charge more than your competitors. I feel Evernote higher ups have ignored the day to day user and overall user experience. There’s times when working on a project or in a sales process or trying to research and write and using Evernote is frustrating to navigate and use. Something as simple as a small font can really make work more difficult than it has to be. Or not being able to annotate PDFs with freedom or flexibility. Have you tried jumping in and out of annotating PDFs in Evernote? It’s miserable. When you look at the note taking applications that people are moving to they are typically note taking apps that look better. Have a better UI and text editor. Most notably Bear comes to mind. Having attracted many people from Evernote I feel it’s as though it’s because of the look and feel of the editor. Distraction free writing, more font options (sizes, font types and even spacing), more formatting choices (H1, H2, etc) and many useful editor tools. Evernote has many features and useful functions that Bear doesn’t have. So it makes me wonder, why have people made the transition? I think it’s because of the look and feel when people are taking notes. You want to be able to get lost in writing not squinting to see what you wrote. You want to be able to have attractive typography that you can structure and organize your notes with easy. You want to be in the state of “flow” when your researching and taking notes. Lastly, what I will also say about features is that in order to charge more you must offer MORE value. Over the course of the years I’ve noticed that Evernote focused on stability and improving core features like search. And that’s very important. However, people don’t buy stability necessarily, it just pushes them away when things are unstable. Introducing new features and upgraded features is what attracts new users and keeps fan base excited using a platform that they keep EVERYTHING IN.
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    Hi guys, This is the developer of EverTool, an Evernote editor helper. In this post, I would demonstrate why I create this tool, how this tool can help you enhance the productivity, and present all the features you can use in this tool. Thanks for gazumped suggested to post it on this forum. As one of the Evernote user, I love Evernote and I think it is still the best note-taking tool. However, there are some features requested by lots of users, like Markdown, text style management, templates, etc.. As an engineer, I agree that the Evernote team has their roadmap to build and enhance this product. I think to build a successful product needs time and a thoughtful plan to make sure the new features fit most of the users. But like other users, I still hope I can use Markdown, code highlight, and other features to enhance my Evernote productivity. Therefore, I build EverTool, an Evernote editor helper. What is EverTool? EverTool is a kind of third-party app for Evernote. But it's not like other third-party apps. EverTool works independently from Evernote. Working independently means two things: EverTool will NEVER request the authorization from Evernote Keep the original usage behavior of Evernote Why do I think these two points are important? Many users use Evernote to manage their data. Especially for business users, they use Evernote to save secret data and communicate with team members. When we use Evernote, we trust Evernote, but do you trust other third party integration apps they can fully access your data? Another point is keeping original usage behavior. Evernote is an excellent tool. It already provides tons of useful features. Thus, when using EverTool, you don't need to change any usage of Evernote. EverTool is just a helper. You only use it when you need it. How EverTool works? It's super easy to use. Three steps make your note better: Cut the text → Click one of the actions in EverTool → Paste to Evernote Useful features In this section, I will introduce all the features of EverTool in version 0.3.0. Before we started, just keep in mind, the usage is the same: cut and paste. Text style management When creating a note, we usually use the same font style to present the same level. This feature will be handy when you want to reuse the text style. (It's similar to the styles pan of Microsoft Word). Demo: Transform Markdown This thread has great discussion about integrating Markdown in Evernote. Here I provide the EverTool solution. Demo: Resize images to the same width When we import lots of images to Evernote, Evernote will use the original image width to present on the note. If the image is too big, it will be full width. Think about if your note has many images and all of them present full width, your note will be very long and filled with images. This action can help you resize all images to the same width in one click. Demo: Highlight text We know Evernote only provide one highlight color. This action can let users define any highlight color. Tutorial: https://evertool.app/how-to-use/customized-highlight-color Transform Excel spreadsheets to Evernote native table Some users hope Evernote can provide the more powerful table, like primary math function. But in my opinion, Excel or Google spreadsheet already do a really good job. We can keep Evernote as a presentation place and do the complicated calculation on Excel. Therefore, what we need is transform the spreadsheets to Evernote table seamless. Demo: This action support Excel, Google spreadsheet, Mac Numbers and Evernote table. Therefore, you can also use it to beautify your Evernote table! The table style is also customizable. Url → Url + Title This feature is based on my personal usage scenario. I usually paste links in my note, but it is just url not the title. Of course, I can copy the title of the web page and alter the url name in the note, but it's too slow. Thus, this action makes you select all urls and transform them to urls with the title. Demo: Highlight code Dear engineers, it's time to write your technical notes on Evernote! EverTool supports 74 different highlight code themes. Engineers can write beautiful technical notes on Evernote. Demo: In short, EverTool is an independent tool provided several useful features. It's just a helper but it's powerful. All the features mentioned above are all customizable. You can define the font style, table style, highlight code as you want. Besides, it supports on both Mac and Windows platform. If you like this app, you can buy this app on Mac and Windows store to support me develop more useful features in the future. It's a one-time payment and you can enjoy all the follow-up update. Download link: Mac Store: https://lihi.cc/l9Twv Windows Store: https://lihi.cc/c1EEv EverTool is well documented. Know more on the homepage ?https://evertool.app/ Thanks for the reading. Should you have any suggestion, please don't hesitate to leave the comment. Hope EverTool becomes the wings of Evernote. Make Evernote fly farther and higher. Cheers!
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    Tired of this topic already... Evernote have made special offer prices for their products regularly for years. A tad unfortunate that the exec evac happened at the same time, but AFAIK one does not have any significance over the other. We've discussed (many, many, many times) how to prepare for the Apocalypse if Evernote stops, and my attitude is still the same. I'll continue to use Evernote - until I find something better, or until its no longer available. Meantime I have my backups, my youth and health (well, one out of three ain't bad anyway...) and I'll worry about switching if I switch and when I know what I'm switching to. This guy seems to have a slightly more balanced view - I like the closing paragraphs including - https://abundantgenealogy.com/whats-going-on-at-evernote-and-why-genealogists-should-be-concerned/
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    The major problem with Evernote is that they don't fix bugs. Simple as that. They want us to use Evernote Business. They've been wanting that for the past year or more. But here's the thing. Do they think companies sit around their conference room table and decide on a business product without anyone there having used the product? Of course not. Someone has to be at the table who uses Evernote, and who convinces the table that it's the way to go over all the competitors. That's how its done. But in the last year and half, users have been pretty pissed at Evernote, as personal users, because of the lack of SQA and bug fixes. I tried Evernote for business. I wanted our company to use it because I use it and I tried competitors and I preferred Evernote (if there were a few changes/tweaks). But there is no way I could recommend it (and I'm married to the President of the company!). There are too many bugs that don't get fixed in a timely manner, and by timely manner I mean DAYS, not years. Yes, DAYS. Usability bugs, of course. The big ones. And some still exist after a year. Who in the world could recommend that for a business? I don't know if the article is accurate or not, I don't know if it is a good thing that all these executives are leaving, but I know one thing: Evernote for Business will only succeed when regular Evernote users are happy with it. They are the ones who recommend it (or not). Fixing the elephant is salt on the fire with so many outstanding bugs. So is the ask to try Evernote for Business. By not fixing bugs they are saying: we have more important things to do. And users like me tell CTOs and CEOs, don't go with them. They don't take you seriously.
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    WOW...and it works on all my devices clipper for chrome works very well you can import evernote enex files
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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    since upgrading to 7.0.1. I can no longer show only current reminders (instead of the complete reminder list) on top of the note list. the option to do so exists in the reminders menu, it's just broken. would be really helpful if the basics kept working after these upgrades - continuously (re-)introducing bugs with upgrades (e.g. blank list view) is pretty annoying and a sign of issues with quality management.
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    Can't do this easily with current search capabilities. Two impractical solutions ?: If you had two stacks then you could just search the other stack (I have synced and local stacks so would work for me) Add a tag to all notes in the Food stack and minus out that tag In the meantime, sometimes with text, often with tags, the actual search in play will eliminate the extraneous notes. Whenever it doesn't I add more text or tags to the search. FWIW.
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    Negation doesn't work with stacks or notebooks; I don't know why they are specifically excluded You could search for stack:Food Then add tag:temp to the notes Then add -tag:temp to your search
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    Oh Great, now I have to be concerned about the Ancestory Death Spiral (I read it on the the internet) I do back up my genealogy data - I store the data in Evernote And my Evernote data is backed up; daily incremental, weekly full, and Mac Time Machine. I use a read-able export format; html instead of enex
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    Well said. EN is a either a product you love or a product you love to hate. And people love speculating EN's future. But the thing is like you said, us, EN's userbase we are not happy with the product's direction. We didn't ask for teams. I get that the company needs to make money but stability and new visual features that never took place brought us to where we are today. Let's hope this will be a new start for something great and not the death of the product we loved.
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    I'm migrating to Onenote as i'm typing this message. I'm also frustated with this cost vs benefit tier they have reached with the new prices scheme. As there is no way for presentation mode in mobile devices, no new kinks or stuff, a 5 seconds refreshing (or note blinking) for me that hasn't been solved in 4 months.. I just canceled my plan and installed the Onenote migration tool. Here is the link: https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote I'm note sure if Onenote is the best option, but after 5 years of using Evernote I have seen how their main focus is now money and not client's input.
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    I don’t get notion or the appeal of it. Complicated. Evernote is by far the best still for my uses.
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    True. If you click the X context will become whatever the context is in the search, be it a notebook, a stack, or all notes. If you want all notes as the context clicking on the All Notes icon will get it every time, not so with the X if you are searching a notebook at the time.
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    Bold titles in the Snippet View makes sense, but not in List View. I agreed that it feels like viewing unread emails.
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    I'm definitely in favor of this idea, especially because of hiding items from "All Notes." I managed a family member's terminal illness, using Evernote to keep track of conversations with medical staff, etc. I do not want to lose this information, but I really don't want Evernote rubbing my nose in it every time I open "All Notes." I suppose I can just export the contents of the notebook in question, and then remove it, but it would be a lot more convenient not to have to do this.
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    Okay, although I was trying to not sound too spammy by letting people go check it out on their own.... here are my observations: The products are very similar. I would say that Nimbus Note is an OpenSource clone of EV Features specific to NImbus Ability to color notes Ability to encrypt entire notes with different passwords for each note (if you wish) Free account is 100MB with no OCR in attached docs (pdf, xls, word) you can edit clips with the Nimbus clip editor before saving them to nimbus you can import evernote notes via ENEX format table support seems more robust - no cell coloring tho better implementation of to-do's Android: Very clean interface Night/day mode Web clipper and Nimbus Capture are far superior than Android EV. IF I was to rate EV clipping at 75%, then Nimbus is at 95% (regardless of the recent failures to clip anything with Android EV) Syncing seems to be near instantaneous There doesn't seem to be any 'offline' folders on mobile (still testing) Easy to generate an external link for sharing Web Very nice and easy to use web clipper' - see attached image I prefer their note editor to EVs excellent clipper PC - Win10 Nice clean interface supports local database Privacy policy - Not sure I like all aspects - but not too much of a concern if you keep it for research and not too sensitive stuff....BUt you need to determine if this is ok for your use So, this is my eval after 3-4 hours of playing with the 3 versions. Do what you want with this info. I hope I don't sound too spammy !
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    Has this problem ever been officially addressed? I have been using Evernote for a couple of years at least and it does this to me CONSTANTLY. I keep the window open and I'm working and then suddenly, it logs me out. It is SO frustrating!!! I use Chrome but have tried Firefox and have the same problem, always have. It also does this on my Android phone app. No firewall, I don't have any trouble with ANY OTHER website doing this, only Evernote. Please fix this issue!
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    Reported this and previous NimbusNote posts from this user as spam. If the off-topic discussion subforum was still around (or I could find it), I'd have moved it there. *shrug*
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