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    Hi everyone, I lead the security team at Evernote. Our security team recently discovered a credential stuffing attack against our service. An unauthorized person has been testing a list of passwords stolen from a site not associated with Evernote. For the small percentage of our users that were affected, the unauthorized individual connected an iPhone to their Evernote account and ran multiple searches, most likely looking for cryptocurrency credentials. For many Basic-tier users, this pushed them over their device limit. We've been experiencing significant delays with delivering suspicious login notification emails. I'm sorry about that and are working on fixing that notification service. The Evernote service is still secure, and we are planning to act to protect the affected users. We will be notifying them, revoking the unauthorized iPhone, and expiring their password. The recommendations in this thread about using a complex password and setting up 2FA are good. You can also find some helpful tips here: https://evernote.com/security/tips If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.
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    @ej8899 I have to admin that bold titles look natural in snippet view. Sady, I generally use list view and bold title are jarring I hope EN makes bold titles an user option.
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    So entering a password is no good for you but entering a passcode is dandy? I don't get it.
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    Oops! You’re right. I guess I’m paying for something so I’ll use that avenue. Though, it emphasizes that Evernote’s issue of the missing ability to make links is systemic across both mobile platforms.
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    You don't like the double New Note? Customize your toolbar to eliminate it. Not too hard.
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    I never understood the "war" between notebooks and tags. There are many different ways to use both of them, and every way that works for you is a good way. There is no "right" or "wrong" way, if someone tells you otherwise, they're just taking themselves way too seriously. ?
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    For me it’s about not being in Microsoft ecosystem I really dislike their business model and applicstions. So I might be biased. Evernote overall has this feel and integration that makes it stand out not just from one note but many note application. I like the tight integration not just with other apps but also Apple. The clipper is more prominent, simplistic ui compared to onenote. Overall it’s about preference, they have identical feature set and both heavy hitters but playing video “/audio, scanning feature and integration stand out for me as Evernote clear winner
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    I don’t get notion or the appeal of it. Complicated. Evernote is by far the best still for my uses.
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    Hey All, I'm going to reach out to @Rich Tener to have him further investigate into possible issues, and wanted to assure you that someone is here listening! We'll follow-up as soon as we can once we have more information. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!
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    Thanks, @cswilly, for your diligence on this (although the multiple postings may be less than useful). I can't imagine why anyone would think an uneditable user dictionary is better than an editable one. Programmers are not often writers, I guess, and maybe wouldn't see the issue. But this has been vetted, and vented, on the forums for months, so it's not like they haven't heard. My one thought is that I have another program that does have an editable dictionary file. If I ever update again (I'm still holding out, after this), I might just copy all my custom words from that list into an Evernote note, and then go through and add them one at a time, rather than waiting for them to come up randomly when I'm trying to get some actual work done. I repeat, .
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    Bold titles in the Snippet View makes sense, but not in List View. I agreed that it feels like viewing unread emails.
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    I'm definitely in favor of this idea, especially because of hiding items from "All Notes." I managed a family member's terminal illness, using Evernote to keep track of conversations with medical staff, etc. I do not want to lose this information, but I really don't want Evernote rubbing my nose in it every time I open "All Notes." I suppose I can just export the contents of the notebook in question, and then remove it, but it would be a lot more convenient not to have to do this.
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    I run snippet view and quite enjoy seeing the note titles bold... actually, when I first loaded this beta, it just seemed 'normal"... going to my 6.14.5 build it's like something is 'missing'.
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    The major problem with Evernote is that they don't fix bugs. Simple as that. They want us to use Evernote Business. They've been wanting that for the past year or more. But here's the thing. Do they think companies sit around their conference room table and decide on a business product without anyone there having used the product? Of course not. Someone has to be at the table who uses Evernote, and who convinces the table that it's the way to go over all the competitors. That's how its done. But in the last year and half, users have been pretty pissed at Evernote, as personal users, because of the lack of SQA and bug fixes. I tried Evernote for business. I wanted our company to use it because I use it and I tried competitors and I preferred Evernote (if there were a few changes/tweaks). But there is no way I could recommend it (and I'm married to the President of the company!). There are too many bugs that don't get fixed in a timely manner, and by timely manner I mean DAYS, not years. Yes, DAYS. Usability bugs, of course. The big ones. And some still exist after a year. Who in the world could recommend that for a business? I don't know if the article is accurate or not, I don't know if it is a good thing that all these executives are leaving, but I know one thing: Evernote for Business will only succeed when regular Evernote users are happy with it. They are the ones who recommend it (or not). Fixing the elephant is salt on the fire with so many outstanding bugs. So is the ask to try Evernote for Business. By not fixing bugs they are saying: we have more important things to do. And users like me tell CTOs and CEOs, don't go with them. They don't take you seriously.
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    OMG you think because it's in the paper it must be true? That's a very dangerous belief - especially if you read the wrong papers (or websites). Fake News is real, and can be down to lazy reporting, mischievous 'leaks' from competitors, or attacks by political groups or 'professional' trolls (not all at the same time, obviously). The major failing of this report is a fundamental piece of journalistic policy - if you're going to bad mouth someone, you tell them first and get a reaction you can quote. The "my cable guy says they're in trouble" approach is not professional. (Sorry to rant - fake news annoys me!) I have my own 'internal sources' (well, I saw an employee email) which said -amongst other things- that the recent management changes were streamlining the organization to deal with defects and bugs more effectively. So I guess we'll see. But like I said earlier. To paraphrase Locutus of Borg - "Speculation is futile..."
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    Thanks for an interesting post, Wanderling. I think your conclusion is a valid one, in many cases at least. I'm in a quite different situation. I'm retired from teaching, and I'm doing basically my own freelance research and writing; so collaboration is not a factor, and I'm free to put together my digital toolbox as I please. Also, I have purposely resisted being sucked into the MS Office universe ("Captain, it's a tractor beam! Apparently emanating from somewhere near Redmond, Washington!"). So I do well with Evernote on my computers and Android phone to gather notes, references, ideas, links, etc.; Scrivener for organizing the material gathered through Evernote, and crafting it into draft materials; and Nota Bene for the serious writing and polishing. My circumstances, methods, and workflow are a great fit for Evernote; but it can't be that way for everyone.
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    Maybe some automatic process to go through your browser history, pick off searches, and do some Evernote magic with them??
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    No automatic per se, but if you use the bookmark option of clipper you end up with a note like the below. I guess you might be able to use something like PhraseExpress or AutoHotKey to make it a hotkey action. Don't know that I would do this all the time, but I kind of like the concept for some things. Search becomes note title and there's a link in the note to reactivate it. Thanks for the idea!
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    Ever since I updated with the latest version, I encountered the following annoying issues: (sorry I don't usually criticize a product or service but the latest update really affected my user experience in a negative way). 1. In the previous version, after I clicked the "Simplify Formatting" option in a note using my mobile phone, the note normally retains the spaces in between each paragraph. But with the latest version, there are no more spaces between the paragraph, making it VERY hard to read. Just imagine reading an article without those spaces. 2. In the previous version, I can have a full view of a two-column table in my mobile phone screen. But after the latest update, I can only view one column and I need to swipe left or right to see the other column. This is really annoying and reduces my productivity because of having to swipe left and right just to see the information in the other column. 3. In the previous version, whenever I would edit a note, I need to tap the green circle button with a pencil symbol in the lower-right portion of the screen. But in the latest version, tapping anywhere in the screen would automatically open the editing tools. The negative effect with this is that a note can accidentally be edited if the user accidentally taps the screen. I still prefer the security of having to tap the green circle button to edit a note. Please address the above issues Evernote. Thank you.
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    This ^ has been my experience. I use bullets and todo's heavily in my workflow, and find that Evernote updates randomly break bullet and todo functionality. Another issue is that adding a todo to a bulleted line now adds horizontal padding to that line, so I can't see as much of my todo-list at once. I would love the option to disable this padding. It's gotten frustrating enough that I've started to post on Evernote forums.
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    Adding my vote for a feature fix for pasting lists. @BSR, you hinted it may be fixed back near 6.11 (March 2017), but it's now Aug 2018, and it looks like this is still an issue in 7.2.3. I understand that new features need prioritize functionality, but you make a note application. This seems like basic functionality. Most of my notes have at least one list, and not being able to copy/paste into Word (for blog posts), Outlook (for work email), or even a basic Google Doc (for collaborating) is infuriating. Please fix this, Evernote. FWIW, this isn't a one-off request:
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    Please, dear folks at Evernote: This one cannot be overly complicated. And everybody here is waiting for years now to be able to chose their own snippet/thumbnail picture.
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    I actually bought a program Fastscripts that assigns a keyboard shortcut to any script. It works great, but I discovered I can't remember all these shortcuts; so most of the time I refer to a menu
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    Adding columns to a table in Evernote Web can be done with some serious geekery by manipulating the HTML on the page. Here's how I add or copy rows using Chrome as my browser on Windows: In Chrome, in Evernote Web, go to the note with the table you want to add to In Chrome, go to File->More Tools->Developer Tools (the Chrome File menu is the three vertical dots to the far right of the address bar) Select the square-with-cursor in the top left of the Dev Tools panel (hover text says, "Select an element in the page to inspect it") click a cell in your table close the <tr> section above the highlighted section of the code window in the Dev Tools panel by clicking on the down-pointing triangle right click on the <tr>...</tr> line you just closed and select Copy->Copy Element right click on the </tbody> that corresponds to the bottom of the table you're adding rows to and select Copy->Paste Element. Repeat for as many rows as you want to insert. you can close the Dev Tools panel now Deleting rows can be done by replacing steps 6 and 7 with "right click on the <tr>...</tr> line and selecting "Delete element"'" There might be a more efficient way, but this works. If you know how to edit HTML tables by hand the rest of the things you want to do - like adding columns - should be reasonably straight-forward, if a bit tedious. It all should be easier.
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    Is there someway I can control which image is displayed as a thumbnail in the snippet note list view I can't work out what the basis is for which image is shown, its not the first, its not the last, and I don't think its the biggest byte-wise or largest pixel-wise. tia - RP
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    Hmmn. A few points. Found these guys complaining about the bold titles in another thread - so far it seems pretty unanimous that we hate it. Wondered if my main lappy HD screen was causing an issue, so came here to my 1368 x 768 'backup' laptop. This is the main display (and the 'more' menu) on 6.15.1 And this is on 6.15.2. Yep - I still hate it. On Templates: created a new template and deleted the original note. The template is still available but I can't see where the template information is stored... created a new note from the template and noted that 'save as a template' is greyed out. Made some changes, and it comes back. Couldn't seem to save that as a new template though; maybe my fault. Another new note, another new template. Saved the note back to my own 'templates' notebook. Made some changes and saved an updated template. Saves as another template with the same name as the original (?) but it's easy to delete the original. Evernote glitching (freezing) during the process though - it's a bit slow when editing templates. You can search for templates if you have lots, and there's a central repository designed for template sharing, though it's currently empty... Nice new feature though guys. Now: about those titles....
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    Minor stuff: In snippet view (and possibly others), titles are now boldface. They stand out, for sure, but it seems a little much. It'b be nice to have control over the title style. In the Notebook view, notebooks whose names with '@' (and possibly other special characters) sort below notebooks whose titles begin with alphabetic characters. So for example, '@Todo' sorts after 'Templates'. This is different than the notebook list in the left panel, where the sorting is the opposite: '@Todo' sorts before 'Templates' I use this as a cheap way to bring a couple of important notebooks to the top of my notebook list.
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    Ooookay... Installed as normal and what in the name of the purple pussycat did you do to my note titles??? They're normally in the same font and weight as the dates and other details, but now they're scratching at my eyeballs... Guys - I think you should expect comments about this. Ugh. I'll try out more of the app tomorrow.
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