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    Like everyone else I know I have duplicates in there somewhere and I just remove them when I come across them. This particular situation was a stupid mistake on my part. The excel thing (I would have used google sheets) would probably have been simpler with a query to just display non-duplicates. I'll remember that next time.
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    Hi guys, As an engineer and an user of Evernote, I also face the same problem. Therefore, I built an Evernote editor toolbox, EverTool, to solve it. Now you just need one click to transform ALL spreadsheet cells to Evernote table. (PLUS beautify it) Here is the step: Copy the cells in the Excel → Click transform table action in EverTool → Paste it to Evernote table Know more how it works by the demo video: It works on both Mac and Windows. Moreover, it supports Excel, Google spreadsheets and Mac Numbers. If you are interested in EverTool, check out the homepage. Homepage: https://evertool.app/
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    jbenson2, I made the mistake of copying 3 private folders from my main laptop into my tablet/laptop, and then ended up updating both of them with different info over a 2 year period, so I had to find the extra notes in both notebooks. If this ever happens to anyone else, here's what I did: I exported the local notebook from one laptop and imported it into the other. I put them both under a stack so that I could see all the notes in both notebooks by selecting the stack. Then I sorted by name. I was seeing duplicates everywhere, and when there was a single I moved it somewhere else. It would have been much simpler with a 'find duplicate' tool within Evernote though, that's for sure. At one point I swore I was going blind...
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    Evernote doesn't do enough of what I want it to do, but does too much of what I don't
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    I shudder to think about trying to implement that feature!
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    I LOVE evernote... can't live without it... but as I start to use it for more than just scans and clippings.... I have the WORST time with formatting in Evernote... it's absurd... it's the type of stuff I expect in cheapo, immature app... but evernote in pretty much all other ways seems extremely mature... so I don't understand why such simple things dont work well... Example Right now I am making a checklist note... (It's a labor hospital bag checklist)... been working on it for a few months... adding things as we think of it... I have a couple sections... each with a new list of checkboxes... randomly... my note... or parts of it get all messed up... like there will be new lines between checkbox and text, so it goes line with checkbox and no text line with text line with checkbox and no text line with text etc I put the cursor AFTER the check box and hit DELETE (NOT BACKSPACE) and it deletes the check box... OK... that SHOULD work... but it doesn't... whatever... not a huge deal... i'll just try another way... so instead I try putting the cursor at the start of a text line and hit BACKSPACE... it deletes the line break AND the check box... groan... Forget it... I'll just delete all the check boxes and start over... so I delete all the check boxes... I just have a list of items one per line... highlight them all and click the check box button... and I'm back where I started... line with checkbox and no text line with text line with checkbox and no text line with text etc At this point I'm getting pretty annoyed... If this was an isolated incident I would not care... but stuff like this seems to be the norm... I have had SO MUCH TROUBLE with this note over the past few months... I don't know if it has anything to do with editing on my android phone app sometimes or not... but even so, the various apps should be compatible!! Other problems include pasting stuff from other sources and the text being ridiculously large, or other various problems with line breaks from pasted text. Am I the only one? At first I just let it go and figure it's bugs that will get worked out... but I have been using the app for years now and it still sucks at this... and this one note, which I have been working on adding things here and there for months has pushed me over the edge... so curious if others have problems, and if so any way to fix this? And/or are the bug fixes in the works for this stuff?
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    With Evernote spaces coming out, I was excited to see the new improvements for team and collaboration. We tried using Evernote as a team and business but was limited in functionality and features. We decided to give Evernote Spaces a try. But, soon became disappointed. I compared our experience with Evernote Spaces with other apps mainly Dropbox Paper and Asana. It was my hope to see some new features to keep everything in one place, collaborate and work in team digital setting but this update is severely lacking what is required ina collaboration app in 2018. Features missing from Evernote Spaces 1- Note Comments / Note Chat Being able to have comments and conversations within a document is really the industry standard with collaboration apps. Evernote spaces looks cool but the functionality within a note hasn’t really changed at all. You can’t comment on text within a note, or add text at the same time without conflicts and no way to see who’s editing what. How on earth am I suppose to collaborate with people without these basic features??? Even trying to use WorkChat seems backwords, no integration or functionality between Spaces and WorkChat, just segregated and kindof useless. It’s frustration trying to go back and forth between WorkChat that really make it inconvenient to use. It’s just boggling that app developers and people at Evernote would over look such obvious features that a lot of apps have. 2- Assigned ToDos / Due Dates & a Centralized place see all the todos ! Wouldnt it be cool to be able to tag people within a note, assign tasks to people and set up due dates? Asana and Dropbox do this well (and there free!) what if you could see everything in one place. See all my todo’s and reminders in a central place. But Evernote Spaces there’s no way to see all todos from notes shared. Is it me or isn’t it hard to keep track of everything and trying to “remember everything” when you can’t see all todos in one place. Asana does this in great fashion you can tag people, see what all my assigned ToDos are and even see my team mates due dates! Evernote you basically have no idea where ToDos are, who has what tasks or anything. 3- Real Time Collaboration and History Tracking It would be a lot easier if Evernote spaces would have the ability to show my team members changes within a document when editing a documents/notes. How would I have multiple people working within a document and not have the ability to see the changes? (theres no revision history or tracking). When changes are made in Evernote Spaces, it just shows up as “What’s new” but I’m not able to do any real collaboration within a note with a team. Again other collaboration apps have these features and they are free ... I just don’t get it. Dropbox Paper is everything I wish Evernote Spaces should be in a collaboration space. Asana is the best I’ve found for project management and team work. Wouldn’t it be great if Evernote had those features all in one ? Evernote I just don’t get the disconnect... I just don’t understand why a lot of features were overlooked. I sometimes wished I worked for Evernote I would be able to bring some sensible improvements. I want to see Evernote do well and have more of my team on the platform, people but I feel Evernote team misses what people are really looking for in a tool to brings everything together...
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    Hi, I just moved from Apple Notes to Evernote and was wondering if there is no feature to add e.g. a PDF-file to an existing note by using the share feature of iOS. This is possible with Apple Notes and I found it very useful. If Evernote is working differently in this manner, how can I append something to an existing note then? Thanks for any help. Regards, Jan
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    My method to find outliers has been to do a Ctrl-C on the note list (side list view) and paste in Excel. Followed by some Excel compares and the like. Would help zero in on duplicates but not help at all in removing them, unless there is something systemic about how the dups were created at which point some manipulating in EN might be possible. Depending upon the number of notes sometimes brute force is quicker IAC. All that being said, a utility to remove dups sounds like a good idea to me.
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    My PDFs are static documents. I rarely update them. I do modify my office/iwork documents as you indicated; enter password then update.
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    Evernote has a text encryption feature, and I encrypt pdfs on my Mac before uploading to Evernote. Office/iWork documents can also be encrypted in the apps before saving and uploadting to Evernote. Just the sensitive data; the majority of my data is not encrypted.
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    Totally agree. Like JB2 I know I have dups, but unless they annoy me by popping up in a list or a search I don't think its worth the effort of finding and killing them. In Windows I have been able to Ctrl+A Copy in List view and Paste to Excel* so that I have active links to all notes, then used spreadsheet features to find and extract them. Then it was a s-l-o-w process of opening two notes to compare, deleting one, then moving to the next. I gave up pretty quickly. Now I think I'd do this in two stages - set up an autotext option to tag a note with 'duplicate', then open each note and tag / then go back to Evernote and search the tag / sort by title. A utility would be SO much easier... * this would be created date, name (link), and size. I have notes with the same name and different contents which all concern a single something - meeting / event / purchase etc., so duplicate searches are.. interesting.
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    There's no "duplicates" feature in Evernote but there's a feature in Excel. This would require getting your data to a spreadsheet which is another challenge. Any chance of you converting to a Mac? We have scripting tools to take care of this.
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    There is no built-in Evernote feature to find duplicates. Are you talking about hundreds of duplicates or just a handful? I'd sort through recent notes (sorted by created date). Perhaps the most recent 30 days or so. If I couldn't find any, then I would not worry about it. A few duplicate notes won't adversely affect Evernote. If there are some, eventually I would stumble across them. Then I'd have a better clue where the other duplicates are located.
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    I guess I'm with @Dave-in-Decatur on this one. I have a combo of synced and local notebooks, 80% synced notes more or less. I'm not that concerned should anyone see any of the 80%, plus not particularly concerned that EN employees are snooping. Anything I don't want anyone to see is in the 20%. More fearful of what Google does with my search history. ? I like having my workout records synced so I can use my phone at the gym is a simple example of one use case. Also, nice to have the bulk of my to-do's accessible on the phone. But as always, we all have different tolerances and use cases.
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    Please if you get a chance take a look at my thoughts / feedback:
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    He (I'm assuming it's a man) has a tendency to contradict other members. It is tiresome.
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting Password Protected Notebooks have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. (This is a separate request from the ability password protect the Evernote App itself) This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for Password Protected Notebooks here!
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    Enjoyed this feature on Windows but now I am retired and using Chromebook and Android. Really miss this way to clean up my IN box and also to prepare materials to share as a coach and consultant.
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    It would be really great if the feature to merge notes from the evernote web classic version would be included again. It is a shame that it has been absent in the last two versions of the web application. From my point of view this is a basic and absolutely neccessary feature.
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    No, no, no. Even it if an option. I have Evernote notes going back decades. Currently, it is very easy to sort the dates by "Created" or "Updated" and then let the user decide what should or should not be deleted. I shudder to think of the pain that will be caused by a bug in an automatic Evernote delete feature.
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    No, actually, we aren't. We can be satisfied by a product that does what we need it to do, efficiently and in which bugs and design flaws are addressed instead of remaining in the product for years. We can be satisfied by seeing the company put its resources into addressing those problems instead of into marketing fluff that appears, from the outside, to be intended to impress investors or attract new users, when the existing users are increasingly unhappy. Many existing users are not looking for significant enhancements to the product, we are looking for stabilization, bug fixes, and the correction of design flaws. In fact, many of the "significant enhancements" (for example, the recent emphasis on collaboration and other business features) did make the product more complicated and were unwanted by many of the existing users. Yes, that's exactly what they did. And before that, they decided "now" was the time to appeal to the masses by adding new features that many existing users didn't want, leaving the existing bugs and design flaws in place. It's a poor decision, to always look forward at what you don't have and never look at what you already do have.
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    They clearly spent a lot of time on the rebranding. I hope that doesn't mean that rebranding matters the most to them. As opposed to, say, fixing all of the little things that have been bugging us users for years.
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    From https://evernote.com/blog/ceo-notebook-evernote-brand/ I hope so. Because it hasn't worked out that way so far in the last 2+ years. Product reliability is not near what it should be. I don't even know where to start with this one. My cursor continues to jump around, the the cursor at the bottom of the note is below my screen, general releases get published with sync errors that were clearly identified in the beta builds, merging notes can still cause data loss - which can be corrected if you notice and retrieve from the trash can, and the UI still freezes way too often. And that just touches the surface of the issues identified in the forums. This is just frustrating. The wrong thing is being focused on. This feels like something that was done to garner some positive press on a snazzy new icon and font, not something that would actually improve the reliability of the product.
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    I looked at the log file and its trying to log onto www.evernote.com, so I typed that into a browser and it switched to https//www.evernote.com, so they have gone to s secure server. I then went to help and clicked on update, after the update evernote worked again.
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    On iOS, is there a gesture to switch to next or previous note when we are reading a note? Thanks
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    I had the same problem and found this thread while searching. Just figured out a solution (I'm on a Mac). Copy paste your table into the note (you'll get the fugly un-editable version) Create a new Everntoe table in the same note. I matched the number of columns but don't worry about matching rows. Copy the data from the fugly table within the note Paste it into the Evernote table Voila (plus you'll probably want to delete the fugly table)
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    Just jumping on the bandwagon here. Would love to have the ability to password protect at a notebook level. Then have password protected notebooks be excluded from search unless you enter the password to unlock those notebooks. And heck, maybe even also have protected notebook results, even when unlocked, be available (optionally) after the click of a button or link. For example, let's say you have Notebook A, Notebook B, and Notebook C. B and C are protected with different passwords. Notebook A is unprotected. You run a search. Results look like this: Result 1, result 2, result 3, etc. (all from Notebook A). [see results from locked Notebook B] -> click on this and you'll be prompted for a password to unlock notebook B. [see results from locked Notebook C] -> click on this and you'll be prompted for a password to unlock notebook C. In the left column, in the notebooks view, you would see a little lock symbol (like a padlock) next to locked notebooks. When unlocked, the lock symbol padlock would look unlocked. Click on the padlock again and you lock that notebook. On mobile, the experience might be a little different. You might allow the use of a PIN instead of a password, or Touch ID (iOS), face unlock, pattern unlock, etc.
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    Spectacularly unhelpful --- when you print a word doc it opens print pref in the word programme. The same happens in Evernote BUT there is no landscape/ portrait option. Please can you tell us how to print notes in landscape.
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    Really frustrating bug: When viewing a note on iOS (EN 8.15.1) if you click somewhere and try to edit, it always scrolls you all the way to the bottom of the note and puts the cursor there. It's really difficult to position the cursor anywhere else in the note if you are trying to edit something in the middle. I've found on long notes or notes with tables, it's basically impossible to edit so I end up just stuffing text at the end and having to go to the desktop app later to clean it up. This used to work much better, please fix!
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