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    I want to put in a plug here for the EverTool App. I'm not the developer, just a happy new user. It's a Windows 10 and Mac app that takes the text on your clipboard and formats it. So you can cut text out of Evernote, open up EverTool, select a predefined format, and then paste it back in. Voila! User-defined styles. Here's the forum posting that pointed me to it. So what's so cool about it? First, it's a nice, convenient way to get user-defined styles in Evernote. Second, one of the options for a style is "Parse Markdown". So you can write your note in Markdown, cut it, go to EverTool, select a style that parses Markdown, and paste your text back in, and you've got a nicely-formatted note that you wrote in Markdown. Third, one of the options for a style is "Format code", with a zillion predefined code formats. Fourth, each style can have a keyboard shortcut. So even without the EverTool app open, you can cut text, hit the shortcut for your style, and paste it back in. It's not quite as seamless as having built-in styles in Evernote, because you have to cut and paste your text before and after formatting it. But still, pretty cool. Fifth, and best of all - the keyboard shortcuts are not bound to Evernote, they are system-wide (at least in Windows 10 - I don't use a Mac, so I don't know for sure). So you can actually use them in other apps. Let me say that again: You can use the keyboard shortcuts from other apps to add standardized formatting, including Markdown and code styling, on standardized keys in other apps. Want to write your Word documents in Markdown? Want to add a code snippet to an email? EverTool has it covered. I don't know whether the developer intended it to work that way, but if he didn't thank goodness for unintended side effects! Now, if he can just get it working on Windows 7, I can use it at work to more easily format my emails in Lotus Notes. At least then, something will be easy in Lotus Notes.
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    I can select multiple notes in Evernote Android and change the Reminder date/time for all the selected notes. However, when I select multiple notes in Evernote Windows, it does not offer such an option to change Reminder. Did it miss it? Or is it hidden somewhere?
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    [Edit 8/6: we've released a hotfix to version 7.3 which addresses an issue we noticed with some shared notes not loading if you're a business user. Link below has been updated, and you can check updates for the latest.] Hi Folks - Version 7.3 is now generally available. Please download it here, or check for updates. We'll be ramping up distribution slowly - look for the same update in the App Store in a week or so. The team's really excited about all the improvements we've loaded up in this release including many bug fixes and the added the ability to quickly access your shared content via our new "Shared with Me" view. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac Team ----------------------- Version 7.3 New: Now there’s one easy place to find everything that’s been shared with you, including notes and notebooks. It’s a new feature called “Shared with Me,” and it’s in the sidebar below “Notebooks.” We think you’ll love it. Improved: We’ve made some improvements to search and you can now sort by relevance, so you can see the things that are... well, more relevant to what you’re looking for. We tweaked the way notebooks are highlighted in the sidebar when you open them, to make it easier for you to navigate. You can now use a forward slash when renaming your attachments. It’s the little things, right? Fixed: The “Go To Mac Forum...” link in the Preferences menu didn’t actually take you where you wanted to go. But we stopped and asked for directions so now you’re on the right path. If you dragged an image to your desktop, it would show up as a text file instead. Your pics deserve better, so we cleared that up. Tags used to be case insensitive, so you couldn’t create a lowercase tag if the same tag existed as uppercase. But we sent them to sensitivity training and now you can have it both ways. We’re doing a better job of remembering your settings when you close the app. In particular, the note list column and expanded card view will now stay just the way you like them. Now and then, you wouldn’t be able to expand or collapse items in the sidebar, which was kind of embarrassing. Somehow, tags weren’t appearing in your side list view. But we sorted it out. Previously you couldn’t drag notes or notebooks to the very bottom of your shortcuts list. Now you can put them wherever you like. Annotating an image would scale it back to its original size. You probably zoomed in for a reason, though, so we changed that. Sometimes the app would crash right after you installed it. Since you only get one chance to make a great first impression, we fixed that. Dragging and dropping a notebook could sometimes cause a crash. “Drag and crash” isn’t as much fun, but it’s all good now. We’ve also fixed a few specific issues that might have caused the app to crash, like interacting with the Formatting preferences pane and the Font selection panel, or using a saved search. But that’s all in the past.
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    is there a way to link to a specific line or part of a note? I know how to make links to other notes, but I'm asking if it's possible to link to certain part of a note within the same note, so internal links I have a lot of notes that range to fairly to very short because there is not much to say on the topic, so combining these notes into a longer one would be easier for organization purposes, but this also means that the typical method of linking means that the links to these combined notes goes to the start, not the specific topic or section that I want to directly go to
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    Hi. This is called Note History and it can go back as far as your account does - I have several years worth of note history in some cases, and can restore notes to any date. It is a premium feature, so you already have this protection (even if the note was created before you subscribed). All accounts can upgrade for a month - a few dollars - if and when it's necessary.
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    That's like saying that OneNote supports tagging. Yes, it does, but its implementation is so terrible that maintaining more than a dozen tags becomes impractical. Same with Evernote's "nested" support, which is limited at its best and useless at its worst. you can nest tags, but child tags are not aware of their parents and vice versa. It's basically a visual organization that Evernote itself is unaware of. you can nest notebooks, but only to 1 level. you cannot nest notes within a notebook, so you have to go through a brain damage of creating naming nomenclature, creating additional unnecessary notebooks or stacks, or creating one-off tags that mess up your entire tagging structure. So saying that Evernote "supports" nesting is a bit disingenuous, as you, as a "Guru" must know full well.
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    @DTLow describes the current behavior, but this does not fix our issue... and btw On Macs, the tabs do not hold "the specific note you're working on". is not true. The tabs do hold the information about which note is opened in that tab, because when I go back to an old tab, it still displays the correct note, and did not reset to the first note of the list for instance. We want to be able to work on different notes in parallel. Two possible solutions: 1) give us the possibility to "open note in a new tab" (instead of just "in a new window" like currently) 2) give us the option to make tab names reflect the note currently opened in the list of the tab, instead of the list criteria
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    My expectation is that regardless of any account level changes my notes will always be available. The usual cause for "completely wiped" is using a different userid/password.
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    Hi everyone, We've just released a hotfix that we believe fixes the issue folks have been having. Please ensure you're on the latest version (7.4.1) & let us know if you're still encountering issues with clipping. If you still have issues, which we hope you won't, please report them to the support team (Technical Issues>Other>Report a Bug...Chat Now or Submit Ticket). Thanks for your patience as we tackle this issue, Sydney, Product @ Clipper
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    Hi All, As many of you have noticed, the 'A' button is back, and should continue to be there for the foreseeable future. This choice was made based off of your feedback, and we want to thank you for providing it! Also, our apologies about any confusion! Please continue to share any other feedback you have regarding the editing bar for Evernote for Android. However, if you have new/different ideas or feedback, please search and comment on a thread that already exists or create a new thread. This way, we can get a better idea on the number of requests we're receiving. Thank you!
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    I'm running 6.13 now - didn't even realise that there was a new public release until @CATwoStep mentioned it... thanks! Printing and PDF-ing works for me, though the layout (as usual) leaves something to be desired... see the page break below. I rarely print however so there may be other issues. Also as usual if I'm printing something that needs 'proper' layout and style I'll use a word processing or a page layout app.
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    For your information, I have posted in forums and voted for the feature. This original post includes the statement "We believe gathering customer feedback will help determine what those needs are." I was simply providing my Premium customer feedback to help identify a need since they asked. Thank you for your constant monitoring and interest in the forum.
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    I have been a Premium subscriber for years and consider Evernote my most important production tool. My only frustration is that Evernote refuses to listen to us that we need improved printing capabilities. I get so frustrated every time I need to print a note and get 2 inch margins from my Mac. Contrary to some "experts" on the forum, it is important to print sometimes. I will continue my Premium subscription, but it is hard to understand why printing can't be improved as requested by so many users in this forum.
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    I wonder whether there's a typo in the script... it's supposed to be two steps forward and one step back...
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    Is Evernote staff ever going to respond about all the posts requesting basic printing functions? I have thousands of notes and there are times I want to print, but it is so frustrating being stuck with 2 inch margins and no page breaks or other formatting. Maybe it is worse on a Mac, but I can't believe you can't take the time to fix this or respond. I value Evernote too much and am hooked, but printing would make it my most favorite app. Maybe this year PLEASE!
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    DTLow, You think you are such an expert to say what is "relevant" because you haven't printed anything in over 8 years. All the hundreds of posts asking for basic printing capabilities is what is relevant. Just because you think it is not necessary to print doesn't make our desire or need any less relevant. Evernote needs to listen and respond to their users.
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    I have had Evernote Premium for over 2 years and my only disappointment is your inferior print/formatting features. It is frustrating and unacceptable that we can't control any printing of our notes. I have over 2500 notes and use Evernote for everything. That minimizes the need for printing, but when I need to print something I hate that I have no control and end up with huge margins, broken images and more pages than I need. Maybe I have missed Evernote's response or roadmap, but there are thousands of posts and replies about this over the years so it seems like something that should be taken seriously.
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    Its not cool tacking on to an ongoing discussion. You should post in the request forums or add your vote to an existing discussion.
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    We're closer to year 2018; not really relevant I'm definitely used to seeing margin adjustment in word processing applications I don't consider Evernote to be a replacement for a dedicaded Word Processing application
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    Not sure page numbering when printing notes is on Evernote's hit list. It's a deceptively 'simple' request, but requires Evernote to check paper sizes, insert page break code into your note and other printer related stuff - and it seems a bit at odds with their 'paper-free' ethos. Best options to print a long note with page breaks and numbers - cut and paste the contents into a word processor, add numbers and print from there.
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