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    Dear gazumped, Thank you for your answer. I will try get through to the team. Though it doesn't chance anything on a general note I may be able to continue as an Evernote subscriber. I am a little confused about the ticket thing, but will use your link for now. Edit: So I have now a ticket number 2592337... Hope I'm getting thought.
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    Why is HTML "ridiculous"? HTML is: Obviously, can be easily viewed in any web browser Used by more apps than RTF Easy to search and modify Imports into every word processor I know of Many information managers use HTML. BTW, you don't state what OS you're using, but in the macOS, you can use AppleScript to export Notes (or parts thereof) from Evernote Mac and import into most any other app.
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    I have been getting this message a lot for perhaps the past 2 months. I have a PLUS account and will want to Duplicate or Share a note I just now saved locally but get that message. I have sync set up for every 15 minutes but I guess that notes are synced when you save them... true? I bring this up because I never had a problem like that before.
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    Will anything replace it? There needs to either be an improved basic tier, or mid-level tier I think. Not sure how this was "less popular that we thought". I think the Evernote bean counters and the users may have differing opinions on popularity of it, vs, driving people to buy the expensive over-blown Premium tier that a lot of people don't need. Just remember, you're now competing with Office 365's FREE solution. Most offices have MS Office, granting them access to a shared notes system.
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    Hi All, I wanted to provide an update regarding some changes being made to Evernote's subscription plans. Beginning in early April 2018, we will remove the option to purchase new Plus subscriptions. For current Plus subscribers, nothing will change. Your subscription will continue to renew and you can still expect to see all of the ongoing improvements to Evernote, including note editing and formatting, search, organization, and more. So, why the change? In the three years since it was introduced, Plus has proven to be less popular than we thought it would be. This tells us that we need to find a better solution to meet your needs. We believe gathering customer feedback will help determine what those needs are. In the meantime, we will hold off on selling new Plus subscriptions.
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