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    OCR = Optical Character Recognition. An image of text needs to be OCRd to be searchable, so Evernote automatically extracts text from these and indexes them so you can search them. As for when/why notes would be accessed, the only case I know of where an employee would actually look directly at a note is during the tech support process, if there's some problem with a note and you give them permission to look at the problem note(s). It was stressed a lot during my orientation that we want to protect your data. Access to it should only be done by machines, like those that are doing OCR, or indexing for search, etc. But as s2sailor recommended, the best way to secure them is to attach an encrypted file. That way it is basically impossible for us to be able to access it (note that this also excludes its content from search, because our machines can't make any sense of it either).
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    ?️? ??‍♀️?‍♂️✈️?️
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    This sounds like a classic case of Two Different Accounts. If that's it, whatever login you're using on the desktop and the new Android device is different from the one on your original device. It's incredibly easy to do this by accident. Try investigating the login details in both situations. If there are two accounts, then try just logging in with the original one on the desktop and new device. This assumes you still have access to the original Android device to login there!
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    Third party cloudHQ can be used to backup your Evernote data. As a cloud service, there is no device requirement.
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    Oops! My bad. Apologies. Now I need to figure out who/what to follow to stay on top of this issues. But that is on me. Thanks for the correction.
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    Looks like Windows to me. The Windows 6.13.2 beta version has entries for the "Copy Internal Link" command on the main menu Note item and the context menu for when you right click on a note in the note list; both of these show an associated shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+L
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    I'm getting the same errors all the time, usually associated with long time-outs. Sometimes notebooks and tags are not updated. 17:10:19 [ERROR ] [14648] [12048] 50% EDAMUserException: errorCode=PERMISSION_DENIED parameter="ResourcesUpdateRequest" 17:10:19 [INFO ] [14648] [12048] 50% Failed to update the note contents and/or failed to add resource(s) to note. uid = 7885 I'm on Windows 10 Pro version 18.03 OS build 17134.112
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    Forgot to mention, I have the same problem with three different Mac running the app. So it's clearly not an issue with the computer.
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    This is not correct. Support via the Evernote support page is a paid feature. But in the forums here, Premium and Basic users carry exactly the same weight (whatever weight that may be). As for Evernote's disinterest in solutions, check these posts in other threads on the same topic (of which there are several):
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    Probably not a panacea, but I found a workaround - at least for the use case I most commonly encounter with this bug. Firstly, I'm on version " (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)". Secondly, the issue I encountered is loss of focus when ALT-TABing between an Evernote note and another window. As it turned out, I found this was happening only when I had a search term in the "Search notes" field. Removing the search term eliminated the focus problem. Adding a search term back in the Search field caused the problem to reappear. Sounds like there are likely other use cases that have a similar issue, but for me, this is the most common and the above workaround should suffice until the underlying bug is addressed. Hope this helps some others too, as it's a nitty one. -sm-
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    To all Guru's that keep saying the same thing about being able to do the same thing with tag. This maybe so but is not the point. Clearly for at least the last 9 Years people have been asking for the ability to nest stacks. We pay for this product and this is what we want so do it already.
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    I could not manage with the 60MB limit, however I've seen no evidence of "business methods that are not really trustworthy" You should be aware that even the simplest of edits will result in the entire note being uploaded, and reflect against your upload allowance
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