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    Hey All, We’ve recently updated Evernote Help and Learning, and I wanted to provide some context to those changes, and how they may affect you. Specifically, we’ve added updates that enables the Evernote Help Center to tailor itself to each user’s individual needs, based on the user’s subscription level. With the new updates you can: Browse articles - Learn how to use Evernote products and find answers to product- and account-related questions Contact support - Get in touch with someone on our support team Manage support tickets - View and update currently opened support tickets You can learn more here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/360001462848
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    Making it easier to contact us y'all. More to come.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Hello. I'm a premium Evernote user. One of my main uses of Evernote is to make lists of websites or articles I find useful in a single note as multi level bulleted lists and linking them to their URL so it's easily clickable. This is very easy to do in the Desktop and Web app using the Ctrl+K shortcut or the Add Link button. But the Android app doesn't have an option to add hyperlink to a word or a sentence. This is a very basic function and should have been easy to implement even on Android. I'm posting this forum post from my phone and even this text box has a link option but the Evernote app doesn't! I would request the Android developer team to consider it. A simple button beside the Bold, Italic buttons at the bottom to add a hyperlink would be very useful. Thanks.
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    Hello Everyone, Today we're announcing the availability of version 6.13 Beta 3. You can download it here or check for updates (make sure you've opted in to get Beta updates from Options.) If you're one of the small group of users that have seen annoying blue boxes around their content and attachments, or you found yourself unable to edit all notes without downgrading -- this build's for you. Please check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks, Nick and the Windows Team at Evernote ------------ Release Notes for Version 6.13 Beta 3 Note: Versions 6.13 is supported in Windows OS versions 7 and up. Improved (cumulative changes since version 6.12): Optional disabling of video hardware (GPU) acceleration while note editing Optional verbose logging feature for issues that occur while note editing Encryption between the client and server has been beefed up. We let users save audio locally if they’ve exceeded the note size Users are prevented from making content changes when the Evernote client database is locked by another process (e.g., antivirus scanner) Evernote client asks once and remembers when you don't want to see a "note move" notification. More easily manage and navigate your notebooks from the Notebooks View. You can access this by selecting 'Notebooks' from the left panel. Messaging to alert the user when they're approaching their notebook limit Fixed (cumulative changes since version 6.12): Sync icon (blue arrow) reliably hides when changes are synced We close open note windows when you quit Evernote, just like you would expect Some users were seeing blue boxes around items in their notes or weren't able to edit notes -- that's gone Emojis sometimes now get rendered properly in the title and body Business notebooks can now be moved in shortcuts Kanji characters no longer render in a Mandarin font Clicking quickly around in the note list no longer opens the wrong note The cursor stays in the note body when the user navigates away from the title field Files can be consistently reattached after deleting or undoing an editing action Print behavior works consistently between the main note and single note view Work Chat no longer flags an inbound message as a new thread when it’s not Notebook count is correct Large lists of notes and tags are scrollable as expected We gracefully handle when some video cards incorrectly report their capabilities Some users were intermittently unable to add a new note. We patched that. Numbered lists keep their numbering sequence intact consistently Drag & Drop of files and documents from Evernote to other apps Keyboard shortcut for renaming Notebook Stacks now consistently works Note statistics remain on screen when expected And of course: Misc. other product bug fixes and improvements.
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    I'm a long time evernote (free) user. I need to collaborate with someone on a project and decided evernote would be a good platform to do it. But we've run into a problem before we've even got started. When setting up our shared notebooks we soon discovered that any note created by either of us on an ANDROID device in a notebook (created by either of us and shared with editing permissions) does not sync to the evernote servers. I can create a note outside the shared notebook and share that note with my partner and all works as expected – the note syncs and the other person can edit the note and it re-syncs no problem. Also – any note I created on the web version (and moved to the shared notebooks) using my iMac and chrome CAN be edited by the other person and syncs OK. But – any note created on an android device within a shared notebook does not sync and the note has a little green up arrow top right of the note in note list view to indicate the failed sync, when forcing a sync the evernote android app gives the error - NETWORK ERROR, Unable to sync files (or something similar). We've gone through all the troubleshooting procedures on the EN site and none has fixed this issue. We've both tried creating notes in the shared notebook using an android device and we are both having the same issue. I discovered that we may not be the only people to have this problem when I found this recent post on the EN forums: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/113878-shared-notes-not-syncing/
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    Nice. Didn't realize that that was an edit control...
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    If using Windows, you can't auto generate a new title, but you can change the title before you save the clip by editing it at the top of the clip screen. Chrome example shown.
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    A notebook has to exist before the note is created. Per @DTLow the note will be created in the notebook in focus when the new note is created, so select the notebook, create the note is the process.
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    On a Mac and iPad, new notes are created in the selected notebook Using import folders (Mac/Windows), a different notebook can be set for each folder. Using scripting on a Mac, the notebook can be assigned based on criteria.
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    It is the most basic feature of all editors. And it is broken! And most sad part, I am paying for this poor service.
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    Makes sense It's pretty obvious the focus is not the customers. But to be fair i think its a trend among software companies in general
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    I just noticed that there is an Evernote integration within Microsoft Teams now. It is very nice but you can only post one note as a tab, would be nice to post my business notebooks (from personal account) in here not just individual notes. Also, I am curious whether anybody is utilizing this integration and what benefits they have seen or any comments they might have.
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    That is interesting. I am surprised they did any sort of integration since they push using OneNote in Teams. I'm not using it, but hopefully someone gets back to you on what they think.
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    I think you may be looking for Settings > Notifications > Add notes from notification bar. That places the "Add note" (in English versions) in the pull-down notification area.
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    Anyone knows a better alternative app that has a dark theme ? I’m uninstalling evernote
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    I agree. I signed up for Business to check out Spaces. Spaces are great, but not worth paying for two accounts when you only need one...
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    Hopefully the beta build will be updated soon to help fix this. Right now, Evernote is completely unusable on iOS 12 on iPhone. I rely on Evernote a lot. So I will not update my iPad until this is working.
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    Ticket status is not available to the user population. Users have an e-mail contact to discus their own tickets. For myself when reporting a bug, I consider my involvement completed after submitting the ticket. Evernote is aware of the bug, and will address it as per priorities and scheduling.
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    Yes please fix it asap...it makes me crazy Thanks
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    Premium user also chiming in regarding a dark mode. As somebody who uses the "Dark Reader extension" and also has Visual Studio running Dark mode, and Sublime - at this point all modern IDE/editors really should support a dark-type theme. Forced white background on every note is really jarring. What's frustrating is that Evernote *ALREADY* supports a kind of dark mode.... but only in Presentation Mode. So the functionality is already there, it's just a matter of integrating it into the main editor.
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    I gave up on the automatic numbering and found that when I put a number and period in front of a paragraph, Evernote reads it as a numbered list. So I put a bullet list after a numbered list item. I spaced down and typed the next number in, and Evernote picked it up as a numbered list item and used the number I had typed. I still had to indent the bullet lists, which Evernote changed to a lower-level bullets, but I'm not that picky. I'm using Evernote on Windows 7.
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    Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been mentioned, or you may already know, but I have just learned about this in Evernote for Windows Desktop version; https://www.evernote.com/shard/s276/sh/71ed069b-adae-4942-94e0-2b65ced29925/bc9fde2a63a2464b15f3f307486cb025 You can drag the Inknote icon to the toolbar and then handwrite
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    Had the exact same issue with Chrome on my Mac. It was set as the default browser and correctly opened when using hyperlinks in all my apps, except Evernote. It was correctly set in the system preferences as "Google Chrome.app" was the selected choice. In order to fix it I had to do the following: Set the "Default web browser" to "Safari.app" Open a link from within Evernote (it opened Safari) Change the "Default web browser" to "Google Chrome.app" Open a link from Evernote (it opened Chrome)
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    Same thing happened to me using Evernote Desktop for Windows - a few missed keystrokes and my entire note disappeared. Cntrl-Z to undo didn't work. Here is what I did to recover it. * I simply logged into my Evernote.com account in my browser, * Opened the note in question (which hadn't been synced yet) * Copied the contents of the note to my clipboard * Pasted the contents back into the note on Evernote Desktop Thanks for not syncing very quickly Evernote!
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    I've been a long user of Evernote on iOs, Mac, Windows, and web. I keep a weekly note for simple todos and such. Its organized with bullet points and has worked fine for a year+. Within the past couple days however I'm noticing that frequently the depth and spacing of bulleted items gets completely wrecked when I come back to a note. This Is How It Should Look But I'll come back to the note or load it from mobile, or from web (there's no set pattern as to the cause) And The Note Now Looks Like This And I can't just go back up to those bullets and tab them over. It's completely hosed in the metadata. I try to tab and it ends up like First line Broken indent Broken indent Example shots attached. This is an extremely breaking bug. For my usage of Evernote, this renders the product entirely broken. What the hell is going on?
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