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    Folks, thank you for the feedback. The Mac team is aware of these issues and we will be reviewing them with our design team in the very near future.
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    Would be great to be able to merge notes within the app. I merge notes all the time on desktop, which is good for consolidating related content. Would love to be able to do this on mobile.
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    Dear Evernote, For the past 8 years, Evernote has been my main application for capturing, storing, structuring and finding my information. In recent years I’ve captured information in literally thousands of notes. But unfortunately, my love for Evernote is over. Over the past few years I have seen little improvement in Evernote, at least improvements that are helpful for me as a frequent Evernote user. With every new version, Evernote introduces many new bugs and removes features which I did not ask for. I have no longer the idea that the Evernote team is working hard to improve the application according to things we ask for. There might have been put a lot of energy in the Spaces functionality and the business options, but I wasn't waiting for these features and would have preferred a stable Evernote version with new features like Mark down, presentation and theme's (which I think many people are waiting for). It is unfortunate, but it is what it is. It is time to look for another love to which I can entrust my information and knowledge. So long Evernote!
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    Warrant of merchantability To be "merchantable", the goods must reasonably conform to an ordinary buyer's expectations, i.e., they are what they say they are. I think this applies to the editor in particular, Beta or GA at this point. Hence people getting so PO’d at the one step forward two steps back of the last six months IAC, mystery to me why anyone of influence at EN would allow this to continue. Particularly if the company is attempting to attract more business users. Let alone it is just shoddy.
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    So. As I was saying... I don't think there's any mystery to setting up a Mind Map and linking to Evernote content - I do that myself. I started out with Mind Manager, but now use Freeplane for my mind maps, largely because a MM subscription is 4x my Premium Evernote costs, and FP is free! Freeplane also has all the features I use, without some MM corporate bells and whistles that I never got into. I use links by copying the note link and pasting into the app's standard fields, which adds a red arrow to show it's a link. You can see from the pic that I'm editing one of the items to show the link content, but they come out as the note titles, just like they would in the app. This is a separated out part of my current 'to-do' map, and this is priority-5 (ie: "one of these days, maybe...") That, as they say, is a JOLLY good question. I'm just starting my 50th or maybe 60th annual "there must be a better way to do this" bit of navel gazing, which is why this topic is getting particular attention. I still don't use just one app for all my needs - currently it's Freeplane / Ticktick / Evernote, with rather more attention to Evernote recently. The big thing about getting things done is actually doing stuff, so no matter how cobbled together a solution I have, I'll concentrate on using it to the best of my ability. Serious testing of alternatives never ends well - I've swapped between apps before now because of some new feature that App A introduces, only to find that App B (that I just moved from) then catches up a few weeks or months later with something at least as good. I even moved back once... The main problem has always been that there is never just one solution. To-do apps don't usually have built in calendars except for a top dozen or so - although from my comment above I'd expect the rest to be catching up eventually. Ticktick does have a calendar and it's easy to add events that have a specific date, although only recently has it been possible to add durations. (The best answer to that was to repeat an event daily for a short period, but then you get a reminder every day unless you remember to cancel it... ?) Ticktick doesn't have multiple calendars like Google, so you can switch holidays / personal / business dates on or off, but it does have Lists that you can filter on or off in the calendar which seems to give the same effect. It also copes with tasks that do not have dates (yet) so from my example pic above I was just listing and linking to clips that might prompt a blog post. No dates yet required. The one things that Ticktick doesn't do well is sub-tasks. They come up within the main task window as a one-level tickbox list with no scope for details. I'd hope to have the same options for subtasks as for main tasks. The answer is to list all my tasks as main tasks and link them with #tags, or to use Ticktick to hold the headings and link to details kept in another app. (Guess which...) (I don't use Google Calendar or Google To Do directly because it's just too long a job to add tasks to it unless they come through Gmail, but Ticktick will sync its calendar to Google.) ...I was going to go into even more detail, but I just reminded myself of an Evernote basic: the 'best' way to do something is whatever works for you. I know others use GTD themed apps, tagging and notebook changes, reminders and other to-do software. The ONLY important factor though is that the user must be able to use the system consistently and accurately and quickly. Speed is important, otherwise you spend more time organizing than actually working, which always a Bad Thing. Thanks @TK0047 for the link to Cardsmith, though I see it's a Chrome thing. I'm all Fox over here... Now. Back to actual work!
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    Thanks @gazumped This is a good idea to get some inspiration and techniques to get out of the "linear" structure. I liked the post from Tangle (kinda going back to the thread I guess ), here is the link: https://usetangle.com/blog-tools-of-the-trade/ This really is a good graph they created to summarize. I posted to Cardsmith's Facebook page the other day about any possible integrations with Evernote. Cardsmith has potentials too, if you guys have not checked it out. And I was telling the developers over there about how things are linear in Evernote and that I would like to be able to look at a set of notes in a blank canvas like a mind map and move them around, connect them, flip them over etc. So until Tangle or one of these guys come up with something, what are the best practices to review your notes, make connections and get ideas?
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    Yes this is exactly the behaviour, the lack of communication and involvement with the usergroup strikes me. Evernote is going down-hill. I leave with pain in my heart. Evernote has so much potental but it doesn't show. I'm in the process of selecting an alernative, will let you know how I ended up @TK0047, thanks for your kind words!
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    I think this is a concern for many users. Unfortunate to see good, long time users leave the product in my opinion. They cannot make everybody happy but lack of communication (e.g. acknowledging issues, providing feedback on some decisions etc.) is not acceptable to me. I worked for a company where the senior executives did not acknowledge the employee turnover, did not relay information about people quitting, you would find out by word of mouth and people would speculate at many levels. If you come out and face the facts, nobody would speculate and you may close out issues. Users are asking about why some features are being removed that seemed to be useful to many or why some changes are being made. For example, for me, I don't get the reason behind the new PDF view in the Windows app. There was nothing wrong with the older version and it actually fit in better with the unified note look. I don't know the reason so I keep talking about it, if somebody came out and explained the need (as they saw) for the change I can let it go. Nonetheless, good luck with your new system. Feel free to share your transition and what solution you choose.
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    Its a hidden option, hold down option key (on MAC) and then click Help
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    Not going to touch this one: if you want to consider using Evernote, the app starts out free, so start using it with some test data. If it works for you go with it. If not, find something else. I can't do due diligence for anyone else. Plus constantly searching for 'the best' of anything is largely a waste of time. All apps evolve to be pretty much the same as any other app in that class in due time. I've changed to-do apps several times over the years, always for a better feature somewhere else... only to find that my old app added that feature after a few months anyway. Pick one. Stick with it. Get things done!
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    I remember when I first found the real value of suggested note title.... I had an event on my device calendar and I took notes directly in Evernote during the event. I noticed it gave my note a relevant title given the connection to my calendar. It was contextual not just to Evernote, but my events in my calendar. At moment the light bulb went on and I realized the genius of this feature. It saved me the time of creating a note title. It furthered my connection to Evernote. Why take it away? Did it really take up that much overhead in app performance? Please consider bringing it back.
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    Voted. We need this ASAP. Imagine how much space Evernote takes from Business users. 10GB max per user, multiplied by 50 users = 50GB possible data added per month. For a standard 256GB SSD, this means you will need to uninstall Evernote from your laptop in about 3-4 months. Evernote will not prosper in the Business environment with this kind of imitation.
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    Hi all, We appreciate you writing in; keep voting on your request for this feature on the Mac in this thread so our developers can see how many of our users want it and keep the votes in one place. Cheers!
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