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    A recent update to Chrome seems to have broken Clipper completely. Evernote responded by diving in and fixing it with an emergency bypass, but the 'new' clipper lacks notebook selection and comments amongst other things. Evernote say they'll bring back missing features when they can (my wording - they may have been more definite and more urgent than that). If you want want Evernote to put fixing the Chrome clipper and bringing back all the original features to the top of the list and treat it as Priority 1, please vote here! Remember you can still use other browsers, or change your workflow to get around these missing features, but the changes completely break any Chrome users' workflow!!
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    Thank you for Evernote and the Clipper. Please allow me to register my upvote as well. I would like to see these Web Clipper Chrome extension features reinstated: 1. Keyboard shortcuts. 2. Ability to customize keyboard shortcuts. 3. The note/comment field. 4. The folder search field. 5. Highlighting. 6. The ability to search for tags by typing any text that occurs in the tag name -- NOT JUST the beginning of the name. In addition, I would like these new features: 1. In past versions of the Clipper, about 10%-25% of the time I would often get a dialog (the same sort of dialog that JavaScript's window.alert() method creates), saying the Web Clipper couldn't be started on that page. Nevertheless, the Clipper UI did always come up once I clicked the OK button. (I haven't used today's iteration of the Clipper enough to see if this is still an issue.) Please fix that. 2. Make keyboard shortcuts work CONSISTENTLY (in past versions, my main Clipper shortcut key didn't do anything about 25%-50% of the time, but hitting the toolbar icon almost always worked). 3. The ability to add reminder date/time notification when clipping. 4. Stop resetting Clipper preferences when the extension is updated (e.g. changing the folder option to auto-file; changing the action to perform once Clipper is done; etc.)
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    I'm a premium member, in other words, I'm not expecting to get something for nothing. How could anyone think that removing the Remarks section and making it more difficult to select a notebook was a sensible change?
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    Being a developer, I understand how difficult it is to please all users all the time (spoilers: you can't). I also understand that when you have a freemium model, there is the potential to have more users with less resources (i.e. money), and that can lead to things not always being addressed in the most satisfactory manner for all involved (see previous spoiler). To alleviate this somewhat, I think that ensuring a changelog is published to the end user whenever functionality is changed drastically (all major versions, most minor versions, optional on patches) would help tremendously. Sure, a changelog isn't going to solve the problem of dissatisfaction (see previous spoilers) but it will allow your users to prepare for potential changes to their workflow and enable your CX reps and developers to prepare for questions and "bug" reports. Transparency in communication is never a bad thing for the customer or the employee experience, even if the changes are features (not bugs) and are not going to be reverted. Evernote already has a beta program with the desktop apps and the mobile apps, I propose there should be beta versions of all the tools in the suite. That way, when the Chrome web clipper is being rebuilt from the ground up you can reach out to your premium customers who wish to be part of the beta program (like me) to get their feedback on the changes. Are there limitations in the new features that were unforeseen in the planning stage? Hammer it out in the beta phase. Whoops, didn't realize that this version wouldn't play well with the RC version of the desktop app? Better for users and your employees to know that now instead of when it's critical. Evernote has become a ubiquitous part of many people's workflows, both professional and personal, paid and freemium users. Changes - even small ones - can have far-reaching impacts when those changes are unexpected and untested in a production environment with actual users. Evernote is a useful service, and issues such as this are relatively easy to intercept in the user testing process. Doing so will enable your customers to focus on their workflows, not the tools that build them. Thank you for your product, your development time, your CX time, your marketing time, and most importantly your eyeball time in reading this. Have a great day!
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    Hi Nick, Can we get any information on the status for the PDF viewer in Evernote? Everyone hates it. Features were removed, including drag and drop, and people have been expressing disdain and regret over this for months in the forum. Can we get an answer from someone at Evernote that we're even being heard? Will we get that functionality back? Can we opt-out of the Chrome PDF viewer you've decided to use? I have personally chosen to stop using Evernote and move to a different product because of this. Not just the complete breaking of a useful feature of your product, but because of Evernote staff's lack of response in addressing our concerns. I have lost faith in the company, in addition to the product. A direct answer from staff, for once, would make a big difference. Thank you.
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    I don't understand, why we should vote to fix the Chrome Clipper? Evernote shouldn't break the clipper functionality in first place. We are paying them for their service. They are not doing us any favor, rather disservice.
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    This is a must EVERNOTE. PLEASE FIX THIS Search folders... comments.. Why did you remove this????
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    I would like the ability to select a notebook by typing the first few letters. This was very helpful in previous versions of the webclipper. I'm getting really tired of Evernote taking away functionality. I get that they want to do fun new things like group collaboration, but stop busting the basic functionality we've come to rely on and pay for!
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    I concur - please get this "Remark" field re-instated and fixed and make doing so a PRIORITY. Also, the screen capture is not working as it used to - completely weird interface - it is not allowing partial capture as well as full screen captures in Chrome. I use this feature multiple times per day and need it to work as it did. This "upgrade" is not desirable - I hope Evernote you are watching and listening to your paid customers - this is not viewed as an "upgrade" by us.
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    So infuriating. Why do a "ground-up rebuild" then launch while it is still missing multiple critical workflow elements that users have relied on for years? This kind of ***** really pisses of long-term (paid) users. I expect a lot better than this from a mature, paid tool. I can't even get my Clipper keyboard shortcut to work, after depending on it for years. Not to mention clip Notes.
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    Guys. Guys. One of the most used features on Webclipper, IMHO, is the highlight feature. I used to use it every day, on a lots of articles captured. But now it's gone. I already asked support about it, but they say it was removed and they will "notice the developers about that". It was about, not sure, 1 week ago. Since then, there is a new version of the extension (7.0.1) and my hopes to have highlight again on this new version were gone after install. So, what the heck. Why this feature was removed? I use it a LOT! I want it back! I'm losing a lot of info and having a lot of work when I need to capture the full article and goes to Evernote to highlight the parts I want. Btw, Evernote web doesn't have the highlight feature also! Come on! I need to change the text color on the parts I want. What can be done about that?
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    Suddenly I cannot use the search function for a notebook within the Chrome web clipper. Please bring it back!!! It was such a time saver to type in a keyword to find just the right notebook or multiple notebooks for a clip. The way you have changed it now, it is several steps back in productivity. So disappointed. And NO REMARKS????!!!! Wow. Please bring this back. It was such a great feature!!! Double disappointed.
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    +++ I also miss the "leave out tags from suggestions when already selected" function. Web clipper is the most important tool for my everyday research. So I really need a quick way to categorize my notes and to select the appropriate notebook. The new version is very slow because we have to scroll down through all the notebooks.
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    Where is Evernote? I thought they are reading the forum. A good company would jump in and give us some explanation, but they don't care. Maybe in 3 or 4 months they will come with a solution, like they did with the Android Clipper. It is time to find another application!!!!!
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    Agree with everyone on the point that this new release removed essential features. While we wait for evernote's scrum team to restore the essential functionality, does anyone know of a way to downgrade the extension to the previous version (6.13.2)???
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    Hi, when I open a note, the app would freeze and after few minutes it closed. See screenshot. I tried to reinstall the app, restart my phone, deleted some of my notes thinking it was some space issue but it is still persistent, it keeps on crashing down when i open this specific note. Does anyone experience the same? And how can it be fixed? Thanks
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    In version 6.13.2 of the Web Clipper, there was a field for "Add remark". That field is now missing from version 7.0.2 of the Web Clipper. I absolutely need this field to add comments and notes to articles that I save. Please bring back this very helpful feature of the Web Clipper. Attached is a screenshot collage showing the difference between version 6.13.2 and 7.0.2 of the Web Clipper. You'll see that the "Add remark" field is missing.
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    Hi All! We're very excited to announce the launch of Spaces for Evernote Business! We invite you to learn more from our CEO Chris O'Neil via his recent interview with Forbes: Forbe's Interview Check out this guide if you're looking for information regarding how to get started with Spaces, as well as this brief demo video. Make sure to check out the Event Calendar as we added some webinars to help our users get started with Spaces. Also, we've added special areas in the forums to report possible technical issues, or to provide feedback. If you encounter a technical issue, please go here. If you have feedback, please share it here. As always, if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me directly!
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    You're absolutely right. A company considerate of its customers would have issued a statement fully explaining the situation. Some people seem to think the fault lies primarily with Chrome. How much notice does Chrome give when it makes a major change? Did Evernote have an opportunity to anticipate the changes so there would be less disruption? At this point, who knows what to believe? I've used Evernote for several years now. I'm amazed that its response to PR crises remains non-existent or exceedingly bush league. The only conclusion is it doesn't care. Of course, that makes protestations like last year's that the subscription fee was raised in order to focus on core features and customer service ring all the more hollow. UPDATE: Another person in this thread who contacted Evernote wrote that the rebuild had nothing to do with an update to Chrome.
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    The Company should have issued a formal announcement about this to everyone. I have yet to see one. As others have pointed out, no one from the Company has appeared in these threads with any answers. I had to go on Twitter with my questions and the responses were far from complete. Evernote never seems to learn how to treat its customers.
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    Ok. Even weirder. I closed and reopened the app and it's fine now. My bad. I guess I should have tried that first.
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    The changes in the recent Evernote clipper have essentially destroyed my daily productivity flow. For me, this is a diaster. Please restore missing elements immediately.
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    Evernote did not display anything on the lock screen or always-on display before. I suspect you're right that this is a case of "nothing to see here, folks."
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    I agree - please restore the remark option in web clipper! I use it a lot.
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    If voting is what is required to get functionality back then consider this my vote for yes, please make fixing the Chrome extension a priority. The missing comments section has completely destroyed my workflow. I'm not sure about Chrome itself, but I use Vivaldi, a Chrome based browser, and I was able to restore version 6.13.2 as long as I also keep the new version installed but disabled to prevent auto updating. If you don't have the new version installed as well, it will update and overwrite the older, better extension. There does not seem to be any problems running the older version in Vivaldi either. Everything functions as it always has. It's likely only going to last until the next Vivaldi update when they catch up to Chrome and add whatever it was which broke the extension in the first place.
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    As of yesterday morning I cannot clip an image. I cannot highlight text in a page while clipping. I cannot add remarks while clipping. I am using Chrome browser. The clipping function works fine still on Microsoft Edge. Seems like changes were made overnight. What is going on here? Please advise.
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    I will join to the people complaining about the new pdf viewer. I much prefer the in-line view of previous versions. It's impossible in majority of the cases to see the full pdf, then you are scrolling the note itself and it stops in the pdf window, and the lack of the icons to annotate or drag it's not reasonable. Although, I recognize that in the case where there are pdf with multiple pages in one note the pdf window is interesting and a good feature, but needs some work. Thanks
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    Thanks for the heads up! I thought that 7.17 was the current version and had been running it on a newly acquired ASUS ZenPad S8 Z380M running Nougat. I found some major problems with it that have been corrected in 7.17.1, like the oversized fonts when cutting and pasting within an EN document and having URLs be live links while editing. I was starting to look for an older version that did not have those problems which would have been a waste of time because 7.17.1 is really slick.
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    ICYMI - To stress how you feel about this please vote here:
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    I found out what is happening. It is pasted on the location of the mouse. So when I mark the cursor on one specific place but then move the mouse (and leave the cursor blinking) it will be pasted on the place of the mouse and not the cursor. Not sure if this is a bug or done on purpose. Though I think it makes more sense to past on the place of the cursor.
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    It worked for me randomly earlier, but doesn't work right now, so I assume it's not fixed yet... And yes, scrolling down all notebooks is far from ideal or useful - who in EN was so genius as to remove the previous functionality??
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    I could not agree more. I don't know if it's related, but I was here yesterday because there is no longer any functionality for the web clipper from inside the New York Times's mobile app. Features like group collaboration are of zero interest to me. I want to be able to save clips and other notes and be able to retrieve them quickly in a decent format. I want more notebooks.
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    Strongly agree. They removed not only remarks but the type-to-scroll-to-folder feature, as well as tabbing to the Save button. This has impacted my workflow and enjoyment, especially since it's clunky to add remarks to a note once it's clipped into the client.
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    I agree, I add remarks to many of my notes, it's a very useful feature that has been removed. When I manually add comments to the top of my notes I have to reformat them from bold title text. It's a mess.
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    Voting to make this a priority. This has been a significant Downgrade to my productivity.
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    I simply want to concur with other users here - Evernote, I hope you are listening - you're paid users are voicing their concern over this update - please bring back critical functionality that people use ASAP. The "Remark" field I use many times a day - having to go over to clips in Evernote the app is a hassle. I want to be able to do this while on the clip that I have just done.
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    I typically web-capture between 20 to 40 news events each morning. All I did was change my Evernote password a couple days ago, and it forced an unannounced upgrade to Evernote Web Clipper (now Besides not permitting the first few letters of the notebook for a quick search, And removing the "add remarks" it also Turned on the oddly named and frustrating "Smart Filing" for automatic notebook selection It also turned on the disastrous "Smart Filing" for tag selections It changed the start in "Simplified Article" to "Last used action" Fortunately, I caught all these changes today, just a couple days after changing my password. So I methodically went back through all my recent web clippings and corrected them. Hey Evernote! Boo! Hiss! Jeer! Rasberry! Bronx cheer!
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    You can utilize a text expander to create a combination of key strokes to select all and change the size. I have Breevy on a Windows computer and for example I have one to change the color of the text. It is easy to create and it comes in handy. There is also AutoHotKey scripts that are discussed here in the forums which others use.
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    Chrome built in PDF viewer. Well, so much for privacy. What's next, Google buys Evernote? To open the PDF in your preferred/default viewer right click the PDF and select Open. Instead of double clicking on it? That is a very very bad idea. deliaknight, RIGHT ON! "What happened to the drag and drop feature from evernote, if you had a pdf in evernote you could drag and drop to desktop or wherever. Now you can't do that and have to right click it, save it, rename, on and on. That was one of the greatest features of Evernote for someone who scans all the time straight into Evernote and then you just drag and dropped files on your computer and other programs. Or if you have to send an email you just drag and dropped the pdf. Not having this feature anymore is like stepping back in time. Will this feature be available again or a way to install previous version of Evernote?" You have to view the PDF as an attachment before you can drag it. The worst thing is it doesn't show the whole document any more. You have a scroll window in a scroll window. Bad UI. It used to be superfast to scroll through an entire note even if it had multiple PDFs in it. The new PDF holder has a large grey background/border taking up a lot of screen space. SUMMARY / CONCLUSION: Evernote really needs to ditch this Google gizmo.
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    Why is this a general release? The last half a dozen betas are alphas and general releases were barely betas. This one cannot have all the bugs fixed that have been reported. There is no way. It has been released way too soon, with not enough testing. And many bugs are threat to the users data? Why is this a general release? This is barely 6.11 beta 2, but more likely alpha 2, not a general release. Why has it been released? Why are standards of quality so low? This needs to be tested extensively for at least few months, and all the reported bugs fixed, with no new ones introduced. There is no way you have done that. I would like to speak to a product manager, or someone behind these release choices? Someone who has the authority and is responsible for releasing buggy, unfinished products that make it very likely to lose personal and professional data. Along with many other unwanted product behaviors. (And also someone who will actually answer the phone or forum post, and not some dead end forum thread no one answers.) And where is the known issues list? Because I'm pretty sure you know the issues reported that have not been corrected. I'm almost ready to bet that several upcoming posts here in this thread will show that as they always do. Ever since 6.5.4 release, when all this started. New editor, and rapid release of more bugs. Including changes to layout no one asked for, while bugs remain. Payed user here. I am not upgrading, until you guys actually release a stable, reliable product. Something that I'm paying for but not getting. The price has gone up more than six months ago, and we lost atlas and few other features, got bunch of bugs that seem to multiply with each release. Making it not only annoying but actually unstable to use. Last time I tried, after 6.5.4 version which I'm currently using, I lose precious data. Ever since than I'm reading forums and Its a disaster. All the regular forum users here know it. Once again, why is this a general release and not alpha or beta release, and why is it not being tested more? In order to correct all the bugs and make sure its safe to use.
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    I find extremely frustrating to be blocked from accessing my notes via an iPad without using the app. For that reason I am looking for another note solution, Zoho or DS Note are in sight for me.
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    Hmmn. That definitely doesn't look like a temporary glitch. Best advice is to raise this on https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a subscriber, Twitter - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if not. - You'll at least (eventually) get an individual response from Evernote. As and when you do, please post it back here for any other Chrome users with this issue. Edit: related post -
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    It's annoying when you scroll down through the note and unwittingly hit a PDF. The scroll 'stops' at the bottom of the PDF, so you have to move the mouse pointer off the PDF to the small part of the screen that is actually the note itself and start scrolling again. It used to be superfast to scroll through an entire note even if it had multiple PDFs in it.
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    I'm on 7.17.1 (the current version), and it's working fine.
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    The worst thing is it doesn't show the whole document any more. You have a scroll window in a scroll window. Bad UI.
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    What happened to the drag and drop feature from evernote, if you had a pdf in evernote you could drag and drop to desktop or wherever. Now you can't do that and have to right click it, save it, rename, on and on. That was one of the greatest features of Evernote for someone who scans all the time straight into Evernote and then you just drag and dropped files on your computer and other programs. Or if you have to send an email you just drag and dropped the pdf. Not having this feature anymore is like stepping back in time. Will this feature be available again or a way to install previous version of Evernote?
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    Hi. I can't think of a way to automate a new notebook from an incoming note, but however you're creating or receiving the note could that process not allocate or create a new notebook and place the note directly there? (If the new note is received via email, the answer is 'no' because notes can only be created in existing notebooks). If you do find a way to do this though I'm not sure it's a wise condition to set up - there's a limit of 250 notebooks per account, and you might run into that very quickly with auto-created new notebooks.
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    A wish list, I guess. I clip a lot of stories, articles, reviews – for research, or the basis for further work. This involves subsequent organization into overlapping and constantly developing areas of interest. I find myself wanting to be able to do two things: 1. Highlight and annotate text in notes. I know you can do this with pdfs, but I wish I could highlight text selections or add comments to things in notes – much in the way I might use a highlighter in a physical book or notebook, or scribble some comment in the margin. 2. Add the same new tag to multiple notes. My areas of interest overlap. I notice a connection between tag A and tag B. They're separate things, but there's an overarching relationship, so I want to add a tag C. Instead of opening all the notes with tag and tag B singly, and adding the new tag to each of them, I wish I could do this with a single action. Or two actions. Search for notes with tag A, add tag C to every note on the whole list of results. Same with tag B.
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    Just change the darn constant in you code from 5 to 10! And let it role out with the next release.
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