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    Why is this a general release? The last half a dozen betas are alphas and general releases were barely betas. This one cannot have all the bugs fixed that have been reported. There is no way. It has been released way too soon, with not enough testing. And many bugs are threat to the users data? Why is this a general release? This is barely 6.11 beta 2, but more likely alpha 2, not a general release. Why has it been released? Why are standards of quality so low? This needs to be tested extensively for at least few months, and all the reported bugs fixed, with no new ones introduced. There is no way you have done that. I would like to speak to a product manager, or someone behind these release choices? Someone who has the authority and is responsible for releasing buggy, unfinished products that make it very likely to lose personal and professional data. Along with many other unwanted product behaviors. (And also someone who will actually answer the phone or forum post, and not some dead end forum thread no one answers.) And where is the known issues list? Because I'm pretty sure you know the issues reported that have not been corrected. I'm almost ready to bet that several upcoming posts here in this thread will show that as they always do. Ever since 6.5.4 release, when all this started. New editor, and rapid release of more bugs. Including changes to layout no one asked for, while bugs remain. Payed user here. I am not upgrading, until you guys actually release a stable, reliable product. Something that I'm paying for but not getting. The price has gone up more than six months ago, and we lost atlas and few other features, got bunch of bugs that seem to multiply with each release. Making it not only annoying but actually unstable to use. Last time I tried, after 6.5.4 version which I'm currently using, I lose precious data. Ever since than I'm reading forums and Its a disaster. All the regular forum users here know it. Once again, why is this a general release and not alpha or beta release, and why is it not being tested more? In order to correct all the bugs and make sure its safe to use.
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    It's a general release because of all the emojis that are now available. All the 12-year old "Premium" subscribers were demanding these oh-so-important emojis so they could chat with their pre-teen buddies. They didn't need reliability as a 12-year-old's chain of thought generally doesn't last more than a few minutes. Those lost notes were forgotten almost as soon as they were created so they are not an issue. EMOJIS are far more important. The EN people had to decide whether note safety or emojis represented the cash flow and the emojis won. Now how do I write a semicolon and a close parenthesis without getting some silly smiley winking at me?
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    The visual aspect of a PDF placed in a note has changed in the latest version ( - much for the worse in my opinion! I now see less of the PDF on the screen owing to a charcoal border, and I have to independently scroll the PDF itself instead of the (entire) note. This is even more cumbersome when there is more than one PDF in the note (I typically use 1-page PDFs). There are also buttons that really are not necessary and could have their functionality less obtrusively provided with a right-click context menu. But the worst things of all are that: 1) I can no longer double-click on a PDF in a note to open it (independently) in my PDF reader! In previous versions this has been possible. I do see a button for downloading the PDF and saving it in the file system, but this manoeuvre is way too cumbersome and time-consuming if I just want to read the PDF in the most flexible way possible (e.g. in Adobe Reader). I would also have to be cleaning up the file system all the time. 2) I am unable to remove a PDF from a note! So I have to delete the note, re-create it and add all the PDFs except the one I wished to remove! Please can we turn the clock back. It was fine before but it is broken now.
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    Dear All, I really would love to see a solution for archiving notes. I've been using for 4 years and now I have some notes that I want to keep in the system, but want to remove from my search. As time goes, my search are getting more difficult to separate valid information and archived information. Like we have Notes, Notebook, Tags, Atlas, Market and Premium button on the Mac version, I dream with an Archive button. Every note I move to this icon will make it not searchable, unless I'm searching inside the Archive View. You could even move a completely Notebook. I have many scenarios where this is valid, some of them here: You finished a graduation course full of notes and you want these notes in a place that you may need but normally it will not be part of your search or have a distract visual in All Notes ViewYou closed a company and want all the notes in a special placeYou may not want to have this Archive notes in your local hard disk, unless you click "Download"You prepare for a vacation and suddenly canceled. You want to have this hide in some place but not displaying all the time. I think it would be a great feature. Thank you, Patrick Santana
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    @gazumped - Chrome, and on Version 7 of the EN web clipper. @jefito - That is ridiculous, did the UX team go on vacation? Do they expect us to wade through pages and pages of notebooks to find exactly the right one?
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    Whoah, there is definitely an issue with this release! I just got my second BSOD in as many days, and both were triggered when I clicked on a note containing a PDF in EN. I thought the long delay between selecting a note and it loading was just my PC being finicky but I can see now I'm not the only one experiencing this so the EN client is the likely culprit. @gazumped, thanks for the info on the release thread. Will be posting there as well!
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    I am sure it is on the list. Somewhere after comprehensive emoji support.
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    I maintain a geeknote fork. @Rich Tener, I don't understand the action. Geeknote simply uses the approved API to access the service via commandline. Is there a security problem with the program itself? Shutting it off now limits the functionality of legitimate users without recourse. What's the next step?
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    Thanks for notification! Do I understand correcty that now I'm unable to use evernote with vim? Looks like I have to try simplenote sooner than expected.
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    Just flagging this (a year later) in light of the following post from Evernote security: If anyone has been using Geeknote, some bad actors have apparently messed it up for you.
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    Does your laptop/tablet show a sync error? I think that that's a red exclamation point over the Sync icon on the toolbar. Also, you can check the Evernote log to see if there were any errors while it was syncing: Help / Activity Log... All syncing is done via the Evernote servers (i.e., you never sync directly from one device to another; each device talks to the Evernote servers). Export / import notebooks would just create extra copies of notes in your system; not a great idea in general.
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    The icon means that that notebooks is your Default notebook: Tools / Options / General : "Default notebook"
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    Something similar is happening in Windows too - paste "domain1.com domain2.com" into a note (without the quotes...) and the space disappears and it's one link to domain2.com. (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112698-copy-paste-deletes-space-between-domain-names/)
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    Just enable Sync on Demand and don't go into those notebooks on your work PC that you don't want downloaded. It only downloads the metadata (title, creation/edit date, tags, etc) but not note content until you click on it.
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    (4) Note Links Just like iOS, the note links don't end when you continue the list. It makes quite a mess of things when everything gets linked. Please fix it. Thanks!
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    I think I may have been requesting encryption for several years now, with various levels of urgency, but Evernote has not adopted the suggestion for some reason. I'd be interested to know why. As I've mentioned before, competitors have managed it, so it's technically feasible. Where there's a will, there's a way.
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    I think I may have found the issue (sorry, too late to make it to GA). If the program doesn't exit cleanly or have time to write the registry data, the setting is lost. (@jefito, if you looked while EN was running, that's why you didn't see anything - and exactly what the problem is.) To work around this, rather than clicking 'Install' when prompted to upgrade, close EN completely. Then start the upgrade independently of the program.
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    I can't believe this is still a problem FOUR years later. Evernote is supposed to be our filing cabinet where we can store all critical information to have available at our fingertips. Can we at least find out why it is a problem and why it can't be implemented?
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    For some strange reason, you cannot use Tab/Shift-Tab as shortkeys to increase/decrease indent for checkbox lists - it only works for bulleted lists. Why? Instead, you have to use the mouse/pad to go to the Format menu, choose Lists and there click Increase/Decrease indent - very time consuming. More generally speaking, the checkbox list feature is presently not very well made: the actual checkboxes act more like merely inserted symbols rather than a "real" list - making editing an existing checkbox list quite a hazzle on both Mac and iPhone: you often end up with double checkboxes on one line, text left of the checkbox, etc. Again, this works perfect for bulleted lists. For someone like me who uses checkbox lists all the time, it would mean the world if this could be improved. Thank you for an otherwise great app!
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    I'm updating because I need my PDFs back! Thanks to the team for fixing that quickly. Emojis I could care less about... Was briefly excited because I though I could flag note or notebook titles with emojis for emphasis. But you can't Note text only...
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    However this doesn't address the issue that it used to work just fine and there is absolutely no reason to suddenly change a behaviour of a program people are paying for. I for one chose evernote because it was able to encrypt all my content in a note and was willing to pay for it because of that. Now suddenly things have changed for the worse. When there is a good reason for it, I could understand, but in this case there no good explanation why a feature that used to work fine suddenly doesn't work anymore. I've worked with a lot of encryption methods over the years and there is no good reason why a table couldn't be encrypted or why it would cause issues across platforms. Data is data no matter on which platform, encrypting that data doesn't change the fact that it is still data. The only reason it would cause issues is if the implementation of that encryption is bad. In my eyes they should address the issue not do a lazy workaround by saying "we can only encrypt text, else it causes issues". It's just a lazy and in my eyes a disrespectful response to (paying) customers. Yes I know you are not an Evernote employee, so I'm not really directing this at you, but you are basically defending them.
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    I don't, but one thing you can try is to change the auto save value, Tools - Options - Note. Also, turn off context on the same panel in Options. IAC, it appears some of the EN behind the scene syncs may have been removed in the new 6.11 beta (based upon how the editor is performing). The GA should be out in a couple of weeks according to an EN post in another thread. EDIT: 6.11 GA is now available.
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    May not be the same thing, but I have settings similar to yours, and when I search for notes or switch from one to another I get a 'hang' which can go on for 30 seconds. I checked in Task Manager and Evernote jumps to the top of the disk access list, even if only asked to display another note. Firefox is the main memory hog on my system, but disk access can go to 100% and it's mostly Evernote. Check your own TM and see whether you find the same... I'm also Win 10 64bit on a fast Dell computer.
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    Some users use priority tags, for example !1 !2 !3 and then sort notes by the tag column in list view.
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    Highlighting is working fine for me at this point on 6.11b. That looks like a clip or copy from a web page/email. Maybe, for whatever reason, the formatting of the page is in conflict with how EN adds the highlight. You could try simplify or remove formatting on the text to see if that is the cause of the issue. Wouldn't be the first time the EN editor doesn't play nice with some clipped/pasted content.
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    I just upgraded to 2.8.1 via the Mac App Store and drag and drop from Skitch to Slack is broken. Rolling back Skitch to 2.8 manually (https://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/skitch/mac/release/Skitch-2.8.zip) allowed me to fix this issue. I also tried the App Cleaner instructions above and reinstalling via the Mac App Store but it did not fix the issue.
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    I noticed that the notes field—which allowed adding notes to web clippings before saving them—was removed in the latest version. Why? This was a crucial feature.
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    I still have problems with "simplify formatting" and "remove formatting" not working, ie, not working as intended or as on other platforms. (I'm commenting on this problem since 6.6GA, that was August 2017... time really flies.) Maybe they are associated with the changes towards a "new editor", which was started some versions ago. Is there some kind of ETA for when Evernote will have a reasonably stable version with a reasonably working editor again? Is there a recommended ancient version that was reasonably stable and to which I can revert without having to download the entire database again? (I'm traveling and on slow downloads). Fun fact: Evernote is the only "enterprise" software where I'm confronted with buggy GAs where some basic "bugs" seem to persist forever, and where my desperation drives me to monitor and even post in forums. It's still the "bug ridden Elefant".
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    What happened to the drag and drop feature from evernote, if you had a pdf in evernote you could drag and drop to desktop or wherever. Now you can't do that and have to right click it, save it, rename, on and on. That was one of the greatest features of Evernote for someone who scans all the time straight into Evernote and then you just drag and dropped files on your computer and other programs. Or if you have to send an email you just drag and dropped the pdf. Not having this feature anymore is like stepping back in time. Will this feature be available again or a way to install previous version of Evernote?
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    I'm not typically a poster here (obviously) but I just want to say this about your response. As a long time user (Evernote tells me I'm user 169,158), I really don't care about more interesting stuff. I'd like to see progress made improving the editor. I'd like my note lists to stop vanishing - which was reported multiple times during the betas (as others mentioned). I'd like releases to be rolled out that don't crash every time the window is closed (7.0, 7.01). Make some progress on those fronts, and I'll renew my subscription that I just now cancelled; because right now I can't understand why I'm paying more, but getting a product that isn't improving.
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    For me forwarding the sent email as opposed to a bcc on the original sent email keeps the mail header of the sent. Two step process and a PITA, but it does work with Thunderbird and eM Client. Most of the time I don't have anything above the dashed line in the forwarded email. Left it in for clarity, hopefully.
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    Yes, I'm having the same problem. I've tried both BCC and FW, and often get only the body and not the TO, DATE, and so on. It's important for some of these that I be able to say "I emailed you on {date} at {time} and did not get a response." Not having the date and all the TOs makes the "email into Evernote" useless for this sort of verification work. I will look at setting up yet another email address, and auto-forwarding that into Evernote -- but this certainly seems like a basic feature that should be included in the email-in capability.
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    Annoying it is for sure. Up voted.
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    That's the way I do it, but it's annoying. Too much unnecessary work and hey, Evernote should be a productivity tool So please, vote up my feature request, which made this work-around obsolete. Ciao, Carsten.
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    Only way I know how to handle this is to not use the bcc method. Rather, after sending the email, go to sent messages in your email and forward the email to EN from there. Two step process, but it preserves the email header info.
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    Hi, I'm using evernote for project organization (sic ) So every mail I sent to a client went bcc to my evernote account. But what I'm really missing is the From:, To:, and Date: header information of the mail: from which of my accounts did I sent the mail to whom and when? Evernote picks already the Subject: mail header and put it in the title of the note. So it should be easy to pick the other header information and put them in the body of the note. These days I sent the mail to the client, go to the Sent folder and forward the mail to evernote. That's not productive! Regards, Carsten.
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    Thank you so much but unfortunately it won't help me. I cannot put extraneous stuff like that in the subject line when I email third parties. I have no problem emailing my mail to evernote, the problem only occurs when I try to bcc my evernote account and no amount of setting rules seems to work if I am to preserve the following info TO CC FROM DATE
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    Thank you. I do not for a moment suggest they should prioritise my needs over those of others. But this thread was started in 2014 by someone else asking for the same thing, it includes further contributions by other users also asking for the same thing. So clearly I am not alone. Yes by headers I mean To CC From Date
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    I can confirm that that still does not work. There are several of us who would like this function. Any way we can petition for its implementation? I pay good money every year for evernote.
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    We have had a lot of great discussion, and a few workarounds that work for some, in this thread. But the main issue as posted by the Original Poster (OP) remains an issue for many of us. Evernote, please put this request on your to do list. It would really be a big help to many of us. Thanks. From OP:
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    We would definetly like to have this as an option. Would be very very helpful to us.
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    I have this same frustration. I'd like to be able to bcc to my Evernote (for example contracts, key comminiques that need to be documented) and for the note that shows up in Evernote to have the "to" "from" "sent" (time & date) info attached to that note. Without that, you effectively have to send two different emails. The first to the intended recipient, then the next one a forward of that sent email to Evernote. This is more about documentation for me.
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    We will re-enable this with a security warning in an upcoming release.
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    To Evernote's designers/developers: ----- Put back the feature to open external files via links. ----- Your "security" argument for disabling such a feature is just a lazy answer. Disabling this feature makes Evernote almost useless. Regards, Jiri
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    Again, I agree. This move seems too Big Brotherish to me. If we, the users, are willing to risk whatever dangers might be involved when linking to files in other programs on our computers, why would EN just take it away? And again with no warning so that those who heavily relied on that ability would at least have a chance to locate the affected notes and come up with a alternate plan.
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    I've been an avid Evernote user for four years and a Premium customer for two years. Like other users, I have file links in many of my notes. This solution breaks all of those links, limits Evernote's usefulness as the one-stop-shop for information and actionable activity, and causes frustration on the part users like myself. Removing this ability seems like a reactionary and heavy-handed approach to what seems to be a very unlikely scenario for causing damage to a user's computer. If it's truly important enough to have some added security around this feature for external links, a more sensible approach would be to simply popup a box when an external link is clicked saying "Opening Abc123.docx" with "Open" and "Cancel" buttons. This solution adds another layer of protection by alerting the user to what file is being opened. It also doesn't completely break all of our file links in notes as this recent change has done.
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    That's frustrating. Mainly because it seems to be such a farfetched way in which damage could be caused. I've never really looked into this, but can't you have links to local folders etc in Mail and Outlook, or was EN an outlier in allowing this? I now have a lot of almost useless links in my EN database.
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    In the EN Mac 5.6 Beta 10 thread, Jack disclosed that links to internal files would no longer be allowed. There were a number of strong objections to this unannounced change. Jack, you guys need to figure out some other way of protecting against this. A lot of us use file links because Evernote Cloud is not secure enough for sensitive documents. Another use case is linking to very large files that you don't want to sync.
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    I probably confused everyone. Sorry. And to answer your question: No. I'll try again.... If I forward an email, it arrives as an Evernote Note just like it would if it was in my email client. Subject is: Fwd: xxxxxx and in the body of the Note is the forwarded email complete with when forwarded and then in quotes the full email with its header on top. Identical to what I'd see in my email client. It would be nice to have the Note be without the quotes but it is OK for my purposes. It works well enough as the base for a Note in Evernote that I'm creating. However, if I bcc an email. I again get as a Note what I would as an email in my email client.... The subject and the body of the email. But I'd like more. I would like to have the header so I would know to whom and when the email is sent. That is missing since the headers of incoming emails to Evernote are not included. My workaround today is to send an email, not bcc and then forwarded that sent email to Evernote. That is OK but not very efficient and the extra step is one more opportunity for me to forget to send that email to Evernote. I hope this is clearer. Thanks for any ideas or a better workaround or just confirmation that what I'm doing is the only option. Thank you.
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