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    Hello, In older version of Evernote you could double click on a PDF to open it. Now you have to right click and select Open. Can you please make it like it was before, double click to open PDF? Thank you.
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    Thanks for the report. We're aware and working on a fix for this. Until this issue is solved, please use Evernote Web: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action to access your notes. Additionally you can also reinstall version 6.7.5. This issue should not occur on version 6.7.5 of Evernote for Windows Desktop Web. I will post an update here once this issue is fixed in the GA (currently scheduled to be fixed in 6.11). Thanks,
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    What happened to the drag and drop feature from evernote, if you had a pdf in evernote you could drag and drop to desktop or wherever. Now you can't do that and have to right click it, save it, rename, on and on. That was one of the greatest features of Evernote for someone who scans all the time straight into Evernote and then you just drag and dropped files on your computer and other programs. Or if you have to send an email you just drag and dropped the pdf. Not having this feature anymore is like stepping back in time. Will this feature be available again or a way to install previous version of Evernote?
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    The visual aspect of a PDF placed in a note has changed in the latest version ( - much for the worse in my opinion! I now see less of the PDF on the screen owing to a charcoal border, and I have to independently scroll the PDF itself instead of the (entire) note. This is even more cumbersome when there is more than one PDF in the note (I typically use 1-page PDFs). There are also buttons that really are not necessary and could have their functionality less obtrusively provided with a right-click context menu. But the worst things of all are that: 1) I can no longer double-click on a PDF in a note to open it (independently) in my PDF reader! In previous versions this has been possible. I do see a button for downloading the PDF and saving it in the file system, but this manoeuvre is way too cumbersome and time-consuming if I just want to read the PDF in the most flexible way possible (e.g. in Adobe Reader). I would also have to be cleaning up the file system all the time. 2) I am unable to remove a PDF from a note! So I have to delete the note, re-create it and add all the PDFs except the one I wished to remove! Please can we turn the clock back. It was fine before but it is broken now.
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    New computer, Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 EN Version (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387) Synopsis: The cursor will be present in the Note, and then vanishes when you start typing. If you use up/down arrow keys to move the cursor, the whole note scrolls up/down. It's most frustrating because in using Evernote, I'm constantly copying text / referencing other documents from other places and pasting / typing into EN. <Alt-Tab elsewhere> Select / Copy <Alt-Tab to EN> see the cursor blinking at me where I left it, <Ctrl-Shift-V Paste>, cursor goes away, no paste. (Note, I wish Paste-Match-Style [aka paste as plain text] could be configured as default) -or- <Alt-Tab to EN> see the cursor, start typing, cursor goes away, no typing happens. -or- <Alt-Tab to EN> see cursor, click mouse to re-position cursor, see cursor in new place, start typing/pasting, cursor goes away, no typing/pasting happens. In all cases, the Note itself still has focus because Up/Down arrows scroll the Note. It's just decided to stop being in edit mode. I typically work with Notes in the main EN window, not floating by themselves, but it also happens when they are by themselves (undocked). Does not happen 100% of time, but is 100% annoying when it does, about 80+% of the time. This happened in the previous version as well and was such an annoying issue I thought it would be fixed pronto, so I didn't comment on it.
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    See screencast http://recordit.co/irjaescyyN Last update made things even worse, now it takes couple of seconds to display note content (starts that evernotesubprocess.exe) on changing notes in main window, making it completely annoying and unuseful. Looks like ugly workaround for hiding memory leaks... At least in few previous updates those delays were on opening note in a new window only. Missing those times when there were no delays at all anywhere...
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    Please do. Try and point out to some tech sites that Evernote knowingly introduce bugs to GA just because they are working to some artificial deadline. Point out some of the threads on this forum where longtime users are utterly fed up with this. They are so keen to release new features that they don't care if they break/remove old ones. If I weren't so invested in Evernote I would have left ages ago and I so fed up I am considering spending part of my Easter holiday moving to MacOs notes/Finder, which to give some perspective would mean spending less time with my children and I REALLY do not want to do this.
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    Without searching, not that I'm aware of. Personally, I don't worry about it. Evernote is my digital dumping ground and as long as search remains quick, having a few extra copies of something or old notes that may no longer be relevant in the account hasn't been a problem, or concern for me. I suppose Mac users could create a script that looks for multiple occurrences of the same URL and then show those filtered results for review, but seems like unnecessary work to me.
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    Okay I'm still working on this and believe that I have found the culprit. In checking the recent updates, I see that Skitch was updated on March 10, just about the time that this problem appeared. And it looks like the key reason for the update has something to do with dragging and dropping images. So it appears that in the process of fixing one problem another was created. I've included a screenshot from my update screen. How does one report this bug?
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    Search for quicknote On my installation /Users/<user>/Library/Group Containers/Q79WDW8YH9.com.evernote.Evernote/Evernote/quick-note/<account#>-personal-www.evernote.com/current-quicknote
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    The four options available for Insert Date are simply based on the four date formats in System Preferences (Short, Medium, Long, Full). In order to set your own date format, go to System Preferences->Language & Region->Advanced->Dates
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    I've seen a noticeable slowdown in just viewing my 1-page PDFs. Searches are fine, but viewing the PDF's are a problem. Scenario #1.) I can't open the second window until I wait a couple seconds for the PDF to first appear. Then I need to wait a couple more seconds for the PDF to appear in the 2nd window. Scenario #2.) And it is more frustrating when clicking through the titles in the Note List panel of a search. Click and wait, click and wait, click and wait. I've gone through normal support. They suggested reinstalling. Done that but no joy, so I requested assistance from a higher up tech. "I'm transferring this ticket to our technical support team who will continue to assist you. Please know that they are working on your case and will reply after they've had the opportunity to review the information you've provided."
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    I posted a topic on the same issue two months ago: I got in contact with support on twitter, they upgraded me to premium for a week so that I could retrieve my notes. It happened a second time one week later, and the same solution was used. On the 21st of February I was contacted by support to send them a log, which I did but I haven't heard from them since. I hope this helps.
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    I posted a topic on the same issue two months ago: I got in contact with support on twitter, they upgraded me to premium for a week so that I could retrieve my notes. It happened a second time one week later, and the same solution was used. On the 21st of February I was contacted by support to send them a log, which I did but I haven't heard from them since. I hope this helps.
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    most free platforms offer this, Dropbox, Google, iCloud, surprised Evernote have not made this simple yet. It's good security practice to easily see and unsure shared notes.
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    I'm not saying whether any lag is due to the CEF subprocesses, because I don't know that for a fact. The stated reason they've moved to the CEF -- and it makes a certain amount of sense -- is because it's (theoretically) a common solution to rendering and editing notes across multiple OS platforms, replacing the old way, which had separate (and home-grown, I think) edit/display engines for each of the separate OS's, and which lead to a different class problems. It would be interesting to know whether this same lag occurs on the other OS's, or if this is a Windows-only phenomenon. If so, it may just be that there are better techniques for managing the subprocesses that perform better that Evernote hasn't discoverd / implemented. As it is, I don't seem to experience much if any lag for my use case at work, which is mainly pretty simple notes, some with tables: weekly journals, problem notes, meeting notes, todo's, and relatively little binary content, the occasional screen shot, plus clipped web pages for research, etc. Any productivity lapses are probably more down to the ones in my own (aging) brain processes...
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    You can go to filehippo.com to locate a version you want to install.
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    I also agree with the previous comments. One of the reasons I liked Evernote was it's ability to make reviewing pdfs relatively painless. I did have a brief exploration of OneNote recently, but that is disastrous for handling pdfs. You can add the file, and/or 'print' the file as a png - no ability to scroll through the pages easily. Yes, I have pdf solutions on my desktop that allow me to do everything I need, but the pdf viewer in the Windows version sucks now - but not enough to drive me to trying another note-keeping program (yet!).
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    This is a Mac thread, so we tend to have assumptions about your OS here... the easy way to set this up in Windows is a free app - Phrase Express - which can insert a date as you require. Setting up a shortcut with this code... {#datetime -f yyyymmdd hhmm} Gets you this entry: 20180323 1654 There's an extensive help feature which will let you create different options as necessary.
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    Those are all fine, but I'd settle for standard (and potentially user-defined) formatting styles. Across all Evernote clients, of course.
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    Second the comments above. They have taken one of the best features of evernote and made it into a very negative user experience. i use evernote to collect multiple documents and organize them in a specific way with context in between. I have a half dozen ways to 'view' a .pdf via other programs on my computer. I don't need evernote to do this...totally wrecked functionality. This needs to be rolled back asap.
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    YES YES YES .The lost of this feature is quite annoying for me. I have been using this for years as part of my daily routine at work not only drag and drop to EN to Gmail , but also to Outlook, posting in Internet , etc. I have used EN for ten years and use it everywhere .I'm premium user and I don´t understand why EN team don´t ask before doing so critical changes. Thinking of giving up EN. Thanks so much
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    I just did the update today (03/21/2018). This is the latest update. The Spell Checker is still missing, and the F7 key (this is Windows 10) does nothing. It was pointed out as an issue with version (306387)(the first post in this string) in January. When is this going to be fixed? Thanks.
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    Yeah, the d/d feature was lost when EN changed to the Google PDF viewer, or Google like. My workaround has been to use the down arrow save icon in the PDF header area and place a copy on the desktop, then drag to target app. May not be a workaround should this feature not be reinstated.
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    Evernote works for me and it is the central app for all my digital tools. Even if I have a mind map created in xMind, there would be either a link in Evernote to that file. Therefore, I would go to Evernote first to get to that information since I would make comments about it within Evernote. There are always alternates and I stopped searching for the best/perfect after a while as you are never vested with one app and it kind of hinders your progress on the longer haul. That does not mean, one should not keep looking to improve but to me I realized that there would be something out there that would have a better feature, or look or have something I like a little bit better. If I keep switching every time I find that, I would be screwed with the amount of apps that are coming out all the time. Nonetheless, to answer your post, I would not know who is leading (which is a hard thing to measure IMO) but there were discussions here about Nimbus which looked very similar to Evernote unlike OneNote does. Check that out for an opinion.
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    What features are important to you? I haven't found another product that offers the same features I use in Evernote. I use Evernote as a digital filing cabinet. Important features for me are Tags, search, sharing, ... I find the Evernote editor useful for basic notes but it's not a replacement for a dedicated word processing app.
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    The notification when moving a note into a shared folder is even more obnoxious than the basic notification of just moving a note. I do this several times a day, and i've been doing it for many years. I think i know what i'm doing and i do not need to be told over and over and over again. On the first notification there should be a check box which says "do not notify me again". That's what a well done program would do. I'm a premium user since 2009.
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    This happens to me a lot, too, especially when I use my touch screen to put the cursor inside the note for the first time. The cursor APPEARS as if it's in the note, but it's not. I can't type letters or any other characters because, really, the cursor is ACTUALLY in the LIST of notes or the left panel, so when I press space or enter or an arrow key, it changes to another note or something really unexpected and jarring happens. I also get this a lot when I use a mouse to place the cursor inside a note for the first time. Sometimes just waiting a few seconds after that, the cursor will stay there, then randomly leap to some other place in the program when I'm not looking and then I have to undo all the garbage that happened, then find the note that I was actually working on, then find where I was working in that note, ... ugh. Evernote's going to be 10 years old soon. Perhaps it's time they eliminate all the random cursor leaps that cause hard-to-track damage, while totally interrupting your train of thought? Perhaps they can prioritize FIXING and NOT CREATING those kinds of bugs and deprioritize the fully superficial changes, such as satirically useless "New Note" buttons. I wonder if there will be a third "New Note" button in my next Evernote screenshot, maybe between the "Shortcuts" and "Notebooks" in the left panel...
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    The worst thing is it doesn't show the whole document any more. You have a scroll window in a scroll window. Bad UI.
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    Hi, I've been an Evernote user for more than 6 years now, and I'm encountering the following problem since a few months: inadvertently, all the content of a note will be replaced by the content of an other note, in a way that is not reversible. It's usually the note that I've viewed the last that get overwritten by the note that I viewed just before. I already lost a few important notes this way, and even if the problem is not as dire since I'm doing backups regularly now, it's still an issue. Can you help me? I'm running Windows 10 and Evernote Thanks
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    Hello Bloulou - I managed to get mine recovered. It was only possible since I have Evernote on both Windows Desktop and also a phone, so may not be possible in your case. I hadn't used Evernote on my phone for about a week, around the time the corruption occurred. I put phone into flight mode, so that opening Evernote wouldn't sync. I ignored messages about unable to connect to server, but once Evernote on phone opened I could see the original note I wanted to recover was still there. I made some minor edits to make it be the newest version of the note. I closed Evernote on phone, turned off flight mode, and re-opened Evernote. The newer but original note was synced from phone and I now have it on my Desktop again. Hope this helps.
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    Further to what I wrote above ....... I would like to suggest that there has been a lack of forethought and/or testing of this new style of handling PDFs. Via the right-click context menu, it is possible to reduce a PDF to an icon (see it as an attachment) and then double-clicking it brings it up in your default PDF reader (mine is Foxit). However, each PDF has to be individually set as an attachment since I can't find a way to set the whole note to 'attachment mode'. [Actually, I wouldn't want to do this anyway!] On the context menu there is an item 'Open PDF in Foxit' but it doesn't work! It just opens my browser to a Foxit website! Previously I used to select a number of PDFs (Ctrl-c) and paste them into a note. They would then appear in a predictable order. Now the order is unpredictable and not all of them get pasted! C'mon guys, let's revert to the old system!
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    My experience is that it is more frequent than that. As soon as you sync a new note it will have note history. And you may or may not end up with a version each time you mod the note. Does not happen all the time but did in this test I just ran, created a note and edited it twice with syncs betwixt.
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    Me too. This was a change with one of the recent updates. My current EN version: (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494). Running Windows 10. Here are the two traits that started driving me bonkers since version ~ 6.8.6: 1) Cannot drag PDFs from EN (using EN Business btw) to emails being composed in Outlook. Instead, I have to save to desktop. (There is a workaround: put the mouse cursor next to the PDF image in EN; shift+arrow to "select" it; copy it to clipboard; paste into application. But it is -- what's the word? inelegant? clumsy? stupid?) 2) Cannot drag PDFs to EN from Outlook (& similar applications). Instead, I have to save them first to the desktop.
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    I've just switched from a PC to a Mac and find myself searching for the Increase/Decrease Indent buttons that I am accustomed to on my PC. I have found that there are keyboard shortcuts for this function; however, I firmly believe the buttons should be added to the tools at the top of each note, near the font, formatting, align left, etc. buttons that are already there, the way they are on the PC. I can find a button much easier than I can go "Format>Text>Increase Indent" and much easier than I can memorize yet another keyboard shortcut. Ironically, the buttons I am requesting are showing above, in this very box I am typing my request in - but not on my MacBook. I hope you will consider adding them to the Mac version of Evernote in an update very soon! Alternatively, the ability to drag and customize the toolbar would be wonderful!
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    FYI, support says this is a known issue expected to be resolved in next update.
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