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    In the latest Evernote version there is now a warning about moving notes into a shared folder. As someone that moves notes to a shared folder constantly, the additional click in my workflow is annoying. There should be a way to suppress this warning. Either a field when creating the shared notebook, or possibly just a checkbox on the warning itself "Do not show this warning again." I'm fine with a warning, but just make sure the warning can be suppressed. Thanks!
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    I use Evernote every day, and there's a feature/glitch in the new laptop app design that's killing me. When you're working in a note, the note highlights light gray. But when it syncs to the cloud, it flickers to white and then back to gray. Which it's doing constantly when you type. So when you're actually typing in notes, right next to where you're working, there's essentially a boxing flashing back and forth between colors. It's IMMENSELY distracting. In fact, I've already temporarily switched over the web app because I can't stand it, but I much prefer to use my local app. Can we please get this fixed ASAP?
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    Since the last android update (v7.17 updated Feb 9 2018) clipping articles on the Pixel 2 changes the formatting of articles into an almost unreadable simple format. Picture shows the article clipped on the android vs the article clipped with the web clipper, simplified format.
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    Preciso alterar a senha para criptografia de conteúdo, porém não há essa opção no Evernote Windows nem Web. Alguma sugestão?
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    Thanks Davor - card view works but it would be great to see original problem fixed by Evernote.
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    I hate this change sooo much. I import dozens of notes a day into a shared inbox and this just added a step to organizing and cataloging every single one of them. Booo. Going to go open another ticket. For now I'm just letting the notes pile up hoping it will get changed before I have to move them all and dismiss hundreds of useless alerts. Edit: Ticket #2416079 submitted
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    +1. This behavior makes using Evernote painful.
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    Did they even try this out themselves before annoying the whole world with this? Are they eating their own dog food?
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    We are talking here about the Android Clipper, which is failing miserable while clipping. The clipping from Android is horrible and still not working. Web clipping is another story. Android clipping and web clipping are two different things.
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    Been a member since 2011. This is the first time I've ever posted in the forum. Love Evernote, but this note flashing during sync is -- as so well described above -- "IMMENSELY distracting." I've been able to bear with previous glitches until solved, but this one is too much. Please address this issue so we can focus on our work, not the flickering. Thanks!
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    I just submitted a support request for this too (Ticket 2408065): Every time I move a note to a shared notebook (which is every time I move a note), I now get a warning about "People this notebook is shared with ...". I can't see a way to switch off this warning, and it is rapidly becoming really really really annoying. Really. I understand the need to display it once, but please let me turn it off once I've acknowledged it. I have two notebooks ("inbox" and "personal"). Stuff comes into "inbox" and I tag it and then move it to "personal" which is shared with my wife. Having to acknowledge this message every single time I move a note is intensely annoying , especially when trying to file a hundred notes at the end of the month. Please give me an option to turn it off.
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    Alex, I'm not running the beta and I have the issue. (306729) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4193)
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    You don't have to uninstall them though. Windows has a hide function, so that might at least help you a bit.
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    I want also to put one note into multiple notebooks. I have reviewed previous discussion on this, and the general advice is to use tags. Getting beyond the multiple issues associated with tags (taxonomy gets really complicated with multiple tags over a period of time), having one note in multiple notebooks simplifies sharing, such as a public notebook and a private one. Hope you can consider doing this, just as photo sharing sites allow one pix to be associated with multiple albums!! Nick
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    Always encouraging when you search to see if there's a way to do something fairly essential...only to find the same request has been been falling on deaf ears...FOR FIVE. YEARS. Sigh. I suppose the rationalization that most people don't have high-res screens was...more or less sane in 2012. It certainly isn't in November 2017. I can honestly say that by far the most annoying thing about using a very large screen is having to constantly lean across the table to squint at my list of notes in Evernote. Let's face it, we use that list constantly. It should not be extremely difficult to do so, and with every passing month, the number of users finding themselves doing this increases. HD, ultra wide screens, 4k -- you may have noticed that these things are EVERYWHERE now. And they all represent people for whom whom Evernote is becoming extremely hard to use. Well...see you in 2022 (if my eyes haven't been worn out by all the squinting...). M. PS Alternatively, couldn't you just make the zoom feature that we use for the notes themselves apply to the program icons?
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    Completed agree with Miguel-S. My wife and I use a Shared notebook, and it would be INCREDIBLY USEFUL for both of us to create tags within the Shared Notebook. Please, please, please consider adding this feature for an upcoming update.
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    I also agree and think it would be wonderful to have the ability to be able to refer the same note in multiple notebooks. Tags are a great way to search for notes but when it comes to keeping track of information per notebook/project being able to refer the same information over different notebooks and contexts will definitely have more pros then cons.
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    Just because you can't imagine a use case for a feature doesn't mean a valid use case doesn't exist. For instance: I'm a Business User. My company has four employees: Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice. Each has his own shared notebook with me and me alone, because in most cases, they have their own responsibilities and don't want/need to share information with anyone else in the company. But sometimes I go through the web and I see pages that are applicable to Bob and Carol, but not Ted or Alice. Or Carol and Alice, but not Bob or Ted. I want to forward information to relevant people and not bug those who don't need to see it. In fact, I may want to share resumes with Bob, Carol, and Ted about who's going to replace Alice, because she's not responding well to user feedback and I need to fire her. It's impractical and unreasonable to give each employee several notebooks that cover every sharing permutation case. With five people in the company, that quickly becomes unwieldy. The elegant solution is to allow me to share a document with more than one person at a time in one than one notebook. Tags won't do this. If Evernote isn't engineered to do it, fine. Say so. Then fix it or say why it can't be fixed. But please don't tell me people don't need it. People do. I sure do.
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    Thanks for the feedback. We will consider this in the future.
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    Just an update, this "feature" has now shown up on my iPhone version of Evernote as well. I didn't have an expectation that it was an iOS only feature, just disappointed that it has spread to my phone as well now.
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    that this feature was flagged through shocks my confidence in Evernote developers, thanks for submitting support tickets, looking forward seeing the zombie removed
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    FYI the support person sympathized with the situation but said that this was expected behavior and suggested I post here. Let me know if anyone gets a different response.
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    The same condition exists when moving a note from a shared notebook. I have an inbox that is shared. I guess I will have to stop sharing it.