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    @GrumpyMonkey The limit on Business is 10k. This was a little before my time, but my understanding is the intent of the different limits is definitely not to pressure people into upgrading to business if they hit the limit, it was just that 250 was a much bigger problem for businesses because it uses a different system for accounts-- all content in an Evernote Business is tied to a single pseudo-account, and normal users in the business simply have access to those. So when you have a business with 300+ employees, 250 notebooks in the business isn't even one notebook per user . Even as it stands 10k is only ~33 notebooks per user in that case (although on the flip side the demand for notebooks is a bit lower because more of it is shared). Both numbers are ultimately arbitrary, it's just a good idea to have a number picked at some point to prevent abuse of the system. I'm not saying 250+ notebooks constitutes abuse, but you could imagine if someone had tens of thousands of notebooks that would be pretty excessive; the line gets drawn somewhere and then if it starts becoming a problem it will get redrawn. I can't guarantee that it will or is getting redrawn in either case (I believe it affects very few users, although I'm actually curious to see if I can get access to some metrics on that and maybe use it to make a stronger case), but it is something we would like to do.
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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    Is it possible to change the default font size in the mobile apps? Too small right now.
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    Please bring back the Atlas view (or location filter, or whatever you want to call it - it's the function that matters). This is particularly important for mobile devices, but is also very useful on the desktop. Being able to search by latitude and longitude is not a viable substitute. Example: I snap a photo in Evernote on my iPhone of an interesting looking restaurant when I dropped my daughter off somewhere. Two years later, we are in the same neighborhood with time for a bite to eat, but we can't remember the name of the restaurant. Before Atlas was removed from the iOS app, this would be another "Evernote for the win!" moment - I could open the app, check notes created nearby, and pull up the photo of the restaurant, giving me the name as well as the precise location. With the current app, there is simply no way to retrieve that information.
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    I'm a happy Evernote user, but I miss a feature many people have asked for and will greatly appreciate - support for LaTeX formulas. If may sound complicated, but integration should be actually extremely simple. Here's how it could work: 1) Similarly to URL-to-hyperlink conversion, a LaTeX formula could be automatically generated by converting text surrounded by specific characters ($ in LaTeX). For example, I can type "Today we will discuss how equations of the form $ax^2 + bx + c = 0$ can be solved" 2) Finally, the formula text can be converted to an image. Luckily, there are many online services that given the LaTeX source produce a PNG image (even with transparency and custom color by some services). So the only thing the Evernote team needs to implement is to provide the option to automatically and manyally convert a piece of text to an image by querying some well-established online service. So adding LaTeX math support boild down to implementing a simple UI feature! Now it sounds simple, but this could be a selling point to a huge amount of people (especially in academia). I'm not aware of any good note taking tool that has seamless formula integration and synchronization. Even in the current Evernote state the functionality can be emulated by dragging LaTeX formula images to Evernote. However, this is tedious and does not facilitate modifications. Therefore, it would be good after the image has been acquired, the source text to be saved along for future modifications. What do you think, Evernote staff? P.S. I just saw on your blog that you're supporting the use of Evernote in schools, etc. This makes the suggested feature even more prominent.
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    Notes can be pinched-zoomed, making everything larger (text as well as images) -- but then enlarged text cuts off by phone display--making this hardly a useful feature. As it is, pinch-zoom seems useful only to zoom into images and/or read small fragments of text, yet being able to enlarge text is an incredibly helpful feature -- particularly for users with imperfect vision or dyslexia. Certainly, clipped web content can be limited by table grid, borders, or HTML formatting -- but even text-based notes created in Evernote don't re-flow text -- and even if most web-clipped text couldn't re-flow well, the 'simplify formatting' feature on the desktop client seems it'd largely solve this problem. 'Pinch-and-zoom' seems like a partially realized feature and text re-flowing would make it great! Please vote up if you like this idea!
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    As far as I know (I used to have a business account), the limit is still 250 active notebooks. At any one time, you can only have 250 in the account, and the others are stored in a library. I was perfectly fine with this (I’m OK with just a couple of notebooks myself), especially because this functioned as a kind of selective sync, but the library could not be searched. Now that was a problem. A deal breaker, in fact. Is it still the same system now? I don’t know. Earlier in the thread, an Evernote employee also mentioned that they may be open to removing this hard limit of 250. If that might happen, there isn’t much of a reason to upgrade to business.
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    This is true. It's just that I consider the price to high just for the increase in Notebook limit I will edit my post to include my explanation
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    Thanks, @GrumpyMonkey. It's good stuff for me to think about, as I do try to reduce my paper footprint. I have quite a few PDF articles from various sources, related to various projects. I use a word processor/research system called Nota Bene which is fantastic at indexing them and other documents and notes, but is not as portable or completely cross-device as Evernote (it is about to add cloud features, though this is not yet publicly announced). Anyway, thanks; and apologies again, @Etonreve, for aggravating the thread-drift!
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    One option (albeit at a cost) for people who hit the 250 notebook limit is to upgrade to Evernote business. Business accounts can have up to 10,000 notebooks, if I'm not mistaken. I can certainly understand why the price might rub you the wrong way when OneNote can handle more than 250 notebooks and is free (at least for now), but it is an option.
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    Yeah, but in OS X, apps are not supposed to install without me agreeing to it.
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    I'm trying to champion you guys on this... We'll see how it turns out...
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    If you have your scanning software create OCRd PDFs they are searchable in EN with a Basic account.
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    I'd like to be able to encrypt an entire note, as well as maintain the current capability to encrypt specific text within a note. In the way I'd like to use Evernote, I want to create a secure note into which I'll add related content. I'd like that entire note to be encrypted.
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    From what I can tell, Evernote just doesn't care what we think, they just make "genius" design changes based on the way "they like it".We are only numbers to them, since not enough people complain, "who cares"!
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    No, there is no archiving that's why we're all still here! Dissatisfied with the absence of archiving and with having negative searching for tags repeatedly offered as a solution.
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    Your reply was personal - there was literally no reason for you to respond except to be dismissive of the request. I clarified the legitimacy of the request and why the proposals weren't genuine solutions, but merely stopgaps. Of course we can switch. That option is always there. However, people make requests in hopes that the product will become better suited to their needs. For many individuals, myself included, this tarnishes what is otherwise an extremely competent and useful product. What's the point in responding and rationalizing why it does in fact fit within *your* workflow except to be contrarian? This is an attempt to keep the request board constructive with less ancillary noise. For the reasons stated above, the alternatives don't actually achieve what I want, and insisting they do by fiat doesn't make it so. I'm hopeful that Evernote will eventually add this capability, because as repositories grow, scoping becomes critical to productive usage - and reflective of reality, there is a life cycle of pertinence of data and information.
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    Yes, I'm aware of workarounds that can be used in lieu of this basic functionality, just as a sword can be used instead of a butter knife, but that doesn't mean it's an elegant solution. Just because the requirements or requests don't fit your specific use case doesn't mean they are illegitimate. It's this kind of denialism that frustrates other users, because you explicitly delegitimize their methods, requests and perspectives. Quite frankly, I couldn't care less about your specific use case, and find these types of posts to be unnecessarily antagonistic. Evernote doesn't offer various ways to "archive" the notes - it offers features that could be utilized as a half measure to somewhat achieve the same results. They all add friction to what should be a basic function. For example, by adding all the notes to an archive notebook, we lose the ability to structure notebooks within a logic stack. All of a sudden all my notebooks are placed without a large, monolithic archive stack. I just don't want my view to be cluttered by notes that are no longer of use to me. For example, I have lots of notes from when I was in law school, and I've placed all of those notebooks into a law school stack. If I want to then "hide" this stack, I have to effectively remove them all from the law school stack and place them into an archive one. I don't want a giant "archive" pile. I just want to hide what's there. Why is this an unreasonable request? Your suggestion to use proscriptive search syntax is well received, but again, adds friction to what should be very basic functionality. Every time I want to avoid searching through archived notes, which amount to just noise, I have to explicitly remember and go through the steps of excluding a certain tag. It adds unnecessary friction to what is supposed to be an efficient and simple task (searching). Yes, you're right - solutions do exist in some way, shape or form, however this truly is basic functionality that obviously frustrates a number of users. It's enough for me to never rely on Evernote as my primary service, as competent as it is, and given the fact that its often cited as an example of a service that at one point had so much potential, but is in somewhat existential crisis, perhaps there might be some wisdom in stopping, taking a breath, and fully considering what constructive feedback others might have before you reflexively dismiss their suggestions and requests. If not, by all means - continue to be "right."
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    Please, consider to vote. That's the only way Evernote will listen us.
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    Ok. We have indent, bold, italic, underline, and even strike-through. So I am really surprised to see there're no font size option! OMG. Isn't that just rich texts? Man, I need that. Say I clipped an article with a large header. I want to insert some comments on top. AND NOW I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WRITE NOTES IN FONTS AS LARGE AS THE ARTICLE TITLE. WHY?! That aside, sometimes we do need font sizes to illustrate our points, or just for fun. Please, I don't want to go to desktop/web version every time I want to format texts properly. Afterall, that defeats the purpose of syncing notes across devices right? Thanks, and I hope this could be implemented soon.
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    Yes, this would be a good idea. In fact, it's been requested numerous times; a little searching would take you to one of the two or three threads already present on the first page of the forum, e.g.: Your best bet is to go there and add your vote to that request.
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    I couldn't agree more. I've been saying many of the same things for years. Many posts on this thread...emails to the company and to their new CEO about this...not a single response. Nada. One can easily see from the way this thread has evolved that they've lost their mojo, and are losing their users, and people, including me, are now looking for alternatives.
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    I have more than 6 years of data inside Evernote. Migrating is not something simple to do at this point. Evernote should be the tool to collect my data for the next 10-20 years, but we need an archive solution.
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    The important issue for Evernote to recognize is that adding an archive feature relieves the user of the need to specify every single damned time that one wishes the archived notes excluded. Everything else is a time-consuming workaround.
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    Still it would be great to have some dedicated buttons etc in the GUI. Most users are not powerusers, and the "tagging" feature has many problems in understanding it for many of the more basic users, those many threads on tagging shows this clearly i think. Many todays "digital natives" are happy, when they can use app stores, know how "swiping" on their phone works, and run into problems with everything, that goes beyond the superficial GUI of an App. Either you take them by the hand, and help them use the full potential of your product, or they will either not be happy to pay you, or pay and then turn away disappointed. Studys show GUI design is one of, maybe THE most important factor for the success of an App, even for more advanced users. Most ppl dont know Googles search operators, why should the know ENs? They most likely have not the first clue, that such things exist. You improve the GUI for this majority of possible customers, you can only win. Or you accept a focus on power users, and loose most other user bases, like M$ now seems to do. I think there is no reason not to combine both sides. An understandable UI even for not tech interested ppl with no need for cryptic seeming commands AND the potential power and config options for us with a more complex workflow which is often grown over many years. Most ppl hated DOS and hate CMD, why should they see search operators, which need to be learned before, as a vitale option for their workflow.. Just like with Linux: For most ppl (Not for all power users, yes) this would be a great and good working option. Often better as with Windows. But the subtle fear, that sometimes there could be the challange of typing into a command promt, keeps them on distance, and with M$. Again, seemigly small things end up much bigger then thought before. Steve
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    Hey guys, when I created this requested I was moving from one country to another. That says how much files/notes I had at that moment. When the move was done, I couldn't archive so I exported them and saved in my backup. I wish one day I can bring them back. So today I have around 10 exported notebooks that are all archives. This is a very bad solution, but it is the only one that doesn't disturb my search. I don't want to specifically exclude it for every single search. Very said to not have an official answer from Evernote since April/2014 (almost 2 years already). This is not a bad request. It is something very clear and important if Evernote want to have my content for a long time. OneNote is not an optional for me. Kind regards, Patrick
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    This is a continued source of frustration, and with their new CEO, it seems as though they may start to listen to their users. I sent an email to Phil Libin (old CEO) a few months back about this very issue and never got a response. I don't know if that's because he was on his way out, didn't care, or possibly never saw it. Shortly after that it was announced that he was leaving. I intend to send a similar email to their new CEO shortly.
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    This is unbelievable. Are they totally incompetent? I cannot imagine this would be difficult technically, and it's such an obvious feature. I will delete Evernote if they don't fix this. LOOK WHAT I CAN DO IN MY BROWSER!!!!
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