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    You can try right clicking on the note in the list and then click on Save Attachments. Sometimes the missing attachment will be saved and you can paste back into the note. I've done this with gone missing PDFs in the past...
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    When you click on a note from Shortcuts, or Recent Notes, in the latest Beta, the note now opens in a new window rather than in the main frame of the application. I have no idea why you would have implemented this, so is there any chance we could go back to the old solution?
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    Help! My cat loves sitting on my laptop when im not around. He managed to select a large portion of the note and clicked random keys thus deleting a huge chunk. Problem is, I didnt realise that was my huge note until after I had closed and re-opened evernote the next day. So undo is not an option. If i sign up to premium, will i have access to View History for notes edited prior to signing up?? I have been working on this note for close to a month so its possible that previously saved versions exist - maybe? (I tried finding an older version in Finder in the folder entitled com.evernote.Evernote but it only opened the same 90% deleted version)
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    I often use a lot of tags with my notes, and I'd love a way to be able to view all tags on a given note at a glance (no scrolling). I recognize this could be a real estate problem for the browser view, but it seems reasonable for the Information popup -- I want it to be more informative! This request would be for all platforms.
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    But clipping was "acceptable" before. Put that old code back in until your staff come up with a better tested solution
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    CTRL + END would be a shortcut to re-position quickly to the bottom of the note on a Windows platform. That's what I would do if I had this problem. Hope this helps.
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    That's a good point. I prefer to use shared notebooks when I need my notes viewable in multiple accounts. The links are preserved
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    Thanks! This worked on a note that I lost a spreadsheet file this morning. I came in Monday morning and I had the same missing icon where my Excel file used to be and I checked the online version. Online version showed "Unknown" file. i tried the "Save attachment" option and it worked! Never tried that before. Good option to have, although I would have preferred not losing the file I saved up but at least there is a way to recover.
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    I guess that should be (can't believe I'm going to use this phrase) 'easy enough to do' (ugh) - just have a tick box on the "Create New Tag?" box that says "don't show this warning again" so it can be switched off.. but then also have an Option / Preference to enable it again if necessary. Adding the code to do that in various OS's might take a little while though...
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    I too would like this. But as a quick workwround, you can delete the tag right from the note. just right-click on the tag name (not the little x) and select Delete. It will delete the tag from your database AND ALL NOTES, so be careful. If you mean to remove a valid tag from a note and delete it this way, you will delete the tag thus removing it from all notes. I'd prefer a confirmation though before adding.
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    @DTLow Please stop commenting on every post! We appreciate your insight, but not the sarcasm. @Evernote Removing the grid view is a MAJOR issue. I, like, many above are going to migrate to another platform and I will be filing for a filing for a refund since removing key features is a breach of contract.
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    I hope Grammarly is considered.
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    @ruudhein I see your point, though don't fully agree. MD can be done without altering the text displayed, in a live systax highlighting way. So if you type 'hello' you see exactly that. But if you type **hello** you see **hello**. This doesn't need a separate viewing pane, nor does it require users who don't use it to even know it exists. The structure of markup is such that a non-MD user wouldn't be having those in their text anyway. In the end, the goal of MD for me is to have a consistent formatting. I wan to do #Heading, ##subHeading and it be consistent across each and every note. In Evernote I have to remember what the font is, font size, bold, etc. Google Drive has the predefined (but still customisable) styles, which would be another way of tackling what I was looking for. @jefito The ignoring part refers to lack of discussion in the thread. A no we're not implementing that at this time, etc. To you rephrased point, saying that in here, would have negated my point.
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    Got it, thank you for your display settings. I can reproduce this on my end now as well. I've filed a report with our development team and they'll take a closer look.
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    Yes indeed... I've got an laptop with a screen resolution of 1920x1080. The problem appears only with the recommended display settings of 125% but everything's fine when the display settings are set on 100% (far too small for my old eyes...) or 150 % (OK, I'm not THAT old ;-)). Meanwhile, I go back to Evernote 6.7 (= the version downloadable via the Microsoft Store). Thanks for the suggestion anyway,
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    Hi Evernote team, can we please have an update on the status of this? It's been YEARS and this is such a basic feature, I'm shocked that this is not available. If you REALLY can't figure it out, could you at least update us or offer a better workaround than merging? I'm trying to keep a collection of anchor notes ('profiles') that I started with basic info (name, contact, etc) and now I want to add info to them as I come across it or when it gets updated (posts by this person, updates on their status, etc). The act of making new notes for each of these and then having to merge them all according to person will unnecessarily waste so much time that I'm writing this instead of starting that task and hoping and praying that you'll take notice. This is such a simple idea that it's preposterous it can't be done. Can you not simply add the option to effectively "merge" the newly created note into an existing one without the user having to do this manually? I mean you have the option to create a new notebook, create new tags versus using existing ones, why not new versus existing notes? This does not seem like it should be so difficult. It'd be appreciated if you could respond to the many inquiries about this, or get one of the other developers who have figured this out to help if you really can't sort it out :/ Either way, let us know, I'm not trying to test out new extensions and hacks and workarounds to find something that works when this should already exist in the Evernote universe. Thanks.
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    Wow 2017 and screen clippings still go to their own note. This is horrible! A real oversight and shortcoming of what would otherwise be a great app. I don't believe for a second that the problem is "there are too many edge cases." We live in an age of software design in which if something sounds simple, it's probably no big deal to implement in code, unless of course the existing code is designed in such a way as to necessitate rewriting and restructuring to accommodate such a basic idea. Perhaps this is why Evernote has never implemented it - their existing code was not future proof enough. I use the Clip To Evernote extension for Chrome, and the way it should work (indeed the way I expected it to work before my rude awakening) was that I'd clip something, it would be stored in the extension, then I could go to any existing note and paste it in there. I bet this is how most people thought it would work, and I bet all of those people were shocked that it was not possible. I've done some extensive beta testing of other applications and have found that when some very obvious "no brainer" feature is not being implemented despite thousands of requests for it, the reason usually given by the developers (in private) is that to implement it would break existing code or that the existing code base was not designed with enough foresight to accommodate it.
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    I'm writing a Kindle book on how to write and launch a paperless Human Resources manual using Evernote. I've come across a number of Kindle books using 'Evernote' in the title/subtitle and the elephant logo in the graphic of the book cover. However, I'd still like to confirm if it's okay to use them on the cover of my book - image attached. Thanks,
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    +1 to this idea. I think it would be worth figuring out the required "edge cases" to make this feature a reality. The clipping tool /feels/ like it should natively work this way and is therefore frustrating that it does not.
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    I am still waiting for this feature for more than a year. It is next to impossible to remember all of the tags that might apply to something unless I can see them and say, check them off. Very frustrated that this has not been implemented. I don't care how much of the screen it takes up if it lessens having to go back and retag things where I missed ones. Give an option to turn it on and off and then everyone is happy. Please please make this an option.
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    It's 2016 and still no append feature, which is critical when researching. Even Apple Notes has this feature now. I'm going to trust the developers and so tomorrow I'll be renewing my premium subscription for another year, but it will be the last one if they don't add/improve basic features like this. ps: if you're on iOS and have Workflow.app you can use this workflow I made to append text, images or other files to a specific note. https://workflow.is/workflows/ddc40510eaba4b91966ea39066ac4d1d
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    Can't believe this is still this way, sure would be nice to see ALL tags easily. It's almost silly (and very frustrating) trying to browse notes and see all of the tags assigned to each one. I sure hope Evernote fixes this, couldn't be that hard.
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    This is a great idea! We definitely need somewhere we can see all tags assigned to a Note. IMO, there is plenty of room to do this on the main Note panel where the Notebook and Tags are currently displayed. They could easily make 3 rows (instead of 2) in this header area, and make the Tags section auto-wrap and auto-expand display height. Here's a quick-and-dirty layout of the Note Header area just to illustrate the point. Obviously needs work. Screenshot of Current design in EN Mac 6.0.6 Screenshot of Design to show more tags:
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    I agree with the request. Tags are one of the ways I keep track of my thousands of notes--yes, thousands. But sometimes I need to clear out some old tags when circumstances require it. Seeing all the tags in a single note in a way to edit or update them is essential.
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    The programmers behind the IOS app Drafts figured it out.
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    Well, on the upside, by posting this here on the forum, you have officially given Evernote a Feature Request! ☺ Evernote does read every post on the forum, but seldom partcipates or responds to anything. Nor do they share the company roadmap so even the forum moderators couldn't tell you when, or if, such a feature will be implemented.
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    I agree, enthusiastically. This feature is a must for using tags effectively.
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    I would love to see this implemented! It would make my life so much easier (one click less per note view) now that I'm really using and abusing the power of tags.
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    missing this is a huge time (and keyboard/mouse click) waste. All should be visible esp. on a desktop (just wrap to another line), in Android show all on the "tag" screen and have a drop-down box(most efficient) or at minimum a button (a +_plus sign?) in the title bar to add more tags.
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    Chez, You are not kidding. This is a pretty glaring omission. I am with you on this and really bummed out about this.
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    Thinks for replying. afaik Evernote is the only app with a delayed download/update Anyways, the new version did update finally so I'll just leave it as one of Apple's mysteries
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