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    Definitely, thank you for this response and confirming that something may have gone "boom" with the update. It helps restore some of my confidence in EN. Austin G. actually did work with me on a few issues with that release, and he was extremely polite and accommodating, kept working with the issue. He was able to confirm the issue about encryption. There are still what seem to be anomalies from user to user that cannot be reproduced, understandable. I have lived with one such anomaly since a paid subscriber of EN about 6 years ago. It is not anything that disturbs my work in EN. It just makes something a little inconvenient, but workable.
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    Check the box on Show Advanced Options at the bottom of the panel to see everything.
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    Could you follow the iOS UI and allow pull down to show the Search box and then as you type show the available selections
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    :-) No way. I dont plan to buy a new card. And we have a possibility of NVidia Driver conflict. Its a complicated interaction. Well... I will wait.
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    Same behavior here. Maybe it is a bad interaction "evernote+windows+NVidia".
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    No problem. I think you're not alone in this; I think it's already been reported. Moving to a Windows-specific forum.
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    I certainly feel your frustration, and even the need to vent, but at this point I think we're Preaching to the choir. I don't think anyone at EN is listening. This might have already been suggested. Maybe you can revert back to a previous version of EN until a next public release is more stable. I recently opened a support ticket with support RE: EN v_6.7.5.5825 (public release) which had some issues (also image issues), but the most alarming issue was that the update contaminated all of my encrypted notes, started randomly duplicating the content, inside the note, several times over, so I had to manually pick back through the note, line by line to get the note correct again. Support acknowledged an error with encryption in the update from previous version, suggested I backtrack to v_6.7.5.5825. I asked the EN tech if there was some kind of "bug report" section of their forum so that we didn't need to burn up time and energy with endless emails and he pointed me here, but I really don't think anyone at EN follows this section of forum. I'm going to wait until I see a strong public release into v_6.9.xxxx, and certainly not going to instantly update. Oh, also, the really frustration thing for me is that so many people report so many different bugs, and EN support keeps telling me they can't reproduce it. Well, it is certainly happening on my PC and it's not anything on my machine, because the issues appeared with a new update, which means the previous update was working. I think EN development team is in over their head, building on a foundation that may have become unstable. Unfortunately, without a total re-write, things may get worse from here.
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    Glad this thread came up in a Google search for 'Evernote clips failed'. Understandably this happens to be a user based discussion forum as a previous poster pointed out, but it's still desirable that Evernote support keeps track of issues that don't necessarily get reported through a ticket. While it may not be possible for each thread to get such attention, Evernote staff/mods active participation and better monitoring of threads with highly reported issues can lessen the turnaround time for their Devs to take notice and fix things. Users posting on here have legitimate concerns, even if they aren't going about reporting through stipulated contact channels such as raising a support ticket. With its reputation of being a leading cross-platform note-taking service, a critical issues, as the one this thread is about, can be rather disconcerting for new and dedicated users alike. Overlooking the technicality of where an issue gets reported or discussed is definitely preferable from a damage control POV, we aren't here typing up long passages for any other reason than the serious flaw that shouldn't have been there in the first place.
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    Hello @Jack Ross It's no longer an issue, Jack. All of my encrypted notes in Evernote are safe & sound on the Mac and on iPhone.
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    I have a few dozen Notebooks, each with a dozen or more notes. That results in a few hundred notes. Scrolling through these notes to find the one I want is slow and a waste of time and energy. Opening to the Notebook view would be much faster, and a more appropriate interface in my opinion. I already have a home screen folder with shortcuts to specific Notes, which is a huge timesaver. I'm not going to beat my head against the wall about this, but having the option to view Notebooks as the primary screen just seems like common sense. I guess that's why it's not an option.
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    No. As far as I know, there is no way to get a 2nd copy of Evernote installed on the same PC, short of a virtual machine. The app is installed for all users and shares common registry entries for users. Only the data is separate in profiles.
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    Excellent! That workaround suits my needs perfectly. Thanks @gustavgi and @CalS for your suggestions.
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    Thanks for reporting this. I'm filing a bug for it now.
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    Yes, if you click in the note editor first and then click and drag to select the image it will turn completely blue, and when you drag and drop to the desktop you'll get the untitled clipping. This is something the developers are investigating, but I don't have an estimate on a fix. However, if you click once on the image and get the blue border outline, you can then successfully drag the image to the desktop. Definitely not the most intuitive for all workflows, but you should be able to get the image out of Evernote without having to enter into image gallery. Here's an example:
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    Hi All, I was going to open a feature request for this exact feature. I've been wanting this for a while and this feature will make my workflow so much smoother. No more scrolling up and down. When I start a new customer project, I create a note for it. Then I start adding sections to that one note separated by a horizontal bar and a title. A note can become pretty huge. It would be awesome if I can mark the title as a header and then at the top of the note automatically create a table of contents of that note. Just like in Word or Google Docs. Please add this feature. I've been paying for Evernote for years now and am a huge advocate at my work. Please listen to your customers. - Bobby
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Is ti true that an admin can log into your account without you having given the password? I didn't think that that was true. Regardless, anyone with admin account can just go into your Evernote directory and read your unencrypted notes database and any other files you have. Disabling your auto-login wouldn't seem to give you much benefit. What you could do is to set up a separate work account, and only keep your work stuff in it. If you need to access work stuff from your personal account, then you can share notebooks to it.
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    I have the same problems: contents of notes just disappeared. It's not a good feeling beeing afraid of losing important notes. Please fix this, Evernote. Thank you!
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    I've had so many problems since the latest update with my notes. Things are disappearing within notes, PDFs being removed, images I insert disappear when I revisit the same notes within an hour. Tables started to act up now! I've been a dedicated Evernote user for a while with a lot of notes I use everyday so it is something I cannot risk since I rely on it tremendously. Even the angst of my notes might be missing things that I cannot realize is very frustrating. Hopefully, the fix is around the corner to all of our problems but this has been very disappointing to many of us so far.
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