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    Two features to greatly improve the note writing and organization experience: Header Styles – Standard header styles, such as Title, Sub-title, Header 1, etc. Medium, Google Docs, and Slack Posts all are great examples of this. You should be able to select these header styles using a click of a button. The current workaround is painful: change font size for the header line, then change font size again to start writing in the smaller font. Note Outline – Once you create headers, these headers can then become a note outline that can easily be navigated. Look to Google Docs for a great example of this. This would greatly help my ability to navigate my more lengthy notes. Please see screenshots below. Hope you consider this! It would be awesome!
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    We have Evernote for business. How about an addition for Family? I would dearly like to share notes etc with my family. And would happy pay for a family plan where we could share the upload limits between us. But it needs to be cheaper than the business plan... That too much for a family to pay out. Maybe have family plan starting at 4 members but being able to add extended family members or increasing monthly bandwidth for uploads..
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    Can't seem to type properly in evernote with my SwiftKey keyboard. When I type edit an existing piece of text, it will auto correct to show the word with the first half shown twice. (example. Decidecisons). If I correct this and try to press enter after the next text I type, the auto correct seems to think I'm adding to the previous word. I thought this was just a keyboard problem, but evernote is the only app that this is happening in.
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    I had the need to create a table with merge cells, so that I could export it as .enex file, which I can import to create multiple notes. That way I can keep the format as consistent as possible, I read through here but no luck, talked to support and they said evernote does not support etc. So for fun I created a table of my desired format in Pages and in MS word. Copied the table and pasted in evernote. Then exported as .enex file and saved it on desktop Imported back to evernote. it works. see the attached screenshot. I am not sure why Evernote could not support this feature in their native app. This is like basic formatting. If import to evernote failed then I can understand that in general it can not support but importing worked like a charm.
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    Fascinating and a bit embarrassing! My bad--I mistakenly clicked the icon expecting something to happen, rather than clicking on the words New Tag (it would have been helpful if there had in fact been a box of any kind). Thank you!
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    I can account for almost every duplicate note I have had to the very strong likelihood that I had a poor internet connection at the time I was editing the note.
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    It's not a device I'm used to using Evernote on, but I don't seem able to reproduce the issue on my Tab.
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    Now that I've tried alternative keyboards, I want to note that the issue isn't limited to SwiftKey--it also happens with Swype.
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    THANKS! After disabling Adblock PLUS and refreshing - Everything works! Did not tried clearing cookies.
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    Ohhh guys thank you so much!!! Now it worked with the Display Settings and the 100 % resolution ! I had to restart the laptop first. Last time I didn't. Have a perfect sharp screenshot now :). Yeah!
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    I'm sorry that didn't work. Trying to think creatively, another approach might be to go into the phone's Default Application settings, finding the app that you've set to edit Word documents, and clear its defaults. Perhaps that would let Evernote allow you to select it again for this purpose (and of course you'd have to do the same in other apps again as well).
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    I moved across country and have a new job in a different field. I do not need to see the dozens of notebooks of old notes and projects from my old job, unless I go looking for them specifically (as a favor to a former coworker). Web Clipper is constantly recommending that I place clips in these old notebooks - if I don't catch it (on mobile, for instance) I don't even know when the notes end up. WHY is this thread so many years old? Every year that passes means that more people have a use-case scenario for this and, quite frankly, will look for other note-taking options. I'd be lying if I said that this lacking feature hasn't made me want to just start using OneNote so I could have a clean slate for my new job.
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    Related issue: I cannot successfully log in to Evernote Web Clipper v.6.13.1 in Firefox 57.0.3. This is because of the design of the log-in pop-up window. It prompts me for my username first, then requires me to press the 'Continue' button. It should then make the password prompt box visible, but it does not. On every third time I click the 'Continue' button, I see an unformatted version of the complete log-in page (with password box) flash onto my screen for a second, then back to the username prompt. So I can literally not log in. This fails to impress/surprise me in equal amounts. Solution: Thanks to the advice offered above, I installed Web Clipper v.6.9.3. This does allow me to log in. It has the older user interface but is still compatible with Firefox Quantum. (Whitelisting the evernote.com domain in my adblocker and cookie deleter add-ons did not solve this issue). By reverting to an older version successfully, this indicates that the feature used to work, can work with FF57+, but some recent coding changes have messed it up. Confirmation: When I tried to log in to this discussion forum to post this comment, using the same Firefox 57.0.3 and downgraded Web Clipper combination, I was presented with the same problematic log-in page. So I literally had to switch browsers to log in to post this comment about not being able to log in. The problem is with your log-in form layout! Why get all fancy with the 'Continue' button? Why not just show the password box and let me get on with it?
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    Hi everyone, I'm Evernote's head of security. @Oliver_ENf2013, thank you (and the others in this thread) for voicing your concerns. We had similar concerns when we evaluated the security and privacy impact of using Hotjar. Reviewing the security and privacy impact of a new vendor is a standard part of our vendor review process. We are using Hotjar, but we are using it in a way that minimizes the impact to your privacy: We only use Hotjar on our marketing website (https://evernote.com). We don’t use it in our web client (https://www.evernote.com/Home.action), so words you type in a note are not being sent to Hotjar. We make sure the data we send to Hotjar is anonymized and de-identified. We do this by configuring the Hotjar javascript to redact anything you type into a form field. For example, if you enter contact information on our business contact page (https://evernote.com/business/contact/), all Hotjar receives is a random string of asterisks for each field. We aren't in the business of selling or renting your information. That's been one of our guiding principles since we published our three laws of data protection and our mindset on that topic has not changed.
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    I know what you mean. My electronic footprint is no doubt all over the place. All we can do is keep papering over the cracks when we find 'em.
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    I use a large format iPad for much of my reading on the internet. The web clipper as it stands clips the entire page, not well, and makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get back to the webpages from the page in Evernote, as no bookmark/web address is accessible. The formatting is unacceptable/nonexistent. As a result, I have stopped clipping from my iPad. What we need is a clipper like we use on the desktop, which gives us the option of saving an article (with good formatting) or a bookmark, allowing us to return to the page. The bookmark is especially useful for reading lists, shopping pages, etc. If the mobile platform is the way of the future, then the features we have on the desktop need to be available on the mobile device.
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    Unbelievable that this "don't" nonsense persists. Well, at least Mr. Data can use Evernote happily.
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    I love evernote, but I strongly advise Evernote to have the feature of applying H1, H2, H3... functions (with shortcut keys) to make styling text easier. Refer to another app BEAR. I am really tired of bolding and increase the font size manually every time. Thanks very much!
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    Hi all, We are getting increasing feedback from Safari Web Clipper users of problems clipping certain sites. One reason in these cases can be caused by how Safari have chosen to enforce Content Security Policy (CSP) headers. Summary of CSP: - It's a 'setting' of sorts, that site publishers can set that limits what bookmarklets and extensions can do on their site. - In Safari this may cause the Web Clipper to not being able to execute any code and thus not being able to start. - More info about CSP is available here: http://www.w3.org/TR/CSP/ Typical signs of a CSP issue: - When clicking the Web Clipper toolbar button absolutely nothing happens. (i.e no Web Clipper UI will load) How to determine if the site is having restrictive CSP settings: - See this Skitched tutorial for a guide. https://www.evernote.com/l/AAwMRDf060tB94tLsqW1TK2dNxvFGBuroh4 What can be done about it? - At this point there is nothing that we can 'fix' in the Web Clipper. We are blocked by Safari from running any code. - At the moment Chrome and other browser haven't implemented CSP the same way so clipping in those browser should work fine if the root cause is CSP.
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    Hi All, I was going to open a feature request for this exact feature. I've been wanting this for a while and this feature will make my workflow so much smoother. No more scrolling up and down. When I start a new customer project, I create a note for it. Then I start adding sections to that one note separated by a horizontal bar and a title. A note can become pretty huge. It would be awesome if I can mark the title as a header and then at the top of the note automatically create a table of contents of that note. Just like in Word or Google Docs. Please add this feature. I've been paying for Evernote for years now and am a huge advocate at my work. Please listen to your customers. - Bobby
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    Hello all, I am running into the same issue. Except I only saw the "pop up" once where it asked if I would like to be reminded via e-mail, phone etc. I set a reminder for my note, and tried testing to see if I get a notification but I am unable to succeed. (ie) set a reminder in 2 minutes and see what happens I am also running the free account Evernote Web. Windows 10 / Google Chrome Thus Far I am not getting a reminder and I would love to have a note reminder e-mailed to me on specific notes. Thanks!
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    Yes, please!! I would love a way to add well-styled mathematics into notes. A markdown language like 'Latex" would be perfect!!
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    Shift-Command-F It's an option under the Format menu. I found this post searching for the solution and in the process of asking about it again noticed that a recent update added the features.
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