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    I would really appreciate it if I can change the formatting for my notes on my Android app. Or more importantly, set the default text format and size for my mobile app. At the moment my android and pc apps use different default fonts and sizes. See attached. This is only visible on the desktop app. And I have tried changing the font on the desktop App. At the moment I need to "simplify formatting" on almost every note.
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    as i use my ipad pro more than i use my desktop and laptop i really miss the possibility of merging my notes on the ipad. any chance of making this happen ?!
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    Notes can be pinched-zoomed, making everything larger (text as well as images) -- but then enlarged text cuts off by phone display--making this hardly a useful feature. As it is, pinch-zoom seems useful only to zoom into images and/or read small fragments of text, yet being able to enlarge text is an incredibly helpful feature -- particularly for users with imperfect vision or dyslexia. Certainly, clipped web content can be limited by table grid, borders, or HTML formatting -- but even text-based notes created in Evernote don't re-flow text -- and even if most web-clipped text couldn't re-flow well, the 'simplify formatting' feature on the desktop client seems it'd largely solve this problem. 'Pinch-and-zoom' seems like a partially realized feature and text re-flowing would make it great! Please vote up if you like this idea!
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    Now that you mention it, Evernote lists two versions in the installation This is from my Activity Log; Client Version: 8.7.1 (360160) Editor Version: ce-1.30.2761
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    Normally, I've updated Evernote each time a new version has come out, not always right away, but within a couple of weeks. Last year, however, before I could update I began seeing all these complaints here about formatting issues. I think some of them have gotten resolved in further updates, but then new problems get introduced, like the crippled PDF reader from Google. I haven't been using beta versions--I do some other beta testing, and it gets time consuming, since I tend to get obsessive about it. IAC, the current version of EN for Windows is working more than adequately for me, despite its issues. (I rarely use tables, so I haven't wanted to update for that.) I do update EN for Android each time a new version is issued.
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    Giallou, the second pic you posted is the current beta version, 8.8.360558. The first pick you posted is what is in the app store today. I am not sure why there is a regression in the UI toolbar. it might be temporary. Evernote doesn't post what they are doing in the forums on the iOS betas anymore and the beta notes don't mention any toolbar changes.
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    Haven't heard anything from EN on when a fix will be available, hopefully before the next public release, but who knows at this point.
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    still much to narrow, lot of unused space (grey colored area) - hopefully improved soon, e. g. I miss the nice Tab selector in the iOS App on my Mac.
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    Same here, ever since paste as text was broken, I've had to roll back to version Public, in my experience this was the latest most stable version for me - I absolutely refuse to upgrade until I see a post about a release where all the forum replies aren't about bugs. I'm terrified of losing data or having it corrupted. With as many notes as I have (3k worth), I might not even notice it until it was too late. As it is, I write down the number of notes total and periodically make sure it hasn't gone down. Though if the data inside of a note gets corrupted, I'm SOL. Wish we had a way to also see the total "character count" of all notes as well. For everyone who has been with Evernote for years: PLEASE NO NEW FEATURES, JUST FIX THE BUGS.
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    The font size is way too small for persons with eye issues, the elderly, etc. support for the Accessibility features would be very helpful.
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    I'm so curious who at Evernote decides to invent this new 'New note button'. There's already a New Note button in the toolbar. In all those years I see this pointless 'improvements' to the UI. What a shame for once such a great product.
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    I haven't used Evernote that often, but today I just made the unfortunate discovery that there is no built in function to change the size of the font we are using when typing a note in Evernote. Seriously? How can this possibly be the case? PLEASE add the very basic ability of changing font sizes of typed text to the Android Evernote app. I think the only reason more people haven't already requested this is because they all assume it's already a built in function. Either they haven't needed it yet, or they thought they just couldn't figure out how you do it yet.
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    removing features = removing paying customers
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    Yes, please replace the Atlas feature. As another photographer who uses Evernote to geotag notes about specific locations, this was a critical part of my workflow. At the very least, allow geotagged notes to link to Google Maps. The location information is already stored, creating a simple link should be straightforward. Although why remove it in the first place? That's hard to understand.
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    I'll vote for that. I seem to recall one of the Employees around here saying something recently about font styles being under development...
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    This issue has been reported a number of times. See for instance Evernote is definitely aware of this. Last December a support employee told me that this is a known issue they'd been working on, and they expected it to be resolved in the next app update. That didn't happen. In February an Evernote employee posted in that thread that "We are currently in the process of correcting this, and will likely be fixed within the next few updates." It still hasn't happened, and I'm not optimistic it will be fixed soon. Basically we could see a fix any minute, or any month; or not till much later.
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    Ok. We have indent, bold, italic, underline, and even strike-through. So I am really surprised to see there're no font size option! OMG. Isn't that just rich texts? Man, I need that. Say I clipped an article with a large header. I want to insert some comments on top. AND NOW I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WRITE NOTES IN FONTS AS LARGE AS THE ARTICLE TITLE. WHY?! That aside, sometimes we do need font sizes to illustrate our points, or just for fun. Please, I don't want to go to desktop/web version every time I want to format texts properly. Afterall, that defeats the purpose of syncing notes across devices right? Thanks, and I hope this could be implemented soon.
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    Hi, I have a Evernote notebook with entries named with a specific datestamp as first word (e. g. 2016-09-21) and want to see last entries first so on desktop I set reverse alphabetical order. On desktop there is this option and it works. But on iOS I have to scroll down the whole list because there is no reverse order option?!?!Regards Ernst
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