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    Greetings. I normally use evernote on my android phone. It would be really useful to be able to insert the current date and timestamp by touching a button. It would be a good feature to be able to select default format in evernote settings, and just insert date and/or time stamp by demand (hopefully not both at the same time, one button for each). This feature should also be included in a new note using the widget (this interface for a new note is really poor, I use it to type a fast note but I usually need to write the current date or time stamp). I hope you include this feature. Regards.
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    Hi there. Having searched the internet for a solution to my request, it's clear that this would be a really simple, well used feature. A simple button that inserts a time / date stamp would be fantastic, and encourage me to use evernote more. Loads are asking for it. PLEASE??! Thank you.
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    PLEASE give me some more space back in the SEARCH box! Since the latest update the Search box has shrunk...and for what? I don't need all the space around "All Notes" (see screenshot) but I DO need more space to see what is in my Search box as I often have complex saved searches that I want to narrow even further. Thank you.
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    Tools in the upper left corner of the Windows Desktop
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    FYI, in saved search, searches saved with any: sometimes come up all:, randomly. EN is aware of this and has a bug open to fix. Sounds related.
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    In addidition the troubleshooting steps outlined by @JM, you can force a full resync by Hold the **Shift** and **Option** keys on your keyboard and click the sync icon
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    You might try either of the following: Update to the latest version: Evernote for Mac 6.13.1 GA Reindex your Search Index. Hold down OPT key Goto Help Menu > Troubleshooting > Recreate Full Text Search Index
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    I have thousands of notes in Evernote, mostly about completed consulting projects. I don't want to delete them, but they also clutter up, to a significant degree, my ability to search and sort on the current, relevant stuff--specially because many of the topics and keywords overlap among clients. How do I "archive" or "hide" the old stuff, without deleting it, so that my current notes are easier to manage? I am very familiar with the concept of Notebooks, but what I really need is an entirely new database. I don't want to create a second account. Surely this issue has come up before.
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    Both Everpad and Nixnote (Nevernote) suck! In addition, Evernote native client sucks under wine. After trying these, I use Evernote's slow web client (website). There is a HUGE community of Linux users, many of them using Evernote (some of them like me, on a daily basis). I really think Evernote should respect all of its users. It's a democratic world, not an authoritrian one where you dictate your users which OS they should use. We really want it dear Evernote!
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    Yes. Someone who knows the client side app just doesn't work in some places. For 5 years my EN (desktop & laptop) has had problems dragging down/up the page to select lines and paragraphs for copy/cut. I pay for the client app to work. The web is clumsy, but it works. I want my EN client app to work
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