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    Hi Cal - Thank you for the suggestion. The FF Reader extension is ok, but doesn't enable clip to Evernote or highlighting. My typical workflow (with respect to Clearly) is, find article, decide i'm interested, I often used Cleraly just to de-clutter the page; but now as i'm reading, I highlight the key messages. This facilitates 2 things. FIrst, I can work in 1 environment - which saves a *huge* amount of time when I'm doing research; Second, I've done my initial evaluation of the article and by reading and highlighting I've also committed much to memory. So when I'm back in evernote, I generally can recall what articles I need and from the highlighting where to focus. This is how i've worked on both personal projects and projects for work. The time savings and easy of workflow is now simply broken. As with one of the prior comments mentioned - the ability to read and highlight (in the FF environment) is a key feature that I have not seen replaced. Any other suggestions? I'm open.
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    Could be. At the same time, don't know when it started, but EN began syncing outside the setting in options. I think it had to do with trying to keep currency in the DB to prevent conflict issues. For example, I noticed that if I sent an email to EN my desktop app would sync out of schedule and the email would appear in my EN inbox, kind of like the sync was server initiated. Also, any extensive note edits seem to generate syncs off schedule as well. Not saying it is the case, but if you want to just stop syncs, the above works. Modify the time if you want. YMMV.
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    Yes, it absolutely IS a subscription-cancelling-level issue for me. I have been a paying customer for quite a few years, and the ability to view my items in the way that works best for me is imperative. The grid view feature has been an integral part of EN for as long as I've used it. EN's unwillingness to even acknowledge unhappy users' concerns only adds to the frustration.
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    For the love of god, Evernote team! Why haven't you addressed this issue yet? This is so disappointing. Mark my words, if you don't listen to the feedback of your loyal user base you're putting the future of Evernote at risk! The column view can be hidden in the settings for all I care but bring it back ASAP
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    I use Adobe and there is no button in Adobe to drag the current PDF to another app. With the new Chome PDF viewer you have to click the Download arrow, save to the desktop or wherever, drag to the target app, delete the PDF from the desktop or wherever. Before you just pressed the icon in the old PDF viewer and dragged to the target app. A whole lot more efficient. Also with the old viewer there was an icon to open the PDF in your viewer of choice. More efficient than right click in the PDF and select open. Maybe that could be reviewed for a return as well. Austin, (don't mean to sound snarky here though I suppose it does, apologies for that) is anyone on the EN design team thinking about use cases other than note taking when these changes are developed? Or a fairer question, what generic use cases are considered in the process? Just wondering what the offsets are for changes that make folks less productive. Scrolling PDFs are nice, but you still need a PDF editor to do anything with the PDF, which is now a little harder.
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    v6.7.5 選定格子後點擊格子內的灰色方格 -> 合併
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm sure your blog will be helpful to many people. But for me, Evernote falls so far short of what I need, and what I am used to, for Task Management that I can not use it as my primary Task Manager. Evernote works very well in support of task management, allowing me to quickly and easily capture my daily work, progress, interviews with clients/users, research, etc. But Evernote does NOT provide the automatic linking of subtasks and projects that I need. Yes it can be done manually, but that is just extra work, and often us humans fail to make all the links. So my best practice is to use a dedicated Project/Task Manager, and use Evernote to support it. If the Project/Task manager is an online system, I can easily insert links to the main Task, or maybe just a Task#. Finally, although Evernote Marketing keeps on calling Evernote a "collaboration" tool, it is not such a tool, or at the very best it is on the very low end of collaboration tools. To use Evernote as a Task Manager, IMO, requires a lot of discipline and manual effort. which if you are a busy person doesn't work out very well.
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