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    Hi Folks - Version 6.13.1 fixes some bugs users have been encountering around reminders and sync. It also introduces an improvement to make it easier to troubleshoot specific notes failing to sync. We expect to GA next week, so please help us confirm the fixes and let us know if you encounter any issues with there. You can download the beta here, or check for updates to get the latest. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac team ------------------ Version 6.13.1 Beta 1 Release Notes Fixed: A fix for an issue where reminders overlap text and omit notes on macOS 10.13.1 A fix for an issue where sync intermittently fails for some users after clipping content from the web (CDATA error seen in log) An improvement to make it easier to detect and troubleshoot specific notes that are failing to sync - if you see an exclamation mark on a note in the note list (for snippet and card view) and a red dot in the sync status column for the list views, it's a problematic note
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    Can you please support the Adonit Pixel stylus
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    When creating a new note, I find it a little annoying, that the cursor automatically defaults to the "Note Content" field. I would rather it go to the "Note Title" field. Maybe its how my mind works, but when creating a text note, I first try to give it a title and then add some text to the Note Content field. In many cases my notes consist of just the Title with nothing ever added to the Content field. On a very related note, I don't like how the Note Title auto-populates to whatever is on my calendar at that moment or my current location. This only seems to happen when using the EN Android app on my phone and tablet.
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    @nicolmlWhen I forward the same email, it does NOT have the sync problem. To be clear, though, many notes derived from the Airmail clipper also do NOT have the sync problem. But your suggestion is helpful because for now will just stop using clipper and hope sync issues don't reappear. (I am 99% sure that a few of the 40 notes with the sync problem were NOT clipped, by the way, but hard for me to recreate now having fixed them all. Thus my instinct is the problem is not unique to the clipper translation.) Thanks for help.
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    This can be done by selecting the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the share window, and selecting "Email copy of note".
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    Thanks for sharing. I think detailed comments like these will make Evernote better and help improve. Of course, there will be situations that Evernote may not be the solution to a person. I agree with the Context comments above, I do not get any use out of it but I also have zero expectations for me from that feature. I create my cross references among notes or web page links etc. I am hoping there would be a better way to connect notes than finding the other note, copying the link to it etc. I would like to see an interface where you can almost "spread" your cards/notes on a canvas and move them, work with them as you fit. mohiomap web app is close to what I envision. As far as MS OneNote goes, I used to take Meeting Notes with it and there were benefits to the app for sure. The biggest problem I had was treating every note as a letter size page which visually held me back from making one sentence notes. In Evernote, I sometimes make a short notice and the display of the notes visually does not bother me. Like any software or app, there are sometimes preferences that does not make sense to others but it works for you, that is the most important thing. As discussed above, anything that needs advanced formatting, I either put a hyperlink in Evernote to that file (eg Excel file or a PPT etc.) or keep that file within Evernote and make notes about the file in that note which works nicely for me. Good luck with the OneNote, keep us posted on how it goes and what it does better.
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    I have been an Evernote user for many years now, I've been a paid premium user for most of that time. I've been telling my friends and coworkers about how amazing a product it is, especially considering that most of its features are free. I've tried to stick with the software through the years, even through software glitches and bugs, problems on mobile, and when I had to have a Linux installation at work and was forced to only use the web interface during that time since there is no Linux platform. I'm writing this because I'd like the developers to know what turned a very loyal customer of the company into someone who has now successfully moved over to Microsoft OneNote. First off, it isn't the cost, the premium subscription fee is minor and I have been happy to pay it to support development of the platform. Why then? Well, over the years Evernote has had it's issues. Most of the issues I've had with it are the troubles in controlling the format of the notes. I've spent many hours trying to copy and paste text in a way that makes it readable on my devices. Formatting on my iPhone doesn't often look right on the Desktop, the same for the web interface, each interface seems to interpret the format differently and occasionally in annoying ways. My second issue is the lack of support for mathematical typesetting. I'm personally studying to be a math teacher and as such I've been a lot of time taking notes on paper in class and then moving those notes into Evernote, I have to use 3 different software tools and have had to learn to use Latex in order to create rich equations to put into my notes. That wouldn't be so bad, except Evernote still has no support for SVG or other vector formats. There are a number of tools which Evernote could use (Latex itself is free for everyone) but there is also MathML and some Java solutions to rendering equations and such things into images fairly quickly. This means that Evernote could use something like Latex and just provide a mode to insert Latex code directly into the note and then Evernote calls out to have it rendered, much like the Mediawiki software does, storing then the text and a rendered image with the note. Perhaps one of the most niggling (though least intrusive) issues is the Evernote's premium feature of "Context", which sounds like an amazing idea but doesn't work for me. I have issues with paying to use a feature that doesn't work for me. Of course I don't suggest that the cost be lowered or any other such strangeness, it is a feature that I would have preferred to actually work. So why doesn't it work for me? Often, it pulls up unrelated articles from the Wall Street Journal or some such. I'm not sure about how the technical aspect of the feature works, how it chooses articles and the like. However, if I'm writing a note about (and this is a true example) oil usage in the United States, I would expect context to bring up articles about oil usage in the United States. If I google "Wall Street Journal" and "oil usage in the United States", I get a lot of articles with very helpful information listed. If I broaden my search out to just "oil usage in the United States", I get articles from Wikipedia, Department of Energy, Politico, the New York Times, and many other respected sources. So what does Evernote bring up? It brought me an article on child labor in Africa. I was so curious that I looked and the article had nothing to do with oil. I get the keyword searching is difficult, at best, and taking a hunk of text and distilling it into things to search for is also difficult. However, I take issue with the fact that Wikipedia isn't a source and neither are The New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, the BBC, or Al Jazeera. All of those are major sources of information, but then there is also Wolfram Alpha and other players in the business of aggregating knowledge, not to mention Google's knowledge graph. I just really expected more, given the excessive hype about how great it would be. Finally, my last problem with Evernote is in security. There is no facility to secure an entire note or notebook. I should be able to right click on a notebook or note and select that I would like this note to have the contents encrypted and only decrypted on the device which they are being viewed or edited on. This may be an issue for syncing but in the modern day of high level devices, I don't see why I don't have the ability to do this. Any sensitive information I want to put in Evernote, I have to encrypt myself and paste into a note. This is just not a workable solution, there is the option to protect text within a note but it is clunky and does not work on mobile at all. Again, there's no reason for this. As a side-note, as icing on the cake of all this, I have found Evernote's support system to be lackluster at the best of times. There is no facility for users to vote on new features to be added, there is no use of a public area for users to comment about bugs being reported or other issues, and the forums here certainly feel as if no employee of Evernote actually looks at them, as if this was thrown up to reduce support costs and nothing more. I'm hoping that's wrong. I wrote this up so that developers can understand why at least one customer moved, in hopes that the product will get improved and some of these problems may be eventually fixed. Thank you.
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    Suggesstion1: Add brush feature to change some content with the same font/color/size etc. from the existed in note, like that does in Microsoft's Office Word. Suggesstion2: Add bookmark feature in one note and the bookmarks could be searched through whole notebooks or part of notebooks by choosing some of them. Suggesstion3: Add line number feature (better with collapse option) in one note , for pictures etc. in the note, can be given one line number as a block line number. I think these are very useful to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. Thanks a lot!
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    Evernote is not sitting on their hands. They expend a lot of effort in their cross-product integrations. It's actually very impressive. The problem is, useful little features like this one fall through the cracks.
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    It's not a bug. It's not a feature that is behaving wrong. It is a feature that is missing. That makes it an enhancement request. Albeit, it's a feature that seems to me could be implemented in a coupla hours. By an intern. It could be a good first project for someone joining the team. And then the phrases for translation inserted into their normal translation flow. What makes it so easy is that this is not something that is synced across platforms. It is entirely self-contained within the Android app and its settings. Just like the Windows implementation was self-contained. (Though, the Windows version did have a bug in this feature, for a while. It would cause the focus to constantly jump to the Title field over and over. I haven't checked to see if they have fixed that, yet.)
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    This is broken again in 6.13 ? Now no title shows at all but also, no headers show if "show headers" is selected in print dialogue. This version appears to be going backward, not forward. But hey, the title bar changed as did sharing workflow (which nobody asked for.)
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    BTW This feature is on the PC version. I see several features on the Windows version that is not on the Mac version. This is beginning to sound like the debacle that went on for years at Intuit , that they had inferior versions of Mac products for years. I am tempted to see how/if the Windows version of Evernote works under Wine. Developers:HOW ABOUT JUST PORTING THE WINDOWS VERSION OF EVERNOTE?
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    This might be true. Maybe the Evernote people have a more specific use case for evernote than some of their users do. Statistically speaking, that is very likely true. But you end up getting many people with very different organizational styles using it. That leads to my curiosity about why they wouldn't add it, which based on the evidence, will not be answered by the Evernote team Haha, those are clever solutions, but seems it would be a pain in the butt to use A-Z listed tags. I suppose I do not have the problem @gazumped has. I like to use a directory structure, and rarely have a hard time finding things. But that is mostly because I don't use search very often. Instead, I already know which notebook to go to, and that breaks my notes down enough to only have to look through a few notes to find the note I want. Searching has always been such a pain in the butt when you can make 1 click on the left nav to get to the note you want. I am tired of this conversation, honestly. Haha. Anyway if anyone wants to keep discussing features, you can always start discussing why Evernote built in stacks at all for just two layers of hierarchy. That ought to keep the discussion going Thanks for all the input everyone.
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    This debate boils down to two sides: 1. The Tags Fans. They state: "Tags work just as well." 2. The Nested Notes/Folders Needers. They state: "No they do not. I've tried it your way, and it is not as good!" The Fans just don't get it--they think that just because they don't need nesting, no one else should. The Needers have tried all the work-around solutions, and having been faced with a specific need that the work-arounds simply do not fill. As others have said, this subject has been discussed to death. Based upon a search for the subject, it is a subject that has been discussed to death^2. It gets brought up a lot, and the debate always boils down to two sides stating the above. Let me put it into perspective so the Fans might be able to understand: I do not have a toothache. Been... decades since I have had one. But if I was to be out with a pal who had a toothache, it might be helpful for me to suggest that swishing some cool water on it might help. If my friend says that he has already tried that, and what he really needs is his oil of clove, it would be really, really wrong for me to then state: "Well, I have no need for oil of clove, and I think swishing water over it works just as well so you don't know what you are talking about! Just swish water or not, up to you, but you do not need oil of clove!" True, I have tried to be helpful, but when I then told my friend he didn't know what he needed and I did, I was wrong--in a lot of ways.
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    While I can appreciate the humor, the analogy is backwards. Most databases and folders allow nesting. This is because things are usually subsets of other things. The most efficient logical order is to start with the largest set and then divide down into smaller sets. This is precisely what you do with your physical folders. You have a file cabinet that is either broken down by subjects, alphabetically, or numerically. Within each draw is a range usually listed on the front of the drawer. Inside the drawer are files. The files are then broken down into sections, and then individual pages or reports. What Evernote has done is to take that efficient system, and give everything a tag, and count on the CPU index crunch to allow the computer to find the files you want. This is akin to placing all files in file cabinets randomly, but using an index system to keep track of what is where. Thus you must first consult the index to find where the files you want are hidden. This system is normally only used when files do not relate to each other--as in client files in a law office, or doctor files in a medical office. In both of those cases, there is no reason for "like" files to be near each other, since every case is often unique. However, most of us do not operate in that manner--we have material that is related to each other. E.g. all of my media contacts should be in one spot. With Evernote, I can make a "media contacts" Notebook. But if I wish to further sub divide them down to magazines, radio, and television, I am screwed. There is NO nesting. Now, Evernote has allowed us nesting tags. Why? Because they didn't wish to admit that nesting notebooks was a good idea. Think about that, users have to use nesting tags because they want a logical series of sub divisions, and Evernote, rather than admit they were wrong and supply nesting notebooks, opted to have tags EMULATE notebooks! No other reason at ALL for tags to nest. None. So, let's work on that Ford analogy... For 100 years, cars have had 4 wheels. Some really small ones have three wheels, but those usually can only carry one or two people. Regardless, the front wheels turn. You grew up driving a Ford, and you decide to switch over and drive the new eco-friendly Evernote. But when you start to drive it, you notice it doesn't turn. It only goes straight. You complain, saying you need a car that turns, but the engineers at Evernote only thank you for your input and go on deciding new paint colors and windshield slopes for the next year. A few years later, you find out that the new models of Evernote vehicles DO turn, so you rush out and purchase one! You get in to drive, and when you go to turn, the car advances one car length forward, a center pedestal extends downwards, hydraulics lift the car, and rotate it to the direction you wanted. The pedestal retracts, and the car starts to move forward in your new direction. Technically, it does now turn. You take it back to the dealer and complain, saying the car doesn't turn, it rotates! The dealer, beaming with satisfaction, rebukes you and says the car does turn. You tell him the Evernote system of "turning" is inefficient and other companies around the globe for over a century have used front wheels that turn in both directions, and it is way more efficient. The dealer smiles and says, "We know what we are doing. You should prefer our method." There, now the analogy works.
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    Hi, This is a very simple request - to have "find and replace" in Evernote for Mac. Is there such a feature? I tried finding it and couldn't. Then I noticed this post below. Was a feature ever developed?
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    +1 more for Find and Replace! I can't believe this is not already in there. Programmatically it's pretty easy to do.
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    Find and Replace feature request? June 2016 and counting....
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    God i want this but as a (ex-but-still-there) Product Manager for a large internet property, its not as easy as you think t get a single feature priotitzed even after a couple years. +1 wanting this. Keep fighting, you'l get to add it eventually
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    +1 for Find/Replace in Mac Unbelievable that its not available.
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    HOW IS THIS NOT FIXED YET? This is a gross oversight, and not fixing it quickly and quietly (with a look of terrible embarrassment on their faces) as soon as they realized it is an even bigger oversight.
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    It seems that "Find and Replace" functionality is included in the Windows version of Evernote. I can't imagine any reason why the Mac version should exclude it.
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    Here are 2 half-decent workarounds I've tinkered with that you can use via Chrome extensions on the Web Client: AlterNote: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alternote-editor/hljkfahiahjhhpmpihngnommookkneji?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon Add-ons for Evernote Web App: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/add-ons-for-evernote-web/bnflfnhcfikgmmcmoghhejelmefpjhek?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon Both extensions have other features which extend Evernote's editor... such as list sorting, etc... which might be worth looking into :-)
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    This worked for me ...i had an audio recording on evernote on ipad that wont synch, thus not allowing me to send the file or access from Evernote on my laptop. This is the workaround : On the ipad : 1 duplicate the note with the embedded audio recording 2 export , this will allow you to send the file via e-mail, so send the file to yourself On the laptop 3 download the file you emailed to yourself 4 open the downloaded file on evernote on the web, check to see if you can open the file from evernote On the ipad 5 delete the copies of the note ( optional step), so you wont get annoying unsynched notification as well On the laptop 6 synch evernote Once done you will now have a copy of the audio on both web and ipad app. Hope this works.
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    I frequently email photos and notes to myself from my iPhone and since each email has my signature including ( sent with iPhone ), this text also gets email obviously. I realized that I really want to find my signature text through all notes and replace it or delete it. I could not find this option on Evernote for Mac.
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