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    I regret to have downloaded the new version of evernote, as now my notebooks are all organized in a list. This does not give a good overview - one has to scroll down + it is an extremely boring layout. The old book form (the little squares) where better in both aspects (going from left to right, it was possible to see many more notebooks on the screen.) My request is to allow users to choose for themselves if they want list or books (just add an icon next to "your list" => sort by => books (instead of only number of notes, etc., names etc.) , and why in addition (later, after this has been solved) do not also work on a version that allow users to add other distinguishing features, depending on their own preferences (shapes, colors,)
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    Thanks @gazumped . I posted when we just discovered the issue. Considering trying 6.8 beta and seeing if the issue persists. If it does, I'll try the options you indicated.
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    Just be clear, the 'cog' options are for reminder sorting and viewing choices...
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    Thank you for your reply, I figured it out. Duh.
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    Well, that's more than disappointing, especially for a program whose promoted focus is utility note taking. @csihilling — Also, thank you for the quick, concise answer.
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    Well, I suppose the title says it all but I would really appreciate the ability to collapse or expand all the notebook stacks at once rather than clicking each stack individually. Thank you!
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    Thanks for the comments! I will convert HEIF to JPG for now. Let's see if Evernote will add support for HEIF in the future.
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    This is a ridiculous amount of added margin: Surely Evernote could at least present a checkbox in settings for whether to display that margin. Even if it means that the table config UI is screwed up when the margin is hidden, it'd remove a massive inconvenience for the great number of users who never/rarely use tables. I would rather not be permanently stuck on an older version of Evernote in order to avoid this margin.
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    Just got the update that does this. It sucks! Put it back or at least give option, please!
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    You may want to post this as feature request at https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-evernote-feature-requests/?do=add I'd add my vote - it's the new image format standard being used by Apple and I'd like to an inline viewer
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    Same. I was just about to create a new post for this issue when I saw this one. The huge margin cuts down on the available space *especially* if you have side columns for Notebooks and Notes visible. At the very least this should be a customizable option.
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    I registered on the forums just to report this issue. I'm hoping they either put it back the way it was, or make it configurable. I regret installing the update because I tend to use my notes as a small window off to the side.
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    @dcaseyrowe ... I avoid retyping as much as possible, so when I run into problems in Evernote that I can’t fix by fiddling with Evernote options (like simplifying formatting or whatever), then I copy/paste the text into a different program, then copy/paste it back. On my iPad, I use Pages. On my PC, I use Notepad. If the text has formatting I want to preserve, then I use Word. Have you tried something like that?
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    I noticed this immediately upon upgrade, and it's a problem for me as well - the first thing bad enough that I actually made a forum account to complain about it. I will go try to track down the "release thread" although I didn't see that when I logged in to the forum.
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    OMG So, Frustrating! I've updated to version, and I now have this problem. I have a Yoga 900; the screen is 13.3" and the absurd margins are extremely annoying. It's small screen to start with and now I'm losing even more real estate. Even worst I can't seem to find a download for the previous version that was working just fine for me. If anyone knows where I can find the latest version of desktop for Windows that doesn't have this problem, please let me know. At a minimum, it would be very much appreciated if the Evernote team would offer the option to turn margin off and on. It takes up way too much precious real estate on our smaller laptop screens. Update to my post: I found an earlier version of Evernote desktop for Windows that doesn't have this margin issue. Evernote version 6.5 GA ( Don't forget to turn on enable on-demand sync. To turn it on, go to Tools > Options > Synchronization and select "Enable on-demand sync." Link - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105063-evernote-for-windows-65-ga-released/
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    What matters to me is how to make this product work for me. Yes, indicate your support for a feature request using the vote buttons; however I’m interested in work-arounds for the product limitations
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    Not sure the users would consider a ToC as a substitute for a notebook hierarchy. I think users are looking for the legacy folder navigation they used in with computer files, or with a manual filing cabinet. This is not a feature supported by Evernote. If Evernote’s organization method isn’t working for you, you should be looking at a different product. Everyone is welcome to indicate their support for this request using the voting buttons (top left corner), but honestly, Evernote has never indicate an interest in adding this feature
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    Please please please return to the stack view for Notebooks. I VERY much dislike the current list view. Why not offer a choice? I'm really concerned about the developer sensibility - this feels / seems like we're chumps who simply must take whatever we're given rather than have users' wishes taken into consideration. Sigh.
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    This change really sucks for visual thinkers who see things in 2 or 3 dimensions! The old Notebook icon layout allowed me to find things by their location and not necessarily by the title. It gave me a quick visual overview of all my notebooks in just a few scrolls. Now, I am forced to think of the title first in order to find it. I then have to scroll endlessly (which is terribly distracting when you have something on your mind that you want to get down). Most times I have to scroll back up since I missed what I was looking for. The old Notebook icon was more efficient since it's layout was not only up and down but also left to right. This shortens considerably the time it takes to find a Notebook. Now I have to rethink the titles of some notebooks in order to better organize some frequently used Notebooks to the TOP (the TOP now being significantly less!). I had to get use to this change on the iPad (which I hated and still do) but my use of the iPad is different since I use it to find notes more than compose notes, therefore, the distraction of endless scrolling was less of an issue. I use Evernote on my Mac to compose notes where I am thinking, researching and problem solving. The scrolling on the Mac version becomes a detriment to fluid thinking. This change has really affected how I "see" my Notebooks and most likely it will affect my productivity immensely. Like White said above, let your users choose!!!
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    This lack of grid view has completely thrown off the way I interact with Evernote. Please bring back, I am a paid user, and I make no threats of leaving as Evernote is my life, I am trying to just appeal to your desire to provide the product your customers need. Thanks.
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    [Cross posted from Help Forum] I want to echo the sentiment in this post. I initially thought this was a new "default" setting not a removal of a feature. This is a very poor user experience move. Had you warned me that you would be removing what was a key branding element of this product, I would not have upgraded. As it stands, I will reconsider other options for me and my team. May I recommend that in the future, you perform beta testing / customer validation of such a major change before you launch.
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    I find it annoying too.
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    Thank god someone has already reported this issue. I have just created an account on this forum just for report this problem. REALLY annoy gap!!
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    Yes, the size of the fixed margins is a bit absurd. It reduces visible content.
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    Please provide a way to adjust the margins. I don't want the wasted space on the left edge!
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    Hi. I'm a first time board poster, and a user of Evernote for a few months now. I just wanted to say that I think this approach is very sad (not a shot at you, but at the ecosystem solution as a whole) as it demonstrates that Evernote cannot: Teach people to use to use the existing system. Update itself to the needs of paying customers. Its not much more complicated that this. After reading around the forum (and actually coming across your excellent contributions Jefito multiple times), it seems as if evernote does have 3-tier nesting solutions built into the software through the tagging function. That said, noone told me that I had to use the tagging function to accomplish this upfront when I downloaded the app. Instead, I could make notebooks and notebook stacks. Nowhere is it even mentioned officially that to go to a level "below" a notebook, I have to use hierarchical tags. That is actually very counter-intuitive. If someone had told me that this was the only structure supported to accomplish a basic folder hierarchy like: Education -> Economics -> Econ 201 I would have been more reserved in getting a membership in the first place. Its honestly pretty disappointing that I had to come to the boards to learn how to implement it, if making hierarchical tags is such a potent way to organize the system. Teach me when I open up the app somehow. Advertise this feature. Beyond that, if such a sizeable fraction of the userbase wants this feature, Evernote should be chomping at the bit to give it to them, frankly. What happened to the customer is always right? I'm not even saying make up a whole new system to make this work. What if they just added a "folder view" for hierarchical tags inside a notebook, and made the folder tag easy to give to notes that were added? That would be a perfectly functional solution in my uneducated view. If such a feature already exists, its been poorly marketed and taught as I mentioned earlier, because I've been using Evernote for over a year and didn't known it existed. Its been over 8 years. Its not particularly acceptable for any company to fail to resolve their customers problems for that long. This is really not acceptable. And FWIW, I think that all this pontification on the paradigm shift that searching and tags based structures bring (that I have seen on the boards generally) is condescending at best and ignorant at worst. The whole notion is very offputting to people who want to learn about the application. Don't essentially tell me to "put up or shut up" with this particular feature. I am a paying customer just like all the people who like the system as it is, and I love all of the other features of Evernote. I'm not wrong for asking for this. I just want to see all of my sub-categories beneath a notebook or something close to that, in addition to all the other goodies that evernote has going for it. In any case, I'm off to learn how to use hierarchical tags through one of the fancy guides that I saw around when I was researching this. Best regards.
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    Even with tags, I am constantly wishing I could Visually group my notes into sub-categories that don't require a complex search string to identify. I prefer to think of the Sub-Notebook more like a Section maybe... So as of now we have; Stacks (Multiple Notebooks) Notebook (Multiple Notes) but I think I would personally prefer Stacks (Multiple Notebooks) Notebook (Multiple Sections) Section (Multiple Notes) Tags are ok, but I can't visually narrow down to what I need to from a Tag level unless I create a rather convoluted search. A very simple example I can give based on a comment I saw (or maybe it was the original description); Work (Stack) Client 1 (Notebook) Income (Section/Tag) Expenses (Section/Tag) Client 2 (Notebook) Income (Section/Tag) Expenses (Section/Tag) I could add tags "Income" and "Expenses" to the relevant notes within each Client Notebook, but then the search is [notebook:"Client 1" tag:Income] because the Income Tag will be used across multiple notebooks, across multiple stacks even, or I have to view Client 1 and sort by Tags. I admit that the Search Functionality in Evernote allows for tons of customization that would allow for this behavior, but the end-user experience should be taken into account, not everyone can set up the perfect search; most people can organize their thoughts by groupings though. That simple example can get complicated fast once you start adding in other tags that would work better if there were sectioning and not child tags. Income and Expenses could have tags for "Credit", "Rebate", "Donation" and others that would need to be nested either within the parent Tags or set aside as their own tags requiring two tags minimum, now we have [notebook:"Client 1" tag:Income tag:Donation] (I have not used nested Tags yet so my example is based on experience) that must be used instead of quickly looking at the Income Section for Client 1 and picking out the notes tagged with Donation. Try visualizing this example, and how you might optimize it, with tags alone; Work (Stack) Client 1 (Notebook) Income Credit Rebate Donation Expenses Credit Rebate Donation Client 2 (Notebook) Income Credit Rebate Donation Expenses Credit Rebate Donation Home (Stack) Spouse 1 (Notebook) Income Credit Rebate Donation Expenses Credit Rebate Donation Spouse 2 (Notebook) Income Credit Rebate Donation Expenses Credit Rebate Donation Can you see why a Section/Sub-Notebook/Folder would work better?
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    This is how I clear all checkboxes: Select all Turn off checkbox formatting Turn on checkbox formatting My list is now all unchecked It it wasn't a pure list, e.g. if there were paragraphs in between checkboxes, then I suspect the paragraphs would end up with checkboxes.
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    Yes, you can't please all the people all the time, that's true. However, just one extra level would add a great deal of extra flexibility for a large number of people. I see so many people asking for this feature. It doesn't make sense as a company for them not to want to implement it. However, we'll never know if this is something EN is working on until we get it or don't. I for one would just like to see "Dividers" or "Sections" (sub-notebooks), that would only add one extra layer but it would make my life so much more organized. That would make the hierarchy as such: Stacks>Notebooks>Divider or Section>Notes. This would be in line with the whole notebook analogy that Evernote has created. Notebooks often come in multiple subjects with dividers in them for different topics within the same notebook. I think added this sub-notebook level makes perfect sense. Tags don't seem to work for my brain. I use them, but in the traditional way they were originally designed for, as a way to add to the organization of things. Not as the main focus for organization. For me and the way I think, Tags are too cumbersome to organize and access. Searching and then narrowing said search by tag feels like way too much work or remembering search complex syntaxes just to find one note. If I put certain things in a designated folder, I can just go straight to that folder and know it'll always be in there. It's very straight forward type organization. Again to each their own but if there are enough people that want a feature and it is withing their power to add that feature, why not add it.
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    If it works for you, that's great. But, to be clear. there is only ONE level of Notebooks: A Notebook can contain ONLY Notes, NOT other sub-Notebooks Stacks are NOT Notebooks, but only a container of Notebooks Stacks can contain ONLY Notebooks, not Notes.
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    Sure, why not? The more people who make official bug reports about something, the more important it appears to Evernote, therefore the more likely it will be fixed sooner (wishful thinking, maybe? ). Have a good day!
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    I would like to use Evernote ask my "one stop" location to make notes at work. I need to be able to create a stack within a stack...for example Company Name (notebook stack 1) > Committee 1 (notebook stack 2) > meeting 1 (note) > meeting 2 (note) > meeting 3 (note) etc.... >Committee 2 (notebook stack 3) > meeting 1 > meeting 2 etc... Is this possible? I have been trying and it doesnt seem to work. Thanks.
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    Make sure you’re pressing the shift key. Option-Cmd-{ is really Option-Cmd-Shift-[
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    I am revisiting using Evernote due to my testing of an online GTD application's (IQTEL) integration with EN. I have previously relied on OneNote. For the life of me I am missing the inclusion of sections within the structure of Notebook / Section / Pages. I would use this to set up items like Projects / Name / Individual items. Does anyone else who converted over from ON struggle with the lack of this level of organization?
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    Fingret, I see you're using V4 of Evernote so I'm not sure the following will work for you but... In V5, hold the "Shift" key while clicking the triangle next to the "Notebooks" header and everything in that section will collapse. If you open up "Notebooks" again (by clicking the triangle) you'll see that all of the stacks will remain collapsed until you click on the individual stack's triangle. If you don't hold the "Shift" key while clicking the triangle next to the "Notebooks" header, everything will collapse but if you open up "Notebooks" again (by clicking the triangle) every stack that was expanded before, and only those stacks, will still be expanded.
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    +1 for this. I'm a new evernote user, but this is the one thing that I really miss from this otherwise great program. The problem is this: I'm working as a teacher. I found out that each of my student groups need a stack, and each student needs an individual notebook. That being said, I've got 8 stacks, each which contains ~20 notebooks. So when I'm opening evernote web (the only thing that works on the locked computers at work), I am greeted with the picture below (screenshot from when all the notebooks just was created). After 1 day of hard work, my !INBOX is filled with a lot of notes. And then the scrolling begins....
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    Just want to put my voice in for this feature request. This should be a given and not a request. Love Evernote...live by it daily. With that said, having to even make a feature request like this is what really sours me about this program. Anyone using the program, including all those Evernote employees, should see and immediate need for this (both tags and notebooks). Anyway, hope to see this soon!
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    Blackrat (And all the others that say that tags are better than subnotebooks) Tags and subnotebooks serve two separate purposes. I have uses for them both. For example, I am a law student. I have tags. They are: Book briefs,case briefs, concepts and rules. I have notebooks. Each class gets its own notebook. If I could have subnotebooks, then I could organize them by semester. This prevents my notebook list from getting too crowded. -Justin
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    Tags suck. I came here, hoping to find a setup issue I had with subfolders not being displayed. Disappointed to see so many requests and not one glimmer of hope in creating subfolders. Please listen to your audience. Everyone wants subfolders. Not one person anywhere here is arguing for tags. Seems a pretty clearcut distinction for what your users want.
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    Big mistake, IMHO. Tags are for taxonomy, not organization. Organization with tags resembles spaghetti. Folders are absolute and cleaner. Anyway, I'm another "I'd go premium, if EN had folders" vote. I'm ready to throw money at you guys if you fix this usability issue. +1 for folders. I'm used to EN2. Why on earth do I have to learn a new "concept" (and yes, importing my notes from EN2 into EN3 does look like spaghetti - don't get me wrong, I love all kinds of pasta but only when I can eat them).
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    Count me as another in the "give me tree structure for notebooks, and I'll go premium" camp. I won't bother repeating the reasons as the case is made well by the preceding comments in this thread. Any comment from the developers?
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    Tree structure for notebooks, please. This really is a significant feature. The metaphor of a notebook is a necessary metaphor: One place to hold everything that the user wants to "bind" into one place, one conceptual bin, ordered chronologically. Tags are a different concept: cross-references between things that the user does not necessarily want to put into one bin--tags label things that may not have chronological or immediate conceptual unity for the user, but which have some referential relationship. The restrictions of the UI make a flat notebook hierarchy unwieldy. At about 20 notebooks, things start to get messy. Subnotebooks of arbitrary depth let the user use notebooks to bind things together as needed, in a clean, easily manipulated way. Tags let the user cut across the tree notebook structure to mark inter-relationships and retrieval possibilities that a notebook tree structure alone does not allow. These are two different approaches to data, both with their strengths and weakness. Both are useful. Right now, you are severely diminishing the usefulness of the notebook approach by not allowing a notebook hierarchy. Even if you are not persuaded of this way of viewing tags vs. notebooks, please still consider putting notebooks in a tree structure just because users are asking for it. I'm also in the "give me tree structure for notebooks, and I'll go premium" camp.
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    I again add my own request for subnotebooks. I have no doubt everything could be done with tags -- but my experience has been that things work best with a combined notebook/tag metaphor. I have set up notebooks for my main subject areas -- but some second level notebooks would sure help. If not for the next version, then when? Similarly with the missing EN2 features -- on one hand you're having tremendous market growth, and so you should given the ingenuity and hard slogging you folks have put into it. However, it seems you're putting much weight on the idea that some of us will wait forever because of our loyalty. We loyal to a point, and as I have said before, please do not take us for granted. While I have never paid a cent to Evernote, and I won't for extra web space because that isn't my thing, I would gladly pay the premium fee if it included subnotebooks, and all the features left from EN2. I've talked about your market before. It seems there are two streams -- the one that want Web 2 style capability and mobility everything. Then there is the stream that sees EN as a day-to-day workhorse, tied to research and writing, with phenomenal web data capture. If there is a way to develop both streams concurrently, there'll be less noise from guys like me. If other readers agree with me -- or if you think I am full of hot air -- I hope you all will make your positions known. Thanks to all, including the developers of one great product. Daly
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    Thanks for this discussion. Consider this another request for subnotebooks. I really want to keep my work data organized separately from beer-tasting, etc... And the hierarchical tagging just doesn't cut it. I would like to be able to create definitive partitions, so that diagrams from work don't accidentally pop up while I'm in a discussion with friends about lager - how embarassing! (and vice-versa wouldn't be so good, either) The only other option might be to set up 2 separate accounts - but I really don't want the hassle of that.
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    I'm also voting for subnotebooks. The idea with tagging is great. However, tags work across notebooks, and they're great for some searches that are made well... across notebooks If you allow tags to be nested, then why not to do the same with notebooks? I'm using windows platform and recently switched from OneNote to EverNote and this is the very feature that's essential for me. I'm using such an organizer to store all my files and notes, and I lead a busy life. I need a notebook for my voyages, for studies, and for my job. In the company I lead some projects and it's a lot easier to put every project in a separate subnotebook, and then of course I could tag it like "possible point of failures", "rewards" etc. The same is with my studies. I'd love to have each subject in its own subnotebook, each note tagged i.e. "general informaion", "exam session"... This means greater flexibility and makes the use of it more intuitive. If this would be a lot easier for all of the people (there's no single voice it's a bad idea), it would really be a great improvement to see it this way...
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    I understand tags and nested tags, but they suck for my purposes. Great for taxonomy, not great for organization. I would prefer folder and notebook entities. Or notebook and subnotebook entities.
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    I agree that this is an almost necessary feature idea. Could the powers-at-be tell us where this ranks among feature requests and if/when it might be implemented? -Justin
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    I recently switched from a Windows based PC to a Mac and have been searching for a replacement for OneNote. I think Evernote might just be the replacement, but the toughest thing for me to cope with in this switch is no hierarchical folder/notebook paradigm....one more vote for "subnotebooks". I hope the folks at Evernote have this in the works.
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    Has the fact that several of us have asked for subnotebooks been noted as a feature request? Will it be possible in the future? Personally, subnotebooks will be much more useful to me than the tag hierarchy.
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