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    @DTLow, I don't know if you intend to be this way, but you continually come across as excusing and apologizing for the very poor testing and QA by Evernote. Why don't you give it a rest, and let Evernote defend their own software, their own decisions to release. It is NOT our job to risk our critical daily workflows by testing beta software. I think it is a fair expectation of Evernote for their entire team to produce software that is reasonably free of material bugs. I'm not asking for "bug-free" software -- we all know that is near impossible. But it is also clear that Evernote could and should produce software that has many less bugs than they do. They should especially fix all of the obvious bugs that most of us see as soon as we run the app. ATTN: @Evernote ( @Chantal Leonard, @Johnathan Hebert, @Jason Miller ) Why this continual rush-to-release, especially when you know there are serious bugs in the release??? EN Mac 6.11.1 seems reasonably stable, with very few, if any, material bugs. Why don't you guys just stick with that version until you can properly design and test the next version? As far as I'm concerned, every 6.12 version has been way premature, still in early beta condition, that no one should risk their critical workflows with. If you guys would figure out a way for us end-users to install a Beta version while keeping and not impacting our current production version, I would be glad to test it. Or, if you want to pay us for beta testing, I would install a virtual machine to test the Betas. But I also expect you to do you part first.
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    After all of the complaints about the removal of Atlas from the iOS app, why on Earth would EN remove the Atlas view from the Mac app too?
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    Please bring back the Atlas view (or location filter, or whatever you want to call it - it's the function that matters). This is particularly important for mobile devices, but is also very useful on the desktop. Being able to search by latitude and longitude is not a viable substitute. Example: I snap a photo in Evernote on my iPhone of an interesting looking restaurant when I dropped my daughter off somewhere. Two years later, we are in the same neighborhood with time for a bite to eat, but we can't remember the name of the restaurant. Before Atlas was removed from the iOS app, this would be another "Evernote for the win!" moment - I could open the app, check notes created nearby, and pull up the photo of the restaurant, giving me the name as well as the precise location. With the current app, there is simply no way to retrieve that information.
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    Hi, Could someone please help me. I've various notes with a number of pictures embedded (not attachments) from taking pictures within the Android app. How do I save the pictures when in the desktop version, please? I've tried Save Attachments from the note menu, and right-clicking within both the note and an individual picture and Save Attachments doesn't do anything. The only thing that works is to right-click a picture and "Save As..." which allows saving of the picture. Unfortunately this is very time-consuming when there are multiple pictures. Many thanks for any assistance, Neil
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    Try removing the file from the note by saving to your computer, syncing, then adding it back. It is possible the multiple edits has messed up its size counter and it thinks it is larger than it really is.
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    Thanks gazumped for the advice regarding the import folder, I'll do it this way then. Regarding the types of documents I plan to digitize it's mostly A4 rector/verso papers, this is about 90% of what I scan. My SnapScan took the bad habit of getting blocked while scanning 20+ pages this is why I'd like an upgrade. Regarding the OCR, I believe this is done automatically using Snapscan. I don't mind having everything into a synced folder however I'd like to avoid adding a step in my workflow by using abbyy. Is it a compulsory step to add the one off OCR within the workflow or could it be automated? Thanks
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    I'd be more concerned at identifying the right scanner for the documents you're digitizing - all scanners will save their output to a file on a desktop computer, and when that happens you can set up an Import Folder (Windows) or use scripting (Mac) to pass the file onto Evernote immediately. I prefer to scan to folder because I can do some editing of content and titles and batch OCR before moving the files to an Import Folder. Going one step further and sending the file direct to Evernote without touching the desktop first does require some integration but I'd imagine Fujitsu Support would be able to confirm whether or not the Fi-7160 will handle that...
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    I’d say it’s a bug I reproduced the error on my Mac Mini You should contact Support (Contact Evernote Support) I’d be interested in their comments
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    To search for a phrase you only need the phrase in quotes, no text:, just “tax code” will do. Text: is not a part of EN search syntax The colon in your search was ignored and the word text was added to the search So any note with the word text got added to the results in the ANY case. Switching to ALL says you have no notes containing text and “tax code” which are tagged with condo. To find a note based upon text in the title of the note, the correct phrase is intitle:”we are”. No quotes needed if a single word phrase.
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    This isn't necessary, since: This is exactly why tags exist: a single note can have more than one descriptive attribute. I generally don't try to predict what Evernote will or won't do with their product, but I'll go out on a limb on this one: they'll have nested notebooks before they provide for notes that belong to more than one notebook.
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    Fact check: no. If I wanted less room to read notes, I could make my windows narrower. And having fake white space on the right/left doesn't help readability nor type-ability. It just make me thing the margins are messed up.
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    Error on our side while shifting things around, forums dropped into Penultimate. Thanks for the catch! (should be fixed now)
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    Then I would strongly recommend not releasing an update with such a glaring code malfunction. Quality beats quantity anyday, everytime. I'd rather wait for something to work properly than use a broken piece of software. As a Premium User for several years now, I've observed this happen more often than I'd like. If that's how you're using my annual fee, I'd like my money back. Sorry if that harsh, but I think I'm entitled (as are the rest of us paying customers) to a certain amount of rigour and code-checking prior to ANY release. Its become a de facto standard to 'push it out' rather than proof it properly. And I know this to be a software industry-wide cultural phenomenon. Its not just you. I'm just tired of it.
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    It’s a limitation of Evernote’s search feature; you can’t combine And/Or My solution is separate searches and a Temp tag . I have this in a script (Mac), but you can do it manually Search any: tag:@Home tag:@Errands And assign Tag:Temp Then, search tag:Temp reminderOrder:*
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    This lack of grid view has completely thrown off the way I interact with Evernote. Please bring back, I am a paid user, and I make no threats of leaving as Evernote is my life, I am trying to just appeal to your desire to provide the product your customers need. Thanks.
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    Hurray! Glad you are still in the fight... Looking forward to trying it out...
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    This is how I clear all checkboxes: Select all Turn off checkbox formatting Turn on checkbox formatting My list is now all unchecked It it wasn't a pure list, e.g. if there were paragraphs in between checkboxes, then I suspect the paragraphs would end up with checkboxes.
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    Search is another discussion The search indexing strips out special characters (and emoji) My use of emoji is as a visual clue
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