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    I regret to have downloaded the new version of evernote, as now my notebooks are all organized in a list. This does not give a good overview - one has to scroll down + it is an extremely boring layout. The old book form (the little squares) where better in both aspects (going from left to right, it was possible to see many more notebooks on the screen.) My request is to allow users to choose for themselves if they want list or books (just add an icon next to "your list" => sort by => books (instead of only number of notes, etc., names etc.) , and why in addition (later, after this has been solved) do not also work on a version that allow users to add other distinguishing features, depending on their own preferences (shapes, colors,)
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    CMD-A the text of the note you want to edit. Right Click inside the note then Services ▹ New TextEdit Window Containing Selection". Then in TextEdit "Edit ▹ Find ▹ Find & Replace". Then copy all and paste back over selection in Evernote.
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    Right now it's a multistep-process to manually link two notes with each other. Coping the note link, inserting it in the other on and if necessary copy the link of the other note to link back at the initial note. With nearly 5,000 notes in Evernote it get's more and more important to build networks, otherwise a huge amount of notes never gets looked at. Maybe at the bottom of each note (where the 'context' section is) you could place a little search bar to enter other note (titles) to connect them with each other. This way it would be more easier to jump between related notes and manually add such connections instead of relying on the 'context' feature.
  4. 1 pointというバージョンから、ノートの左に半角スペース4文字分程度の余白が常に入っているようですが これを無くす(以前のバージョンの仕様に戻す)か、表示する/しないが選択できるようにしてほしいです。 狭い解像度の環境で、本来の目的であるテキストの編集作業に充てられる範囲が狭くなり使いにくいです。
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    Hi Folks - We're releasing another dot release with a fix to help ease some issues users are encountering around copy/pasting content from Evernote into some other apps. You can download it here. Please help us validate and hopefully it'll provide some respite to those encountering the issue while we prep to push this out broadly in a few days Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac Team Version 6.12.2 Beta 1 Fixed: A fix where text when copied from Evernote and pasted into another app sometimes has additional punctuation and other characters added to it. Version 6.12.1 Fixed: A fix for a crash some users are encountering on quitting the app. Version 6.12 Major improvements to tables! Some highlights of what you can do with tables now: Add more rows and columns with a single click: Point to where you want a new column and click the plus button that appears. Select the contents of a cell by clicking and dragging. Choose the entire column or row just by clicking the header. Drag and drop entire rows & columns. Copy and paste multiple cells: Select the cells you want to move, copy them, move cursor to a new spot and paste all the cells with one click. Adjust the width of one column without affecting the width of the column next to it. Scroll horizontally to view a table with many columns without expanding your window. Hover within a cell to activate advanced table options. You can distribute columns evenly Match the table width to the width of your window Change the alignment of items within cells Add and change background colors Multi-tasking improvements Keep your Evernote content organized using tabs. Create a new tab by selecting the 'New Tab' option under the File menu. Pick up from where you left off - if you exit the app and re-open it, you'll return to your previously opened windows / state. Separation of Business and Personal No longer intermingle your business and personal content in your Evernote experience but still multi-task when you need to. Improving on 6.11 Beta 1 & 2, we've added support for having business and personal notes open side-by-side. Bug fixes We’ve fixed several bugs that users reported including: Evernote does not update business tags list after the sync Pasting a large amount of text into a note fails with no error message An intermittent crash on account switching
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    Hi all. I've been getting this problem since I upgraded to Evernote Version 6.12.1 (455453 Direct) last week. The problem is persistent. I'm a premium user. While I'm writing a note in a notebook, there is a sync conflict issue. It keeps creating new notebooks with names like "conflict..." something. I've disabled sync by changing the setting to "manual", but the problem keeps recurring. Its very annoying and making the software unusable. What do I do?
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    I can report that the YouTube clipper/feature in EN when using Chrome Browser (latest version) on PC/Laptop Win10 is now working again for me :-)...just noticed it. @BarthSiemens @gazumped
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    Unfortunately, I didn't catch any of your response. Since currently there are so many issues being reported and fixed, maybe you should consider opening an issue tracking system as suggested in another topic here. It would save a lot of time for both Evernote employees and users who would like to follow issues.
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    Evernote always does stuff like this. They think if they like it, it works for everybody. I love Evernote, but I hate when it goes to their head.
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    It felt very uncharacteristic of Evernote to make such a massive and sudden change to their product. I loved the visual notebook layout which displayed information in way that felt very clear to me. I deeply dislike the new notebook view, which feels no better than Google Drive. I am disappointed both in the decision to make such a change and lose such an iconic element of Evernote as well as in the method of rollout. Like many customers, it took me awhile to realize that this was a formal change from Evernote and that I had not inadvertently made a mistake myself. Please bring back the former view.
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    6.7 GA still has the major PITA bug where the text is missing spaces, even though the spaces are there in the title and on every other device (android, iOS, web). I permanently corrupt every note I edit on v.6.6-v.6.7 that has this problem.. @Chantal Leonard I think it's unacceptable that this type of bug that ruins note content is allowed in not one, but two GA releases.. Compare the auto-populated text in the title to the text in the note attached. It should not be "uppdragatt" (uppdrag att) and "varpraxis" (var praxis) and so on throughout the text... example.enex
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    This version is still not syncing for me (based in China). Can you please take a look? Below is the activity log: 18:16:37 [INFO ] [7432] [9224] Client synchronization started 18:16:37 [INFO ] [7432] [4532] 0% Loaded updateCount: 6139 18:16:37 [ERROR ] [7432] [4532] 0% HTTP request failed, code: 500, error: Internal Server Error 18:16:37 [INFO ] [7432] [9224] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 18:16:37 [ERROR ] [7432] [9224] * error: Sync failed due to unexpected problem server side 18:16:39 [INFO ] [7432] [1840] Registered session count: 1, last session: 2017/09/13 18:15:00 18:16:40 [ERROR ] [7432] [9932] 0% HTTP request failed, code: 500, error: Internal Server Error
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    As someone suggested, there is an option to go back to the previous version but I am afraid to do so. Has anyone successfully done this? Maybe a better option is to switch to another product. Can anyone here evaluated an equivalent product? I know it is a pain to switch App after using it for a while (particularly with multiple notebooks), but it is inconsiderate of Evernote to simply remove a feature.
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    This upgrade clearly has to be an oversight. No one is silly enough to enrage loyal users by removing the main "home" metaphor and not even make it an option. Especially when that metaphor is an option in other areas (e.g., when viewing cards - View>Cardview). Please tell us that this is just a silly mistake. Please?! PLEASE!!!
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    I love the concept of Evernote but hate this change so much that it will probably lose my custom. I subscribe in the hope of improvements - not downgrades. It's high time the notebooks were customisable but having the basic notebook replaced with a clunky list is inexcusable. A very poor show.
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    If you're referring to the Snippet View in the Windows client, the easy thing to do to pin a note to the top of the list is to add a reminder to it, either dated or undated. In Snippet view, notes with reminders are also maintained in a separate collapsible list at the top of the standard note list. The reminder list is also separately sortable, either by updated date or arbitrarily (my dragging notes up or down the list). This is my default configuration.
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    Every time I use Evernote and every time EN announces some whizbang feature I am annoyed at this omission. I have a lot of programming snippets that require fixed font styling. Predefined styles are natural for this. This can't be difficult to implement.
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    When my notes get too long I split them up into several notes. Then I create a special note with links to all of these notes in a table of content. This can be done in an easy way by selecting the notes for the TOC. Each note gets a link back to the table of content at the top. In this way I can easily maneuver through these notes all belonging to a single topic. Sometimes I even use this in a more complex, nested way. The top TOC note links to Sub-TOC notes etc.
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    I am an Evernote International Premium user living in China. It has become practically impossible to get to sync my account. The few times it did sync I was using a VPN, but presently, it won't sync even with the VPN on. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the program many times now. I post this message here as the customer service in China is directed to the app Yinxiangbiji, it is all in Chinese, and they have no suggestions other than "use a VPN". Has anyone suffered the same frustrations here, how did you solve it?
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