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    Today we're releasing version 6.7 Beta 3 - you can download it here. This release includes improvements to the the editor including how it handles simplify formating along with updating the default font to the more modern and readable Segoe UI, along with a few UI improvements to the Share dialog (see screenshots below.) This is our final Beta before our 6.7 GA, so please let us know if you spot any issues we should be aware of before the release. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Windows and the Editor teams! -------------------- Full release notes for version 6.7: Evernote for Windows 6.7 Release Notes Fixes and Improvements Fixed paste + match style behavior where not all content was being pasted as expected Fixed an issue where local unsynced content disappears when the source notebook is no longer available Options dialog updates to use standard Windows control for tree navigation Focus is now set to title or content based on user preference regardless of how new notes are opened (previously only supported when a note is opened in a new window) Added information on the note editor version in the 'About' dialog to improve root causing of issues Fixed issue where wrong note is sometimes shown when launching presentation mode Fixed issue where nothing happens when users click Edit >> Delete option in Single Note View ----------------------- Screenshots Share button now visible by default in the note view See the list of users you've shared a note with directly from the share dialog and edit their permissions inline.
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    Workaround. Using PhraseExpress or the like you can create your own hotkey of <Alt-N><Down 4> <Enter>. This will copy the link of the note in focus to the clipboard. Not native to EN for sure, but it does do the job. FWIW.
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    Hey @gazumped thank you for answering. Indeed I should have provided some examples supporting my claims. Here are some of the apps I use the most, hence the statement that it's "standard" to start the calendar on Sunday: 1. Evernote's own website 2. Google calendar 3. Gnome calendar (linux) 4. USA (wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calendar Edit: added some other sources
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    @pissedoffuser, also check out beta 3 to see if that meets your needs.
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    I have not replicated your shared note scenario; however, I have noticed that sometimes a note search in EN for Android reports no notes, even though I know it is there. Have you looked for the note with EN for Web? My searches always work there. BTW, I could try to replicate your scenario if you sent me a shared note. Private message me if you want to do that.
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    This is a fair point. 6.6GA introduced some fairly significant bugs to preexisting features including (1) paste and match style, and (2) font size issues. For a lot of people, these create significant disruptions to workflow, so moving to betas to get a resolution starts to seem appealing.
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    No, I don't. I'm only interested in the beta program ATM because it's the fastest way of getting rid of flaws that were included in the most recent mainstream release.
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    Feature proposition : add a small area dedicated to tags directly in the editing note interface : This feature would give the user the possibility : to quickly see which tags are used on the note, to be able, by clicking on the keyword used to tag the note, to list all the similar notes tagged with this keyword >> improvement of the navigability through similar notes, to easily add new tags to the note (without having to go to the back interface through the button "i") What do you think? All the best, Alex
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