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    That's just me being a little jealous of the Mac's Evernote scripting capabilities.
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    Nothing major. Search returns the note you just can't see it at this point. So contents available, display not. I can wait.
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    So there is a fix for this (tested by me being able to via the note like in your example) the fix won't make the 6.7 Release due to additional testing going on, it will be in 6.8
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    I used to love the Ctrl Shift V option the way it was before and it's almost impossible to survive without it. I never liked the concept of paste and match formatting since it's always hard to get them to do what is intended. It was awful in Microsoft Word and it is awful now in EN. It's useful in many instances where you have a note, which has excerpts gathered from various web pages all in the same note. For e.g. My Receipt & Tracking IDs note. Whenever I do an online payment, I copy paste the receipt from the web page to my Receipts note. All of these online web pages have a variety of formatting and if I paste all that with formatting my note looks ugly and becomes too big. That's why I just like to paste using Ctrl-Shift-V (without formatting) to get a small simple text of each receipt pasted with a line separator from Evernote, all in the same note.
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Today we're releasing version 6.12 - you can download it here. Thank you to the Beta community who helped us uncover a few critical launch blockers. Please stay tuned, we'll be releasing 6.13 Beta 1 in a few weeks. Fixed in GA build An issue where the app would sometimes hang on quit An issue where some apple scripts would not work An issue where the stacks caret for expanding and collapsing these in the sidebar was not visible Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac and the Editor team! -------------------- Full release notes for version 6.12: Evernote for Mac 6.12 Release Notes Major improvements to tables! Some highlights of what you can do with tables now: Add more rows and columns with a single click: Point to where you want a new column and click the plus button that appears. Choose the entire column or row just by clicking the header. Drag and drop entire rows & columns. Copy and paste multiple cells: Select the cells you want to move, copy them, move cursor to a new spot and paste all the cells with one click. Adjust the width of one column without affecting the width of the column next to it. Scroll horizontally to view a table with many columns without expanding your window. Hover within a cell to activate advanced table options. You can distribute columns evenly Match the table width to the width of your window Change the alignment of items within cells Add and change background colorsQuickly add rows and columns – via the plus button New image gallery! Double-click on an image to enter the gallery mode, which allows you to quickly browse all the images in your note! Better multi-tasking Keep your Evernote content organized using tabs. Create a new tab by selecting the 'New Tab' option under the File menu. Pick up from where you left off - if you exit the app and re-open it, you'll return to your previously opened windows / state. Separation of Business and Personal No longer intermingle your business and personal content in your Evernote experience but still multi-task when you need to. Bug fixes A number of user reported bugs are now fixed in this release: Evernote does not update business tags list after the sync Pasting a large amount of text into a note fails with no error message An intermittent crash on account switching Images in some notes created by clipper were not displayed in the note Pasting content before a horizontal rule was sometimes resulting in the deletion of content below the horizontal rule
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    For those who aren't using EN v6.6 yet, you are in for a surprise if you use CTRL+SHIFT+V to Paste and Match Style. In v6.6, there are some bugs in Paste and Match Style, which EN is aware of and aiming to have fixed in v6.7. Here's the catch - in v6.7, they are going to have Paste and Match Style NOT match the style of the EN note when copying titles/headers ( @Jason Miller is an EN employee; this discussion is from the v6.6GA thread). Please let EN know if you are in favor of their plan or if you prefer Paste and Match Style do what the name implies and actually match the style of the EN note you are pasting into.
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    With this last iOS release I've been randomly getting this "No Document Set" error while annotating PDFs. Screen goes light grey and an outline of a document icon with a question mark in the middle pops up with the text "No document set" below. (Screen-shot attached.) I have been unable to locate a way to exit this error and am forced to force-quit EN, loosing any work I have done since my last save. Getting really annoying constantly loosing work. I've already deleted/reloaded EN and its data and resynced everything as it has magically fixed some past issues and the problem still persists with multiple PDFs from multiple sources. I've already submitted a ticket (I'm premium level), but support seems to be slower than normal getting back to me for some reason. Anyone on the forums run into this same issue or more importantly, a fix? -EM
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    Known issue related to attempting to connect to our service from certain geographical regions. The client tries to connect to our separate Chinese service (app.yinxiang.com) when logging in with Evernote credentials.
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    Yes, not sure if that causes you problems in the short term (the note is on my list to sanity check (again) as 6.8 gets closer to going out. To Confirm we didn't break it again.
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    Yes, a known bug and has been marked to be fixed sooner rather than later, however I don't have an ETA yet.
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    Quick follow up on this issue. After much though I uninstalled and reinstalled EN on my iPhone. Then waiting a couple hours with the app open to let all my notes be downloaded again. That resolved the issue : offline search is now working. Well, on one hand I'm happy because it works for now. On the other hand I'm tired of reinstalling/redownloading, which I already had to do a dozen times following the 8.0/8.1 botched release. Fingers crossed for the future and Thanks to everyone that helped !
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    Another format issue. Here is what a note looks like on the desktop version, basically a blank note. Here is what it looks like on the web, as one would expect. Interesting in that if I export the note in HTML format and then import the contents are displayed. ENEX does not work with an export/import. Sending a copy of the ENEX to @Jason Miller
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    This is a fair point. 6.6GA introduced some fairly significant bugs to preexisting features including (1) paste and match style, and (2) font size issues. For a lot of people, these create significant disruptions to workflow, so moving to betas to get a resolution starts to seem appealing.
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    Thank you for the new beta, which I'm very happy with in general, but it has a strange bug which prevents the app from quitting. The EN main window closes but the app won't quit completely – except if you manage to hit the Quit Now button in the closing 'syncing now' dialog in time before it disappears. If you don't succeed in catching the Quit Now button, EN remains active with no window open and the Quit menu item becomes greyed out. Only option is to force quit. I first made the update to this new beta from within EN. Tried quitting the EN Helper from my menubar and also restarting my Mac to see if that solved the issue, but no luck. I then manually re-downloaded the update from this discussion and installed it but the problem persists – EN won't quit entirely unless force quit. I'm on the latest 10.12.6 version of Sierra. Is anyone else noticing this issue? Your help appreciated.
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    Here are the are the options that I would prefer: Simple Paste: retain the formatting from the original clipboard item, if any. If there isn't, then that should probably just default to Paste and Match Style (see below) Paste and Match Style: strip existing formatting from the clipboard item, and paste it in as if it had been typed at the paste location Apparently, currently this will retain header marking, so that you get different font sizes for header text; I'm not sure how I feel about this. If I need to select the pasted material and choose a single font height, that's probably easier than adding them back in if they've been stripped off, so that might lead me to accent retention of header-ness. Paste and Remove Formatting : strip existing formatting from the clipboard item, and paste it in the default format (this may be what people are talking about when they mention pasting 'plain text'. Simple paste is what I expect for Ctrl+V, and I'd guess that most other people do too Paste and Match Style is useful to have pasted material match the text I'm pasting into Paste and Remove Formatting is useful because it makes it easy to start over in the default style, in case that last thing you typed is special, rather needing to type a character, highlight it and set it to default.
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    Please implement CTRL+SHIFT+V as "paste as text/plain" which inserts ASCII/UTF-8 characters only. Thank you.
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    Hi, thanks gazumped for pointing me to this thread. Unfortunately I have the very same issue. In short: There is no way to paste text as actually plain text. And what's even worse: A pasted text with any format cannot be converted into "unformatted" at all. Please see details (my ticket) too: https://evernote.directly.com/p/evernote-how-to-paste-unformatted-text-3676309?r=3538833 It cannot be that I have to use a separate text editor as an intermediate step only to get rid of formatting! Cheers
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    How about a third option, "Paste and Sorta, Kinda, Maybe, Almost, but really not completely Match Style"? Pick a shortcut. I prefer "Ctrl-P-Ctrl-S-Ctrl-K-Ctrl-M-Ctrl-A" for the above, and Ctrl-Shift-V for nothing but text, and Ctrl-V for duplicate the source.
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    Yes, you can copy/paste a single note link On my Mac, I can simply drag notes into the TOC note or drag the entire list of notes to recreate the TOC
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    Hmmn. Same setup as me. OK - excuse the detail if you already know this but: You can alter the apparent size of images in your notes by clicking on them to select, then on the blue square at the bottom right. Click and drag to resize. At full size that image fills the note and prints on a second page to my header if I print out the note. Resize it smaller (this doesn't affect the actual image file, just the display version...) and it will print out on the same page. It's possible to alter the margins via the little cog top left in print preview... ..and the content in Tools Options Printing from the main app. None of that explains your mysterious white marks - that's never happened to me in 9 years. I assumed the original doesn't look like that? Add to all the above that if you clip a web page, you will have the 'benefit' of whatever style coding is invisibly present in the note. Simplifying or Removing Formatting in the note may help to avoid some issues. I'd suggest you reclip that page and play around with the content a little - if you get the same issue, please post the URL here so we can have a look too...
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    You can use Tasker to put the day, date, and/or time in the clipboard when Evernote is opened, then paste it in. Using an app like Clipper would allow you to keep anything else you'd hoped to paste into a note.
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    Mr. BurgersNFries. I own a web development company with hundreds of clients so I am well aware of what it takes to develop content for browers, apps, and mobile platforms. Being able to order notes is not "more bells and whistles" but a basic feature that should be part of Evernote. And it will be part of Evernote eventually. Every person I teach to use Evernote, without exception, asks me how to do this. So I teach them my workarounds. If you are going to just reply to my comments with some version of "sorry tough luck", please save your own time for other areas of the forum. I like Evernote and will like it more when they allow ordered notes. All the other "bells and whistles" are gravy at best.
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