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    Try to type "---" and then return in evernote for ios
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    Sorry to hear this, we will work on a solution for you. The underlying cause of the problem here is that the embedded browser that we use to display and edit the notes does not support background color printing, which is the method we use to color the table cells. We think there might be a way to use foreground colors to force it to print correctly, but we will have to overcome a limitation of the technology stack here. We are working on improvements to the embedded browser as well, and will definitely work to address this issue as soon as we can.
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    I'm an Evernote Fanboy You otoh, don't seem to be the type to be part of the Beta Community. You should be waiting for the public release
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    It happened in iOS too. Someone there has a real margin agenda for some reason. Put that person in charge of the blackberry product and leave the windows/Mac/iOS platforms alone.
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    Two features to greatly improve the note writing and organization experience: Header Styles – Standard header styles, such as Title, Sub-title, Header 1, etc. Medium, Google Docs, and Slack Posts all are great examples of this. You should be able to select these header styles using a click of a button. The current workaround is painful: change font size for the header line, then change font size again to start writing in the smaller font. Note Outline – Once you create headers, these headers can then become a note outline that can easily be navigated. Look to Google Docs for a great example of this. This would greatly help my ability to navigate my more lengthy notes. Please see screenshots below. Hope you consider this! It would be awesome!
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    I really like Evernote, but writing notes which include headings is really frustrating and basically the only reason I started thinking about moving to another product. Yes - it's slowing me down that much. I know there is a workaround - I can format every heading manually by selecting bigger font size and bold option, but then when I hit enter and continue with writing a paragraph underneath, Evernote proceeds with the selected formatting, so I have to pick a smaller font size and uncheck bold text option again. I have even tried thinks like AutoHotkey scripts, but it's still far away from the ideal state. Every text writing tool has this option, please have it too! Expected behavior Similar behavior to Google Docs or Confluence would be nice, i.e. Following formatting options available in the formatting toolbar: Paragprah H1 H2 H3 When writing of a heading is finished and enter is hit (new line), formatting is automatically switched to paragraph option
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    Thank you. That was usefull
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    This is now fixed in the 6.6 beta 1. You can find more info about that version, and a download link here. If you prefer to stick to general releases, you can roll back to 6.4.2 using the steps here. This issue only affects 6.5.4. Thanks for your patience. Please let us know if this issue continues with 6.6.1+.
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    Thanks for the example -- this is now fixed and will be in the 6.6 Beta 2
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    I think you would find that everyone would be more receptive to what you're saying, and in general life would be much more pleasant, if you maybe stepped a bit back from the tone of your posts. You are attacking everyone who is trying to help you and being pedantic about teeny details. That leads to wasted conversations (in this thread you've derailed conversation multiple times due to tone) and in general more stress. There is no reason to be so mean, honestly. It's not like you're going to get solutions faster that way. No one is doing any of this to make your life more miserable. Bugs happen. How horribly they ruin your life is up to you, as you decide how to react to it. But your tone is certainly not helping a single person in this thread. There's expressing displeasure and then there's just being mean. The difference is everything. Anyway... I also would love to see general printing improvements in Evernote. I consistently have a hard time getting 100% of my record keeping and documentation in Evernote because I MUST print things, and FREQUENTLY. I am very excited about all of these changes to the editor, and they make Evernote more pleasant to use, but without improvements to printing I'm personally still stuck in limbo. I would love to stop using Google Docs for notes with tables all the time, but I have to be able to print them. I just want to chime in and say that at least for me and my coworkers, getting that internal browser thingy sorted is really a priority. Also this beta killed my app icon. Anyone know a way to get it back? Reinstall? Not the end of the world, of course, but it stops me for a second every time I try to open Evernote. So far, I haven't noticed any issues with previously formatted notes, but yes, copy/pasting is a bit funny, as others have said. Another example, NY Times:
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    Thanks for the additional info. We're aware of this issue, and working on a fix. I'll update here as soon as I have more info. Thanks for your patience.
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    Yes. I have an iPhone SE, and every bit of white space is space where I cannot see data, which means more scrolling.
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    Thanks for updating us @Mike Figueroa -- I explained some of the reasons for bugs in your other thread about this issue. There is a natural tension between allowing externally pasted content to retain its formatting and making a rich text editor that behaves in a deterministic way. Since there can be endless permutations of HTML tags, structures, styles, hierarchies, relationships, etc in the external content, the text editing experience will start to degrade as the complexity of the HTML increases. We are working on advanced ways of allowing the widest variety of content to be pulled into Evernote, while at the same time making the editor behave in more productive and predictable ways. I understand that the 6.11 release had rendering issues that substantially altered the appearance of some notes, but the those rendering changes were part of a larger effort to improve the editing experience of those notes. We definitely did not want to see notes visually altered, and have reversed the rendering code that caused it. Our goal is to improve the HTML structure of all notes without causing any visual changes when the note is rendered. There are many people putting lots of serious development time in the app, especially around the editor rendering and behavior, and this type of feedback helps us adjust and correct as we improve things. Any sample ENEX files you have will help us in this effort, and you can reach out to me personally on this forum any time, and I will do my best to explain the reasons for any note editing changes you see.
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    This should be fixed in the next beta of 6.11.1
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    This should also be fixed in the next beta of 6.11.1
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    Nice. That is the crux, clearly stated. In good conscience I don't think they did know the serious bugs. And therein lies the problem. Take the formatting issue, it's not like you have to work hard to find the problem. It doesn't work within the beta when doing a copy/paste from a web page, let alone a user formatted note from the previous version. Call the steps what you want, that sort of issue should not be seen by the public. My view anyway.
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    Really, folks, if you don't understand what beta means, you probably should beware of using beta software. Beta software generally does not get as thoroughly tested as release candidate software, and it's entirely possible that serious bugs will slip through, but let's face it: that can even happen with released software, as anyone who pays any attention at all to the rampant security bugs that appear in the news almost daily should be aware. Windows Update is a weekly occurrence, more or less, is it not? This is not to excuse bugs that stay bugs for a significant amount of time, but good grief, beta is there for a reason: it's there to help uncover issues that the developers and testers were unable to find or anticipate. Did anyone read the topic header? That being said, responsible companies won't generally let serious or potentially damaging bugs out into the public if they know about them, and will warn about scenarios that they know don't work. Is there anyone here who seriously believes that that's the case here, that Evernote knew about serious bugs and didn't say anything?
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    Probably - a question of degree. Maybe we have gotten too used to the betas not having major problems, so we forgot that they were 'supposed' to have bugs, some of which could be quite substantial. I think the possibility of an even more private beta group has been suggested before - I would be hesitant to join that group, but am still prepared to be on the current beta group. With the full recognition that there will be times that I need to go back to the previous stable build. If that capability is ever lost, I would be very unhappy. LOL!
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    Different companies have different deployment strategies and usages of the terms "alpha" and "beta". Common usage is described here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle. Alpha is generally feature complete, may contain serious bugs, even leading to data loss, and is generally not available to the public. Beta software is generally feature complete, but even so may contain serious bugs, even leading to data loss, but is often available to some subset of the public (there is such a thing as internal beta, which are not available to the public). There may be several rounds of beta releases, leading up to a release candidate, and finally a release. Evernote appears to employ a system similar to the above: we, the public, generally see several betas (depending on the scope of the release changes) leading up to a GA release (Generally Available) and a final release. People who are uncomfortable with software that may crash, corrupt their data, etc. should avoid betas, unless they have some strategy to mitigate these types of problems (backups, using beta on dummy accounts, and so on), or at least wait some time to deploy, so as to allow the other pioneers get any arrows in their backs. There are other strategies for software deployment (e.g. "Agile"; see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_software_development), but there are no hard and fast fixed rules about the definition of what is "alpha" and what is "beta"; that's up to the individual company to define (and hopefully explain to their users). My company generally has a one or two betas before release, upon release, then we split development into two branches: one branch gets continual bug fixes and minor feature updates (available to the public on request, with the understanding that this is not fully tested software), while new major features are developed in the main branch and everything is eventually merged and wrapped up into the main line for the next beta / release cycle. This lets us do quick bug fixes for customers (they like this), and we can generally avoid doing full testing cycles on the interim releases (QA likes this), and we can turn around fixes as often as needed, even in a matter of hours. But that's just us. Short form: beta is generally feature complete, and may contain serious bugs. Expecting it to be release candidate quality is not reasonable. Let the downloader beware. This doesn't make any sense in terms of software development: release candidates always follow betas. There's no such a thing as a release candidate for a beta.
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    No as RC comes just before GA and after the first public beta. Evernote seldom releases a RC, as they usually moves straight from a beta to the GA. The problematic quality check/fix within Evernote applies to GAs, when they decide to move ahead without fixing some important bugs as they often have done in the past. But Betas will be buggy, as they in some way should be.
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    Dear cribber, Maybe, you should inform this to the competitors. For years, we have waited for the competitors to raise up their stakes, but sadly, they fare much worse. Maybe, if something like that happened, we may not see the kind of things we see with Evernote. Relatively speaking, Evernote is much better off, since it has weathered the storm for quite some time now, and is possibly the only primary product of a company in this segment that is operationally profitable. But practically speaking, did you even read the release notes, which said that 'The New Editor has been integrated in this release', and it is bound to have compatibility issues until the changes are brought over to all of its clients in other platforms. If you have seen this change, which you should, never mind that it is a beta release, then i see no issue for you to complain about. Cribbers will always crib.
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    Those that are risk averse should probably avoid beta releases. Many that test betas have a second sandbox account used specifically for testing. Others will wait for the posts to start rolling in to see what others have discovered before deciding whether to download the new beta. Those that jump into a beta, especially a first release, head first with their main account should understand there are risks involved including possible data loss.
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    What is the difference between Alpha and Beta do you mean? I thought Alpha usually was the phase where new features are implemented and where data loss and crashes are expected. Beta is where the release features have been implemented and only non-critical bugs are present. That's why some companies release betas to the general public. Betas are not release candidates. Which means that betas are often released to the general public despite that the developer is aware of some bugs even before the beta is released. Sure, it's hard to deny that Evernote isn't afraid to release GA-releases without fixing some older bugs. But that in itself is not enough of a reason to criticise new bugs in a beta release..
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    Looks like we duplicated the public link of the note at the same time. A workaround until the fix is released, remove the link and then make it public again.
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    Long avaited tables are finally there. Some small glitches: 1. when adding a horizontal line to a colored cell, the lines backround stays white. Also I witnessed a fix for "format to text". Usually it added an extra paragraph, which needed to cut out manually. This seems to be fixed now. Great work - thank you!
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    Thanks for reporting this, we'll work to get it fixed.
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    Yes, hence the caveat "Only share notebooks that you don't care are visible to your work folks". I share two personal notebooks to my work account, and they are harmless. For example, one is a large-ish Development notebook, where I collect articles about software development tools, techniques, etc. I prefer to keep them in a personal notebook, because many articles would apply to any place that I might work.
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    Just wondering if this product has any engineers assigned to it, or is it completely dead? It was a great app, but has become quite buggy lately. The unfortunate thing is, it's the only way to use my expensive Evernote scanner (apart from installing the ScanSnap software of my laptop, but that software is even worse! Does anyone with a scanner have another workflow they use? I wish I could just use it on my Mac (or a working app), wirelessly, without the stupid software. ?
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    Hi @murrain, we've been having trouble getting password reset emails delivered to some email providers. While we work on fixing that, we do have a way to help you. We don't offer phone support yet, but one of our customer support representatives can help if you create a customer support ticket here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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    Evernote rarely reply to individual tech queries other than to ask for a support request - and they don't often comment on what they may or may not be working on.
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    11/15 is a long time for a large company to not have put out any updates. Also, the last tweet from @ENScannable was a year ago.
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    Please bring back Atlas. It was 50% of the value of Evernote to me working in real estate. Without it, the differentiation to other products just isn't there.
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    Yes I am an Atlas Missing Guy as well. Please Evernote reconsider. In my office, Evernote become popular last year just after I used that feature in a meeting, on a projector. Most of my notes where from iPads, and geo-tagging had been inserted automatically (even before I found out the geo-tagging feature myself). So, minimal effort and big gain. Windows is used by zillions offices around, and an Atlas is simply the most intuitive way to browse data by location: do it on a map. It is simply the best GUI experience possible after mind-reading. What was the name of that guy I met at the conference in that small place north of Milan last year? Zoom, Found. I'm not saying Evernote has become useless now, but that special edge it had on other solutions has diminished, at least for me and my colleagues. Also, this story made me afraid of discovering tomorrow that other non-minor features will be just gone without notice.
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    An Atlas add-on would really help me too.
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    Yes, I know, but Atlas has disappeared from Windows! It was already not well implemented, because the used Open Street Map instead of Google Maps. But it's needed very much. Also, the Android version of the map is very slow. They don't seem to use Google Maps in a good way (if at all).
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    Maps still exists on Android - check the three dots menu!
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    Oh my dear. I just updated the locations of several notes for a trip - only to find that ATLAS IS GONE!!! No, please, bring it back! Proper Google Maps integration would be so cool.
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    Without atlas the new Evernote is useless for many people that saved own locations.
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    Without atlas the new Evernote is useless for many people that saved own locations.
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    For those who refers to a search function in evernote on location, do not understand the value of the Atlas function from the past. Just see a on map all interesting places I have archived for a long period in evernote. It was not perfect. recently I installed a plug inn on my iPad the app Idea places, That is the functionality I am looking for in the standard evernote functionality. Hopefully more persons are putting pressure on the evernote team to move forward and not backwards. Greetz from a formally happy user of evernote
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    IdeaPlaces for iOS, if you have an apple product.
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    Google Maps has a 'your places' feature which allows you to place and save markers on a map which can be shared with others. I believe it's also possible to link between a location and a note, so you could jump from the physical place to a property description and back. Haven't used it myself (yet) but I took a quick look at what was available and earmarked it for a future project...
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    The Atlas function was very important to me. I was planning on syncing 10,000ish real estate records that I have stored in another database with geo coded information. Any plan to bring back the Atlas feature? Is there a work around (third party) that you are aware of that I can connect the geo data included in the Evernote record to display the records on a map? Sample Property Data.xlsx
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    The location field is still there. You can search by it. You can sort by it. Clicking the field brings up google maps with the correct location. I know that this doesn't give you quite what the atlas did. It sounds like a great (and presumably not very hard) opportunity for somebody to integrate this into google maps as a third party app.
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    i need the atlas tool!!! i work in a real state company i need this very useul tool in my work!!! come on i used just 3 months i bought it bye this tool!!!
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    This has been brought up numerous times, and honestly, that still isn't enough. I recently messed up a merging on the Mac and got tired of fooling with it, restored my notes from teh trash and merged them on Windows because that merges in the order selected. Evernote, please show us Mac users some love here!
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    I came here with the same problem. It's understandable not every party of every card is recognized (some of them are very creative...), but the fields should still be there for manual input.
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    To make sure I didn't completely space out, I did do a search in all my other email accounts for any emails that have 'Evernote' in them, and the searches didn't yield anything, so I'm almost positive I don't have another account out there, but this is so strange. I chatted with Apple support a few days ago, and they said that my version of iOS 8 may have been corrupt and so I re-installed it, and the tech said theoretically, my notes should come back once the update was done, but they didn't, so I was hoping Evernote tech support, or another user could help. I realized how strange this issue was, when I did a Google search, and couldn't find any searches or questions that related to someone losing all their notes. charboyd, I did submit a ticket (729312) to Evernote when I realized this happened, back on September 17. This is the response I got: Thank you for contacting Evernote customer support. We are unable to personally answer your inquiry. I'm closing this request today and encourage you to find the answer to your inquiry via a search on the Evernote Support page or with our active user community in theEvernote forums. If you are having issues with login, account access, or a purchase, please reply to this email and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Regards, Evan A. So, I just submitted a new one in response, that ticket number is 745021. I can't post anymore today, apparently, because I'm a new member, but I I didn't include the activity log, but it only goes back to September 17, that I can see. I'm guessing Evernote may have access to a more extensive one.
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