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    I understand that Linux is a small platform with not that many people using it, but consider this: most Linux users are professionals, programmers, system administators, students, a group of people that NEED a good note taking platform. If the Evernote devs don't have time for a native version, at least figure out how to make it work with wine and publish a tutorial, I'm sure that the Linux users will be able to configure wine. I know, there's the web app, if it was like the real thing I wouldn't mind, but it's not... Any other Linux users here that would love a native version?
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    Ive updated a couple of days ago to Version 6.11 (454874 Direct). Ever since, none of the evernote GUI icons are parsing properly. Ive restarted twice. No joy. Is anyone esle getting this? See screenshot.
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    I have my Evernote set to create a new note in a new window and to set the new note focus to title. This works fine when I start a new note, I can quickly type my title and then move to the body of the note. However, I use Evernote to do a lot of initial drafting so I frequently stop and think about what I'm writing rather than doing a quick brain dump. What I have found is that when I pause the focus moves from the body of the note back to the title box and as I restart typing it appears at the front of the title. As far as I can tell this only happens when I am typing in a note in a separate window. If I move from the note in a separate window to the copy of the new note in the main app window and type there the problem doesn't appear, even though there is a copy of the note open in a separate window. Is this a bug or possibly a keyboard/PC issue.
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    Or take it up a notch with an automation scripting tool like AutoHotKey.
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    ahh, the dragging was a bit tricky, but I got it. Thank you! Of course, still not satisfied since it doesn't show the time..!
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    Don't worry. Development on my app is continuing but I needed to pause it last year on personal reasons. I use my development build personally on a daily base and I'm very satisfied with it now. I hope to release a test version in June 2017 and I will post it here for participating. Thank you,Andre.
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    I see DayOne has an export > pdf function You could use that, and direct the files to an Evernote import folder on a Mac
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    I often use Evernote and the camera on my iPhone to scan images and documents, and then in Evernote on my iMac I'll crop the document so I see just what I want. But when I do that the attachment seems to roughly double in size. So ... a smaller image, and a bigger file size. Why? And can I avoid that? It's not a huge problem, but a lot of my notes wind up taking double the memory they otherwise would, which surely doesn't help performance.
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    I control the versions using iTunes on my Mac. The version files are retrieved from my backups (Time Macine)
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    In the meantime turn off Set new note focus to title in Tools - Options - Note. I think that is a workaround at the moment.
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    I created a support ticket for this one. Same issue when returning to the PC. IOS EN makes changes to the table formats.
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    Hi @ibrown, thanks for reporting this. This is a known issue to our development team. There isn't a specific timeframe for when this will be resolved, however I can assure we're working on it. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if I can be of any further assistance.
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    Hey all, thank you for the hard work you do that has made Evernote such a great product. I've loved it so much that I became a premium member and even an evangelist when the opportunity arises. As shared throughout this forum already, I was very disappointed to learn that presentation mode was removed in the latest iOS version (version 8, I believe). I'd like to request however that this be added back. From a developer standpoint, I can certainly appreciate focusing on features of priority to the end user experience. While I don't know the cost-benefit to maintain this feature, I do know that it is one of the reasons that I paid for the premium service, as I'm sure more than a few other users have as well. This would be a different conversation if we were discussing the free service plan, but I like others specifically paid for the premium service to be able to use one of the features such as this. It's especially helpful when presenting and speaking to an audience to be able to overview your notes in cleanly formatted, clutter free manner. I am of course open to other means of accomplishing this through a new feature, but I strongly disagree with the decision to drop this feature given it's simple but usefulness and that people have paid specifically for this feature. I'd to like respectfully request reconsideration to include this feature. Additionally, this feature is still listed in the app's features screen for premium members. I appreciate the opportunity to offer feedback and thanks again.
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    2017 and I think that this thread still receives comments is pretty telling. Being able to add a custom color to notebooks and notebooks stacks is something that would make the Notebook View less dreary.
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    Tags are NOT inherently a better form of organization. It depends greatly on the use case and user preference.
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    The folder structure used is entirely user-designed. My folders are generally very logical and well-organized, thank you. Folders are just another tool. Any tool can be misused.
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    So when I hit Alt-P I can click and drag the area that I want, let go and have the clip in a new note. Or hold Ctrl when I let go and have the clip on the clipboard. If I hit Alt-P and then click I get a clip of the window in which I clicked in a note, hold Ctrl and click and the clip of the window is on the clipboard. (I edited my previous post wherein I stated Alt-P and click captured the screen, it just captures the window clicked in, oops) Your EN doesn't work this way? And sidebar, Windows Prtscrn gives me a clip of both monitors on the clipboard which I can paste into a new note.
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    Actually @Flier said: Operative word being "maybe". In the history of personal computers, directories and sub-directories were there virtually from the beginning, or at least as I best remember going back to the early 1980s. I'm pretty sure the MS-DOS delivered by Microsoft to IBM included them. IAC, I don't know of any computers in modern history that does not support them. A mystery we may never solve is why Evernote chose not to support nested Notebooks, which are functionally much like folders/directories on computers. Maybe when Evernote co-founder and former CEO Phil LIbin writes his memoirs. . . ?
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    Anybody who says lag doesn't exist in version 8 is kidding themselves. Here are the steps to replicate: 1. Start a new note. 2. Observe massive lag as you try to do anything in the note
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    Evernote works in Linux via Wine! Finally, again! Evernote did work a while ago (with version and then for some reason the company blocked downloading linux from the web, then they blocked it in the install file, then it would install but not sort notes into notebooks (so I've been using 5.6 for a while) but they are finally 'back in the light' so to speak. Version just installed via wine with no problems and it looks better than ever. running: Ubuntu Mate 16.04 / Wine 1.6.2
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    Hi All, I too am very frustrated with this new *feature* and decided to find a work around until Evernote give us the option to disable this feature (although I suspect that they have introduced it to gather statistics so may never will). However, if like me you use Google Chrome this works quite well: Install a Google Chrome extension called TamperMonkey (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo/related) Open up the TamperMonkey settings (Left click on the new icon shown top right in chrome) Create a new script and past in the code shown below (copy paste everything in blue) The TamperMonkey extension allows us to inject and run our own Javascript on page load. The @inlcude bit in the script below tells TamperMonkey to only run this script on any pages that have a URL that starts with https://www.evernote.com/OutboundRedirect.action. The script then grabs the target destination (i.e. the link we want to show) and tells the browser to immediately redirect there (bypassing the need to press evernotes continue button). // ==UserScript== // @name Evernote Outbound Clicker // @namespace http://harristribe.co.uk/ // @version 1.0 // @description Avoids the evernote outbound page // @author Rob Harris // @include https://www.evernote.com/OutboundRedirect.action* // @grant none // @run-at document-start // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search); window.location.href = urlParams.get('dest'); })(); Hope that helps Rob
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    I thought since you claim to be a software developer, you would understand that all software uses logic to emulate real world objects. How the data is actually stored internally is an implementation detail. The notion of a "container" comes from how the information is presented to the user in the UI. The Evernote Notebook meets the usual definition of a software "container" because each Note belongs to, or is contained by, one and only one Notebook. IAC, you are, again, incorrect, at least for Evernote Mac. The note data is NOT stored/contained in a database. It is stored in macOS folders and files. The EN Mac SQLite database stores only the metadata for Notes, and other objects.
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    I use Evernote a lot and it would be great to go directly to my notes when I go to evernote.com, instead of having to click "sign in" each time. Is there any way to do this?
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    Thank you for the feedback. We're considering optimizing this flow. For now you can bookmark www.evernote.com/Home.action and it can bypass evernote.com if you have a valid login cookie. - Nancy
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    This should have been a feature since day 1. After I made my ~8th notebook, it got very very difficult to easily locate the notebook that I was looking for. Being able to change the colour/pattern of a notebook would be great, but being able to add a "front cover" (a photograph) would be even better.
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    Please can someone help me? I want to make sub-folders within each note book - a similar hierarchy to that which I have in My Documents or Outlook, how can I do this?
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    Its about attitude in general. You wont see it in single posts. It is repettive harassment to many users about any suggesgion she does not like. Stop commenting on the matter. And I wont reply. Thank you
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    Her attitude on this forum is appalling. She was the aggressor, as she is in many forum topics. I seriously think Evernote staff should re-evaluate who they allow to lurk on their forums. I may have not read the 'rules of conduct' however after over 13 000 posts she has not either. There is a way to offer opinions and suggestions... Just like what I say, what she says is nothing more than an opinion, not a fact through the horses mouth. Scroll up and see who starts harassing users in the topic... Then check other forums.
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    Why are you carrying this on.... You have been harassing many posters over this issue. I posted a similar experience to mine... And I can show you several more, on this EXACT same issue, let alone others... Move on...
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    I wrote 2 posts - relatively brief and short The 3rd post was a copy/paste from other user in response to you... Looks like you aren't very liked on these forums for someone who spends a considerable amount of time here... 13 000 posts? Im sure the 9 lines i actually wrote to you... means 'im sweet on you'.. What a logical conclusion
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    1) You are the one who constantly used the - "you know nothing about coding" argument to back your ridiculous views 2) Evernote WANTS its users! Telling us to go elsewhere is not what Evernote wants! So stop parroting your ridiculous 'oft repeated phrase' - It makes you sound stupid.
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    To BurgersNFries I will add: 1) As a moderator your attitude is laughable. Professionalism: Ever heard of the word? Your User rating after over 100 000 posts Is 2 stars -> says it all! You sad sad little girl! 2) I am not a coder. I am an end user. I don't care how difficult something may be. Good 'coders' find solutions to make things simple... Thats not for me to know how it is done... 3) The fact remains that subfolders can be done in a simple way for the end user experience. How much work/coding is required is irrelevant to the end user. 4) Evernote is a massively successful program, and it can listen to the end users, or fall behind. Cloud based services are everywhere... I use Evernote less and less every day.. If I cant sort out my documents/notes the way I want, I will look elsewhere, as will all end users... 5) Just because you cant do it, it does not mean real professionals, real companies, with the required man power and time cant... 6) The end user is king... The coders simply try to meet their needs in order to make a living or get ridiculously rich... Without consideration for the end user however... Coders must expect FAILURE! Nothing is impossible.
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    Following the ongoing fussy between coders who seem to think that non-coders (i.e. "Paying Customers") are worthless and non-coders who seem to think that coding is all drag n drop, there is this one, little point: You are both right and you are both wrong. The reason for tags is to create an index for yourself. HOWEVER in order to do that effectively, you need to know up front that you are doing that. I will point out that there are people who ONLY write indices- that is how rarefied a thought process it is. Like coding... But by the time people have figured this out the list of tags is completely out of control. Hence the request for a sub folder kind of effect. If one uses evernote for everything, the sub folder idea is very attractive. Let me give you concrete examples: Field of Interest one: FOODS So I want to be able to group by regional cuisine, holidays menus, general information, and garden variety recipes. I can't DO this because Evernote thinks that tags are sufficient and They. Are. Not. eg.: Persian Asian North American Thanksgiving Norooz Shopping Baking Why? Second interest: GENEALOGY So I want to be able to group by geographic region, last name, altered last names, and investigations. I can't DO this because Evernote thinks that tags are sufficient and They. Are. Not. eg.: Scotland Italy Holmes County Smith Ward Elliott Livingston Investigation Why? Last interest: CRIMINAL LAW So I want to be able to group by statue, name of crime, appeals cases from different districts, those controlling and those not. I can't DO this because Evernote thinks that tags are sufficient and They. Are. Not. eg.: 2912.12(A) DUI 9th Dist. 5th Dist Supremes Why? Because the "index", the alpha list of tags, now looks something like: 2912.12(A) 5th Dist 9th Dist. Asian Baking Chardon DUI Elliott Holmes County Italy Livingston Investigation Norooz North American Persian Scotland Shopping Smith Supremes Thanksgiving Ward Not. Remotely. Helpful. So that is why, dear superior and arrogant coders TAGS DON'T WORK. But, whining, sulky, and insulting non-coders, here's this one little thing you can do: Think. Solution A- very bad- use different accounts for different major topics. This cripples the effectiveness of Evernote except on a computer with different browser profiles open at the same time. So what DOES work? You can use leading characters in the NAMES of your notebooks AND tags to create the effect of an expanded, hierarchical index. If you use: dot, star, underscore, & dash, for instance, and so forth, this will create list in this order: ** * -- - ... .. . __ _ You can do the same with tags. So both in the list of tags and the list of notebooks you have like grouped with like. See? Prombel (sic) solved. Now, all of that being said, I have less than no use for tags. They are a waste of time as near as I can tell for exactly this reason. I stopped using them ages ago. Why? Because- get this: You can search for stuff. Wild, huh? Maybe if people spent a little bit more time trying to solve a problem rather than proving that they and their opinions and experiences are superior to others', well...
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    I can understand how single users might not find this feature useful, but for our little graphic design outfit with a business account and multiple users, it would be quite welcome. I really expected the option to be there when I began searching, and am rather surprised something so obvious hasn't been included by now.
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    +1 Every time I see the plain brown covers of the notebooks I wish this feature was included. I don't need to be able to use my own graphic (tho that would be cool), colors would be okay.
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    I thought you had to be at least 13 to post here? Her sarcasm preceding my post was childish to say the least. A childish reply to a childish post. You would think a Moderator on a forum could show a little more professionalism.
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    Im glad you concede. My reply was sarcastic. I know that And mine was to get on your nerves I obviously succeeded. Have a good day! No, you didn't succeed on getting on my nerves. Only in making me realize how clearly little you understand about coding. Problem with coders is they think they understand what the consumer wants simply because they can code. There is a disjoint between the act of coding and the reason you are coding for. Obviously you haven't created anything worthwhile, or anything that anyone actually needs. Get over yourself blondie
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    Um...sorry, but I'm pretty sure adding sub folders is a whole lot more than "basically an extra button or 2". It is actually literally One button..... You add a subfolder... Other buttons and subsequent subfolders can be added once you open your first tab... After opening your first tab surely their will be more buttons.... But if you never want to open any tabs... There will only be one button.. There is already a workbook feature.... And its ONE button...... There is a lot of ways to plan it.... But It CAN be completely uninvasive to users that don't want to use the feature. There are numerous features of evernote I don't use. Their existence does not bother me. Infact I like it incase I may one day use them.
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    I love Evernote for many features but as useful tags are in my everyday workflow I would love to have many levels substacks or subfolders capacity. This is so important to me that if I would find an alternative to EN with such feature I would switch in a heartbeat
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    What you guys say here is a bit like Apple saying, no, you cannot have music album covers - there is no need for it, you can search for your music just by typing in the search field. ?!??!! People here seem not understanding that there ARE people who have DIFFERENT way of working, and they do need to have an overview of notebooks. What is wrong with that?! What is wrong with at least giving it as an option, and if you don't want it, you stick to your brown square, that's fine, too. ----------- Someone says "cannot think" of any use where you need a reason for notebook covers. Well. Here is one, and I can give you another 100 examples. Imagine an elementary school teacher, who has let's say 2 classes each with 23 students. In many countries, there is only one person teaching all subjects up until age 9 - and only then they have separate teachers for each subject. So that is really a lot to manage for one person: 20-40 students, elementary math, art, language etc.. Let's say, this teacher then wants to follow the progress of each student in each subject for 2 years. He/She wants to save all their tests, drawings etc. for later, easier annual review with parents etc. So each student = one main notebook each subject = one sub notebook. This teacher also has let's say a small weekend freelance business, household to manage, bills, car maintenance and holiday plans and other areas of interests. That's a lot of notebooks. We are already at 40-50 notebooks. Wouldn't it be SO MUCH easier if he/she just looks at the notebook covers and straight away you know where is "Tom's" files, and where are holiday plans? I still insist, it is EXACTLY the same as music album covers. No music album cover = struggle to find your music. Human mind identifies shapes / pictures hundreds times faster than going through text OR you need to remember you tagging etc. The fact that some people may have 3-5 notebooks doesn't mean others have the same way of managing works. I think it is a really big mistake not giving people the option to put a picture on their notebooks, you simple cannot manage larger database. Just give make it at least as an option That's all many-many people ask for.
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    Developers! Imagine your computer's desktop for a second. Imagine that ALL 30-40 icons on your desktop are the same, let's say a 40 brown squares. Hmm.. This is exactly how users perceive the notebook's view now. Impossible to find anything without going through them one-by-one, you just see 40 identical "brown" squares. Human mind recognises shapes / colours min. 100 times faster than written words. You look at 40 shapes and you instantly know that the one with a "house" is the "house" folder. However, reading through the 40 grey icons is insane. Icons have been implemented 20 years ago exactly for this reason, very sad that in 2014 a company doesn't realise this. --------------- The other issue is the "shuffling" effect. It happens both the list and cover notebook view when you open a notebook to see all the "sub notebooks". It just rearranges the entire screen in a very tiring effect, after a while I just don't know anymore what is on my screen. Please look at Apple's iTunes "Album" view You click on an Album (the same way as you click on a notebook cover) to discover the list of song names. Look at how non distractive the effect is, it just pushes very gently the screen down, in ONE direction, instead of the insane shuffling method that evernote does. Please be open and learn their approach as I know for sure that they did invest great amount of time to investigate how users perceive these effects, what works and what doesn't. You "shuffling" method is raw, and confusing. ---------------- By the way, talking about iTunes: imagine if all your music albums would have the same cover.... so treat it like this: NOTEBOOK COVER = MUSIC ALBUM COVER = DESKTOP ICONS --------------- I need to be honest here. Evernote WAS my every day app, but since the extremely distracting list and cover view was introduced for the notebook view, I use Evernote less and less SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THESE TWO ISSUES. It makes impossible / very distracting to manage large number of notebooks. Yes, you can manage 3 notebooks, but when you make a research, manage your company, household etc. you end up easily with 20-30. I have noticed that recently I started looking around to find a substitute. And it is silly, as otherwise the app is great, it could be simply the best - but these two things are very big mistakes, and not just little "hickups". I hope you manage to solve these. Thank you!
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    yes... subfolders are horrible if you want to organize objects (fruits, vegetables, cars, etc), as you showed in your example... but are essential if you want to organize and make logical relations between more general or abstract ideas...
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    But why force us to use one system over another? Wouldn't it be better to let the user decide what structuring system he/she wants to use and have just both options available, I mean it's not really hard to program and would meet a lot of people's top priority wish list, since everything else is beautiflly crafted and no other app could come close to Evernote in terms of everything else but the structuring dogma. Why this absolute dogmatic "NO SUBFOLDERS!!!!!! FOR HEAVENS SAKE, NOOOOOO!" are you all mad or have a special hate against subfolders? I hope not and we can really have both options and make the best use of both methodologies and not force the user one system that just isn't compatible with the way their specific brains works
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    +1 I attempt to do this every so often, forgetting that you can't do it (it feels very natural to be able to customize the cover) ... for me, it doesn't have to be something too sophisticated, basic color/patterns to select from would work. p.s. Have you used the fiftythree's Paper app for iPad? Granted, it's very different app, but they use the notebook metaphor and allow you to customize the notebook covers without any fuss.
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    Thank you for clearing it up. The problem I am having adjusting to tags and the newer "simplistic" way of filling things is - I don't always remember the tags I used back when I created something. A file structure helps me jog my memory. I am finding Evernote to be very useful for simple things like recipes and general topics, but to be a one stop shop for organizing and archiving my life - I am better served with file tree structure. I would likely pay for the premium service if EN would let me work the way I want to work rather than how they want me to work.
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    I agree - this would be extremely valuable, especially on iPad where fewer notebook are visible at once on the screen. Since we can't control sort order, it actually takes quite a while to find a particular notebook when they all look exactly the same. Evernote could offer an initial set of well-designed notebook covers, and I'm sure the community would rapidly supply many many more.
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