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    A thing that's been bothering me in this great service ever since I started using it 2 years ago, is that it is not possible to set a sorting order for a specific notebook. To me this seems very basic, so I was very disappointed that it's still not available in the new beta. I mean, am I the only one who wants my receipts ordered by date and my recipes ordered by title? My family photos ordered by date and my art photos ordered by title? I do sincerely hope this can be implemented!! Once again, thanks for the great software.
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    I transcribe my Evernote audio notes once a week from within Evernote, pressing play on the audio note and then transcribing right below. However, sometimes I need to pause the audio to catch up. Taking my hands off the keyboard to press 'Pause' with the mouse is extremely inconvenient and I cannot seem to find a keyboard shortcut to pause the audio. Is there a keyboard shortcut to pause Evernote Audio Notes on the Mac Evernote client?
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    Please run MSOneNote or MSWord and try the following in a new note. Type "1. blah blah" Type "2. blah blah blah" Type "3. blee blee blee" now... without using the mouse... press <arrow up> to the "2..." item and hold <Alt>+<Shift> down and press "right arrow" then "up arrow" then "left arrow" to see how easy it is to move outline elements around. This is an amazing time save when brainstorm alone or in a group while sharing a screen. Please add these "Key chords" to your WIndows team to-do list. Thank you. There are many requests for this feature in the forums... its heartbreaking to have MSWord and OneNote beat us on this feature. Thanks for listening.
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    Evernote urgently needs a way to clear recent search history. I see that people have been asking for this for years, and yet it's still not an option. Where is it even stored? I can't find it in any file, or in the registry. I tried uninstalling Evernote to clear it, and my recent searches came right back after I reinstalled. While trying to find out if this is currently possible, I came across one person who accidentally entered a password in his search history, and another who entered her SSN in the search box to find a PDF, where it is now stuck for anyone to find. Evernote has a serious security problem if its users can't control their own sensitive data.
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    I understand that Linux is a small platform with not that many people using it, but consider this: most Linux users are professionals, programmers, system administators, students, a group of people that NEED a good note taking platform. If the Evernote devs don't have time for a native version, at least figure out how to make it work with wine and publish a tutorial, I'm sure that the Linux users will be able to configure wine. I know, there's the web app, if it was like the real thing I wouldn't mind, but it's not... Any other Linux users here that would love a native version?
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    Isn't that the point of making paper documents searchable?
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    Hey @ndoisy - Thanks for reporting this. It looks like our development team is actively investigating a similar issue. Would you mind submitting a support request and attaching the screenshots from your original post in the request? Please let me know the ticket number you receive and I can get you in touch with our technical support team.
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    I had he same issue and it was driving me nuts. I just got it working after taking the following steps. Keep in mind some subset of these might be the actual solution but since I don't know exactly I am including them all. I hope it helps. I am running MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 - Safari 10.0.2 - Evernote Web Clipper 6.10.3 Uninstall web clipper Clear History Close all tabs individually Close Safari Open Safari Install web clipper from Evernote's site Click the web clipper button and log in Success
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    It would be interesting to know how much revenue Evernote has lost due to customer dissatisfaction with the Web version and its apparent unwillingness to acknowledge that dissatisfaction.
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    They are, but late at night under the sheets in bed, secretly. And they don't tell each other.
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    Wow thanks for the info, looking forward to that
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    Hi. I added the note to my setup (Win10 x64) with no apparent problems. It comes up as 139K including, as you say, several pictures. No immediate or obvious problems. It's always possible that the original has become corrupted in some way - have you tried deleting it and using your ENEX file to create a new one?
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    "You are leaving Evernote" - yes, I will be: June 2017 when my premium account is scheduled to renew. are they really not reading the comments in the forum?
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    I talked with a Samsung rep at Best Buy. He told me kitkat 4.4.2 isn't supported at this time. I believe, he meant it's out of date. I bought a new tablet with 6.0 Marshmallow.
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    Not sure about that .. I think folks are just saying they would find this a beneficial addition to Evernote, at least that is the camp I'm in.
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    Evernote---please do something about this. Really annoying, and is counterproductive to whatever reason you think you need this feature in the product. Thanks in advance for reconsidering.
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    HI. When you say a 'joint account' - would you both be using the same login details at (maybe) the same time? If so that's a really bad idea. If you should both be editing the same note, Evernote has no way to tell you apart - it will accept both of your edits and mix them together. And if you're editing different notes, your account might overwrite the note your wife is editing with old content because it can't tell which is the most recent. At the very best you'll spend a lot of time dealing with 'conflicting changes' reports, sorting out the correct latest version of your notes. It would be better for you to share one or more notebooks with your wife, and for her to share any relevant notebooks with you. You can both view and edit notes on each others' account as and when you need. For information this is also one way to 'move' your data to her account. Share a notebook, create a new notebook in her account with the same name, and move all the notes from your notebook to hers. Repeat as necessary. Share notebooks How does sync work within Evernote?
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    As highlighted by many of the other comments, the separation of personal and business notebooks is a deal breaker for me, and I think most of my clients. The current single interface between both your business and personal notes is fantastic, and removing that would make the tool antiquated and unusable. As a perfect example, I currently run a "To Do" tag that shows me the tasks that I have to do for both my personal tasks, and my business tasks. Physically separating these would make the tool less efficient. Within the Evernote Resources provided to ECC's under Talking Points, Evernote itself is highlighting its strengths as "All of your research, all in one place" and "Find what you're looking for, fast". The physical separation of personal and business notebooks is in complete opposition of Evernote's own talking points; as all your research is no longer in 1 place, and you can no longer find all your information fast as you are required to do searches across both your personal and business accounts. Also, if you are a member of multiple business accounts, it looks like you would have a personal section and then a business section for each account; which makes this exponentially worse.
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    Hi y'all, If you're experiencing issues staying signed into the Evernote Web Clipper in the Safari web browser, please review the following thread: I'm going to lock this thread so we can have one centralized place for these types of posts. Thanks for your understanding.
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    @Leo Gong thanks so much for this candid and in depth response! It really helps us see the bigger picture from Evernote's perspective and provides context that helps us give feedback that is actually helpful. Hopefully, the team will be able to address some of our broken workflows while maintaining the vision for separating personal and business, which I can relate to. I run my own research lab so I'm the "owner" of my small Evernote business. I'm not sure that the separation will actually help my team keep their business stuff out of personal notebooks, but it is worth a shot. Thanks again for the explanation.
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    I'm sure that the changes for EN Business Users are very important, and I encourage you to continue to make it possible to cleanly separate Business Notes from Personal Notes, while at the same time allowing the user to search ALL Notes (both Business and Personal) at the same time. However, even more important, is the bug-free, reliability, of EN Mac for ALL users, both Business and Personal. I am still running EN Mac 6.9.2 because Ver 6.10 introduced some major bugs. More important than separating Business from Personal Notes, is FIXING BUGS. Please release a version that fixes the bugs introduced in Ver 6.10, and serious long outstanding bugs, BEFORE you try to introduce new features. Thanks.
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    I am not worried about some sophisticated hacker getting into my Evernote. I just want a simple passcode. It may not be perfect, but it's better than nothing. My computer is only used by me, and sometimes family. All the same, the ability to have a passcode lock just like the app on my phone would be wonderful.
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    It would be great to unlock the Evernote app also with fingerprint on Android devices.
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    I know this thread is quite old now but short of using the Apple script mentioned, has there been no movement from EN to add this functionality? A keyboard shortcut to 'Copy Classic Note Link' (to then paste into OmniFocus) seems desirable to many.
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    I've been waiting for evernote to have a passcode feature for macbook and windows laptop but to this date in spite of having premium account, you have not activated this feature in macbook, windows desktop and laptop!!!! Why???? I've been so loyal to evernote to the point of promoting it to my friends to download because of its usefulness. Would appreciate if you can make the passcode feature soonest so security wise, evernote in my macbook, windows desktop and laptop/tablet is not vulnerable. thanks, ms markey
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    Can you either improve the "Suggested Note Titles" to always take the first line of my note as the title (after I do it long enough), or a toggle button in the settings so I could always set the first line of my note as the title. Pain point right now: Again and again I type in the notes section and copy+paste into the title.. And sometimes "select" doesn't even work in iOS..
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    Keep in mind that the new functionality will still paste an evernote:/// link within evernote. So if your pasting destination is evernote itself (such as adding a link in one note to another note), you don't need a classic link. But, I also agree, a keyboard shortcut for classic note links would be great for the times (fairly often) when pasting outside of evernote and the evernote:/// link is desired. Or at least place it as a menu bar item so that we can create a shortcut manually in the Mac system preferences. I mostly use it with omnifocus. So, it would be good to have some kind of access to it (via applescript or keyboard shortcut) so I could automate. Thanks for the reply!
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