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    I'd like to request that you consider adding a setting for the reminder notification sound rather than just using the android default in the development roadmap for android. I'd like to create an Evernote specific sound when the reminder fires.
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    I would like to print an entire 100 MB notebook for internal usage. I imagine this is done most easily by exporting the entire notebook to 1 pdf-file with a new page for every new note. How do I export the entire notebook to pdf? Or is there an easier way of printing the notebook directly? I use Evernote Business on a mac-laptop, and the notebook is shared, but I am the administrator. I can export it as an html-file where all notes are in seperate folders, which is going to be a lot of work to fusion all the seperate files.
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    Evernote needs setting for unique notification ringtone rather than using the default. I want to be able to distinguish Evernote reminders from other events.
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    Hi From a user point of view you are not going to be able to 'see' anything related to the movement of data from our data centers to the Google Cloud platform. We are currently writing a blog post that covers this in more detail but initially we will migrate users onto new shards that mirror the existing ones with the same shard id. Once the data has been replicated in the background we will execute the cutover from old to new shard. This cutover is expected to take around 15 minutes during which you will not be able to sync notes. Hope this gives some insight. Ben
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    The export feature is consistent accross all account levels - just html or xml (enex) On the Mac platform, I have a "Duplicate note as PDF" feature, and Macs have built in print-to-pdf
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    I had the issue described by the OP. Rebooting my MacBook resolved it. I rebooted. I launched App Store (not Evernote) and went to Updates. The Evernote update was now visible (along with an additional update for another app that hadn't been visible prior to update). So this seems like an issue with MacOS and App Store, rather something specific to Evernote.
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    Thanks a lot for your help @DTLow and @gazumped ! Another question to help me make a choice : With Evernote Basic, we can only import and export notes in XML Evernote or HTML format --> Can we import and export notes in other formats (.pdf, .doc, ...) with Evernote Plus or Premium ? Thank you
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    As someone pointed out, I just realized you can pinch and zoom on the Android app, which is the only thing that kept me from uninstalling on my mobile devices due to font size illegibility. Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote, but I tend to use Trello on android devices since it's accessible on mobile browsers (no app install needed) and also capable of zooming. I would like to point out to other non-developers that Trello doesn't have an option to change the font size either. It is, apparently, not a simple thing to add. Any developers who feel like schooling us about why this is a tricky fix might help garner sympathy for all the other developers out there.
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    As per @Claret&BlueStu, I contacted Support and they responded right away with a list; only 2 notes for me
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    @Stuhrer just raise a support ticket. I did the same and they were able to identify all the notes (only 1 in my case) affected - good luck!
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    ha! Hit cntrl +sync will show any no sync items. That was it. I have no idea why a note did not sync, but this was the error. Thanks for your interest anyway
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    Google is my friend! - I searched for "AppleScript unable to create output..." and found http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11939940/how-do-i-export-notes-from-evernote-using-applescript (from 2012...!!!) I followed this advice "Victory at last! The problem had nothing to do with my script, and everything with the fact that I had installed Evernote from the App Store. The App Store version, unlike the version that can be downloaded from evernote.com, is limited by App Sandboxing in Mac OS X. Now, with the non-App Store version installed, the scripts above work perfectly." and as if by magic my (your!) script is now working perfectly. thanks for all the help!
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    Thanks, Gazumped for your answer. It's a bit annoying add the file back into the note, but anyway...
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    Hi if you use Alfred workflows on a Mac OS X - i added a feature to add reminders to review a subject or a web page over 5 increasing intervals. Check out https://github.com/catgsmith/alfred-reminders on branch 'feature/spaced-repetition-study' . Let me know if that works for you.
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    Ребята, привет! У меня два предложения по улучшению вашего замечательного слоника. ) Первое небольшое: можно ли добавить в мобильную версию в редакторе заметки горизонтальный разделитель - длинная прямая линия, очень часто нужна, а приходится пользоваться дефисами. Второе такое: на практике моей - не все сохраненные заметки требуют редактирования. Но иногда, в процессе чтения, листая заметку на смартфоне, случайно вхожу в редактирование, и, как следствие, заметка обновляется, сдвигается в общем списке вверх, печатаются какие-нибудь лишние буквы и и д - время немного тратится. Можно ли добавить кнопку, что-то типа Замочка, нажимая которую убирается возможность редактирования и заметка Только для чтения становится. Вот)) Спасибо!! Аааа... а что если заметки было бы возможно делать цветными? И поиск по тегу Цвет? Я бы порадовался. Еще раз спасибо за ваш труд. Хорошего нам всего)
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    JohnLongney: My sincere thanks to you for your considered response and helpful personal advice. Heffalump, I suspect, is similarly ripened, surviving hitherto by means of a healthily sceptical and eclectic response to the plethora of technological innovations by which we may be seduced in this digital age. Notwithstanding the reticence, as a Premium subscriber I have found the compactness, portability and versatility of Evernote a vast improvement over the paper-based systems on which I have previously been dependent. As a long term, mainly domestic user of Google's services I have no negative experiences to contradict the positive ones you cite. I also share your faith (as distinct from justified, true belief) in Google's 'willingness and sincerity regarding data protection', their respect for individual privacy, and their reliability (only once did Google make a hideous Hundesfrühstück of my precious store of bookmarks). Your ISP, being based in Germany, operates in the context of relatively strict EU regulations. My ISP, in West Africa, has no such constraints, so users of internet services are more reliant on the corporate integrity of multinationals (such as Google) than on national or regional legislative protections. So, given also what you infer about the meaning in Googlespeak of the term 'manage' (in relation to my contacts), and the possibility of cancelling third-party rights if necessary, I shall go ahead and try it out. Thanks again. //As a postscript, I too stumble over oddities and baffling elements in Evernote, so echo your request for a link to 'the official Evernote helpfile/handbook', if such indeed exists.//
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    +1 This seems like a blindingly obvious omission.
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    +1 this feature would be a huge helpt to me as I have some notebooks where I want to sort by date updated and some notebooks where I want to sort by date created. Switching sorting order manually dozens of times a day is just to troublesome...
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    I would simply like to ask/beg for the original issue, the ability to set the sort differently in different notebooks. It would be a HUGE plus for me. Thank you
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    I dearly need as well the possibility to set a specific notification sound for Evenrote. Looks so evident that it is incredible that it does not exist. And it's as well incredible that nobody of the Evernote team answers to this thread.
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    I too need to be able to have a sound play off my iphone whenever a reminder triggers from evernote. Geez, this is basic use case for any task management software on a smartphone. To think smartphone software developers would be smart enough to figure that out
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    I would like to add my voice to this too. I find Evernote very useful, however currently not only will it only use the default notification sound, but it also vibrates as well, even though I've got the phone set to not vibrate. This is annoying and distracting because I want to set some reminders simply to be there when I check the phone as they're not urgent, but others I want to be notified of immediately. This should be a simple fix, so I can't see why Evernote hasn't done it yet despite it being over a year since the first request.
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    Yes, please add this feature for the Android Evernote app. It seems like a very basic oversight to not have it already.
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    I would like to see this feature also.
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    +1 I use reminders every day. This change would reinforce my recent decision of becoming a premium subscriber.
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    I would like to 2nd that. I use Light Flow on my android, which allows me to use custom sounds for various apps. And while you're at it, it would nice if you added a vibrate on/off option as well.
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