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    Like the new code block feature! Next it would be nice to be able to set the code font -- it's a little small for my old tired eyes :-). Also nice would be syntax highlighting, but can live without that.
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    Hello everyone, I wanted to drop in and provide an update on this. I'd like to thank you all for your continued patience as our developers work on resolving the annotation issues encountered post-Sierra. The fix for the issue where annotation tools are unresponsive/only respond intermittently to markups will be in version 6.10 Beta 2. This should be out sometime next week hopefully. More information will be available here as I receive it. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.
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    Hi John, That's great news, I'll give it a go! Thanks, Dan
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    Christelle: i would recommend you upgrade to Premium, and only consider business when your company grows to more people. If it's just you in your company, premium is the way to go! Let me know if you have any other questions! Jonathan Gaby Contact@jonathangaby.com
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    It is very strange that rjparker1 insists that the only possible cause of the freeze is the Registry. If the Registry is the only cause, why don't the other Windows programms freeze like Evernote? They all use the same registry. rjparker1 believes that Evernote doesn't freeze on his computer and freezes on some other computers is because he has a clean Registry. Well, he may have a very nice clean Registry, there is still no linkage to eliminate other causes. We all have different version of programs and different data. All that is not controlled to jump to conclusion. rjparker1, even when two separate Evernote employee said the cause is related to Evernote, you still insist on the Registry. Why? What if there are four broken pieces of software that are causing the freeze? Say maybe one is related to the Registry, two related to Evernote, one related to Adobe Acrobat, then insisting on a clean Registry would solve the freeze on every computer is kind of silly. Debugging is sometimes not straight forward. There may be multiple causes. Whatever the cause, it seems that once you get the freeze, it doesn't seem to go away. I had been a happy user for many months. Ever since Evernote starts freezing on me, I've joined this frozen community. Has anyone gotten out?
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    I have had this happen; sometimes there is an icon-thing there that has no content. I use a workaround that seems more reliable: Save the image as a file (I always use jpeg but I think other formats would work) Attach the file as an attachment--this displays the image inline where you attach it So far, the attached images do not disappear. I have never had a PDF disappear.
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    Applause re return of Simplify Formatting -- excellent work on that including fixing problems with the earlier incarnation of that feature. FYI -- I decided a few days ago (upon hearing EN was going to include this in the next release) to upgrade my personal account to the same Premium level I use for my work account. Well deserved. P.S. One minor tweak to put in the queue would be to allow Simplify Formatting to apply to a selection rather than the whole note.
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    Happy to have the new release. Now, if we could only have a larger font..
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    Great feature! However, I found that when changing a block of text to the new code format, it undid all the indenting - please do something about that! Along with the syntax checking (if possible) and color coding.
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    Hi, I also have a problem with PDF. When I open attached PDF in Preview and do some changes in the PDF I can't save directly back in Evernote. I need to save it on my HD and re-import it.
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    Hey y'all, It looks like a lot of you are interested in Markdown support, so I've moved this thread to our product feedback forum so y'all can vote on this. You can vote by clicking the arrows at the top of the thread, to the left of the thread title. Happy voting!
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    I disagree. When I was having this problem, it was on a new, updated ThinkPad with an SSD.
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    I'd like to make some of my notes read-only to prevent accidental editing.
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    I'm sorry that you feel this way, but I can tell you that we hear you and we do care... this is precisely why we're making it a priority to be more responsive. Beyond that, we will just have to earn your trust by following through.
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    Caroline B - gazumped is right on. - - - Also, note, if you are using the Windows version of Evernote, bear in mind that when you add a Word document (or any other document, for that matter), Evernote creates a copy of the file, places it in a near-hidden folder, and that it the one Evernote will open if you want to change it. However, if you start up Word, open your original document, and make changes, those changes won't appear in the Word document in Evernote. This could be very confusing and disconcerting the first time it happens to you. - - - This may be true for other versions of Evernote.
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    Hi. If you have an existing Word document, drag and drop it into a new note or (in Evernote) click the paperclip on a note and browse to find the file. There's no button in the Word app itself, but you can move word files into the app like any other file, then open them directly from the note and save them directly back to keep that file up to date. In Windows you can also create an Import Folder - Evernote > Tools > Import Folder. If you move your Word file into that folder it will be sucked into a new Evernote note.
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    This happens to me too with Preview on Lion. I have closed the document window in Preview (but not e Preview application), and EN complains about a file attachment maybe still being open. I have to close Preview completely for the warning not to appear. Maybe it's not Word's fault after all...
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